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  1. neutralfan

    Hunslet P

    No programmes for last Saturdays showpiece double header at Featherstone.Apparently the Printers made a c**k up on Thursday so it made me wonder why firstly,was it not possible to go to another Printers and print a thousand programmes out in 24 hours?Secondly,is it not admission by programme in the NCL? So could the admission price not be reduced?
  2. neutralfan

    NCL Finals TV Coverage

    Thanks for the information Impartial Observer.I am going to Featherstone but I like to watch it again on TV later.
  3. neutralfan

    Big game Saturday

    West Hull by 6.home advantage being the difference between 2 very good teams!
  4. neutralfan

    Barrow arl

    I have seen an old team mate at the Thornhill versus Fev Lions game this afternoon who says it was Dalton ARLFC shawy13!The big lad is called Dave Clough who was a legend in Barrow rugby in the Eighties.Thanks anyway as it was a over 30 years ago and the memory fades so I probably got it wrong?
  5. neutralfan

    Barrow arl

    No its not HOLKER PIONEERS Shawy13 .I have just googled /satellited the ground and its not familiar as I remembered it.
  6. neutralfan

    Barrow arl

    Many years ago in the mid to late eighties we went to a Barrow amateur club in the cup and lost.I think the changing rooms were in the middle of a big public park?They had a massive second rower called Clough who had played pro at Barrow?Can anybody tell me which team it was?My memory is going due to old age.
  7. neutralfan

    End of season positions

    Normanton are in trouble after losing 26 -6 to Underbank tonight?They have got a tough run in against Hunslet,Kells,Mayfield,west hull and Wath Brow?
  8. neutralfan

    TV games

    Thanks hunsletgreenandgold. I can watch a game live,go home and watch another recorded game if I want ! Its taken a long time for Virgin to get Freesports but looking forward to it.
  9. neutralfan

    TV games

    As I now Have Freesports on VIRGIN media could any knowledgeable person inform me if will I get the NCL GAMES on a Saturday?
  10. Wasn;t this the period when we started getting mobile phones,modern computers ,video games etc.So instead of kicking a ball about or riding your bike you got these distractions??
  11. neutralfan

    NCL Div.2 Live Stream today

    I do not get any streamlined games on my Virgin Media package so thanks for the Stanningley game Futtocks.
  12. neutralfan

    If we did.....would we be the first?

    I would be surprised if its ever been done before?It would be a tremendous achievement.
  13. neutralfan


    On the photo where is the current Waterhead arlfc ground please?
  14. neutralfan

    New season - it's finally here!

    I watched 2 very good teams last Saturday in Normanton and Egremont.Normy are a fast side who like to get the ball out wide quickly.They were 24- 6 up at half time and were playing some entertaining rugby but the game totally changed in the second half.Egremont showed some real substance and fight and never gave up!Back they came with 4 tries in half an hour and nearly snatched victory in a terrific game.Well worth the £2 50 in.
  15. neutralfan

    New season - it's finally here!

    Star men for Dudley hill are half back Dave Halley (ex pro ),full back Aidan Batey and powerful winger Neil Wall imo.For York look out for try scoring centre Ryan Gallacher and the Chilton brothers who are good half backs.Enjoy the game.