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  1. Larroyer to Leigh

    The way Widnes are not recruiting at all makes life look very difficult here. If the 8's even exist by then, times may be hard here unless we get our act together.
  2. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    Kevin Brown's kicking game, blimey that must have improved drastically from when he was with us at Widnes.
  3. Your 2021 england team

    Danny Walker of Widnes at hooker won't be a million miles away, class act and hard as nails. Just 17 and looked liked he had played SL for ever when he came into the team and had the bottle to square up to Chris Hill. Very much one to watch.
  4. The perfect match, a return to Widnes. We are short of props, need an enforcer plus he allegedly liked being here. Reasonably cheap on a one year contract.Former bad boy and localish, fits with our massive Wigan connection. A well fitting jigsaw really. Not my personal choice but beggars can't be choosers
  5. World Cup Referees announced

    Just thinking, would you fancy being refer by a French ref on past efforts?
  6. England Squad Named

    Bar a few , it is the predictable squad except for Tomkins that Bennett would pick. Ratchford is very much his type of player , so is Heighington. Smacks of Currie in the centre at some point. After Saturday's virtuoso performance behind a beaten pack not many people will fancy Gale against Australia bar them. More to the point , it is a squad that was not good enough before , so it is not likely to vastly improve now. Good luck lads , you will need it.
  7. Thinking of the way Roby played last week, McShane did himself no favours. Eden was never really in the picture. Bennett knows him too well.Gale looked lost and although in the squad I would be surprised if he started. His kicking game was rank poor. Weren't Cas just shocking , the game was a poor advert for our game compared to the Aussie GF last week. It was like watching a different sport. IMHO our chances of winning the World Cup are zero.
  8. Tongan World Cup Squad

    Strong looking squad indeed, will be a handful for anyone.
  9. This thread is up there with the really bizarre ones
  10. World Club Series

    If you read the Aussie press their clubs in general are not interested at all. At best they regard it as a preseason friendly. Allegedly the chances of a competition this year are slim.
  11. Fantasy football again lads
  12. Kangaroos squad for RLWC named

    David M, is the full back quote meant to be a joke? I presume so. Anyone of 4 who are probably better than we can offer sadly.
  13. Sam Ma walks away

    Get in there quick Widnes, we really need a decent prop
  14. I expect what they will do is, release all the players mentioned. Then they will sign a fading NRL ex big name ir two , also the standard 3 or so (however many quota places they gave left) fringe not quite good enough squad NRL players, perhaps a standard super league signing or two, maybe a token Frenchman signed back, add a couple of juniors to the squad and hey presto squad renewed. That's the current format nowadays I believe. Sad but true.