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  1. Hvy wg

    Arnaud Bartes to Catalans

    He's also 28. Gotta crack it soon or it will never happen.
  2. The big guy (1m87 107kgs) signed to Palau after returning from his loan at Barrow. He then received a phone call from McNamara asking him to join the training squad.
  3. Miloudi is a nutcase. I hope Cologni will somehow fall out of love with him and pick a real centre like Marguerite. Bergal can have the wing spot.
  4. Absolutely not enough. This Irish side isnt worth much unfortunately. A respectable performance would have never seen them coming back. This is not good enough.
  5. Last tackle? Pass it to the second row. Wtf?
  6. Jason "penalty machine" is back.
  7. Disgusting performance. England would have flogged us 70+. How many knock ons and penalties? Right edge with Miloudi and Escare is below par in defense, who would have known?
  8. A tackle = a penalty. McMikalauskas
  9. Sure it's Escare's mouth that did hit Finn's hand.
  10. Either Da Costa is slow or the Irish are too fast.
  11. We'll somehow manage to lose this one
  12. Craig Robertson of Sheffield
  13. Gotta credit Catalans U19. Albert looked deadly and Da Costa is becoming a very good hooker. Shaun Wane turned Escare and Navarrete into much improved players.
  14. Hvy wg

    Spain v Serbia Live Stream

    On another topic, Spain is a bit scandalous. They're starting to field all the French players they can.