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  1. It's Rugby Union. Go to a bar, watch out for the 1m70 130kg drunk guys. Those are Rugby Union props. Ask'em.
  2. Just checked again and no there's only one Miloudi in there but you're right, it is Bastien Escamilla who's a second rower! His brother is indeed a winger, my mistake.
  3. Going to "hazard" a team : H.Miloudi Escamilla, Ambert, Romano, Cardace Albert, Gonzalez-Trique Herold, Bonnet, Yesa Perez, Rouch Goudemand INT : Seguier, Belmas, Bouzinac, Margalet. Guys who perform in this game have a fairly big chance to get in the World Cup squad. I can't see Séguier and Belmas starting, Margalet is not even close to Yesa and Herold (should be in SL those lads), Bouzinac is a nice player to have on the bench (what happens when you can play several positions). Miloudi will probably get the nod at fullback but to me he's a better centre, especially as World Cup is near and we lack centres so much. By the way, several SL and Toulouse players missing here. I do think this is a good team, Ambert-Romano is probably a better centre pairing than Duport-Garcia (all respect due). And why is Goudemand still in Elite is beyond me. Someone get that guy to SL ASAP.
  4. Probably a developmental team yes. Not sure Saints and Warrington would let Fages and Jullien join.
  5. Yeah the main problem is the neighbourhood. They don't want any changes, any work to be done. As the stadium is deep into the city surrounded by houses, you can't evict everyone like they're doing in Perpignan.
  6. He's born in 92. Made 24 couple months ago. He's not the only one, Herold is 27. Cardace debuted at just 18, it wasn't so long ago!
  7. The game will be held in England, the February 9th. Here is the squad : Albert, Seguier (Catalans) Ambert, Belmas, Margalet, Perez, Romano (Catalans U23) Escamilla, H.Miloudi (Carcassonne) A.Gonzales-Trique, Herold, Rouch, Yesa (Limoux) Goudemand (Avignon) Bonnet, Bouzinac, Cardace (Lezignan) Biénès (Albi) Great to see Bouzinac, Yesa and Cardace. Time to shine boys.
  8. He said in today's newspaper, then followed by "Take a look at the English, they're more used to suffer than us", criticising the lack of involvement and desire from the French youngsters. He says he's worried about Catalans' future as young Frenchies don't seem to care about the whole "pro" mindset and just won't make the efforts required. He stated "if the youngsters don't go the right way, I don't know who's going to play in the near future, if the youngsters can't put the efforts required, we're going to be playing in the Championship or only with English players". Casty, Bosc and Duport are supposed to retire "in one or two years tops" and we'll only be left with "Garcia, Bousquet, Yaha and Albert". He then declared that we have "around 10 French players that could be SL players tomorrow" but nothing is sure. My 2 cents : Then it's time to make a big offer for all the French players that are decent at SL levels. Jullien, Springer, Fages should all be playing for us. He doesn't mention Gigot or Baitieri, which is worrying. It's obvious we have a mindset problem but I don't think English (and certainly not Australian) do it better than us. Partying, drinking, drugs have always been a problem with rugby players from all codes. Not putting the work in is what we're lacking, and if they don't want to work hard, they can go play Pétanque, I'm pretty sure there are guys that will work hard for that. It's obvious that firing Carney, Taylor, Mason last year cost us money. We're left with a 25 players squad, which is not going to be sufficient. We're going to be relying on U23 to finish the season and there we can see if they can make it or not. Maybe it's time to put our grudges away and to sweep Union lower clubs for wingers and centres. Their player pool is immense and there are certainely young guys that aren't on a lot of money, that have the qualities required to be good League players. Sigismeau made it to SL and he was just a very average winger in the local Union club young setup. Guys in the second Union division aren't all on 10k/month and youngsters are cheap because they're always a gamble. We do not have the player pool, they do but we have opportunities that those guys won't have in Union where players get stuck in second/third division. Also, time to change something in the strenght coaching for the youngers. You can't have forwards that aren't big and strong, you can't have backs that aren't quick and strong. Let's see if Wigan can put some size on Escaré. Let's see if our 100kg U19 ever become 105 or 110 or will stay at the same weight from 17 to 30 years old. Samoans aren't going to run at us with 90kg forwards, if anything their backs are bigger than our props. The President's declaration is a massive slap to players like Margalet and Perez. It's a "wake the up" call. If I were them, I'd be terrified because the boss is angry and all the youngsters need to bust their ass working. We have a 25 players squad, chances are going to come this year, they either take it or leave it, it's up to them.
  9. Here we go again! Seriously, who wants to work with a guy that just won't pay you?
  10. He is the most hated ref at Perpignan since that Huddersfield game, he was atrocious. I think he's hated in Widnes too for the same reason.
  11. He claims he was abused by a "senior member of the RFL match officials" amid of bullying and homophobia allegations.
  12. That's always how it is with these kind of things. You go to army training, firemen training, any kind of training you get sleep deprivation.
  13. Rodney's not soft. He said they were all overweight and needed to lose weight. Here they are.