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  1. Cardypaul

    Academies , to be or not to be ?

    No these clubs have existed long before SL and quite successfully winning challenge cups and championships before SL started and left them on the wrong side of the line. Most of these clubs do a lot of community development but they should never be regarded as a tool to be used by SL.
  2. Cardypaul

    Academies , to be or not to be ?

    Surely increasing participation in 6-16 year olds is a job for all clubs. Why should non SL clubs put lots of time, effort and money to develop kids so that SL clubs can cream off the best it makes no business sense to clubs.
  3. Cardypaul

    What is left to play for?

    Side who finishes top get home advantage so there is still that to play for even though it’s not much
  4. Cardypaul


    Once SL has got the clubs it wants such as Toronto, New York and wherever else the drawbridge will go back up and P & R will end. If i were the likes of wakey and Salford I would be worried because they may find themselves on the Lenigan hit list.
  5. Maybe worth just giving him the last 20 minutes.
  6. Cardypaul

    Ridyard receives the all-clear

    Yeah you and every other club in the championship. I can’t see Leeds letting Newman out on anything other than a short term basis. There is a distinct lack of quality centres in the championship and I’m not sure Fax will be able attract the quality they would like.
  7. Cardypaul

    New Grounds.

    I heard it had been delayed due to the unicorn that was grazing on the land.
  8. Cardypaul

    Why hasnt Brad Knowles been given a contract

    What are you hearing at Batley are Harrison and Day coming to Fev or is it just rumours at the moment(
  9. Cardypaul

    Now Featherstone with 15!

    I think all the Fax fans who are coming on here wanting to slag off Fevs choice of players and how much they choose to pay them need to remember that it’s Fev’s decision not there’s so concentrate on what your own club and it’s abject failure to win a match in the 8’s.
  10. Only 14 players named on team sheet? Looks like you Dakota has not passed concussion test and is out, Jon Davies at Centre.
  11. Cardypaul

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    To be fair as I understand it Duffy is contracted at Fev next season so even if he wanted to go to Leigh and indeed Leigh wanted him Fev would either have to agree to release him or Leigh would need to offer compensation. As I see it it’s a story put about by a website it may be true it may be a pile of 💩 he is denying it and I certainly don’t think Leigh are in a position to pay anyone compensation so I think really it’s time to move on.
  12. Cardypaul

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    Maybe just trying to cause upset in the camp before Sunday
  13. Cardypaul

    2019 Squad

    Yawn!!! You really are boring me now.
  14. Cardypaul

    2019 Squad

    I guess that’s the fun of this time of the year your club will be linked with lots of players and your out of contract players will be linked with other teams. Let’s just wait and see.