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  1. Maybe pick up a couple of loan deals through the season. Wouldn't mind young Roden again as back up at 9 and maybe a couple of young SL backs on loan.
  2. Doyle Eccleston Evans Taylor Bullman Dixon Nikau Walker Phillips Graham Cooper King Wilkinson Bishop Dawson? Dion Macvoy Newts, Holiday, Bradley, Hudson, Moore and Riley. Not a bad side and looking strong through out the squad still need a couple of backs and a prop imo.
  3. Another one tonight at 6 any ideas? We can't be far off our full squad. Dawson? Callum? Or a new signing?
  4. Jake Bradley signs for another season. Only 1year tho would have liked him on a 2 or 3 year deal imo he's the best young local in the game at the minute.
  5. Agree marra loads of potential I like his defence proper cuts them in two. Be interesting how much of an improvement we will see of guy considering he never had a pre season last year.
  6. Guy Graham happy with that.
  7. Looks like another player signed back on for next season who we going for tonight? Phillips?
  8. Hope it is marra. For me he's the best no9 in this league.
  9. Alex Bishop from Australia hooker/half back welcome to Haven marra.
  10. New player tonight at 6 o'clock. Any ideas? Hopefully he's a back.
  11. I forgot about Guy Graham hope he's re signed for next year.
  12. Didn't look interested pal played a couple then went missing. Hopefully he gets a good pre season in and comes back like he used to be before he went to Barrow.
  13. So it is mcavoy and Hudson can't say I know 2 much about the young lad. Like you say mcavoy is proven at championship level hopefully he'll do well for us. Add Glenn Riley as well marra hope he finds he best form again next season.
  14. Looks like Mcavoy on the picture not to sure about that signing if it's him.
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