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  1. As a winger you're either big enough or you offer something more than speed. Flovie twins would get bombed day and night and wouldn't compete with tall wingers.
  2. I dunno. The flovie twins are smaller than Escaré and have no passing game. They probably won't make it to SL.
  3. I've never seen Martin playing senior rugby either. Thing is, Saint Estève players are in hollidays so they couldn't call the Flovie twins or Romain Franco. The only available players that were match ready were the U19. Poor guys in the back who went from U19 to Lineham and Charnley.
  4. His agent is very good. He was the 3rd choice halfback at Catalans U19, I don't get why KR signed him.
  5. He arrived at KR this season but failed to make an appearance. Loaned to Sheffield and York without much success. Back to Elite 1 at Palau next season.
  6. Hvy wg

    U19 European Cup Results

    France 38 - 6 Scotland About 5 or 6 fights in the game, referee a bit weak about it.
  7. Hvy wg

    U19 European Cup Results

    Serbia 54 - 26 Ukraine
  8. I'm pretty sure as he said it publicly. I don't know but probably comes down to money and media exposure.
  9. Well here's mine. 1. Gigot 2. Miloudi (Yaha's off to Union) 3. Ader 4. Marguerite 5. Kheirallah 6. Barthau 7 .Fages or Robin 8. Bousquet 9. Da Costa or Marion 10. Simon 11. Garcia 12. Jullien 13. Casty Bench : Pelissier, Navarrete, Maria, Baitieri Springer on form is never getting close to that squad. Da Costa controls the game well (McIlorum's teaching), Pelissier can turn a game. Navarrete as an impact prop to get things moving. Escaré doesn't deserve the fb spot right now and he's inefficient at 5 so I wouldn't pick him. Gigot and Miloudi are beasts at kick returning, Ader, Marguerite and Kheirallah bring the pace. The Garcia-Jullien-Casty axis is bulletproof in defence.
  10. Would have been a great centre if he had the work ethic. Lacks a lot of positionnal awareness and decision making isn't great. Ader looked poor against Australia and can struggle against Toronto and Halifax. He's got bags of speed and does not dummy every pass he gets.
  11. That. Also it's an easy way to win games. You don't need a NRL player, look at Lezignan with Tualima and Limoux with Pelo. A 110-120kg player makes such an impact in Elite 1 it's crazy.
  12. Tomkins to the halves, Langi to centre if we can't retain Mead.
  13. Yes and he's still the best centre we have.
  14. From top 14/Pro D2 never. They get more money for less work in Union. Toulon juniors are all from Union and despite the lack of League-ness in them, they walked over most sides because they're big and strong.