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  1. Marguerite getting interest from other clubs I'd understand. Maurel not so much. He's a decent player but I can't see him becoming "special".
  2. Its not the point OF is making. KR are probably throwing this game away to avoid having to play Toulouse again.
  3. Come on KR, I know youre scared Toulouse but hey
  4. Come on mate. The two yellows were correct. On the penalty try I'd be a bit more reserved, I don't know if Duport put his foot in touch or not. Even the U19 touchies called out fouls a handful of times which is excellent.
  5. Toulouse, the side that can lose to Dewsbury then win KR away and Fev home. BRING ON THE DERBY!!!!
  6. The refs were superb (although i've heard Catalans fans whine, unbelievable). Touch judges standing their ground, video refs turning decisions over.
  7. I'd trust Springer more than Larroyer if it's about making metres.
  8. Cas fans were the best we had this season. Amazing atmosphere from Brutus to Castillet. Hardaker, Gale, Roberts and both wingers were special. Larroyer is special. Dumb type of special. How he got in front of Springer escapes me. Navarrete was awful, he's unfit and couldn't run after 5 min. Not a professional. Margalet was better and I testify Seguier would be (he tore Castleford U19 apart today).
  9. Walsh injured his neck in training and Casty is rested. Albert to start. Margalet and Navarrete on the bench.
  10. Born 1997 and never in the Cats set up. Unanimously considered the best young backrower in the Elite 1.
  11. Sangare looks good but he's still 19 and a bit raw, not sure if he's "starting in the Championship" material yet. So that's where Perez is going. A shame it never clicked for him at Cats.
  12. Catalans should step in. Casty and Moa aren't young and Canet is better than most.