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  1. The only one that isn't Damien is the NCL website but that's been down for quite a while now and is something that should have addressed by now IMO.When functioning properly it not only gives the fixtures and results but the team sheets which the Pennine,North west etc.dont give.
  2. Has Allan Coleman left Tyldesley rugby union to go back to Leigh Miners?
  3. Tough game at Mill Pond today between 2 combatable teams in Division One.Liam Brown gave the visitors an early lead with a converted try from dummy half.Two tries from Jake Perkins gave the Lions a brief 10-6 lead but tries from Ben Gale and MOM Caldon Bravo and 3 McClelland goals made it 20-10 to the Warriors at half-time.A Lions try was their only points of the second half where the Warriors pack dominated and tries from Dawson and Norton and 3 Forster goals gave the final score Fev Lions 14 Hunslet Warriors 36.
  4. Maurauder,is the Moorends centre called Rick Williams the lad who used to play for Featherstone Lions in the NCL?
  5. There is an apology from the RFL on the NCL Website apologising for the breakdown of info such as results,teamsheets etc.
  6. Enjoyable game at Normanton "Graveyard" today on a warm spring day .The home side totally dominated the first half and at half time were 28-0 up with 2 Woolford tries from acting half and 1 each from Lewis,Evans and Crossland.Fev lions fought back in the second half and showed some spirit through Perkins,Nuttall and Danny Glassell tries and 3 Scott Glassell goals.2 tries from try machine Aaron Butterfield sealed it for Normy with 5 Tuckerman conversions making it 46-18 to the Knights.
  7. Can anybody tell me why there has been cutbacks at the RFL?I thought they are a fairly rich organisation?
  8. If you go onto the NCL Website and contact the secretary Alan Smith by e mail he is normally very helpful.
  9. Lets hope the young man recovers quickly and does not have to have too much time off work.All the best to him.
  10. Your right it was priceless to see Fui Fui Moi Moi sent off at Siddal .Great game in wet conditions.Tremendous show from the local amateurs who really give a 100 per cent ,all 17 of them.Siddal are a credit to the amateur game !
  11. Thanks £20 in total is ok for a good afternoon out.
  12. Could anyone tell me how much it is into the Siddal versus Toronto game tomorrow? 4 of us and my turn to pay so could be expensive!
  13. Just watched the game on Lord Charles link so thanks to all of you who posted and I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did
  14. I went to the Thornhill versus Lock Lane game and missed the streaming of the Leigh Miners versus St.Pats game?I thought I could watch it later on BBC I Player but as yet it is not on.Could anyone tell me if there is a way of watching it as I am not very technically minded!