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  1. fairfolly and jon m thanks for the info concerning Jimmy Jolley We have a reasonable amount of info concerning appearances etc and the Leigh management job. He was a Warrington born lad in the first place so he could well have gone back to Warrington at the end of his career,however he was born in 1874 and died in 1928 so i think that the Warrington player is not him. My mother in law was born in 1917 and did not remember him actually playing To the best of our knowledge he left Runcorn for Leigh and finished there. Thanks for the link to the film, absolutely brilliant, my wife is so excited to see her grandfather who died 28 years before she was born. He is the last Runcorn player out of the tunnel with the light hair and full fringe. It is a pity his daughter, my 99 year old mother in law ,who is still alive could not appreciate the film due to the dreaded Alzheimer's. I think he did play in that match where the painting was commissioned and yes although a tiny indistinct figure it is his head shape and hair cut. I did not know the painting existed , brilliant thanks. He was a real star at a very young age so it all fits in with the dates etc. I know that when he made his test debut he had been a top player for a long time and his inclusion was of the old head half back having the opportunity to play test football at the end of his career. Almost one last hurrah. From what we can gather from the very limited information available He played county rugby regularly for many years and if test football had existed during his whole career he could have had many test caps. He was one of the players who in representative terms was very heavily penalised by the great divide. If you believe in genetics many of his offspring are incredibly talented sportsmen and women to international level. The Westmoreland connection is again the the correct time slot but it is just a jersey that we could not identify and apparently someone way back had suggested Westmoreland. We have county championship winners medals made of gold from the correct dates so it all fits in . Thanks for your time on this one . So far as the museum goes I would go with it but some ancient aunties may well not!
  2. Sadly one in the eye for the dreamers on here calling for European / world leagues when possibly the 4/5 th biggest competitor gets in this state.
  3. Any problems for RL in the future I wonder?
  4. Like a young Steve Pitchford, one for the Rhino's maybe.
  5. Beat me to it with Hanbury, week in week out he is dangerous. Virtually all opposing side are trying constantly to read his attacking inserts into the line, you can see them adjusting the defensive line to counteract it. Sign of a good 'un . Another good sign is would you have him in your team? I bet most clubs would.
  6. Class that he is he will have to improve on his last outing
  7. My wife's grandfather was Jimmy Jolley who played for Runcorn , England and GB. Scorer of the first points in test history I believe. We have an NZ shirt, complete with blood! Also a county shirt, could be Lancashire but may be Westmoreland incredibly and A green Runcorn shirt plus caps. Now the test shirt is 1908 but the Runcorn shirt is much older and he was a breakaway original, so this has a chance this might be the oldest. Incidentally these shirts and caps ere offered to the RFL IN THE 1980' and they never even replied to the letter! Any more info would be great as the details of his career are sketchy. We know he coached Leigh at the end of his career.
  8. Have to agree, Matt Whitley would be very close. Joe Mellor is talented as a scrum half but perhaps not creative enough.Greenwood of Saints looks a fair prospect.
  9. Tests against Wales and Canada....really They would be competitive, perfect warm up for Australia and New Zealand. Fantasy rugby again
  10. Believe me Welsh RU is absolutely not the model to follow , Welsh club rugby is in a mess.
  11. You think it is bad now, try this for size. Although I blush to say this on an RL site, I was training to be a dentist in the early seventies and was hauled into the top professors office after being spotted playing the greatest game and told "Gentlemen do not play that game, you will never play it again!".. no prejudice there then. I foolishly replied "Yes I will sir" got a top drawer railroading crawled out under the door ....and did, but I had to crack on that I didn't. I got found out when having played for the Dentist's RU team the in an inter faculty match. I came off the pitch to be greeted on an adjacent pitch by the RL coach " Where the ... have you been , we only have one sub , your on now and on I went for the last 70 minutes. Next morning in again .. "I warned you before , you will never play sport again while you are at this Dental School" and I never did... for the Dentists RU team. Amazing how many local amateur RL teams there were around in those days though, full of RU players playing under assumed names just like me. Loads of my mates fancied playing , mostly from the M62 corridor, but it was very hard to get away with . The UAU RU blokes were always sniffing round if you had an RL background because you had the skills. The Doctors / Dentists teams were full of Schools RU county players and I could not believe what a poor standard that they were. They basically had no idea! Let's hope is isn't quite so bad now!
  12. Watching Marsh every week , he is just not of International standard. He is quick alright but on the wing is by far his best position. To put him in prospective Bridge , who is never fit and Runciman who has not quite "trained on " are our first choice centres and Ah Van tends to get preferred to him when he is fit. That's the real problem with this thread people are just thrashing round looking for players who may/ might fit the bill. Tests matches are exactly that. They are for the cream of the crop.
  13. Fantasy football again. Virtually all of these fringe players are just not International standard. Did anybody actually watch the Australian match? Can you honestly see these lads making a difference? Chris Hill is a top meter maker in our game, he could hardly bake a yard, Mind you he was not on his own. Mark Sneyd matching Cronk and Thurston in 12 months, do me a favour. My bet is the squad, bar injuries etc , will not be massively different except for probably Currie who is certain to be added. Obviously there will by suprises thrown up during the season but really lads come on.
  14. For all the blame culture on here, the honest truth is that Australia do the basics very well. There main plus is that they make virtually no silly mistakes , The basics, tackling , handling ,choice of kick and its execution are all of the highest level.Their final tackle options are excellent and normally very logical. They have a core if top level player who produce it match on match whether it us for club, country or state. The middle unit run straight and hard and secure the ball well and the outside backs take a large proportion of the chances they are offered. Just like they do in the much more intense SOO matches. Tests must feel like a breeze after that. All in all, much as I hate to say it they are just too good for us. As for solutions ,I have none , which behind closed doors I bet our coaches would admit as much.
  15. After watching tonight's match and noting Bennet's half back selection. If it had not been for the previous coaches bizarre selections we could have had Brown and Brough as half backs for the last Lord knows how many years....makes you think does it not? Decent creative and by now it would be an experienced international pair of half backs Isn't that exactly what we have been screaming for for years now? Got a lot to answer for hasn't he?