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  1. With the Leeds final match next week would Briscoe who is on loan to the Rhinos be available for the Shield final ????
  2. Can anyone tell me if Ridyard is on yet.
  3. haskey

    2019 Squad

    Eh you of little faith
  4. haskey


    You are entitled to your opinion , but I say again it is a Castleford Academy shirt with the RFL Logo in the centre of the shirt and has NOTHIng to do with Cas
  5. haskey


    Not so Blue Pike, This is the medal my grandson won playing for Castleford Academy at Wembley a few years ago and IS not a Cas shirt at all but a Cas academy shirt.It was the year Cas got well beaten by Leeds and I was there as a neutral supporter for the main event. I have supported Rovers since 1959 even though I live in Cas. So before you spout get your facts right.
  6. Where has all the tackling of the last few weeks gone. Both sides tackling was very very poor. I reckon without the intro of Ridyard the result could have been sweaty palms time. The try he scored was absolute class. I just hope they haven't put the cue in the rackj just yet. However a win is 2 more points.
  7. haskey

    M.O.M. Rovers V Dewsbury (8's)

    1, Hardcastle 2. Ridyard 3. Davies We made hard work of the match today, but a win is a win
  8. haskey


    There is nothing fair in sport, however some of the oldest clubs have won every competition/cup available to them ie Hunslet, Swinton to name just two, and it stinks that Lenagan and his cohorts in S/L have, in my opinion , an agenda to do away with these famous old clubs , and Fev as well, although I know we are not as old as some. The new Sky contract will bring interesting times. It wont affect me too much as I am in my twilight years, but I fear for the younger supporters who have been watching Fev since nippers.
  9. haskey


    Cant fault MC at all with his comments
  10. haskey


    I notice from the BBC rl website that MC is 1 of the 17 against the proposal, but says we are a family, but as we all know you can pick your friends but not your family. I just hope that SL will keep to their promise to look to the RL as a whole and not to their own competition We live in hope, that for a change we do not have a change in the near future.
  11. Good prospect, like the look of the lad, done nothing wrong so far on loan.
  12. haskey


    I have read the Batley chairmans report which is absolutely spot on, and quite clearly outlines the position of the clubs outside SL, which I whole heartily agree with. Also I believe this proposal should be put out to the supporters in the press
  13. What a superb performance by the 14 , most of the players were dead on their feet at the end, but today they played their ,hearts out.The ovation at he end was something else. Well done the 14