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  1. Just seen the attack by a Toronto player on O'Brien that started this whole saga. It was a very late, very high assault to O'Brien's head. No penalty, no appearance before the disciplinary. Absolute disgrace by the RFL.
  2. Surely he only deserves a lengthy ban if he has been proved and found to be guilty?
  3. I was there too and still feel the joy of that day. Great game.
  4. Apparently after O'Brien had been cleaned out by an off the ball haymaker. Of course, being who he is, after having 'attacked' James Child recently, ref had to send Carney off and he will receive the obligatory 6 match ban. The RFL need to take a good long hard look at themselves.
  5. If Salford can score 50 at 'Ull, so can Cas. Hull 10 - Cas 52!
  6. What a game that was. I was right above where Jiffy scored. Brings back great memories.
  7. There is no reason why one team should have 5 days between games, and the other only 3. This game is tough enough without a handicap like that. Tempted to say it's the RFL's agenda against Salford.
  8. Crikey. Commentator keeps going on about Catalans injuries. We've played most of the game two short!
  9. I'll settle for third place after Easter
  10. Put the ball in the air. Sun's in their eyes!
  11. You can't help feeling that the short turnaround for Salford is just too much for them. Two players down with injury too. Just hope we can keep the score down to a respectable level in the 2nd half. Really can't see a comeback.
  12. Rod for his own back by not giving a sin bin at least
  13. Sorry but I disagree with that. Salford is Salford. It's a city. My roots, i.e. my parents are from Salford. That's what makes me proud to be from Salford, even though I've never lived there.