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  1. Although I at the match I didn't notice was Milner injured when he went off after his brief appearance or was he just subbed off? If you blinked you missed him on the pitch or it felt like it
  2. Colly

    London Signings

    With experience from a Widnes viewpoint, this, to be honest unexpected, promotion has left them in a strange position. The squad needs a huge overhaul just to compete much more than might normally be expected. The tendency is to sign everyone else's unwanted older and squad players plus your own better Championship players ( who tend to be championship players for a reason)and fill in with imported players who used to be talented fringe NRL squad or carry a bit of baggage with them. There will probably be a better quality NRL player at the tail end of his career.Also the upgrade will take time and so lead to a disrupted preseason. Wish them well but it is going to be very tough indeed.
  3. Sadly for us Widnes at the moment
  4. Obviously Widnes did sign up 3 PNG internationals last year with sadly mixed results. The Albert brothers, who came over, were to say the least disappointing. Stanton was it appears deemed virtually not viable to play and Wellington although showing some potential was as green as grass. It even appeared he had to be shown where to stand in the defensive line on occasions, and although very enthusiastic his tacking technique was , shall we say, needing improvement. Big strong boys but work in progress, Welly is here again this year so let's see if a years coaching has improved him. From experience be careful not to overestimate these imported PNG players just yet.
  5. Having watched him all his career , Walker is talented and a typical in your face hooker. He is on the small side but as hard as nails and frightened of nothing. Can tend to try too much sometimes but he is young yet for such a pivotal position. He can drop off/get knocked off tackles as it is so physical in the middle third. I suspect he will a bench player in the Dwyer mould to start with and see how he progresses. From a Widnes pint of view Hood may be better for us as we stand at the moment, although with the squad/coach situation as it is... next season looks to be a tough one. Why couldn't Toronto get themselves and all that money promoted.
  6. given up trying to stream, whats the score
  7. We were absolutely abject . No others words.
  8. We are playing pretty well to get beat here. Not exactly getting much luck are we?
  9. Colly

    Keep the 8's

    Trust me the middle 8’s are great unless your SL team is in them, then they are terrible.
  10. There or there abouts as usual
  11. Colly

    The Albert Brothers

    The front row won't be talking too many backwards steps this year.It is a very sensible signing in many ways in the light of recent events.
  12. Colly

    Rookies to watch in 2018

    Danny Walker at Widnes. Very young and may not get massive amount of game time but he is the real deal. Due to the numerous injuries there are quite a few young players here who are well blooded now. Let's see if any of them have it.
  13. Even if they go to Aus can you really see you really see either Williams or Gale getting a regular place in an NRL side in the half backs?