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  1. McShane just looks a classier player, Hoghton has been a great workhorse for years but at International level you need that bit extra which McShane has. When he was at Widnes as a kid I was gutted we did not manage to convince Leeds to part with him, he really looked the part.
  2. You obviously don't know of the love that Widnesians have for their big city relations. You won't there is none.
  3. Big boots to fill at SO ! Some crackers in our history, Tony and Frank Myler , Kenny Gill , Jiffy, Eric Hughes even our Kev. Brave move indeed, it will end in tears. Betts last throw of the dice. I really hope it comes off but it's like a book you have read before you just know the ending.
  4. Fantasy time again I see
  5. Wonderful being a Vikings fan at the moment, it just gets worse and worse๐Ÿ™„
  6. It's not a joke , I just got the wrong day. Well I am on my holidays in Portugal!
  7. Sadly I cannot see anything other than a reasonably comfortable Hull victory. We just make too many errors. Middle 8's for certain if we lose again tonight.
  8. But am I not correct in thinking Schoey wanted him as England coach not too long ago?๐Ÿ™„
  9. Congrats Lions, Giants in a mess at the moment. Hull KR must be licking their lips with the form of Vikings, Giants and Leigh.
  10. Welcome to SL v championship cup ties , Leigh, not easy is it? Honeymoon appears to be over I think.
  11. $A1.2 million and the Dogs according to the Aussie podcasts.
  12. As a Widnes fan , bar our efforts agains a newly promoted side last week , Wakefield should win this comfortably.. However I live in hope.
  13. Flash Flanagan , one for the oldies
  14. Trust me, having been to the match, Widnes stunk. Injuries or not they are so predictable. 5 drives (well they run at the line with no venom) and a kick..usually none productive. Lateral passing is in slow motion and the right side defence is a shambles . Unless something drastic is done they are sleepwalking to a Million pound game with HKR, not a pleasant prospect at the moment. Betts is on really thin ice , surely cannot survive much longer. Problem is he has this squad on longish contracts , so it is problems galore for his successor.