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  1. Agreed marra got away with it in league 1 but we won't in the championship. A penny or obst would be good!!!
  2. I can take Fozzy off the list. Be a big miss for us next season.
  3. New signing tomorrow any ideas?
  4. We need a half with a good kicking game.(Carter from Barrow?) We got away with it in league1 but it's a different ball game in the championship. Imo we have 2 keep JJP and Dion. Good call Phillips and Dowsett rotating can see that working. Would like a fit Doran in a Haven shirt next season. I think him and Carter would work well.
  5. 1-Burns 2-Bulman 3-Taylor 4-.......? 5-Tommo 6-......? 7-Phillips 8-Shacks 9.......? 10-Walker 11-Moore 12-Phillips 13-Wilkinson 14-Dowsett 15-Dion 16-Riley 17-? Squad players Holiday, JJP, Kelly, Bradley, Coward, Mossop, Maudling, Gillam,Newton, Forrester. Not sure on who's staying or going but in my opinion we need 6+ players next season.
  6. Thanks marra and good luck in the play offs. Oldham and Newcastle are the best team's I've seen at the Recre this season. Both tight games that could've gone either way no doubt it will be close games in the play-offs.
  7. Well done lads fully deserved league winners. Roll on next season can't wait!!!
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