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  1. snoopdog

    Town agree sponsorship deal with Myers & Bowman.

    What your hearing is wrong.
  2. snoopdog

    New NCL Teams

    Is this the same Hensingham who have forfeited games this season??
  3. snoopdog


    All about opinions mine differs from yours.
  4. snoopdog


    Unfortunately Sam as left the building.
  5. snoopdog

    "T" Ritson

    T wasn't on anything near big money!! In fact leaving is hometown for the little he was on is a credit to the lad , he went to Thunder for rugby reasons ,the same reason he is going to the Raiders.
  6. snoopdog

    Stevie Scholey signs New 3 year deal

    Saying your talking to other clubs doesn't always mean you actually are!!
  7. snoopdog

    Stevie Scholey signs New 3 year deal

    Well done Stevie and the board.
  8. snoopdog

    Open age player review

    So wrong! The secret is in the name COMMUNITY , And its opinions like this that will ultimately see the game continue to decline.
  9. snoopdog

    Open age player review

    So we want kids starting young so a small minority might be picked up for "top level",? the problem is the grassroots which is in dire straits and in my region on the verge of total collapse!. Honestly believe some people think super league or semi professional players are grown on trees !! ALL players start at grassroots and in the Community game, if we continue to ignore the massive issues in the game an already diminishing player pool will decline to a level that will seriously threaten our sport. Unless of course we keep growing these magic trees!!
  10. snoopdog

    Open age player review

    In my opinion kids are starting playing way to young, not sure when this came about but we started at u15s and most are still involved in the game in one capacity or another. Kids starting at 5/6 years of age means they have been involved for over 10 years before open age rugby !! , they are bored and the opportunities now available at 16 plus make any sport less interesting.
  11. snoopdog

    Toronto...the next Heartlands?

    I'm here all night.