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  1. Though it goes against my previous, well-known comments on the guy Farrell had a stormer in my opinion, and he's cut out the niggle as well, top marks. Scott again keeps putting in the effort and TomLill was always to the front.
  2. Excuse me Northern Eel, but I did say at the time that Diskin was the wrong choice, and got loads of flak for it. I also said that recruitment hadn't been good enough and got loads of flak for that as well. In all honesty, look at our recruitment; a centre from a team which finished about 6 places below us, a returning 2nd rower who had given probably his best 4 seasons to a club which also finished below us, a 2nd rower from a team which finished below us, a player who'd been out of the game for a while, and 2 lads who have come to learn their trade. Where was the kick on of recruitment looking for players to take the side further from its' brilliant season of 2016? We re-signed all but 2 or 3 of that squad and gave them great new, financially better contracts, but that's not guaranteed to make them into better players just because they've got more money! I would say without exception that each and every one of those players last season gave everything they had and a drop more on top to achieve what they did, and probably didn't have any more to give this time. they knew their limitations and played to them effectively but they probably also know that this new game isn't up their street and are being made to look foolish by being asked to play it. Without a serious re-jig of tactics and the systems, we're going to carry on getting it wrong according to the coach and consequently we're going to get dragged down. Hard to see where the next winning, never mind commanding, performance is going to come from. We showed where we can be in the first 25 minutes today, then had a holiday until the last 10 minutes, and still couldn't get in a position on the last set to fashion a winning kick when we knew we had to. Yes, that's bad decision making on the field and the coach can't take the blame for that, but what he can take the blame for are the systems and shapes which let us turn a 12 point lead into an 18 point kick up the backside. As MANY have said, where has that brilliant tackling display gone? Even in poorer seasons under John Kear we had a 'you're not getting past here' attitude, in fact that is proven by the number of close losses we had under the bonus point system, and I would lay a bet that under that system we took more 1 point bonuses for losing than any other team in either Championship division. So how come that almost same team is getting 40/50 past it all of a sudden? Who's not performing, and why? IF it's really the players then bring in the Hills and O'Sullivans and Cowlings and previously the Squires' of the team to see if they have any more appetite. IF it's not the players, then someone else needs to start examining the reasons. I'd love to say the season isn't yet dead, but nothing out of the next 3 games and it will be.
  3. Game and season over. 16-4 then giving 18 away unanswered? Time to call it a draw board and coach. Players need reality check as well. Just not good enough for Batley.
  4. From the squad it looks like Hitchcox will play, can't see the failed experiment of Brev at centre and Hallett on wing happening again; Scott Hayward Smeaton Halle Hitch Cox Southernwood Brambani Gledhill Leak Rowe Day Farrell Manning Davey Lillycrop Brown Chandler/Brev Picks itself out of that squad. But who else IS fit? Cowling, O'Sullivan, Hill obviously...they need a game soon. Can't see that squad failing 3 times on the bounce......34-18 to us.
  5. Thumbs too fat.....two 4's!!
  6. Doubt Dogs can go ftom twould 4's over Easter to a 40 in 9 days! I'd settle just to win ugly.
  7. Should have been busting a gut Monday but didn't........all this Taxi for Disken mularkey; I'm pretty sure that if he can't get us up for the Challenge Cup he'll know the score himself. Arrogant maybe, but not daft enough to keep banging his head against a brick wall and getting bigger headaches.
  8. Ineterested to know that name Coolie, you wouldn't seriously be talking about a certain blonde Aussies bloke in a peaked cap......
  9. We haven't looked so low for a long long time. 1st quote about today's effort possibly rings true for the last 20 minutes of the 1st half, but in honesty effort is all it was, with little threat of turning effort into anything. Like I said on another thread, and got lambasted for it, the kicking game just doesn't go anywhere, and is easily being dealt with. Opponents can afford to knock it dead because they know that our next kick on their line will be the same and the same and the same and with precious little exception they know that they can keep us out if we run it at them. The same couple of players buzz away week after week yet others just aren't turning up. Whilst, like most, I've been critical of the weekly wheel of fortune selection process, now IS the time to sweep the board clean and give those who haven't featured (Squires, if still here, Hill and O'Sullivan and Maher to a certain extent) a chance now because seriously they can do no worse. The season has already slipped away, anyone who says it hasn't is kidding themselves, the players are kidding us and themselves and it's pretty poor payback to the board who did their best to reward them for last season's sterling effort. We can salvage a bit of pride in the cup next week but further than that who knows where this is going to end.
  10. Well, quite impressed with the effort so fa, was looking easy for Broncos after 20 mins but they've not had a llok in since then......
  11. As I said, misheard. But as YearofTheDog says, MD, the plot has really been lost if ever there was one. Still here's hoping, I watch with bated breath.....
  12. Oops misheard Hallett for Hayward.....
  13. Well, team's out, another tinker. Hallett dropped but not replaced by Cowling etc but by Brev who himself admits he's no centre.
  14. Ah, the A Team!! Remember us playing Bradford Northern one lousy Saturday afternoon. Peter Fox was in the Northern dug-out and his team, surprisingly, we're getting the runaround. He walked down the tunnel and came and stood with us behind the old home dugout, had a good crack and started cheering for Batley. Granville and Stan could probably remember that!!
  15. I'll try and take more notice this afternoon.......