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  1. Full Credit to the Players

    Absolutely! I feared the worst I must admit when I heard the news. Onwards now.....

    Keith Hill was on Radio Manchester sport at tea time complaining about the pitch. You can see what’s coming if we manage to get 2 games on this week.
  3. Lewis Gailbraith

    Shame for us if true. Solid center with size and pace, will go well for you boys
  4. Money Trouble?

    Brilliant! What a mess
  5. Money Trouble?

    http://www.hornetsrugbyleague.co.uk/article/50668/club-statement So it’s confirmed on club website, poor reading TBH. I know you can’t plan for the unplanned so to speak (sponsors going bust etc) but who is our financial controller Stevie Wonder? “Poor commercial performance in 2017 combined with inaccurate financial information in advance of a budget setting meeting” how the hell do we get to weeks before the start of the season for this to come to light? Defo gone backwards off the pitch since Ryan B left us, like him or not he worked above and beyond to get £ into the commercial coffers, no wonder the last CEO disappeared quietly into the distance quite what he’s done, I’m not sure. Surely this shows what a pivotal role CEO plays in the day to day running of the club. Who is steering this ship? I’m really disappointed this has come out at this late stage, smacks of some serious breakdown in the fundamental financial management at the club. You can’t plan around what you don’t have, I know that but to plan a full preseason recruitment on inaccurate figures is shocking. We've done so well to get to this stage as the new Co-op but the timing and detail of this news is so disappointing. i bet the players and coach are feeling more than just a bit peeved. Guess who the club will come too for help again, that’s right the loyal (but limited) fan base again. the one good thing is the board have recognised it and are trying to sort it instead of burying its head as previous regimes did in the past. I hope Killer and the lads can just focus on doing a great job on the field.
  6. Money Trouble?

    Pretty much what I heard also regarding 20% pay cut and NO loosing pay. its not been very well received by the players and coach I guess, not good motivation going into a difficult season. im getting the feeling we’ve gone backwards off the field. Without doubt an ultra competitive league this season, even more so than last year. I just hope this doesn’t effect us too much
  7. Money Trouble?

    I’ve just heard some worrying gossip that we are struggling financially with players being asked to take a cut in wages.....i really hope gossip is all it proves to be. nevertheless slightly worrying and from a decent source also. anybody else hearing something similar?

    Good player, very good in fact, shame we couldn't get him back on board, however I guess costs and having a pretty much full squad saw to that.
  9. New CEO?

    Just read on the website about the Warrington fixture and unless I'm misreading it we appear to have an interim CEO? Unless I've been sat under rock I've not heard anything official, anybody else shed any light on this, Last I heard was Adam Bates was in the CEO's post? Interim CEO Steve Kerr feels this is brilliant for everyone involved with Rochdale. “It is great to be able to welcome a Super League club of Warrington’s stature to The Crown Oil Arena, and it is testament to our fantastic partnership,” he commented.
  10. Onwards to 2018

    Last I heard was that Jono has NOT been offered anything by the club regarding next season.....yet
  11. It's In The Blood

    Went to touchstones today to watch the first performance..... absolutley superb! Funny, touching, heartwarming and engaging. Loved it! Get to a performance if you can. staring role by Brent Rawstron who was great. ***** From me!
  12. Onwards to 2018

    Some promising signings for sure, time will tell I guess. It looks like we are in the market for anybody so long as they've played for / come from / have links to Warrington at the minute. I guess though a coach will go with what he knows. I've heard a rumour that Hornets have set up a recruitment office based at Ikea in Birchwood in the hope they can pick up more local talent. In truth its matters not so long as they are good enough they could come from Mars.
  13. Matty Haddon

    100% week in week out, no frills or spills just 100% graft. 7 or 8 out 1o every week. Well done Matty!
  14. Onwards to 2018

    The only brothers I remember are the Hiltons, Anthony and Chris from Mayfield in the 90's I think. Two great lads and players
  15. Embarrassing, to say the least

    The headline has to be mission accomplished this season, in that we stayed up, but yesterdays result and a few other issues do elude to some fundamental underlying problems that need to be addressed (IMO) and also a bit of wish list for 2018. Over the last couple of years when we want to play we can do and show grit, determination and no little desire, particularly defensively which is something we've lacked for many a year - Huge plus point However there appears to be a bit of a 'cant be arsed attitude' that's crept in these last few months; yesterday is embarrassing, but I got the impression we'd put the cue in the rack after the Swinton win anyway. We need to address this next year and strive for better consistency the great news is the league will be even more competitive next season. Do we have a fundamental motivation issue? I'm not so sure about that, but it needs looking at. Batley, Halifax, Feath etc. week in week out will turn out and put a fair shift and and come at you with there A game showing dogged determination week on week win lose or draw and its that consistency we must strive for now. Discipline has been a huge issue all season. like it or not we are getting something wrong, petulance, lack of experience call it whatever but its simply not good enough and needs to be addressed our discipline stat must be about the worst in the league, yet I genuinely don't see us as an overly physical team (or a dirty team for that matter) but refs do seem to get fed up with us much quicker that the opposition and we have now got a reputation within the league. Referee bashing, lets give up and move on, yes we've been on the end of some poor decisions this year but the standard of refereeing in general has been poor for all, so as above lets look internally at what we are doing. I got fed up with 'the fans were great, but the ref cost us the game' feedback at the end of games this season. Goal kicker, can we please invest / look to sign a proper goal / field kicker, I guess we've been spoilt with the GG in recent seasons but Palfrey has been poor kicking wise, this year when he played and Yates did his best but we need consistency in that area. Stand-off. Yates has been great at 7 but we've not had a proper number six to support him al year, whether its been through injury or ability I don't think Palf has worked out like we'd expect it too. you look at some of the more experienced half backs from across the Pennines that we come up against (Scott Murrell et.al at Fax and your Batley's and Sheffield's) that have a wand of a boot but don't do much else but drag there teams around the park. A player in this mould would do wonders for Yates and the team, but I get that these guys come at a price that we might not be able to match It might seem harsh complaining, we stayed up which is awesome and something that we all focused on but I reckon with some deep reflection and a couple of decent signings mid-table in well within our reach. Let's use the Biffos as a case in point they stayed up last year but failed to build on it and now find themselves in the dreaded championship 1 (BTW I'd have that pantomime villain George Tyson off them if he's available) Just my observations on the season past and to come, with some careful planning next year can be another year of progress