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  1. A bit scratchy in the second half, the early conditions did nor suit us but a win is a win. I think Cravens injury seemed to effect them . as they lacked a cutting, however we did what we had to do and that 6 points at the end certainly helped our points tally. Well done lads on to \Barrow up next., but we must not look at the table and concentrate on 2 points.
  2. As with earlier comments , lets beat Widnes before the flags are out, but it must give us a boost methinks.
  3. We got him from Cas where he did play a few games
  4. Just returned from holiday. On reading threads etc recent signings is great news, keep them coming.
  5. I could not agree more
  6. First half we should have been well in front but for a bit of overplay , and we should have taken 2 kicks at goal to put us (hopefully)16;-0up instead of only 10. I thought at the start of the second half it could come back to bite us with their try and a bit of a wobble, but the turning point for me was the effort Johnny Davies put in to score his try. Chisholm is still a enigma, missing 2 easy kicks at goal and then kicks from the touchline from Careys try. We seemed tp get stronger towards the end and The Bulls could not live with us, and the try at the end must have caused Kear to tear his bit of hair out. Overall cannot complain about our almost superb team performance.,
  7. 1. Chisholm 2.Hardcastle 3.Davies Overall a great team performance.
  8. Ah!! but being on loan , Carr will almost certainly play him , but as the posts above say do we really need another forward, unless as a stand by for injuries. I don't think this will do the teams morale a lot of good especially as our forwards are doing a great job at the moment.
  9. We still have some tricky games to play , and as 4/5 teams within 2 points of each other . I am sure Carr has them focussed on the teams below us as well as hoping to pick off teams above., so as to get into that coveted 5 , which I am sure we will now achieve.
  10. Thanks for this update JC , you appear to be doing a great job, keep it up.
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