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  1. Superb result, and crucial as well. Well done all, back to back win would be awsome now but London will provide a huge test next week
  2. Despite all the poisitives this season, and there had been some great results we are now looking not very comfortable with the bottom looking somewhat gridlocked with a few of our rivals starting to hit form. Dews have been adrift all season and now sit above us. Today was about as bad as it had been all year, it should have been a real 4 pointer and approached the game with a win at all cost attitude and yet we get battered. Do we have a motivational issue as this one should have been a key game which we needed to perform in? don't get me wrong we are far from done and on the whole I'm pretty happy were we are, however we are getting back to full strength now and we all know what we are capable of......time to stand up and be counted, despite all the good that's gone before the time is not for excuses and blaming others (referees and opposing coaches) It's getting a little bit like Groundhog Day after games, 'fans were great / didn't deserve that' poor reffing cost us etc etc....' time to stop the excuses and look at each other because those around us are hot on our heals so let's get stuck in and back on track, we know exactly what we can do and the superb belief within the squad needs to show up again, A win is always a great result and getting back to back wins will be crucial from now on in. Bitterly disappointed today but come on lads we can still do this, it's time to shape yourselves.
  3. What a second half! superb comeback, cant believe how Oldham rolled over, but let us take the credit there for never giving up. I must admit I was spitting and swearing at half time about another poor showing but I'm more than happy to be wrong about this one, we even got some 50/50 calls our way, unbelievable! Still loads to improve on it was far form vintage rugby league but who cares its all about those 2 points. Hopefully the confidence boost we need to kick on now. It will be interesting to see who we bring in the replace Samir & Hand.
  4. I always liked Samir, he seemed to give us something different to the usual trundle it forward and take the tackle sort of prop forward although I still felt he had more in him especially for his size, the bloke is a monster I agree with the above about him being a confidence player, when he's firing he's a real handful but its just not clicked for him this year quite the same. Good luck Samir!
  5. Really frustrating yet again. im losing a bit of patience with Joe, it's every week now he's either binned, put on report or as today sent off. we can wine about refs all day long (we have been in the end of some shocking decisions) but it's time for a long hard look at ourselves. Palfrey's turning out to be a bit of an enigma, started off looking decent but has gone off the boil as has his kicking. At this stage I'm not sure he's much better than Paul Crook. GG probably shades it with his almost faultless kicking game Tough few weeks all in all which was only to be expected, thank goodness for our superb start. A much needed weekend off and Im sure Killer will get the lads back on track. No need to push the panic button just yet but I reckon some deep self reflection and confidence building will get us back on track.
  6. Poor as I've seen for a while today. We just didn't get going and made some awful calls with ball in hand. Our right side was really exposed in the 1st half and TO almost scored at will. TO head and shoulders the better side and fully deserved the easy win. I think they set there stall out early on by flinging the ball out wide even when deep in there own 25. Only a couple of half decent performances with Middlehurst, Jono & Massam showing up. No complaints beaten by a far superior side on the day. Back to basics as the games come thick and fast now with no time to dwell. Killer will get em sorted I'm sure of it
  7. Well what an eventful afternoon.... Kick off delayed for 45 minutes A very scrappy first half followed how the hell were we not 10-15 down, thankfully for all there tough tackling and hard running Biffos had little cutting edge to capitalise on the amount of possession we gifted them, surprising to see Palf miss 3 kicks that he would normally back heel over. I win the half time draw 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Second half was a shocker for us, it really was. constantly coughing up the ball, knocking on or giving up some dumb penalties. Some of the mistakes we made were shocking. You can't expect any team let alone the Biff's not to make the most of it. 10 mins to go, we ship another 2 points, I get up and leave in disgust at an awful performance......... well we know how that ended.....🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 Quite how we got anything out of that today is beyond me, but a point is a point. For the major part of the game we looked like we'd never played together before. Unbelievable well done for perseverance if nothing else. Lets draw a line under it and move on, a better team would have put 30 points on us today, brilliant resilience. Oh PS.... Did I mention I won the half time draw.....every cloud and all that
  8. Won

    I listened to what was a real good commentary on Radio Yorkshire. Gary 'controversial' Schofield said we fully deserved the win, although it was very twitchy all the way through. I didn't hold out much hope prior to the game as I thought the Fax game could be a sickener for the lads and going to Fev has been graveyard for many years, but to be fair Killer freshened it up and the lads came home with the points, something that in my 30 odd years following the Nets doesn't happen very often. For the first time in years we appear to have a team that can defend its own line which is as good to see as a length of the field try. Some really unbelievable results so far this season, Killer said in his post match interview that as the pitches dry out we will only get better, slight concern about us being heavily penalised again for the second week running but hopefully that will even itself out as the season goes on. A really promising start to this season so far, its certainly not typical Hornets anymore as they appear to be up for every game. Brilliant!
  9. I must admit its a puzzler why we've let Bloomers go, 100% week on week and a really reliable try scoring winger. He has had his injury problems this season, mostly niggles rather than anything really serious. But Its all about the coaches opinion and if he doesn't rate him he's entitled to look elsewhere. However I can see Bloomers coming back to haunt us in the future that's for sure.
  10. Really fair points there Popeye and Tyrone. Personally I can see both sides of this, Killer is the coach and has to build a squad which will make us ready and longer term competitive in the Championship, and we do have to trust him to do it. Ultimately staying up or not will be the indicator if this is the correct approach or not. It certainly won't be sentiment that keeps us up that's for sure. From a fans point of view it's always tough when players who've done the business for us over the last few years move on, its natural and progressive it's just some of the alleged methods of doing this just don't sit right. Really interesting times ahead, I'm really quite hopeful of giving it a real go next season. killer has certainly instilled a bit of steel and professionalism into the club, I've got my season ticket and will look forward to seeing it all unfold.
  11. Tilley has been in and around the club for a few years now, initially on dual reg from Saints and then as a fully fledged Hornet. He did a fair bit in the community for us also and I think was the ladies team coach. For me its a blow, he's the sort of unsung solid player you don't seem to notice until he doesn't play. Unspectacular with ball in hand yet rock solid and never takes a backward step and really puts his body on the line. A real tackling machine which is probably his strong point. Always a really nice quite lad when you talk to him off the field also. Roper has baffled me to be honest, he was ok in his first spell a few years ago although seemed to reach the end of the road with us and Talbot moved him on when Ryan Millard signed, I'm not sure what he gave us at 7 back then TBH and just seemed to ship the ball on, maybe that was more to do with the modern No 7's role and the way Tol used to have us set up, than Ropers own ability. However whenever he played against us for the Biffo's he looked a good un (typical!) It didn't really work out for him this season we had a fairly settled 6 and 7 and he wasn't getting in between them joining us so late on. When he did come on as sub it was clear he was playing catch up with the structure and set plays, which is just down to familiarity of a new set-up I guess. Did some time off the bench at No 9 also where he did nothing wrong, but nothing special either. Again another good bloke who will always do a job I guess. Its interesting to see we are losing a few of the current squad, looks like we are (I hope) trying to get some championship calibre players in, I really hope it works out as its going to be radical change of the guard, so to speak. We will need to hit the ground running for sure with a lot of new faces....interesting times ahead.
  12. The Bloomers situations stinks more than just a bit, I'd expect more of the club for sure. Assuming Bloomers side of the story is the truth, and I've no need to doubt it at this stage. But am I picking up something in the above posts that Crooky has also been dealt a contact blow also, anybody confirm? I'm all one for progress, and players no matter how well loved do move on, but that moving on has to be done honest and up front. We might not be good at much here at Hornets but we have always conducted ourselves well as a club, there's a way of doing things and if this is true its horrible.
  13. A proper home town hero was Wayno. We've had a fair few good local lads in my time (from about 1987 onwards) but I cant honestly remember many better or more consistent than him. The ultimate professional and an even better bloke in real life and a superb ambassador for the town and Hornets. It says a lot about a player when all the opposition fans you come across regularly mention him in glowing terms. To be honest I just don't know how we let him slip through the net and join Swinton first! But never mind, to be thought of as a legend at 2 clubs is something very special. Lets not lose this bloke now to retirement, if there isn't room at Hornets for him then I'm sure Mayfield will benefit greatly from his experience, and at the right level there's still more than a couple of seasons left in him. All the best Captain Fantastic its been emotional.
  14. Doing well matey? we've only won one game after back to back defeats.....hardly doing well mate in the context of the season although I totally agree with you about these pages being full of doom goblin's when we have lost. I guess its quiet as we just don't really know how its going to pan out from here. Finishing second will be an awesome achievement and shows the massive strides we've made this year, however can you honestly see us going to Toulouse and winning? (or anybody in this division for that matter) If we finish second and go across the water I'm certain we will give it real good go, buts lets be honest we wont win over there the odds are so stacked against anybody other than Toulouse to go straight up, whoever goes there are just being served up as the sacrificial lamb. They are a good side no doubt and haven't wavered all season, except of course at Spotland when they didn't like it up em! I know we will always get another go in the play offs but is the long journey, a no doubt bruising encounter the best way for us to regroup and go again in the play-offs? who knows. I'm intrigued to see how this will pan out, who knows Barrow might shock us all at the weekend and turn them over. what ever happens I just hope we find a way as I think on balance we deserve to go up with Toulouse as the 2nd best team in the league. But would finishing 3rd provide us with a better route towards promotion? who knows but an exiting few weeks ahead and we can only take each game as it comes. Come on Hornets lets be having you!!!!!!!
  15. Ryan has done a top job to be fair (IMO) there is loads we are doing off the field that is light years ahead of where we have ever been before, I know a lot of what happens is not just down to Ryan, but he's played a big part in most things. Its clear he's put in a load of time and effort, and has been passionate about Rochdale Hornets as a whole over his 3 or 4 years with the club. I guess a lot of what he does just isn't seen either by the match going fan like me. I can only judge somebody off my own interactions with them, and he's always been more than helpful with me when I've had a question, needed a favour or even a reet good moan. Good luck Ryan