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  1. NEWS | Squad numbers confirmed

    Thanks Weighman.When he was at Leeds Rhinos academy we thought he would make a Super league player but injuries have ruined his career at 22.
  2. NEWS | Squad numbers confirmed

    Whats happened to Mason Tonks? Has he left Doncaster RL?
  3. Widnes St Maries

    Did Widnes St.Maries used to play their home games at the Vikings Stadium?
  4. God its quite on here

    I will be interested seeing how Siddal fare with a new Coach(Anthony Murray)and having to replace key players Garrod and Sanderson with younger and less experienced lads?
  5. God its quite on here

    Have you got any new players for the 2018 season Big Doug? I know you have some good youngsters coming up from your junior set up.
  6. BOCM cup

    You need more than GMB sponsoring the Hull League if you are going to prosper?There are hundreds of companies in Hull some who would contribute if asked.Who is responsible for contacting these companies?Hull rugby union are sponsored by 2 big companies plus they have a Travel sponsor.
  7. 2018 Squad confirmed

    I watched Zach play for Shaw Cross at home to Leigh East just before he joined Coventry?The Leigh number 8 retaliated after a little skirmish in the middle of the field.Johnson laid him out with one punch and broke his nose.The Leigh prop was sent off for retaliation.I was stood by the Leigh dugout and I can assure you that the lad was in no fit state to go back on anyway.Violent YES,part of the game ??,Physicallity yes.Big prop with nasty/clever streak YES.Is it a part of the modern game?Shaw cross won 44-18 btw.
  8. NcL website

    Top marks to the person who has updated them(I assume he or she is from the RFL?).The team sheets and scorers have all been updated for all the teams from last season.Thanks for the info Casperdaz.
  9. Nigel Wood has left the building

    Cheers Havenwarrior.I got the wrong end of the stick as normal.
  10. Nigel Wood has left the building

    It will be interesting to see in which direction our Great game will go from here? Personally I would like to see more money going to the Grassroots clubs who provide nearly all of our international players such as the Burgess brothers (Dewsbury Moor)as there is a £315,000 surplus.
  11. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    Ovenden 34 North hull 14.Played in snowy conditions both sides gave there all but Ovendens big front rowers dominated down the middle where it matters most!
  12. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    I believe it is at Featherstone Rovers on Sunday,28th January but double check it!It should be a good game this Saturday at Ovenden between 2 unbeaten teams.Looking forward to it but North Hull will have to play for 80 minutes and not 40 like they did at Sharlston in the Quarters.
  13. Challenge cup 2018

    Fryston have disbanded haven't they??
  14. 2018 ncl

    Yes best of luck in the NCL next year Beverley.
  15. Ncl cup 2018

    It was 2 years ago in 2015. Egremont went on to win the Final 34 -16 against Sharlston Rovers.