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  1. Best signing we've made this year.
  2. Can the guys that were sledging France for not winning against Lebanon show up now that they've gave England a shot and almost won Tonga?
  3. Club interview on YouTube.
  4. LOL. Seen all games, he's been decent in a couple of games and shhhit the rest
  5. They signed him for 2 years though. Anybody that is bothered to play is better than Inu to us. He was dreadful last year.
  6. What if England win the World Cup

    More probabilities on you not getting to the final than you winning it.
  7. McNamara said that the youngsters won't be around after Christmas and no way they could have a squad number. On another topic, in the news today, the club has maxed out the salary cap... with what, 24 players? How is that even possible?
  8. Finally putting a bit of faith into the youngsters I see
  9. Miloudi and Pelissier can go on holidays for me. I don't want to see them wearing the jersey ever again.
  10. He's the one with the most runs in the NT. I wouldn't question his workrate but sometimes his positioning isn't great and he's not a good tackler. However, he's tall, quick and gets plenty of meters. It's a shame we didn't keep him because he has SL written all over him.
  11. He's been a standout in the middle 8s too. Always on the front foot, even the Aussies went backwards.
  12. Some guys here think that having a SL side is enough to create results. What would the English NT look like if it was made up of players from Widnes and Batley only?
  13. Catalans probably saw his WC performance and withdrew.
  14. Cry me a river we were missing Casty, Simon and Springer