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  1. N means "National" , i.e. Australian for NRL, American for NFL or NBA.... The word "League" is used by all sports to refer to competitions levels ... "Rugby" refers mostly to Union. I prefer "LEAGBY" , it is a short combination , very close of "rugby" and means clearly "League".
  2. At this hour ... nothing official in France ... is it a fake news in Midi Libre paper ?
  3. A second Kiwi team is the same approach as a second french team in SL (Toulouse)
  4. Very good article in a prestigious paper ! It's a pity , we could not read the same in french leading papers
  5. A "play the ball" awarded to the defender camp after the last tackle is not in the spirit of the game. The play the ball should only be played by the attackers after a tackle . Rather than a scrum, i think that an indirect penalty should be awarded, with kick in touch and tap, or directly a tap by the defender camp.
  6. I thought sincerely Kevin Sinfield would be awarded a knighthood after his 7 marathons / 7 days achievement . There is really a discrimination problem in this case
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