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  1. Cumbrian lakers

    Exactly the point, our clubs are struggling with what is on offer now, it is unsustainable to run a club on a few hundred fans, however I'm of the opinion a new well funded club with both haven and Town being part of the set up but separate might just work, we need to attract a new audience and also reinvigorate past spectators , a strong Cumbria , a sustainable Town and a flourishing amateur scene might just be the outcome. The drawbridge is starting to lift and we need to be on the right side of the river when it does.
  2. London Reaction

    Unfortunately couldn't make today but well done on a fantastic effort. A benchmark for the rest of the season.
  3. Cumbrian lakers

  4. Cumbrian lakers

  5. Challenge Cup

    I believe Newcastle played a much weakened side , preferring to keep players back for next week's league fixture , I wouldn't be reading to much into that score.
  6. Cumbrian lakers

  7. Cumbrian lakers

    You would still have Town and Haven, the doc as clearly said it will be a new team and with no forced mergers.
  8. Broncos prediction

    The club as assembled a squad at considerable expense to challenge for promotion , this game is vital to see where we are in that challenge, granted London are a good outfit and in good form, however I expect Town to really challenge them albeit come up a little short.
  9. West Wales Raiders predictions

    A lot of infantile geniuses on here at the minute.
  10. Koukash and new Cumbrian club - good idea?

    You mean like stand by and watch the game completely die in a once rugby stronghold??
  11. West Wales Raiders predictions

    Definitely not, no I in team.
  12. Brilliant programme which should be shown on prime time tv.
  13. West Wales Raiders predictions

    While we scored some great trys and played some good rugby, please let's put thing's in prospective , that was surely the worst professional team to have graced derwent park for many a year!! , you can fully understand Super league wanting funding changes when teams roll up with 14 players. I will reserve judgment on great signings until we play matches against proper clubs and not pub teams.
  14. Cumbrian lakers

    Not really fussed how many brain cells he as , if he is prepared to try and stop Cumbria rugby league die a slow death he will have my full support.
  15. Cumbrian lakers

    You mean like Manchester?