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  1. Good old fashioned Derby game and fair play to Barrow they wanted it more on the night. Our mistakes and penalties cost us in the end.
  2. It's just what the townies do pal....to look like they're getting one over on us it's pathetic really.
  3. Never has a bad game for us. Not the quickest but solid and reliable. Be a miss if he does go.
  4. I never knew that marra! 90% of the lads who played last week won't have been paid they'll get my support.
  5. 100% mate to me it felt like we'd got beat leaving the ground. They spoiled what should've been a fantastic win for whitehaven.
  6. Incorrect marra small group of barrow fans maybe about 20/30. All started bit of banter then drink thrown then it kicked off. Totally out of order by so called Haven fans!!! I've never left a ground so gutted after a win.
  7. Been watching rugby for over 30yrs and I've never seen trouble like I did today. I'm embarrassed to be a Haven fan totally out of order. I hope they arrested the pricks and throw the book at them. Same old guy right in the middle of it it's about time you grew up marra!!!
  8. I can remember his debut.....never really liked him since that day.
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