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  1. But am I not correct in thinking Schoey wanted him as England coach not too long ago?🙄
  2. Congrats Lions, Giants in a mess at the moment. Hull KR must be licking their lips with the form of Vikings, Giants and Leigh.
  3. Welcome to SL v championship cup ties , Leigh, not easy is it? Honeymoon appears to be over I think.
  4. $A1.2 million and the Dogs according to the Aussie podcasts.
  5. As a Widnes fan , bar our efforts agains a newly promoted side last week , Wakefield should win this comfortably.. However I live in hope.
  6. Flash Flanagan , one for the oldies
  7. Trust me, having been to the match, Widnes stunk. Injuries or not they are so predictable. 5 drives (well they run at the line with no venom) and a kick..usually none productive. Lateral passing is in slow motion and the right side defence is a shambles . Unless something drastic is done they are sleepwalking to a Million pound game with HKR, not a pleasant prospect at the moment. Betts is on really thin ice , surely cannot survive much longer. Problem is he has this squad on longish contracts , so it is problems galore for his successor.
  8. Lovely quick hands all day from Cas on the left side , they constantly flicked the pass from Shenton to Eden with barely a touch . Class act. They remind me very much at the moment of the great Widnes team of the late 80's , you just know they are going to tear you apart at some point, it is just when. BTW Widnes were very poor , defended gamely particularly early on but with the ball in hand , oh so pedestrian. Going to be a long season , I look at the squad and really cannot see where any improvement will come from . Even Betts will have to start looking over his shoulder soon.
  9. Don't forget, this time last year it was Widnes who looked the business. Then the injuries kicked in with a thin squad ... Not saying this will happen to Cas as their squad looks stronger. Early days yet to judge, however it is a reasonable bet that it will be the usual suspects by the season's end.
  10. My father was a scout in the day so I have some insight on this. You have to be extremely knowledgeable indeed. I mean know the game inside out. You also have to have a very special gift of insight. To quote him you gave to be able to "spot horse flesh" to give you an idea, I was once with him walking across a car park at the beginning of a junior 7 a side tournament, he spotted a player by the way he carried himself as the kid walked across an adjacent pitch, watched him , recommended him within 3 hours.., future full international! it us unbelievably time consuming , he would watch Friday resrve team match,Saturday 9.30 school RU matches not one but a couple. Then the 10. 30 kick offs. Lunch , then numerous Saturday afternoon amateur games , watch all to TVs rugby RL and ru. Then any available Pro games. Repeat on Sunday morning u-17 and 19. University inter faculty games . Welsh RU tv. Then a pro game etc etc plus huge amount of travel. Whitehaven once to see the 16 year old lad sent off in the first tackle etc. Much time and effort wasted. he was picked up by the club not the other way round. Initially he just got to be known on the touchlines and his knowledge was so good they took the step. good luck it is really hard but could be very rewarding but not in those days financially. It isnot as easy as you think, when he died I read his player assessment note books, they were marvellous and so accurate. Here are a couple for you "one word for this kid, genius" .....16 year old Tony Myler "Will need a clever Standoff with this kid just to be on the same page" ....15 year old Andy Gregory "never a scrum half in the memory of man, might make a wingman"......Jason Robinson might give you an idea of the standard you need
  11. Half backs will be Bridge and Gilmore, I doubt whether Craven will feature at all. The number of Widnes posts indicates the apathy with the club at the moment . It is very negative here at the moment. Betts tells us all is well so I will go with Vikings win by 8. We will soon see.
  12. fairfolly and jon m thanks for the info concerning Jimmy Jolley We have a reasonable amount of info concerning appearances etc and the Leigh management job. He was a Warrington born lad in the first place so he could well have gone back to Warrington at the end of his career,however he was born in 1874 and died in 1928 so i think that the Warrington player is not him. My mother in law was born in 1917 and did not remember him actually playing To the best of our knowledge he left Runcorn for Leigh and finished there. Thanks for the link to the film, absolutely brilliant, my wife is so excited to see her grandfather who died 28 years before she was born. He is the last Runcorn player out of the tunnel with the light hair and full fringe. It is a pity his daughter, my 99 year old mother in law ,who is still alive could not appreciate the film due to the dreaded Alzheimer's. I think he did play in that match where the painting was commissioned and yes although a tiny indistinct figure it is his head shape and hair cut. I did not know the painting existed , brilliant thanks. He was a real star at a very young age so it all fits in with the dates etc. I know that when he made his test debut he had been a top player for a long time and his inclusion was of the old head half back having the opportunity to play test football at the end of his career. Almost one last hurrah. From what we can gather from the very limited information available He played county rugby regularly for many years and if test football had existed during his whole career he could have had many test caps. He was one of the players who in representative terms was very heavily penalised by the great divide. If you believe in genetics many of his offspring are incredibly talented sportsmen and women to international level. The Westmoreland connection is again the the correct time slot but it is just a jersey that we could not identify and apparently someone way back had suggested Westmoreland. We have county championship winners medals made of gold from the correct dates so it all fits in . Thanks for your time on this one . So far as the museum goes I would go with it but some ancient aunties may well not!
  13. Sadly one in the eye for the dreamers on here calling for European / world leagues when possibly the 4/5 th biggest competitor gets in this state.
  14. Any problems for RL in the future I wonder?