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  1. I attend a NCL game every Saturday without fail during the season.I talk to a lot of people but I have NEVER spoken to somebody who said that they were an official of the RFL ever!Do they even attend NCL games?
  2. Does anybody from the RFL actually read these sites?Serious question.
  3. Is their something the RFL would like to tell us?2 new clubs in the NCL?
  4. The main problem as I understand is Elland ARLFC have never owned their own ground or their own clubhouse so the trouble basically is the lack of finance.They are owned by Greetland community centre I believe.All the best players in that area go to Siddal who own their own ground and clubhouse and have cracking facilities!They seemed to go down quickly after Karl Fairbank finished coaching about 18 months ago imo.
  5. For you to be even talking about Promotion at this stage is a tremendous achievement after your pre season traumas.All the best to the Knights!
  6. I hope they give Jordan Lilley or Liam Sutcliffe a go in the number 6 shirt next season.Both local lads who should go ok with Richie Myler at scrum half!
  7. Didn't he used to play for Hunslet Warriors?
  8. Who is Saints first Marquee signing?
  9. Waterhead have been fined £500 for failing to fulfil their fixture with Hunslet club parkside and will not be allowed to enter the competition in 2018.
  10. Big respect to 18 year old Zac who in the last minute showed no nerves at all,joked with the Touch Judge and then kicked the conversion from the touchline to make it 24 all!
  11. Do East Hull still play on Rosmead Street as I might go and watch them ?
  12. Exactly.Paul Cooke is 6 foot 5 and was a very good stand off half!
  13. Still no sign of the NCL website being updated 9 games into the new season?The RFL are not letting us know whats going on which doesn't help.I miss the teamsheets.
  14. Parksides pack totally dominated this game from start to finish. They were just too big and powerful for the Warriors and repeatedly broke the defensive line time after time.They looked a stone a man bigger and with Biscombe and Pettman to come back they need to dominate the smaller Fryston pack if they are going to win the Final on May 28th.Best of luck at Featherstone.
  15. The only one that isn't Damien is the NCL website but that's been down for quite a while now and is something that should have addressed by now IMO.When functioning properly it not only gives the fixtures and results but the team sheets which the Pennine,North west etc.dont give.