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  1. haskey

    Club statement

    An extended contract to 2020, a quality team with the potential to go far and he does this. i just cannot understand the man ,and as all the previous posts have said good riddance
  2. haskey

    Rumour Mill Up and Running

    I cant see him coming to Fev , after leaving , what is ;likely to have been a reasonably well paid job at HKR. and us having shed almost all the players and coaches can we really afford him ?
  3. haskey

    Duffy = Judas

  4. haskey

    2019 Squad

    Bradford went bust didn't they, why don't we go bust and then we can go full time ????
  5. haskey

    2019 Squad

    I thought that Widnes have got the ex Leigh coach, which just leaves Leigh, BUT if MC wants rid he may need a job ie any job.
  6. Anyone know who did the coaching last night ?
  7. Sorry Robin but who is "Killer"
  8. haskey

    2019 Squad

    I notice in this weeks League Express that quite a few clubs in the Champ. have squads in the low to middle 2os with Bulls on 30.We only have 19 signed on , A little worrying methinks.
  9. haskey

    2019 Squad

    Any rumours on any more recruits, it gone strangely quiet.
  10. haskey

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    Why is that 2 you expect to lose
  11. haskey

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    I notice from the local Batley rag in Piggys post that Batley have 23 players signed on. I wish we had.
  12. haskey

    Steve Lingard RIP

    Another of the old guard gone, condolences to the family. R. I. P Steve
  13. haskey

    Reserve grade for next season

    Spot on TJ, I have mentioned this before on this forum, glad somebody else agrees
  14. haskey

    2019 Squad

    Does anyone know if we are keeping Maskill and Thornton ?
  15. haskey

    2019 Squad

    I notice when reading the piece about Sheffield buying 3 players from Dewsbury that their season ticket for me as a concession would be on early bird £149, so I think my ticket at £100 is a cracking deal. Well done Rovers