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  1. Thanks Oxford. We've survived worse than this!
  2. Cheers Bilko. Great job as always. Looking forward to my visit to the DW this year unless they change the date of the game again.
  3. Can't wait. Some decent sport to watch for a change. I hope Toulouse and Toronto both do well. And I hope that my team's Million Pound game victory will put us on the path to greater things. And I hope that Bradford will come back better and stronger and that Cas take Sale for every penny that they can.
  4. So how did we do this year?
  5. I like most sports, but I won't watch that rubbish programme. I only watched parts of it last year to see how KS got on.
  6. Thanks Saint 1. But I think that you are wrong. Problem is, I don't know what is right. For a start, the new rule states that the ball is stationary. The proposed new rule just doesn't make sense.
  7. Can anyone explain, in simple language, the new drop out laws. What is proposed makes absolutely no sense to me.
  8. My journey on Saturday from Manchester was terrible!
  9. Glad I came yesterday then. My train from Manchester was delayed two hours. Would have missed the game if it had been yesterday.
  10. Could you have written the script for the New Zealand v Scotland game, or the magnificent try by Scotland against England? Could you?
  11. On my way to Liverpool from Gran Canaria. Taking two newbies with me. Cannot for the life of me understand why lovers of the game will not travel to Anfield to watch the two best rugby teams in the world and some fantastic players when it is on their doorstep.
  12. And I will be there, travelling from Gran Canaria, and taking my daughter and her fiance to their first ever games. Good grief, the two best rugby teams in the world, playing in an iconic stadium, and people can't be bothered to go and see them. There really are some miserable people on this forum. People moan that there is not enough international RL, and yet when it's placed in front of them, they don't go.
  13. And why weren't they in place? The England player had picked the ball up well behind the goal line and run to the 20. What were the touch judges doing ffs?
  14. If you are referring to Marklaspalmas, you need to get your geography right. I live in Gran Canaria. I have tickets for the 4 nations final. Have you?
  15. The online Radio Times last week listed The Wallabies playing The Kiwis!