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  1. Wakey friendly

    I think we've recruited better this time than any other over the last 3 seasons. We have the best pack I believe, don't think Leigh or Toronto will batter us in that department, I know I keep banging on about young Faz but he has all the potential to come in and do a great job, Galbraith should be a revelation in the centres with his pace. So, what is my prediction? I would add a rider before I plump for a position; we have to stop turning up at some grounds, I think a few will know which ones I mean, feeling beaten before taking the field, and we have to stop some of the same teams coming up the hill and laying down the law to us. We need to take at least 1 win each of Fev. London and Toulouse, we can do it with the right head on. IF we conquer our confidence problem, there is no reason whatsoever that Disken can't quite rightly say at the season's end that we have finished as the top part-time team. Personally, I'd be happy to finish between 4th and 6th and win the Plate. The only thing I don't want to see this time are the yo-yo results of last season where we beat somebody well one week then get battered the next. Last season saw us experience some of the biggest defeats we've had in 6 or 7 years, whilst we put up more big scores than we would expect. The way he's got us throwing the ball around should pay dividends as long as players make the pass good and the catch as good. Keep the wingers holding their place in defence ( we concede more tries within 5 metres from touch) and we're good to go.
  2. Izaac Farrell

    Patch is 32ish, Farrell is 19, which is best: head but little go forward, or LOADS of go forward and pace through the middle and maybe a cock-up or 2? We've seen in 2 friendlies so far the amount of ball we spill, so a mistake from Farrell won't make any difference, but a side-step, feint and a boost of pace will. Sorry, but I don't see the point in bringing players in if they're going to sit and watch and keep a seat warm. Walker is a must at 13, you then have a 6 and 7 pivot, a 9 and a proper 13, whereas with Patch at 6 number 13 is wasted, all we're doing then is playing 3 second rowers from the off. Sorry if my strategy seems old-fashioned, but I don't think it makes it any less sensible. Anyway, opinions will always vary, if 50 of us were to list a starting 17 every one would differ somewhere!!
  3. Izaac Farrell

    Right DD, but It's the intricacies of the situation; say Diskin wanted to play him yesterday, who had the upperhand? Can he play against Donny or Keighley, do Giants have games at the same time, if he plays who insures him, if he's injured who treats him? Is he valued by us, enough to make him a first choice player, his age and pace certainly mark him down as a necessity. There are so many questions which never seem to get answered. He clearly can't not play in any of the friendlies then get picked in the team to start the season.
  4. Izaac Farrell

    That's no concern of mine DD!! If players are promised out on loan they need to be at their loanee club and integrating into that club for the season start. It's pointless making the announcement otherwise.
  5. Izaac Farrell

    Back to the same old problem, whether it's DR or season loans; if he's here then he should be here. How can he be on a season long loan, announced way back in November, be given a shirt number in OUR squad, yet play for someone else, even though he's not a squad number there? In many fan's opinions, he should be our regular 6 throughout the season, pace such an advantage through the middle, yet Disco can't put him on the field and get him involved. As usual it stinks, may as well say tara to him even getting considered for the team during the first month or so, by which time we could already be behind the black ball. Why is it always us?
  6. Wakey friendly

    So, for Matt's info, we're expected by anybody outside Batley to be in a struggle for 7th place......incentive enough lads??
  7. Izaac Farrell

    Is young Faz actually going to get a game then, only 1 friendly left.....don't understand, ALREADY, the thought process.
  8. Wakey friendly

    Just wondering who the expected top 6 are? If you said Leigh, London and Toronto were the top 3, and I'm not convinced of that, then who do you reckon would fill the next 3 spots if the Dogs aren't going to be amongst them? Don't see anything to persuade me that Sheffield or Halifax are odds on, Toulouse might get found out away from home this time. It's all in the mix. Anybody know our squad today yet?
  9. Wakey friendly

    Is it just me who is decidedly narked by the team Wakefield have announced? From our point of view surely a pre-season game, especially against a SL outfit is to see just how far along the track we are in preparation for the league. If we're not facing the best opposition we can't assess our performance properly. We could run rings round Trinity tomorrow, but that would be no good to MD if it doesn't tell him anything he doesn't already know. I think this selection by them is treating us with disrespect.
  10. Lewis Gailbraith

    Assume no 29? Added to player list?
  11. Wakey friendly

    AS did Trout...........
  12. Lewis Gailbraith

    SJS, Not meaning to be negative at all, simply pointing out that it's yet another player to keep happy, or if he does come and is 1st choice, then another player has to be kept happy. For what it's worth I'd have him and pair him with Cowling as our 1st choice centres for youth and pace, and I think he'd score more tries for us as has been said because he'll be playing with better players.
  13. Lewis Gailbraith

    Already got Smeaton, Cowling (ahead of Crookes IMO), Crookes .Ainy came as a centre and don't see him getting in on the wing over Rettie and JC, Brev a filler, new lad Tomlinson didn't look out of place on Boxing Day, is Galbraith that much better than these, and you have to hope his attitude isn't suspect like Hallett. Talk of his tries.....that's 1 try every 4 games. Is that so great? The one advantage he may have however is pace, because we were sadly shown up for that against Dewsbury, in fact Rettie is the only 1 who has any, and he's not getting any younger, Jonny can be excused as he's now hit 30 and probably has it only over 20/30 yards. At one point he had Worrincy nailed, then didn't have any more once Worrincy crossed the 40, and he's WELL the wrong side of 30.
  14. Griffin

    So, if he's on £500 a match for Morley, what's his argument? Say tara to Fev and stick at Morley, he won't get that at his age in RL, probably wasn't even getting that at Fev.
  15. Moan heavywoolen

    At Batley, we have to be both circumspect and proud of what this little club has achieved: in less than 8 years we've won the Northern Rail Cup, appeared in a Championship Grand Final AND proved ourselves to be the best part-time club in our division by reaching 3rd place and the Qualifying play-offs. If we see that as a failure, then I guess that 7 or 8 other teams would like to be as big a failures as us!! Everybody will be expecting Leigh, London, Toronto and Toulouse to head the division, so according to Matt we're playing for 5th.........well I reckon we can sting a couple of those 4, and IF we can get one over on the bogeymen from Post Office Road I don't see why we can't do 4th.