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  1. Cause we're headless chickens but no issue on either Hudds scoring or us knocking on, it was about the penalties. Was the ref right or wrong?
  2. Another way of saying the ref had it wrong then.
  3. 18-0 or 134-0 is all the same, in the end the game was won on a ref decision. Feel free to judge.
  4. Untreated commotion can kill you. It is no joke.
  5. Don't need no excuses. We won't beat Leeds, we lost the Super 8s yesterday on a disallowed try and dubious penalties. Giants player gets tackled, holds on to Moa who lays motionless, gets the winning penalty. Bird has a player underneath him when he's supposed to play the ball but it's no penalty in the refs view.
  6. I think this comes from good intetntions but medically this is ill-informed. A player that hurt his head should NOT move and should be assessed where he is. Telling a concussed person to move is as responsible as letting a kid run on the freeway.
  7. Penalty count Catalans 14 to Giants 4. Some of them harsh. Others just ridiculous. They all went the same way though.
  8. Seguier in a year or two.
  9. Joan Guasch is a liability. Gets penalised in front of his tryline then fails to secure the ball. Limoux is back.
  10. Guasch throws a hospital pass to Seguier who somehow wins a penalty
  11. Paul Seguier immense so far
  12. Try for Saint Esteve. Negre