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  1. snoopdog


    Very true.
  2. snoopdog

    PROMOTION 2018 and 2019 Format decided.

    How did our club vote?
  3. snoopdog

    New Stadium for Workington

    It's happening make no mistake.
  4. snoopdog

    Town V Skolars predictions

    While I agree with the vast majority that changing the league structures with only a few games left is a joke and does nothing for the games credibility, however I also fully agree that the game is in a mess and needs change, our board invested heavily last year with the hope of getting us promotion and hopefully we now have a chance of doing that , what would we rather have another season of Wales,Scholers, Coventry or Leigh, Halifax , Toulouse etc
  5. snoopdog

    Championship and League 1 Awards Shortlist

    JD would have been my choice, although Penky as been good just hasn't played enough matches for me. Kear or LP wouldn't have been on my list , both had huge budgets and both probably achieved no more than expected .
  6. snoopdog

    Challenge Cup Yawnfest

    Constantly confused with the idea that the RFL do nothing for our clubs i.e. no marketing, no promoting the game, that's not the RFL responsibility it is the individual clubs , and may I add at that our own club is now doing a fantastic in this department. As for Catalans winning the cup being a good or bad thing for the game, just look at the news, national papers , more interest in this game than I can remember for many many years!!
  7. snoopdog

    Myths debunked

    I can't believe that clubs with less than 10k attendances have recently been part of a multi billion pound tv deal and people still think paying spectators is so critical to sports growth. The world is changing hence the huge growth in pay per view , live stream etc , just like football NRL teams would make money even if the gates were closed for games due to tv sponsorship.
  8. snoopdog

    Myths debunked

    Please explain if crowd numbers are so critical why do so many games in the NRL have poor attendances? I suggest viewing figures is now the essence of sport , that's what brings in the sponsorship , tv deals etc.
  9. The problem is a full game problem , not the RFL or Super league , I believe we should follow the RU example , all clubs have an amount of tickets to sell for England international's , this is linked to funding. If you don't sell the tickets money is reduced from central funding , this guarantees full stadiums for meaningless union games. I believe this method involves all clubs from the top of the game right down to the bottom , all amateur union clubs get tickets to sell.
  10. First game for a long, long time I've been on the end of my seat , shouting and emotional. Fantastic
  11. snoopdog

    3 Promotion Places !!

    Embarrassing , incompetent and makes the game a laughing stock.
  12. snoopdog

    Barrow arl

    Still is a Cumbria cup and still contested by both Barrow and Cumbria league's, probably still the best comp to win however the conference teams don't enter the comp or enter second team's which I find very disappointing.
  13. snoopdog

    Bradford Predictions

    Very rarely make predictions but believe that with the squad we have , we could /should be going to Bradford with confidence of getting a result or at least a good performance. The board have invested in a group that should be challenging the top of this league and I'm confident we will come Sunday. For us to progress and attract more interest beating Coventry /Wales etc doesn't wash, Sunday's games are the one floaters take notice of.
  14. snoopdog

    2019 signings

    Maybe , but personally playing full-time rugby , training everyday and being paid handsomely doing something you love outweighs doing 12 hour shifts and working training around work etc. Not saying it won't happen but suggest only when he is deemed surplus to requirements at London and can't get another fulltime gig.