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  1. There or there abouts as usual
  2. The Albert Brothers

    The front row won't be talking too many backwards steps this year.It is a very sensible signing in many ways in the light of recent events.
  3. Rookies to watch in 2018

    Danny Walker at Widnes. Very young and may not get massive amount of game time but he is the real deal. Due to the numerous injuries there are quite a few young players here who are well blooded now. Let's see if any of them have it.
  4. Even if they go to Aus can you really see you really see either Williams or Gale getting a regular place in an NRL side in the half backs?
  5. What now for England ?

    You want Betts as coach? A large number of Widnes fans can't get rid of him fast enough . He is seen as an underachiever a vocal section. IMHO he had done an excellent job with very limited resources. Be aware though, you would get a very conservative type of game plan, with a reluctance to play younger players unless forced into a corner. He favours experience and solidity above all else.
  6. I come this board and the posters constantly are all for expansion and the world game, constantly critising the lack of interest in the international game and praising all the second tier countries etc etc. A miracle occurs and we get to the final and ...only, at present, a seven page thread on the final and more interest in, a show of interest in an American club. Call yourself RL fans, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Get back to basics and actually discuss the game and not go off on flights of fantasy. Am I right or what? The whole forum in general is losing its way.
  7. I tell you what, George Williams must have been shocking in training to never have been a look in with the current injuries. Mind you he was pretty poor when he played.
  8. Do you know I saw the thread title and thought " I'll post on this to say how poor Gale was and that the Aussie's will take us apart down his channel. I read the first post, parts of it are unbelievable.A classic long post. Say no more.
  9. Can England beat the Aussies?

    It's a religion in Wales and this is the big match to win, I used to live there , they are obsessed with winning that game. On the main point, we have to play fault free, take every chance that comes our way, defend like heroes and get every 50/50 decision. Is that likely to happen? Not really, that's the fun of following England/ GB. It is the crushing disappointment that brings us back for more. At least I am old enough to remember us beating them on a regular basis. I had a mate go on the 1979 tour, when he came back all he could say was that "they are so ahead of us we won't beat them for 10 years", pity he was another 28 years out. Hope it's not more. Come on lads you can do it.
  10. Let's get this straight. We want a neutral ref who is good enough to referee a WCF... there are none. Australia get all their own refs for the big games... so you would rather have it referred by a SL referee who you spend the whole season slagging off for being incompetent? Let's be honest the Aussies clinically picked apart a (today) moderate Fijian team who basically were out gunned in every department. For all the comments on here , it is extremely difficult to see a weal link in that Kangaroo team. Do you know in retrospect maybe we played pretty well in that first game of the tournament, didn't we? As basically we have been the only team to even vaguely stretch them. Maybe Bennett's idea to shore up the defence in every area wide is not so stupid. Take the blinkers off lads, this lot will want some beating.
  11. england

    Watkins and McGilvary played well last week but don't get carried away, the opposition was for all the hype nothing special. If we had played anything like, that should have been a 50 point win.
  12. england

    Sutcliffe an international centre...really. That list of centres says it all, the cupboard is virtually empty. interestingly, in the NRL centres are generally the lowest paid position, which might give a clue as to their perceived value.
  13. Aussies by a lot, just far too clinical. Repeat the same for the final.
  14. England Team for the Semi

    At last someone has twigged that Bateman is there to protect Gale as best he can. No surprise that Bennett has gone with the same team at all.