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  1. One of the touchjudges was my dad Joe Heap who absolutely lived and breathed Rugby League much to my mothers dismay. He was, quite correctly, one of the touchjudges at Wembley and to see him when he got the news of his appointment from the RL was so special to him and the family. For the record the final was 1972 Leeds v St Helens. Very happy memories indeed Arnold was on the local council for some years and did eventually become Rochdales mayor
  2. Very happy times at Hornets watching the Fijian players, they were like a breath of fresh air and were a joy to watch. They were well loved in the town and helped put Hornets on the map. RIP Voate
  3. Maybe, just maybe........there’s a pot of gold??
  4. Ive noticed since that Lee Mitchell is managing Warrington reserves as he hopes to move into coaching. I’m sure we all wish Lee every success in his new role. He was a great captain and player for Hornets
  5. As there are a huge amount of new signing at the club, there does not seem to be much about last seasons squad. Ok the club has moved on massively from the disaster of last year but I thought that Lee Mitchell and Ben Moore performed well and fully expected them to be with us this season, unless they have moved of course.
  6. What an excellent article from Gareth Walker and very enlightening indeed. Anyone that has Hornets at heart will surely endorse what he has said and his having taken time out to do a lengthy article and an honest one. The club needs all the help and support it can get in this very difficult season. What’s also worrying is our the possible loss of central funding etc. I don’t know Gareth personally but would like to thank him for saying what has needed to be said for the benefit of Hornets
  7. ornit4ever


    That’s spot on as already this season we have played Toronto, Toulouse and Widnes all fulltime teams. That is why we have shipped in a pile of points with very little scored by us. This division is again so baldy unbalanced with finances playing a huge part. With regards to the Widnes game I thought Hornets were a match for them in the first quarter of the game as they defended bravely and could have scored more points with a bit more steadiness. Once Widnes really clicked it was game over for Hornets. Theres still plenty to play for and I don’t think we should be written off so soon.
  8. I think Diddy Dave has answered your statement perfectly?
  9. Have we got a recognized goal kicker amongst the squad so far ?
  10. There is also the weekly buzz line, buying half time draw tickets, plus purchasing merchandise from the club shop etc.
  11. Would like to see Gary Middlehurst and Dave Allen resign as we didn’t see them for some of last season due to injuries. Also I wonder if Lewis Palfrey will return with us.
  12. Am I missing something here about the plethora of young players in the area cos I’d love to know were they all are. Gone are the days when the local amateur league had Spotland rangers, Kirkholt,Smallbridge, Heywood and Todmorden etc to choose from besides Mayfield. So just where will they be picked up from?
  13. Now that we have had various rally calls and honest pleas to stick by our club, let’s just see what response we get in boosting our attendance today.........I’m not holding my breath?
  14. I think the offer of youngsters being allowed in free has been tried quite often and the results have been the same, little or no take up. Sadly it’s the same old story of the town in general.....APATHY
  15. I think its totally out of order to blame the management after the sponsor went bust, its actually good management that got the players to take a wage cut as a result. As we also have one of the lowest budgets together with the lowest attendances then I consider it good leadership in those circumstances.
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