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  1. Super Bowl

    Desperately wanted the Eagles to win but I couldn't shake the feeling that Brady would pull something out of the bag even in the final minute. Felt sure the last play would result in a Gronkowski catch in the end zone or tap-back to a colleague followed by a two-point conversion. For all that gets said about the length of games and the way the closing stages can get dragged out there's something utterly compelling about a team chasing a game in the final moments.
  2. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    If we really haven't got a full-time PR officer then we're definitely going to struggle to promote our stars. There doesn't seem to be much lateral thinking about where they can feature either. With all the fuss about Veganuary did anyone see if we could get Anthony Mulally for example on something like C4's Sunday Brunch? Last Sunday would have been ideal. A week ahead of the season launch, a vegan RL player back from the World Cup, co-host Simon Rimmer runs a very successful vegetarian restaurant. At least pitch the idea to the show. He's getting plenty of press and lifestyle coverage from bloggers so there's evidence to back up why he should be on.
  3. Media Watch 2018 Season

    From memory, about three paras in the Mail today.
  4. Media Watch 2018 Season

    Sunday Times found us a little corner. Maybe a sixth of a page.
  5. The Fall

    Really sad news that, yesterday. Have filled the morning with Fall stuff on Spotify. Can' go wrong with Totally Wired, Fantastic Life, Psycho Mafia and many, many others. I doubt I'll see another Mark E Smith. RIP.
  6. A new YouGov survey ranks us as the sixth most exciting or 11th most boring depending on how you want to read it.
  7. New RFL President Andy Burnham

    I know people who have worked with and for him and they say he's a good guy. He seems well respected and a savvy politician. Nothing wrong with having someone with his likely influence and following as one of the game's figureheads.
  8. I've been obsessed by that Genesis clip since watching the programme.
  9. The TV Thread

    Comfortably the worst thing I've seen this year despite, as you say, some decent people in it. Each epsiode got progressively worse.
  10. This could get moved the Cross Code ifwe want to discuss it as yet another `Rugby saves...' article. But it also shows that there will be talent for North American teams in places we haven't yet considered “These are not football players turned into rugby players,” he said, citing World Sevens player of the year Perry Baker as a famous example of that development path. “We are intercepting them before they get to football. “To be frank, American football is on a very quick decline especially with the youth because of the concussion issue and the politics of it. The pathways to college through football are becoming scarce. The pathways and opportunities through rugby are becoming real. When we can bring that to the city of Memphis, that’s a real engine of change for rugby and also for the city.”
  11. Whatever people's thoughts on the Wolfpack, it's unlikely anyone could have imagined Rugby league featuring in a story like this 18 months ago. A few might have dreamt it though...
  12. Playing in the snow

    They certainly had to put a couple in the showers at half-time to warm them back up.
  13. Tony Smith on FiveLive this morning

    I personally wuld not have a problem if Widnes became a development area for an expansion Super Lague club outside the `heartland' area if I could see that this club would make a genuine difference to the competition's appeal. If I could still watch Widnes every week in their own competition at a level at which they can realistically compete without the threat of bankruptcy I'd be happy enough. I'd also watch the nearest SL club if it was Manchester v New York/Toronto/Toulouse for example.
  14. Media Watch World Cup

    Good interview with Alex Walmsley though on GMB as part of a discussion about a big double-header between England and Australia this weekend. Nice touch when they asked him about his new baby and it was suddenly in his arms.
  15. Media Watch World Cup

    And that pitiful coverage has continued today. Relegated to a single column preview with just a headshot to illustrate it.