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  1. "There is nothing more agreeable in life than to make peace with the establishment and nothing more corrupting. "
  2. Oxford

    RL Backchat - sublime to ridiculous?

    Great thanks very much for replying.
  3. Oxford

    RL Backchat - sublime to ridiculous?

    Is this show going to be on this year or is it another RL tried and given up thing?
  4. But they use it as an insult like Crippen calling someone a murderer for the moral high ground. this is 19 days early but bye everyone !
  5. Lies do seem to have come into their own during this period and over this issue. Not simply the quantity or quality but the willingness to repeat them over and over, and to seem completely assured that there are no consequences or accountability. I do wonder if we could measure a period by it lies how this one would fare and where it would end up on the league table. Just an indication that the right is comfortable disguising themselves as the people's champions. Although Tommy fans calling anyone else a Nazi ?
  6. The 14th by all accounts?????
  7. When is a cock up not a cock up? When the Tories have done whatever it is we're talking about!
  8. And on this side of the pond the deal no deal manoeuvring, and general messing around have come to resemble the wall nonsense over there. Funny that!
  9. "Sunday on MSNBC’s “Kasie DC,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) called for an end to the partial government shutdown over President Donald Trump’s “medieval border wall.” Jeffries likened the shutdown to holding the American people “hostage.” There's talk of compromise as the only way forward but just like Brexit it's a wall or there isn't a wall, it's the way racism and prejudice work, you subscribe to it or you don't. It's never pick and mix like at Woolworths. Meanwhile back at the Funny Farm Donald tweets a BUILD THE WALL propaganda moment.
  10. "Of all the leave campaigners’ tactics – all the breaches of funding laws and the dodgy use of data – perhaps the single most effective strategy was the self-presentation of the leave campaign as outsiders. This was a movement backed by multimillionaire, public school-educated financial traders and fronted by an Old Etonian. The Vote Leave war room was run by a historian with a first-class degree from Oxford (Cummings). Yet it successfully masqueraded for the purposes of the campaign as the authentic voice of ordinary Britons ignored by a contemptuous elite. " In other words as Trumpesque as it gets. But even more than this the lie that they shared the same motives for leaving. I know a few will say that doesn't matter and is irrelevant and that's fine by me.
  11. Trying to enchant the disenchanted is impossible. We all know the possibilities for leaving were numerable but how many were actually achievable and within reach was not made clear to any of the electorate. Saying Norway plus an uncountable number of times was there to be had doesn't mean it was any nearer than than the truth it pretended to contain. Theresa May is not responsible for the condition of this lunacy the voters are who believed and continue to believe this nonsense are. And I'm not saying that Brexit won't work or that it'll be as bad as often painted just that it would be nice if the pretense, if nothing else stopped here. Just to put it into perspective Brexit might be an opportunity to start a trade agreement with the Klingons it's out there as a possibility maybe May has dismissed in favour of Chequers! Get a grip.
  12. I think even the most jaundiced on here would agree with this LD. At least I hope so!
  13. The only thing unforgivable in politics is getting caught ask Bojo.
  14. Never crossed my mind. This issue is evidence of that rather than some of the things that have come up on the forum in the past, And would be the best thing all round.
  15. Oxford

    Happy Birthday to ...

    And unnecessary the Swinton Birthday/anniversary should be celebrated on here just like any other club's and these certainly shouldn't be the last word on here no matter what. I was looking for a picture of the Lions with all four cups to cap this all off. A reminder of our history is something we should all be proud of and reflect. I would like to remind everyone I'm a Salford fan so if I can do this surely anyone can.
  16. January 2nd marks an important anniversary in the history of Swinton Lions Rugby League Club. On this date in 1869, exactly 150 years ago today, Swinton played its first-ever ‘competitive’ match. Phew! And where was your club then?
  17. Understood but as far as bonds and insurance are concerned the former shouldn't be considered unless everyone has to provide one and the latter should have been undertaken as a matter of course and not even been given news time. I seem to fine at the moment thanks for asking and always good to see you comment.
  18. The interpretations of historical events are as varied as the starting points and world views of those coming to conclusions about them. If we all started with the phrase, I could just as easily show ..... it might make a bit more sense. Or maybe not.
  19. No LD can't agree with you on this the RFL has two roles organise the tournament and sell it to all and sundry everything else is navel gazing,froth and the concerns of a sport that no longer has faith in it's product.
  20. Which would suggest quite a few things including the fact that they thought their prejudices would find a perfectly good home in the main parties. I think given all the other stuff that was going on simply added to confusion in the midst of which LEAVING seemed the only certainty.
  21. Er I think I knew that but I won't be on the ballot paper. Well, whatever next? If only they were so keen to find the government accountable. I won't bother going into he has cos there's little point. And so it goes the accusations transform themselves yet again. He must be able to lead something cos they've not managed to get rid for a pasty bliar. Yes and the question is what is that basis ? When labelled against him personally or the rank and file it's quite a different matter and lumping them together might be useful if you don't like him but that doesn't stop it being rubbish. But a country that has voted Brexit for essentially prejudiced and chauvinistic reasons is hardly in a position to point the finger and take the moral high ground. There will be an element of antisemitism in the labour party it's never been immune from the above so why make an issue out of it? In a society based on prejudice where do you expect to find a zone that is free of it all? Now I've responded but there's no real prospect of discussion so I think that's it. "All social groups make rules and attempt, at some times and under some circumstances, to enforce them. Social rules define situation and the kinds of behavior appropriate to them, specifying some actions as “right” and forbidding others as “wrong.” When a rule is enforced, the person who is supposed to have broken it may be seen as a special kind of person, one who cannot be trusted to live by the rules agreed on by the group. He is regarded as an outsider." Which is why we get this
  22. Watch how it's made to fit the jigsaw now you've put there. In spite of the claims of most incompetent the faithful are well ... keeping faith and the middle of the road are still seeing Teflons as the economy government and the messages that support this are being repeated and repeated and ....... And wait for the reminders of anti-semitism if a GE appears even distantly on the horizon! Taster for you
  23. Clearly neither can certain fans ... I wonder if there were two or even three questions, where we could identify the people who answered, about this issue, expansion and foreign clubs whether or not they'd be exactly the same ones on either side of the arguments. Yes it is because the simple question is where is the constant selling of the CC on every cheaper outlet the RFL can find? Because if you ask about marketing they will bring up cost but that's not the same as doing nothing at all which is how it looks when you go outside the immediate fan base push they do undertake.