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  1. "IT’S all an appalling mess, but it does offer the recompense of bringing Scottish independence that bit nearer. This contention might have been hard to credit during last week’s Brexit turmoil, especially after Scotland merited not a single mention in the 585 pages of the UK Government’s draft agreement for withdrawal from the EU. As a codicil came the visit to Edinburgh by Theresa May’s second-in-command, David Lidington. Amid an exercise in contemptuous discourtesy to the government of Scotland he called on it, for good measure, to forget a second independence referendum. Think of it as a woof and snap from the fawning lapdog of his mistress. " https://www.thenational.scot/news/17233791.heres-why-ulsters-brexit-deal-has-just-hastened-the-end-of-the-union/ Bless! “These white, pale and male dinosaurs from another era talked a lot but said very little,” Moran told HuffPost UK. “It is scandalous that this group of rent-a-quotes hold the future of the country in their hands. These people in the ERG are the barrier to equality in Britain.” https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/parliaments-arch-brexiteers-held-a-press-conference-and-everyone-is-pointing-out-the-same-thing_uk_5bf3fcc5e4b0376c9e68b2a6?guccounter=1&guce_referrer_us=aHR0cDovL2MubmV3c25vdy5jby51ay9BLzk2MzUyMTQ3Mj8tNDA2NjQ6MjY4NDc&guce_referrer_cs=JCQaX7KPhZHTtRHpvgs6Og "Construction bosses have been warned to prepare for a hard Brexit and a possible restriction in the supply of building materials. Officials from the housing department told a parliamentary committee that it was making contingency plans for the UK to be treated as a “third country” in the event of Britain leaving the EU without an agreement being reached." https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/business/--886647.html It's all based on Fracking not Friction If you not had a right good laugh about all this now's your chance https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/tory-rebels-brexit-facts-document-13618768
  2. Some people find it hard to accept their country's thefts. They'll be shouting things like possession is blah blah blah and we bagsied it first next! They're probably still wondering why half the world isn't pink any more and where Hong Kong went?. Bless!
  3. If there was ever any doubt that Tango-Potus is America's Brexit .. "A reporter asked Trump if seeing the destruction changed his opinion on climate change. “No no, I have a strong opinion,” Trump replied. “I want great climate.” Boom, boom!
  4. I always assumed many racists wanted to stop foreigners full stop. They are and have been ably abetted by people who only dislike anything from 99% down to one foreigner in particular who lives in their street. They've had the beautiful assistant aiding who has absolutely nothing against foreigners but wants immigration stopped once and for all. The list goes on and on and on. Brexit will stop EU migrants jumping the queue Theresa May Why would you pick out that to say, of all things ? It's like a Poirot (except now he would be sent home at the end of the episode!) where you know how, where, what,why and who and we're only waiting for the villain to fess up! I love the idea that you can hide behind a sovereignty notion that is somehow sacrosanct and inviolable like a sacred cow in India. It contains no hidden meanings or agendas and stands on its own much maligned of course by remoaners, the swines! “You might as well say that ‘I like what I get’ is the same thing as ‘I get what I like’!”
  5. Oxford

    Villenueve Leopards

    Villenueve which one? Now I know which one I think it is but some talk on here has me less convinced.
  6. But what if they do? Even if it's compared what would that mean? Given the track records and attitudes of us remainers and the leavers will we bother to read it? Are enough of us not only willing to read it but change our minds if it shows we are in the wrong camp?
  7. I hope you're not expecting any Brexiter to say "It's a fair cop gov, I'll go quietly." They won't even discuss Mars bars!
  8. One where we: say how grateful we are that they voted to leave, do not express any concerns or criticism we may have about what is going on and never ask any questions. But most of all we must keep quiet! In other words we're supposed to do the exact opposite of what the Leavers spent the last 40 years doing. It's one wonderful element of all this, the epitome of "Do what I say not what I do!"
  9. I have to say you're pretty rubbish at following the scare stories ..... no mention of the threat to our Mars Bars!
  10. https://www.rawstory.com/2018/11/disgusting-retired-general-calls-trump-failure-president-slams-navy-seal-killed-osama-bin-laden/
  11. Look away now .... don't read this if you voted leave "Guess what? In a staggering development foreseen by literally everybody except Liam Fox, at the end of October countries began to challenge. Russia was first, saying that the UK proposals do not match its obligations. Specifically they complain that since the EU’s Schedule is still being negotiated from the 2013 accession of Croatia (an indication of how long these processes last) it is not possible to know how the Schedule should be rectified to produce the UK’s. Russia is not alone and it is reported that a further 19 countries have already informally raised objections. This escalated just last week when tiny insignificant economies like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay, Taiwan, Thailand, the US and Uruguay joined the fun. They signed a joint document demanding the establishment of a mechanism to provide “appropriate compensation” to ensure they do not end up worse off from the establishment of the UK’s schedules. Is this the real crisis in Brexit? Yes it is." https://www.heraldscotland.com/opinion/17232332.agenda-events-in-geneva-could-make-the-london-drama-pointless/ now you've not read this you can dismiss all the arguments as remoaner's rubbish. This product gas been brought to you by the Save Yourself Time and Worry Ministry, a sub-department of the Brexit for Everyone but the Poor campaign run by your friends and comrades in arms at the ERG.
  12. I believe you should've stopped there BR or even sooner .....
  13. No and it never has been. It's another confusion often put out simply to undermine the opposition. From the start it was constantly said that certain journals were biased for remain and those posters who were remainers only quoted from the ones that agreed with them. The reporting was imbalanced and remain characters and politicians given more air time. Time after time things were produced to show just how inaccurate this was not a peep. Time after time I have quoted pieces from places like the Conservative Woman ( which is like reading The Leave Times) not a dicky bird. It's simply become their new agenda and mantra because they thought it would all be easy, lovely and they'd be loved for doing it. Which means we now have 17 million people suffering from politician syndrome. Being got at no matter what they do, much maligned and misunderstood. Tough isn't it?
  14. Looking at a few sites for clubs and noticing who was marketing well and had a good attractive site and thinking: Which clubs have good sites? How do we compare with other sports ( please not yawn as that makes me yawn!)? What would be good to have on a site? For those who like to point out stuff!
  15. On Love RL "Bring back the Exiles – how they could look in 2019" Now the team selection looks great for this 1. Lachlan Coote (St Helens) 2. Akuila Uate (Huddersfield) 3. Bill Tupou (Wakefield) 4. Konrad Hurrell (Leeds) 5. Ken Sio (Salford) 6. Blake Austin (Warrington) 7. Jackson Hastings (Salford) 8. Junior Moors (Castleford) 9. Thomas Leuluai (Wigan) 10. David Fifita (Wakefield) 11. Kenny Edwards (Catalans) 12. Joseph Paulo (St Helens) 13. Trent Merrin (Leeds) 14. Sam Moa (Catalans) 15. Jese Sene-Lefao (Castleford) 16. Ben Murdoch-Masila (Warrington) 17. Kane Linnett (Hull KR) But the Exiles are about as marketable as a Brexit agreement with the EU. I did think Hemisphere Origin but I'm not sure that's any better but what a high level match it might produce as preparation. Hastings v Gale never mind the other mouth watering match-ups!
  16. A no deal look a possibilty The PM is under constant threat and criticism The Tory Party is looking as united as City. Things look as bleak as they ever have future wise but the priorities of Brexit stand firm "No Deal Brexit could see Mars Bars run out 'in weeks' as food experts warn Michael Gove gridlock at Dover could shut down production on the chocolate treat" Mind you that's probably the chocolate the EU attacked for having next to no chocolate in it.
  17. Oxford

    Clubs' Websites

    I made that assumption myself and the ones I've seen seem okay. But I wondered what features were popular? which aspects attracted more hits? Is there a model that is considered over and above all the others? The Catalan Dragons do some excellent connecting of marketing, ownership and involvement that I don't recall seeing any where else. It's what got me thinking about this in this way.
  18. B - b -b -b but we can't have we had no control over our own stuff!
  19. Oxford

    Love and the Exiles!

    It could just be SL Origin of course!
  20. Oxford

    Clubs' Websites

    So your idea is more use of social media by clubs? Would you drop the website altogether? Are all SL websites of a good standard? Are they as good as each other? What do they need to do to improve?
  21. I feel this piece is where all this should end especially the talk about it, though I know full well it won't. It will be the epitaph and read out to the last post even so ... "Brexit - can you fix stupid?" https://www.rte.ie/news/analysis-and-comment/2018/1117/1011613-brexit-fix-stupid/ "Prof Seldon said: "The current turmoil in British politics totally eclipses Suez, totally eclipses everything, we have never been here before. The lengths of fixation of government on this one issue, the complexity of the problem...20 resignations utterly eclipsing Suez, Falklands, Iraq War, the country more evenly divided, more deeply divided, families, communities, churches, than on any issue. Scotland and Northern Ireland’s future in the union both up for question at the same time, the Conservative party more deeply divided in its 200 year history..." And saying this to a leave oriented Teflon will get the responses they've been wheeling out since day one and nothing, repeat nothing makes them think again. Can you fix stupid? Are there words to describe the irreparable nature of all this? And talking about that intransigence earlier, the Teflons have long memories in their DNA look at the miners dispute and Union laws for that. The questions are how can they be even rated in the polls? Is that just a part of the stupidity of intransigence? Or is their hatred of everything not Teflon strong enough to see them through even this debacle? "First of all, remember that this is a character flaw and probably a sign of insecurity." It would seem the answer to the question is, no you can't!
  22. Just like on this thread then!
  23. That's a matter fo opinion ..... and would all depend not on the simplistic reasoning but the simplistic reasons. This is not about condescension or snobbery about people's abilities to decide. That would just hide what this has all been about and become yet another ti t for tat posturing exercise. I've given up engaging with leave voters because like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer ... it's nice when it stops. You could create a list of fallacies like not having control of your borders that once embedded in the psyche of those who choose to believe it is only missing the Barbary apes to be indistinguishable from the Rock of Gibraltar.