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  1. As I understand it, Swinton have avoided relegation by beating Bradford Bulls at Odsall. A big, huge well done to them given the difficulties they have been through and are going through. Sad for Bradford and Oldham, but good to see a famous old club surviving by the skin of their teeth.
  2. I remember seeing Ken Gowers John Speed Bobby Fleet Bob Fleay Les Holliday Alan Buckley struggling to name the others!
  3. Yep. Good point. Never saw him play, so will ask my Dad when I see him what he thought. But where would he play? Full back, centre or half back. Not having seen him play, I couldn't pick him above any of my choices. Emlyn Jenkins is the other one who would possibly get in.
  4. Yep. I always preferred Banner. Don't know why. I just think he played more off the cuff, and complemented Kenny Gill better than a Steve Nash did.
  5. This is tough because as a Salford fan we have had some great players playing for us who were past their best. Martin Offiah, Steve Hampson, Sam Panapa. Andy Gregory, David Hulme, Adrian Morley so my team of players at their best, with apologies for it being mainly our great team of the 70's 1. Paul Charlton 2. Keith Fielding 3. David Watkins 4. Chris Hesketh 5. Maurice Richards 6. Ken Gill 7. Peter Banner 8. Mike Coulman 9. Malcolm Alker 10. Andy Coley 11. Colin Dixon 12. Ben Murdoch - Masilla 13. Eric Prescott 14. Junior S'au 15. Michael Dobson 16. Craig Kopchak 17. Frank Collier
  6. Bit tough on Stuart Fielden being in the starting line up and on the bench. He was good, but not that good!
  7. Great photos. But it proves that Man of Kent has been right all along. One or two empty seats there. This project in Toronto is doomed to fail.
  8. Man of Kent has gone rather quiet. Well done Wolfpack. Well done Hemel. From what I saw of the game, Hemel played some good rugby. Their defence wasn't good, but in attack there are some damned good players there.
  9. And the video ref is supposed to be certain that the ref got it wrong. As I said earlier, the decision in last year's challenge cup tie when Cas clearly never got the ball on the ground, yet the video ref gave the try which changed the course of the game as well. Things are supposed to even out over the season. We have some catching up to do.
  10. Hemel have scored a good try. Good for them.
  11. That was the turning point of the game, no doubt about it. I thought the video ref had to be absolutely certain that the ref's call was wrong to overrule it. Why did it take him 6 or 7 replays? But Cas are a level above everybody else in the league. Well done to them. Hoping we will meet you in the Grand Final.
  12. 6 all according to BBC website
  13. Any updates please. Unable to watch it tonight. Ta very much.
  14. Careful Tony. We haven't had our obligatory points deduction yet. We could be in the MPG yet!