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  1. Has JJP not signed up yet? Heard a crack today a former player is about to sign I hope its a wind up!!
  2. Won't play every game. Plenty of experience which we'll need next year. Good signing imo.
  3. Agreed marra got away with it in league 1 but we won't in the championship. A penny or obst would be good!!!
  4. I can take Fozzy off the list. Be a big miss for us next season.
  5. New signing tomorrow any ideas?
  6. We need a half with a good kicking game.(Carter from Barrow?) We got away with it in league1 but it's a different ball game in the championship. Imo we have 2 keep JJP and Dion. Good call Phillips and Dowsett rotating can see that working. Would like a fit Doran in a Haven shirt next season. I think him and Carter would work well.
  7. 1-Burns 2-Bulman 3-Taylor 4-.......? 5-Tommo 6-......? 7-Phillips 8-Shacks 9.......? 10-Walker 11-Moore 12-Phillips 13-Wilkinson 14-Dowsett 15-Dion 16-Riley 17-? Squad players Holiday, JJP, Kelly, Bradley, Coward, Mossop, Maudling, Gillam,Newton, Forrester. Not sure on who's staying or going but in my opinion we need 6+ players next season.
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