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    Whitehaven The Pride of Cumbria.
  1. That extra time was horrendous never experienced out like it. Hats off to York they wouldn't give in & our boys had to dig deep to get the win. Roll on next week!!!!
  2. wasnt impressed with York last time we played you. Not sure if you had a few missing? But it's a semi-final anything can happen. Haven 26 York 14. Many fans making the journey up?
  3. I remember that video shop Flix we used to watch the old Aussie tapes with me dad. Great memories.
  4. The sad thing is I can only think of Andy Gregory who we can add too that list.
  5. What's going on up there?.

    Another local lad signed back on Glenn Riley. How many we got signed up now I've lost count?
  6. What's going on up there?.

    1 Burns 2 calvert 3 Jessie/Maudling 4 Taylor/Holliday 5 Miller 6 Crook 7 Roper 8 Forster 9 Newton 10 Shacks 11 Allen 12Tilley 13 Dion 14Hollond 15Olstrum 16 Armstrong 17Quinn Pretty strong team that. Would like another prop Ted chappelhow would be nice on season loan & Ince. Any news on Carberry he looked good back end of the season.
  7. James Tilley

    Thanks lads sounds a good player. Yea we've signed roper what's he like? They say he can play half back or hooker. Think he will be our no7 next season.
  8. James Tilley

    Signed for Haven is he any good?
  9. Disappointed!

    We never got the wooden spoon for our trophy cabinet. Well done town you deserve it.
  10. Whitehaven at Bower Fold

    Well done Oldham best team won good luck for next season.
  11. Whitehaven at Bower Fold

    where did you watch the Haven/Dews match? Can't find it anywhere.
  12. Whitehaven at Bower Fold

    Haven win by 20pts our pack is bigger faster stronger than Oldhams then you have Dion & Jessie joe in top form. Should be a good following 2 buses + cars looking forward to it.
  13. Last Day Scenario

    Been changed to 3 o'clock kick off.
  14. LoL I wish I did marra. Funny thing is I put 24-24 but changed it. Seen both teams at the recre both teams evenly matched.
  15. Gone for the draw should be a close game.(22-22)