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  1. Thanks for those words Bulldog. Yes I am a heck of a lot more optimistic now that the team on the park is starting to gel, after the trauma of all the departures, and lack of arrivals and a coach. Good luck to your side for the season.
  2. haskey

    Noise Levels

    Surely the club are aware of this problem, WHY are they not taking notice of the supporters gripe . Just turn it down
  3. Bring on harder grounds. 2 scrappy tries forB atley in the first half, and we did not seem to click, but after the break we were unstoppable, Good all round performance with still plenty to come from the lads.
  4. haskey

    M.O.M. versus BATLEY

    1. Watson Boas 2. Cam King 3. Brad Singleton
  5. To stop DR all clubs, at SL level and championship sides who want & can afford one, should run a reserve team , just like US.
  6. haskey

    2019 Squad

  7. haskey

    2019 Squad

    So do we know who has been given the shirt 1 & 2 yet and anyone seen a team photo.?
  8. Good old Oxy , pearls of wisdom as usual
  9. haskey

    2019 Squad

    POST FOR JAMESCOLIN |I emailed League Express earlier this week concerning the glaring errors in our squad, adding your name to my correspondence, and I have received a reply , accepting that a huge mistake had been made and that a corrected squad would be in Mondays LE>
  10. haskey

    2019 Squad

    I have spotted the same mistake myself. Is this a mistake by the LE or have the club sent wrong information. A correction in next weeks publication should be a MUST. Shall I sent Martin Sadler an email.?
  11. haskey

    Correct ticket reminder

    70 posts in 1 day it must be a world record
  12. haskey

    Correct ticket reminder

    This is a terrible backward step by the club and could very easily backfire big time. I take a small bottle of water with me wherever I go out due to having to take regular medication, and probably a mars bar. I do not drink during the match as I drive there and I do not like burgers, so the club is not losing out on me, but they certainly will when I decide enough is enough. A detailed statement from the club would clear the air somewhat, as to the reason for this stance, together with what they deem "food and drink", alcohol has been banned for as long as I can remember. With all the extra bins required and the means and expense to remove the "litter" will outweigh the possibly extra revenue and loss of supporters.
  13. haskey

    Correct ticket reminder

    So you cannot bring a bottle of water into the ground. Come on Rovers get a grip.
  14. haskey

    2019 Squad

    Oxy boy , a ball has not been kicked yet and you are predicting not top 5, and then covering yourself with "if no injuries you never know" as usual your posts are a laugh a minute. Stick to predicting where Fax might finish.,..