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  1. Defo seems so. They stated before the game they would walk away if any insult was heard. They were fine when winning. They start losing and all of a sudden there are "racists slurs" and they didn't want to resume playing minutes after the fight. They're trying to get VARL disqualified to get to the final.
  2. Carpentras is a nightmare. They got players suspended all year long, one even had a 20 games ban. They're violent and pretty much proud of it. Years ago in the u16 final they were losing to Lezignan and decided to hit the players, even kicking those on the ground. One of their player stated he was proud of having "fuc*ed" Lezignan Earlier this year, they started a fight at Villeneuve Minervois and their fans stormed the pitch. It's club culture.
  3. Needs 15 more kgs. Too light for his height.
  4. He is head and shoulders above anyone else in Elite when it comes to raw power. Seguier needs game time. He's not bigger than he was 2 years ago and does not pack size like Salabio and Vailhen but his work rate is amazing.
  5. Hes still playing for Saint Esteve but doesn't want to be pro anymore
  6. Salabio is huge for a U19. 1m92 104kg and quick. Rouge needs to pack on mass, atm he's not bigger than a SL winger. Vailhen is built like a monster but still some years away, he's very raw. Bled is a lightweight forward. 1m84 90kgs so... Gotta eat some more.
  7. Kasiano can't play 2 games back to back. His gas tank is worthy of a yellow jacket strike.
  8. Who's the Wolves conditioning coach? His guys run faster, harder and longer than ours.
  9. Akuola made more impact with 3 carries than all of our forwards this half
  10. The fact that we're 3rd despite having lost three times by more than 40, putting displays like this one shows how mediocre SL is.
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