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  1. Premier division play offs

    Terrific effort in atrocious conditions from 34 players who gave there all for the right to get to the Final.Wath Brow took a lot of support and gave us all a laugh when they set off the black and yellowish flares when they scored the first try!Top game but Thatto deserved the win IMO.
  2. Signing players on

    Its good to hear Marauder.We need efficient officials/administrators in our great game!Its not all gloom and doom.
  3. Does anybody know where the old Fryston warriors players are playing this season?There are some very good players amongst them in a disciplined environment.
  4. Blood, sweat and beers

    Interesting blog Phil.Getting kids to play Sport these days is difficult because they have so many alternatives!Also it seems that the Hull League rely on sponsorship mostly and it would be great if somehow somebody ,preferably in business,could get on the phone and get some more sponsors.All the best to all the teams in the Hull League this season.
  5. cup final programme

    Thanks for the link Impartial observer.
  6. cup final programme

    I have been going to rugby finals for forty years[played in a few too) and its the first time I have not been able to buy a programme? Not the end of the world I know but its a momento of a good day.
  7. Could anyone inform me which link allows me to print off the match day programme for the Parkside versus St. Pats final from last Saturday please?
  8. I thought Parkside would have won the game down the middle with their Giant forwards but they won it with a far better kicking game imo.Their goal line defence was awesome also holding St.Pats up 3 times when they looked certain to score.To nil a Premier division side is impressive and proves they are more than a side who totally relies on their physicality!
  9. Why Justin Horo is a sound fit for Wakefield

    Interesting piece Matthew.I like the stats which we very rarely see any more?
  10. Why have the RFL allowed this to happen?Is there a reason for it or is it just substantiating what us NCL lovers really think and that is the RFL has no time for the National Conference League.Will the RFL officials be at Batley on Saturday?I will!Also with 4 days to go there is still nothing on the NCL website to promote Saturdays Final?
  11. Dave Taylor signs with Wolfpack

    My guess is that since he signed with Toronto somebody in the NRL has offered him a deal?Watch this space??
  12. Dave Taylor signs with Wolfpack

    I think he will be looked after by the coaching team of Brian Noble,Paul Rowley,Kurt Haggerty etc.
  13. Dave Taylor signs with Wolfpack

    Copa,do you think dave taylor will be a top signing for Toronto Wolfpack?
  14. Division 2 Relegation Battle

    They have 5 games left and NOW THERE IS DEFO 3 TEAMS RELEGATED have to beat Leigh East at Leigh on September 2nd if they are going to stay up.They can do it imo but your right Brassey they probably have to win every game.
  15. Division 2 Relegation Battle

    There is no thanks from the RFL big cliff for us bringing their attention to their mistake?That was altered from 2 to 3 sometime yesterday so somebody from the RFL does read this website?Correct me if I am wrong?