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  1. Tidying loft and found couple of magazines which gave average attendances of all RL clubs. Thought it might be worth sharing some with you. Town; Season 1961/62 = 4359 Season 1962/63 = 3968 Wouldn't it be good to see such gates again ? Haven; 1961/62 = 3075 1962/63 = 2359 Adding those two seasons averages together and they are of SL standard......but this was before other attractions (TV ?) took fans attentions away from sport. *Just for other interest... Swinton had averages of 8144 and 7900 at Station Rd..........Oldham enjoyed 7914 and 6757 at sad to see those clubs plight nowadays.
  2. Sol was a brilliant scrum half. The Archer/Roper half-back pairing were outstanding for Town for many years. I always recall when St.Helens arrived at Derwent Park, in the sixties, a certain international scrum half was missing from the Saints line up - so obvious to us at DP that he didn't fancy being outplayed by our dynamic Workington number 7. RIP Sol Roper - a true Town legend.
  3. I have read most of the posts on this thread with great interest, and they are very entertaining. I don't contribute here very often, as Keith T usually notices, but feel the urge to add a bit myself. You ALL are loyal 'Townies' (apart from the couple of jambos) and I can understand how the lack of response from West Cumbria is badly affecting the future of your (my) favourite club, and the hurt you all feel via the apathy is obvious. However it seems to me that all your schemes,plans, suggestions will not take any affect because it's only yourselves that are preaching to the converted on this site. Do you actually believe that the oft mentioned "hard working BOD" read any of your stuff? Pardon my ignorance but can anyone enlighten me as to who these people are (The BOD members). I'm not saying they don't work hard, just that do any of them read these posts looking for inspiration(s)? I like Keith T's stats re the past attendances. But Keith in 1994/95 Town were members of the 'Big League' and Derwent Park was the place to be for the locals - as you've clearly indicated - and the mood (thirst for beer not sport) in the area right now is very much different from those excellent days. And sadly the then also hard working BOD let that all razzle dazzle fizzle out so very quickly. Yes I know our one and only venture into SL was the final nail in that eras coffin, but what we had regarding a healthy fan base was never properly built on. And in my opinion therefore lays the crux of today's lack of interest - I really think it's down to those at the club who should inspire ex fans back to watch Town. How on earth they can do it though is difficult (I'm available for work). Yes a winning team would help too, but the magic needs to be reproduced within the entire club - Keith T dust off your wand.
  4. Cheers Keith......... Maybe you were not offended but I think you said about us 'young ones' (ha, ha,.. )who used to be full of optimism and now roles are reversed. With doom and gloom prevailing. Yes seems like the mood in the camp is very much down, not fully sure who's at fault though. Like you I can recall the days when any team feared a trip to Workington. And in the early 80's (not certain of date) I was there, when a then unbeaten, Bradford Northern lost to a very fired up Town...without checking think it was 5-3 with Howard Burns starring. Anyhow enough of that nostalgia, what I'm saying is that current RL is so much more predictable than in those days - when all teams were part-time. Nowadays full time outfits are much more difficult to tackle. But yes let's hope for an old fashioned Town performance on Sunday then.
  5. Hello Keith ever you are the epitome of common sense on this site. But/however.....I see you bang the 'optimist drum' regarding the upcoming Bulls visit, and then take mild offence with the pessimists whose views differ with yours. And you've also had a go at the 1st. team coach for picking likely wins, or not, from the fixture list earlier in the season... but don't all coaching staff in team sports do that? Anyway I have always thought that no matter how much the loyal fans yearn prior to, and fervently urge on match day, for their favourites to triumph I'm afraid Rugby League can be, and all too often is PREDICTABLE.....always has been. And yes Keith hopefully Town will be fired up for Sunday, but really even you must come from behind that 'drum' and agree it will be tough, and probably too difficult for an out of form team. Sorry to be a pessimist Keith........but I really can't see Town winning On the other hand if a SHOCK win is achieved by Town I'll be banging the bloody drum louder than you Mr T.