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  1. Only 6 of the 17 are eligible to play for the French national side?Its wrong to allow them to have 12 overseas including Brayden Wiliame IMO.
  2. no problem have made some good signings there with danny rowse,dec Tomlinson,ryan gaunt,luke pettman any more?
  3. Is the game definitely on at Hunslet club today please??
  4. When you are helping the community can you not get financial help from the Council or a Sports Grant?
  5. The outcome is they are unbeaten in the League and cup this season.I don't agree with their over the top /bad ass attitude but it works.They are the current Yorkshire cup champions as well.I thought the young Siddal full -back especially had a great game scoring 2 very good tries!
  6. Surely the best way is to blood the youngsters pre-season?I saw Marvin Lee playing loose-forward for Skirlaugh last season and its would be good to see him get a full -time contract with Hull F.C.
  7. Top post WolfHunt.Can you tell us any details about Tony Fretwells programme please?
  8. The Beast was very impressive for Toronto against Brighouse today!A natural player with amazing strength to break through tackles like Ellery used to do.I would be adding him to the squad imo.Dont know his name?
  9. Upton 11 Queens 0.Tough game with 1 sent off for Queens and 1 off from upton in separate incidents plus a sin binning each.No tries but great defending from both sides and great effort from both!
  10. I don't know who your big number 11 was Hullfan but they give him the verbals before the game even started but they soon realised he was a tough lad as well and gave up trying to goad him after a while!He did ok to say he had not played for 4 years so I was told!
  11. Fryston don't do pennine league club do.They play at the bottom of Fryston estate not far off Cas Tigers ground but its awkward to find Fryston welfare club.
  12. The referee yesterday was Brandon Robinson who had a very good game IMO.He calmed the players down when it looked like a brawl was going to start as it was a very fiery encounter not helped by some of the spectators!Nobody sent off but a great game to watch!
  13. North hull knights 8 fryston 32. Great game spoilt by the idiots who put the fryston team bus back window in??Drafty on way home to Castleford but the game can do without these idiots.
  14. Best of luck!I will come to your first home game of the new season!
  15. I don't think anybody from Fryston contributes on this website but I saw them hammer Sharlston 80-0 yesterday and they are a very good side.They seem to have all there semi-pros back from Oxford and have a lot of team spirit which goes over the top at times leading to lack of respect for the opposition which I don't like!Hoping to get to the game on Saturday and wish North Hull all the best.