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  1. Cardypaul

    2019 Squad

    If Duffy goes to Leigh do we think Ridyard will stay?
  2. Cardypaul

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    Well if it’s true that Duffy is talking to Leigh that’s fine let’s just make sure we get every penny out of the deal we can. If he has chosen to speak to another club then I don’t want him at Fev would much sooner have someone who wants to be there. Onwards and upwards let’s start looking for a replacement now.
  3. How did Boas brothers play? Looking forward to seeing them next season.
  4. Cardypaul


    Sounds like he kicked 6 goals this morning so clearly must have some ability as a goal kicker! Also heard that Ase scored a try.
  5. Cardypaul

    Featherstone Rovers scoop up PNG talent

    It’s a difficult situation I remember a few years ago Fev were getting together a decent academy side but due to RL rules the club weren’t allowed to pay them so they left to go to academies who could, not long after the academy was disbanded, I believe due to a lack of opposition and that’s down to the RL. The good news is Fev are running a reserve team next year and junior teams in partnership with Pontefract college. The thing is that this will take time to develop and clubs have to use what they can in the meantime. The reality is though the club will develop young players who will be picked up by bigger clubs as soon as they are 21 and out of contract and the club will have wasted their resources developing them.
  6. Cardypaul

    AGM tonight.

    I had seen a figure of £10,000 a month mentioned somewhere but I thought it was our monthly repayments. If it was and we can reduce that it may free up some money to spend somewhere else.
  7. Cardypaul

    AGM tonight.

    So what is the timetable from here.
  8. Cardypaul

    private equity company land plans

    I think with things like this the devil is in the detail, problem is no one knows the detail.
  9. Cardypaul

    2019 Squad

    Just read an article by Peter Smith for Evening Post says Mustapha really enjoyed playing for us on Sunday and is quoted as saying it would be a pleasure to play for Featherstone again.
  10. Cardypaul

    2019 Squad

    It’s always the same there are plenty of players that will be available now the season is over, just a case of being able to find the ones that are a good fit.
  11. Cardypaul

    2019 Signings

    I know 2 of Leeds Academy players have signed contracts with Fev for next season. Will be interesting to see how they go in the championship which can be a little uncompromising at times.
  12. Cardypaul

    2019 Squad

    The club are certainly under the impression that he is.
  13. Cardypaul

    2019 Squad

    It will be interesting to see how the lads we have signed from Leeds go next season as I think a part of the reason for joining us has it’s roots in dr. If they turn out to be good signings then that’s a big bonus of dr.
  14. Will be interesting to see as a Fev fan as 2 of the rhinos players have signed to us next season
  15. Hasn’t he already played for us in the 8’s? The other one I wondered about was Walters did he play enough games for us?