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  1. While I’m not a fan of DR what you are saying is all well and good if you have someone like Del to pump money into a club but the club is unsustainable if that person walks away as he threatened to do. DR is the only way clubs without a sugar daddy can compete, by all means get rid of DR but put a limit in place that owners can put in and make clubs operate on a sustainable basis and create a level playing field.
  2. Cardypaul

    Featherstone Rhinos

    As I seem to remember a few years ago there was a vote by championship clubs on whether to agree not to use DR and Featherstone vote against DR however the majority wanted it. So I don’t understand why other clubs want to criticise them for using it, at the end of the day there not breaking any rules so let’s just move on.
  3. Cardypaul

    Featherstone Rhinos

    Wouldn’t worry it’s just a pish poor thread aimed at trying to wind people up. Maybe someone’s worried Fev may do well this season.
  4. Cardypaul

    If being born in Whitwood is a Cas fan

    How many toes has it got? If it’s normal it’s Fev anymore it’s from Cas. 😂😂😂
  5. I said this on the main forum and didn’t go down well. I’m totally against DR but the only way clubs like Fev can compete against clubs with rich owners putting hundreds of thousands of pounds is to use it. Let’s be honest there is no way London could have afforded a full time squad without someone putting in a substantial amount of money every year. I would like rid of DR and a cap on the amount of money an owner can put in and make it a level playing field, it may make clubs look st generating income and driving their business forward. It would make the game sustainable.
  6. To try and get slightly off the DR topic, what do you think to having 2nd hookers on the bench? Most clubs always seemed to have 2 hookers and spell them but given the reduction in in interchanges I think it may be better to have an extra forward.
  7. Looks like Josh Walters and Jack Ormanroyd have now joined Fev on a permanent basis.
  8. Just seen a clip of it on Facebook, disgraceful decision, I know reffing not an easy job but he was in a good position can’t understand how he could give it.
  9. Cardypaul

    What about other Teams players?

    One thing that will be an advantage is the two half’s have played so much together they will gel and the rest of the players will need to follow their lead in attack.
  10. No you can only have a maximum of 5 players on loan/dr in any one game, as we have one from Cas and one from Huddersfield on loan which leaves us access to 3 Leeds players. At least that’s how I understand it.
  11. Cardypaul

    2019 Squad

    We have apparently signed a winger from Hemel Stags. A 23 year old who was joint top try scorer at Hemel last year and is expected to play against Leeds on Sunday. His name is Darren Forde.
  12. I’m a Fev fan and I don’t like dr but the point I’m trying to make is some clubs have rich owners who spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on players to give them an advantage. If anything happens to that owner or their relationship with the club the club is then unsustainable I dislike dr but at least it allows clubs without a rich owner to compete. I would like to see dr phased out and a reduction in the amount owners can put in phased in to force clubs to generate more income and live within their means and make clubs financially sustainable which I think would improve the game as a whole and would hopefully encourage clubs to develop their own players.
  13. So what you’re saying is you want clubs with rich owners to be able to spend what they want to be able to buy success but don’t want dr to enable clubs without a rich owner to have a chance to compete on an even playing field. Let’s scrap the season and just get our cheque books out then.
  14. As much as I totally agree that we should get rid of dr as a sport I believe it should be done in tandem with a restriction on how much owners can subside their club. This would force clubs to live within their means and encourage clubs to grow their business rather than relying on a sugar daddy and make for a more even contest.
  15. Cardypaul

    2019 Squad

    Just announced Conor Carey an outside back from Australia with an English passport, will be here on Friday 👍