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  1. Ok I have held off as long as I can he’s a very naughty boy
  2. Surely we would be able to move the reserve team game, can’t remember teams ever being asked to play a first team and second team game on the same night. Although it wouldn’t surprise me
  3. May depend on how match fit Holmes is, if the coaching staff are confident he will be able to do 80 minutes then I can see Richardson missing out if not he may be on the bench. How did the reserves go last night?
  4. Unfortunately it’s another close game where we have been in the lead and failed to close the game out, if we continue to do that we won’t make the top 5.
  5. Agreed the only fly in the ointment was the injury to JD if it was his hamstring he could be out for a while.
  6. Depends on who we’re playing, Bradford are a decent side if we were playing someone rubbish like Batley I’m sure we would be fine.
  7. Wasn’t there a young lad from Leeds who played in the last round, maybe we may have him this week.
  8. I have seen a message on Facebook that that the Toulouse v Featherstone game is off. Has anyone heard anything or is it just someone taking the mick?
  9. Never mind they’ve only got Toronto next week ???
  10. As he is in the squad I assume Bussey’s ban starts next week. Forwards look really strong just missing those players in the back line.
  11. Apparently he’s 6 feet 1 and 16 stones plays second row or prop so a decent size to him
  12. Clearly the coach knows as he had him last year so we have to trust his judgment and hope that he will bring something to the team.
  13. The weekend he came to us Huddersfield were down to 19 fit players but still let him go out which suggests to me he’s not really in the coaches plans, which is great for us.
  14. A question would we be so disappointed if Widnes had not been in administration this week? To be honest it was always going to be a tough ask to win over there on an artificial field, which we never play well on against a full time team. As I see it their team hasn’t really changed and maybe this weeks events have given them a bit of a seige mentality backed by what sounds like a big crowd. I think we were just a bit unlucky with the timing. That being said we do need to improve our defence particularly on our own goal line or it is going to be a long season.
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