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  1. Shield pointless competition? It's a trophy in the cabinet, bit extra cash with it.....
  2. Pack needs properly sorting to allow him to drop back to 13. Him and Dom next to each other isn't a complmenting of skills, it's putting both skills in the same area of the field. Glad he's put pen to paper though, the General.
  3. Coolie, happy you're considering us for the final!
  4. As a Dogs fan, I'm impressed at the effort being put in at the Tetley's and expect a decent 8's from them. Contrast that with our now restricted 21 man squad; doing great just now but a couple of injuries and we've no wiggle room, and I don't see any forward thinking like yours.
  5. News from the club?
  6. Ours this time, I think we're confident and clear enough now in our game. Settled side as much as any team can be, this helps tremendously.
  7. There has to be proof of downward pressure and then a little nearer the ground that thar appeared to be. Not moaning just because it was against us as we've had a couple go for us as well which I haven't felt were tries. Players are falling down over the line with arms and legs thrashing in an effort to get something on the ball but in reality it has to be part of an arm which should make contact with the ball and move it downwards. IMO that didn't, and in the case of the penalty try I still.don't think he could have caught up with the ball even with a clear run. Thanks Jacko45, have ever been the man in the middle which justifies your clever, witty response? You won, 10 points wouldn't have altered that.
  8. Just watched the highlights; Turner wouldn't have got that ball push or no and the second try was a very dubious decision on whether or not any downward pressure was applied on the ball. 10 points start in effect.
  9. We seem to play better against them at their place (last season's cup game apart) couple of narrow league defeats and the play-off kicking the ball away incident) and also a win or two. They play quickly and intensely, we have to match their intensity. Tackling has to be Bulldog fashion. Keep their scoring down and we gave a chance, don't fancy our chances if we gave to come back from a couple of scores down.
  10. Chris Rowe??? I believe that when John Kear brought Adam Gledhill back from Oz he was signed/described as a goal-kicking prop or 2nd row. Surprised he hasn't been told to get back into practice in case of Walker being unavailable again, although in fairness both Cain and Dom haven't totally let us down in the past.
  11. Hope not BSJ, any get done and we're struggling, still it MIGHT give Trae a game before season end.
  12. BTW is this game available to view anywhere? Was away and have visited Eagles' site but they haven't dared to put it up yet!! Another of our new website promises of matchday highlights yet to see the light of day. Even Bissa used to post 'em.
  13. The question was I believe about home games......
  14. Last time we got so many I believe was against Leigh 70-22 when we were behind to their 22 at half-time.
  15. On holiday but would have paid to see that today! Where has this team been hiding most of the season do far? Fans knew it was there but someone seemed intent on keeping it hidden. Belief has been dripping back since the Oldham game, barring the inexplicable Bash flop. Top 4 might just be a step too far now barring a few results going for us ftom others, but we can look forward to a good finish.