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  1. Decent halfback. Not a NRL grade one but a good NSW Cup one. Got bombs though
  2. Hoolbrook didn't want to loan Smith so we went for Cornish.
  3. Struggling to win against a League One side. Duport already our best centre, the only one who actually made his winger score this year!
  4. Not even sure if he's got the level.
  5. Casty, Thornley, Williame and Da Costa out. Aiton, Bird, Duport and Maria in.
  6. Elite 1 Round 13

  7. Cas kicking game wasn't that good, it was a case of us being woeful. Tierney, Thornley and Broughton just clueless, sometimes didn't even bother to jump! McNamara has no clues.
  8. Mathieu Jussaume (halfback, 1,80 84kg, born 1999) and Pierre-Jean Lima (winger, 1m83 89kg, born 2000) in the group to face Batley!
  9. SOL is immune to ref decisions
  10. France call up squad!

    I don't know... Marion is a rising star, Da Costa is getting better each game, Eloi had numerous chances and just like Miloudi, Cologni might not recall him due to their behavioural issues.
  11. The chanticleers are summoned to Barcarès for a pratice session (23rd of april). Catalans : Yaha, Gigot, Albert, Da Costa, Margalet, Baitieri, Jullien, Garcia, Casty, Simon, Bousquet Toulouse : Kheirallah, Marcon, Maurel, Ader, Marguerite, Barthau, Robin, Marion, Curran, Boyer, Canet. Lezignan : Cardace Limoux : Herold, Yesa Catalans U23 : Goudemand Catalans U19 : Mourgue, Carré. Escaré, Bergal, Navarrete and Fages would have been called if not for club obligations. First call for Curran and Yesa, and good ones as well. Players not called include Springer, Maria, Rouch, Boudebza, Belmas and Marginet. If I were to put up a team with those guys I'd be embarassed because for once, we have depth! Fullback : Escaré or Kheirallah Wingers : Marcon, Yaha, Bergal, Maurel, Cardace Centres : Ader, Marguerite, Gigot, Cardace Halves : Fages, Barthau, Robin, Albert, Gigot Props : Bousquet, Casty, Simon, Boyer, Canet, Yesa, Herold, Navarrete, Margalet Second rowers : Jullien, Garcia, Curran Loose : Goudemand, Baitieri, Garcia... And that is a much stronger group compared to the World Cup's one.
  12. What the hell is Leigh doing ? Bergal was scoring tries for fun then not playing, now off to Toulouse. As if Toulouse needed another quick outside back! Kheirallah, Maurel, Ader, Marguerite, Therond, Marcon and Bergal!
  13. Catalans sign a NRL player

    Cornish is 25, never quite made it at the NRL level, was at Canberra when they signed Austin and Sezer, went to Parra but didn't play and then went to Roosters... who have had Pearce, Keary, Matterson, Hastings and Watson. He does not kick goals. On the other hand, he kicks tremendous bombs. Hodkinson is 30, a heavy paycheck and a fragile knee. I'd go with Cornish. Cornish as a kicker/organiser, Langi as a runner, Gigot back at centre.
  14. He has played at centre for most of the games IIRC, which could be an excuse.