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  1. Catalans : Mead, Broughton, Thornley, Wiliame, Yaha, Langi, Walsh, Casty, Aiton, Moa, Garcia, Bird, Bousquet Subs : Simon, Duport, Baitieri, Tierney, Jullien, Albert, Maria, Da Costa.
  2. Catalans Academy 2018

    How tall is he now? 1m70? Not sure if he's ready to take on the massive English boys especially at 9. He might get an opportunity in the halves where he can be sheltered.
  3. Catalans Academy 2018

    Lacans is excellent (needs to hit the gym but raw qualities are through the roof). Munuera has shown real promises in terms of controlling a game. Florian Vailhen to kickstart his career!
  4. Toulouse 2018 thread

    A shame for the club as he's one of Toulouse's biggest threat. The squad got even more "thin". A chance to grab for Paul Marcon (born 1995), with a profile that France currently lacks on the outside backs (he stands at more than 1m90).
  5. Catalans announce squad

    6. Langi, unproven at this level. 7. Walsh, past his best and injury prone. Back up : Albert, unproven at this level. The halves do look like the weakest point. If (when?) Walsh injures himself and either Langi or Albert aren't cutting it, we're in trouble. That being said, in McNamara's system we might not need decent halves. Thornley is a better centre than winger so maybe he'll do fine this year, defo time for Romano though.
  6. Elite 1 follow-up

    Carcassonne (sitting on a 100 000 area) and without overseas, is in a worse position than Lezignan (10 000 area) with 3 overseas and Limoux (10 000 area). That's to wonder how can't Carcassonne be viable and Lezignan/Limoux/Saint-Gaudens be?
  7. Passive aggressive much? He totally did walk out on Limoux like he did All Golds (and Palau a few years back). I understand you like the kid but he's an excuse machine.
  8. Catalans announce squad

    McNamara said Langi would actually be starting at 6.
  9. 1. Mead 2. Broughton 3. Thornley 4. Wiliame 5. Yaha 6. Langi 7. Walsh 8. Casty 9. Aiton 10. Moa 11. Anderson 12. Garcia 13. Bird 14. Bousquet 15. Simon 16. Duport 17. Baitieri 18. Margalet 19. McIlorum 20. Tierney 21. Jullien 22. Albert 23. Maria 24. Da Costa 25. Seguier 26. Belmas 27. Perez 28. Romano 29. Gambaro 30. Mourgue In bold the highly questionnable choices, especially Langi at 6. The rest is... weird? Anderson over Jullien is straight madness, Margalet ahead of Maria is... wait what? Perez is dead here, might as well sign anywhere else.
  10. Catalans signing?

    Some believe he will. I believe we will see a massive somersault from the coach (either a new recruit or Langi at 6)
  11. Sorry not sorry, he's a little b*tch.
  12. Catalans signing?

    Baitieri can play at prop. You can have Aiton starting the game, sub in McIlorum at 9, Aiton slides in at 13. Also, if Baitieri gets the nod at 13 ahead of Garcia it's an injustice.
  13. Between hemispheres? Between the northern sea, they mean? Tony Gigot got 2 years for trying to get away from a test. This guy walked away from a test and is free of charge.
  14. Toulouse 2018 thread

    I don't know... There are many stadiums in Toulouse, surely we can work to find a decent one!