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  1. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    The problem we have is VISAS , believe me there is more than enough players in the NRL , country leagues etc to supply any new teams joining the British game, in fact I suggest loosening the rules would allow us to gain young, hungry quality players rather than over the hill or banned players from OZ. From my own experience I got to see wonderful players like Clayton friend, Okesene, Georgalis , Hepi, Jim Pickering , Mark mulliigan all who graced our game when relatively unknown but we're allowed to play in this country , all went onto super league or NRL
  2. Hock

    I get you don't worry
  3. Hock

    Don't think anyone is criticising Forster , in fact quite the opposite , Carl is a very good player in this division and probably could play at a much higher level, the criticism is to those who are comparing Hock with Carl, a million miles apart, let's be brutally honest comparing a player with over 200 superleague games plus international caps , to a guy with an handful of Super league games, plus playing in an awful division is not only impossible it's pretty irrelevant.
  4. Season launch 19th Jan

    Promotion winning captain in Wilkes for me with Doran vice
  5. Hock

    Your opinion and comparison on Hock and Forster really shows that you haven't a clue what your talking about.
  6. Hock

    Although I don't believe using huge chunks of money to sign Hock on what would be a short term measure is the way forward, there is no doubt Hock would be the best prop in this league and probably the one above. Comparing Forster in the same league as Hock is laughable.
  7. Squad Numbers

    Thank you TLT
  8. Squad Numbers

    That's where I got the 19 names from ?
  9. Squad Numbers

    Please could someone update the squad list because I only count 19
  10. Squad Numbers

    More concern is the squad depth, 19 signed on is in my opinion 5/6 short .
  11. new signings announcements

    Agreed plus possibly a couple of local signings to increase the squad.
  12. New idea from Wales RL

    It isn't just non traditional areas that need new ideas to attract new players !!
  13. Town website

    Your point is wrong, Dowset didn't leave the club because of Howarth and he hasn't gone to Haven anyway.
  14. Town website

    Not sure about 50k but selling the stadium rights is I believe in the pipeline, apparently a company that specializes in gaining sponsorship is on board with a link to LP I believe. Dowset didn't leave because of Howarth , someone getting crossed wires
  15. Town website

    How can a local player with 10 years service be disloyal ,but an overseas player traveling here to work and live for money be a loyal player?? Baffling.