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  1. And no match New Zealand-Tonga .... with a potential full house in New Zealand .... stupid decision !
  2. RIP Jean Barthe

    RIP Jeanjean
  3. Monaco is a french Premiership club ... France's 2017 Champions ... located in Monaco, but representing France, not this microscopic area.
  4. crowd for opener

    I can't imagine AAMI Stadium not full house ... it's only a 30k arena !
  5. What now for Catalans Dragons?

    I hope Bousquet to stay at Catalans... but not sure ???
  6. Koukash gone from Salford?

    Branson yesterday ... Koukash today ... tomorrow Catalans ... you mustn't move anything in Northern RL kingdom !
  7. What a misery ! The Dragons have a very poor rugby ... It's a pity with some very good players, to see that game. The ref is got a broad back...
  8. L'équipe newspaper

    No ! they are the only sports daily paper in France ! It's a bible, they hold THE truth
  9. L'équipe newspaper

    According to L'Equipe there are numerous RL players using coke in Australia and UK ... so the clubs organize private controls and sanction the players ... as they report. But this paper has a big lapse of memory ... with the Ben Barba case ... they have forgotten his 12 matchs' ban in Australia ... and his cross code commitment to Toulon RU with the official blessing of the french RU federation !!! He is as white as snow (!!! !!!) What an infamous hypocrisy !!!
  10. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    Waiting for the resurrection of Bradford Northern, is it possible to have Leeds Rhinos playing at Odsal during the Headingley's stand rebuilding ?
  11. The High Court judgement will be very important. Remember the "Bosman Ruling" for football players ... We can have a worst situation unless the Court sentence Solomona and Sale Sharks for breaking a contract without fees. Rugby league and rugby union are two codes of the game of Rugby, not different sports as football and basketball. It's necessary to have a clear rule for CONTRACTED players. This judgement will set a very important precedent !
  12. If SL had only two clubs in France, that will be sufficient for promoting strongly the game and constructing a good national french team, without devitalize his english core !
  13. Danny Brough for England

    A good captain for a future GB Lions XIII touring team ???
  14. I agree with you : "A competition Scotland qualified for on merit and perhaps tonights performance will silence the naysayers on here."