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  1. Their feeder is Carpentras. Saint Estève will walk away from the Elite 1 if the RFL creates a legit U23 comp. The Aude teams will probably walk away too, if they fuse they're on Toulouse level. The Elite 1 is not the comp that will bring "a proper resurgance". It is way too disparate. You have weak teams (Palau, Saint-Gaudens, Toulouse Broncos) that wouldn't get in League One competing against teams that are around Championship level and that's why we have difficulties keeping the League at 10 clubs. Nobody wants to go up and get trashed by Fakir, Martins, Cardace, Stacul and Pomeroy, to name a few. If the top teams walk to the English side, the Elite 1 will be weaker and it'll be easier to fill the comp and too see teams go up. I'm not sure this would be a good move for Avignon as they're not the strongest of teams although they produce a lot of pro players (Duport, Yaha, Gigot, Goudemand, Jullien, thanks Avignon!). I'd say them + Albi should be the staple of the Elite 1 but somehow the Aude teams are struggling to find a way so they might be taking their place.
  2. No pitchfork I'm all about torchs. I was talking about the set up.
  3. Something they could teach Salford about.
  4. Avignon are no Toulouse though. They're not a good, not yet. They won't run through the League One if they do enter.
  5. Aren't Warrington playing better since Philbin and Jullien are given game time?
  6. Not sure about Perez but surely Cologni wasn't going to take any trouble makers in the team.
  7. It puts them 4 points ahead, not a bad choice though
  8. I'm happy Jullien is getting game time
  9. Not so serious, he's playing against Wakefield. As is Birdy!
  10. I think Emir-Walid Bouregba and Nabil Djalout have never been mentionned here. Djalout was a big prospect, got sick and stopped rugby. He played for Algeria 7s and got back to League through Lezignan, now 26yo at Catalans. He's got a mean step. Can play second row and loose forward. Bouregba I don't know much about but seems like he's a big second row. I might need help from my Aude friends for this one
  11. If Tolisso bulks up he can do it he's a mad dog hahaha
  12. Was it the same guy? I know that the guy who punched Benjamin kicked a Lescure player and got 6 games.
  13. Dangerous squad. Laughed a bit at Milford and McGuire..
  14. France - Jamaica on public TV and possibly other things like French Origines game (start of June), with two selections of Elite 1 based players East vs West.