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  1. New CEO?

    Just read on the website about the Warrington fixture and unless I'm misreading it we appear to have an interim CEO? Unless I've been sat under rock I've not heard anything official, anybody else shed any light on this, Last I heard was Adam Bates was in the CEO's post? Interim CEO Steve Kerr feels this is brilliant for everyone involved with Rochdale. “It is great to be able to welcome a Super League club of Warrington’s stature to The Crown Oil Arena, and it is testament to our fantastic partnership,” he commented.
  2. Onwards to 2018

    Last I heard was that Jono has NOT been offered anything by the club regarding next season.....yet
  3. It's In The Blood

    Went to touchstones today to watch the first performance..... absolutley superb! Funny, touching, heartwarming and engaging. Loved it! Get to a performance if you can. staring role by Brent Rawstron who was great. ***** From me!
  4. Onwards to 2018

    Some promising signings for sure, time will tell I guess. It looks like we are in the market for anybody so long as they've played for / come from / have links to Warrington at the minute. I guess though a coach will go with what he knows. I've heard a rumour that Hornets have set up a recruitment office based at Ikea in Birchwood in the hope they can pick up more local talent. In truth its matters not so long as they are good enough they could come from Mars.
  5. Matty Haddon

    100% week in week out, no frills or spills just 100% graft. 7 or 8 out 1o every week. Well done Matty!
  6. Onwards to 2018

    The only brothers I remember are the Hiltons, Anthony and Chris from Mayfield in the 90's I think. Two great lads and players
  7. Embarrassing, to say the least

    The headline has to be mission accomplished this season, in that we stayed up, but yesterdays result and a few other issues do elude to some fundamental underlying problems that need to be addressed (IMO) and also a bit of wish list for 2018. Over the last couple of years when we want to play we can do and show grit, determination and no little desire, particularly defensively which is something we've lacked for many a year - Huge plus point However there appears to be a bit of a 'cant be arsed attitude' that's crept in these last few months; yesterday is embarrassing, but I got the impression we'd put the cue in the rack after the Swinton win anyway. We need to address this next year and strive for better consistency the great news is the league will be even more competitive next season. Do we have a fundamental motivation issue? I'm not so sure about that, but it needs looking at. Batley, Halifax, Feath etc. week in week out will turn out and put a fair shift and and come at you with there A game showing dogged determination week on week win lose or draw and its that consistency we must strive for now. Discipline has been a huge issue all season. like it or not we are getting something wrong, petulance, lack of experience call it whatever but its simply not good enough and needs to be addressed our discipline stat must be about the worst in the league, yet I genuinely don't see us as an overly physical team (or a dirty team for that matter) but refs do seem to get fed up with us much quicker that the opposition and we have now got a reputation within the league. Referee bashing, lets give up and move on, yes we've been on the end of some poor decisions this year but the standard of refereeing in general has been poor for all, so as above lets look internally at what we are doing. I got fed up with 'the fans were great, but the ref cost us the game' feedback at the end of games this season. Goal kicker, can we please invest / look to sign a proper goal / field kicker, I guess we've been spoilt with the GG in recent seasons but Palfrey has been poor kicking wise, this year when he played and Yates did his best but we need consistency in that area. Stand-off. Yates has been great at 7 but we've not had a proper number six to support him al year, whether its been through injury or ability I don't think Palf has worked out like we'd expect it too. you look at some of the more experienced half backs from across the Pennines that we come up against (Scott Murrell et.al at Fax and your Batley's and Sheffield's) that have a wand of a boot but don't do much else but drag there teams around the park. A player in this mould would do wonders for Yates and the team, but I get that these guys come at a price that we might not be able to match It might seem harsh complaining, we stayed up which is awesome and something that we all focused on but I reckon with some deep reflection and a couple of decent signings mid-table in well within our reach. Let's use the Biffos as a case in point they stayed up last year but failed to build on it and now find themselves in the dreaded championship 1 (BTW I'd have that pantomime villain George Tyson off them if he's available) Just my observations on the season past and to come, with some careful planning next year can be another year of progress
  8. Crucial win

    Superb result, and crucial as well. Well done all, back to back win would be awsome now but London will provide a huge test next week
  9. Dreadful...

    Despite all the poisitives this season, and there had been some great results we are now looking not very comfortable with the bottom looking somewhat gridlocked with a few of our rivals starting to hit form. Dews have been adrift all season and now sit above us. Today was about as bad as it had been all year, it should have been a real 4 pointer and approached the game with a win at all cost attitude and yet we get battered. Do we have a motivational issue as this one should have been a key game which we needed to perform in? don't get me wrong we are far from done and on the whole I'm pretty happy were we are, however we are getting back to full strength now and we all know what we are capable of......time to stand up and be counted, despite all the good that's gone before the time is not for excuses and blaming others (referees and opposing coaches) It's getting a little bit like Groundhog Day after games, 'fans were great / didn't deserve that' poor reffing cost us etc etc....' time to stop the excuses and look at each other because those around us are hot on our heals so let's get stuck in and back on track, we know exactly what we can do and the superb belief within the squad needs to show up again, A win is always a great result and getting back to back wins will be crucial from now on in. Bitterly disappointed today but come on lads we can still do this, it's time to shape yourselves.
  10. Good win.

    What a second half! superb comeback, cant believe how Oldham rolled over, but let us take the credit there for never giving up. I must admit I was spitting and swearing at half time about another poor showing but I'm more than happy to be wrong about this one, we even got some 50/50 calls our way, unbelievable! Still loads to improve on it was far form vintage rugby league but who cares its all about those 2 points. Hopefully the confidence boost we need to kick on now. It will be interesting to see who we bring in the replace Samir & Hand.
  11. Samir Tahraoui and Jordan Hand leaving.

    I always liked Samir, he seemed to give us something different to the usual trundle it forward and take the tackle sort of prop forward although I still felt he had more in him especially for his size, the bloke is a monster I agree with the above about him being a confidence player, when he's firing he's a real handful but its just not clicked for him this year quite the same. Good luck Samir!
  12. Lack of discipline costs us again!

    Really frustrating yet again. im losing a bit of patience with Joe, it's every week now he's either binned, put on report or as today sent off. we can wine about refs all day long (we have been in the end of some shocking decisions) but it's time for a long hard look at ourselves. Palfrey's turning out to be a bit of an enigma, started off looking decent but has gone off the boil as has his kicking. At this stage I'm not sure he's much better than Paul Crook. GG probably shades it with his almost faultless kicking game Tough few weeks all in all which was only to be expected, thank goodness for our superb start. A much needed weekend off and Im sure Killer will get the lads back on track. No need to push the panic button just yet but I reckon some deep self reflection and confidence building will get us back on track.
  13. Toulouse

    Poor as I've seen for a while today. We just didn't get going and made some awful calls with ball in hand. Our right side was really exposed in the 1st half and TO almost scored at will. TO head and shoulders the better side and fully deserved the easy win. I think they set there stall out early on by flinging the ball out wide even when deep in there own 25. Only a couple of half decent performances with Middlehurst, Jono & Massam showing up. No complaints beaten by a far superior side on the day. Back to basics as the games come thick and fast now with no time to dwell. Killer will get em sorted I'm sure of it
  14. Hornets v Oldham

    Well what an eventful afternoon.... Kick off delayed for 45 minutes A very scrappy first half followed how the hell were we not 10-15 down, thankfully for all there tough tackling and hard running Biffos had little cutting edge to capitalise on the amount of possession we gifted them, surprising to see Palf miss 3 kicks that he would normally back heel over. I win the half time draw ???????????????????? Second half was a shocker for us, it really was. constantly coughing up the ball, knocking on or giving up some dumb penalties. Some of the mistakes we made were shocking. You can't expect any team let alone the Biff's not to make the most of it. 10 mins to go, we ship another 2 points, I get up and leave in disgust at an awful performance......... well we know how that ended.....????????? Quite how we got anything out of that today is beyond me, but a point is a point. For the major part of the game we looked like we'd never played together before. Unbelievable well done for perseverance if nothing else. Lets draw a line under it and move on, a better team would have put 30 points on us today, brilliant resilience. Oh PS.... Did I mention I won the half time draw.....every cloud and all that
  15. Won

    I listened to what was a real good commentary on Radio Yorkshire. Gary 'controversial' Schofield said we fully deserved the win, although it was very twitchy all the way through. I didn't hold out much hope prior to the game as I thought the Fax game could be a sickener for the lads and going to Fev has been graveyard for many years, but to be fair Killer freshened it up and the lads came home with the points, something that in my 30 odd years following the Nets doesn't happen very often. For the first time in years we appear to have a team that can defend its own line which is as good to see as a length of the field try. Some really unbelievable results so far this season, Killer said in his post match interview that as the pitches dry out we will only get better, slight concern about us being heavily penalised again for the second week running but hopefully that will even itself out as the season goes on. A really promising start to this season so far, its certainly not typical Hornets anymore as they appear to be up for every game. Brilliant!