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  1. I wish I was as confident of a Salford win as you are. All I can say is that hope you are right. After today’s results, the bottom of the table is not far away.
  2. I thought it was a reference to how often they are on TV, but I will accept your explanation!
  3. When you consider the try that Child gave to Saints against Salford to win the game, but then disallows that one, you begin to wonder what planet he is on.
  4. Wow. Well done London. And some people think Super League is too predictable.
  5. I agree. It shows that any team can beat any other team. It’s what we want, surely?
  6. Looks like Hull have turned up and Salford haven’t. 18 - 0
  7. So you won’t answer the basic question that I asked, ie, do you (especially as you were a referee and touch judge (all credit to you for that, by the way)) think that Tomkins’ misdemeanours deserved at least a sin binning. So, let’s just agree to disagree.
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