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  1. No Walmsley or Williams for us on Sunday. Probably our 2 best players this season. Be a close game 24 - 18 Haven.
  2. Halifax 14 - 4 Haven ft. Good effort by Haven in defence but to many errors in good field position cost us today.
  3. What a performance by Haven today absolutely battered York. I feared the worst looking at the line ups with Haven having so many out and yorks ex super league squad. But wow I'm stunned how well we played well done lads!!!
  4. Has the our league app stopped streaming through the TV I can't log in for some reason?
  5. Shocking marra like you say all decent people, die hards of the club they'll be a massive miss. Hope things get sorted and we'll see them back down at the rec.
  6. Whos left the club I've been away for the last 2weeks?
  7. No idea marra but it's embarrassing now!!
  8. Plus having no alcohol now will affect even more people going down. Who's too blame for all this its embarrassing?
  9. Been all over Facebook on how to get tickets. Think the capacity is 1200 Barra was 3000 due to the council. No problem with paying 18 quid after all that's gone on over the last 18months the club needs it. England or Haven match I know where I'll be at 3 o'clock on Sunday.
  10. No not him mate.. Its the player who went flying over the advertising boards at Wigan.
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