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  1. N&S picture quiz

    Or is it Harry Archer ???.....I got 16....poor
  2. Ike southward trophy

    It's a fact that Boxing Day matches always returned the best attendances for RL and Soccer....but the weather did cause problems for pitches.
  3. Ike southward trophy

    Yes that is right Turley was player coach. I also remember his debut match the previous season on 8/3/87. Keighley at DP who raced into an early 0-18 say the 392 present were shell shocked is putting it mildly - I bet Turley was wondering what he had took on. However a turnaround of immense commitment saw Town eventually claw it back to win 34-22. Mind we did only win another two matches following that one, including Keighley turning the tables by 32-22 at Lawkholme Lane.
  4. How many more?

    Good to hear re health. I'm sure someone will enlighten us re Glen Riley before long ha.
  5. How many more?

    Perhaps it's just in the Sellafield version Keith ?......hope you are keeping well ?
  6. Ike southward trophy

    Yes those were the problems with the pre Summer rugby league era....and the' Ike trophy' can't obviously be a Boxing Day event with regard to the current format. But a long in the tooth Townie..I did indeed enjoy the olden days Boxing Day fare...made sure the kids had a good Christmas day, while always keenly looking forward to the next day and a RL match. Even more excited if it was versus Haven. One match forever etched in my memory was a 20-14 win v Whitehaven at DP on 26/12/1987...this win took us to top of the table...I went home and downed a few Babychams after that..I loved a Babycham...the attendance of 2455 was about 2000 up on Towns' average gate for that season. Sadly while winning the next two games Town then slid down the table losing 10 of the next 13 matches...oh dear...
  7. Geoff Fletcher

    Yes father time does something to the 'grey matter'...I am not immune to the effect. But for the life of me I cannot recall Geoff Fletcher as a Town coach, as some on here mention (even after taking my tablets).. I do though remember him playing for one season i.e. 1976/77 - 15 appearances. And in that era Paul Charlton was player coach...
  8. Geoff Fletcher

    Yeah he was a nuisance for most teams lol......some good players in that Town academy.....sadly most fell by the wayside for various reasons as they matured.
  9. Geoff Fletcher

    Hiya Bellcare......not sure if you are right with that ?...Geoff has died as a 74 year old. Which then would mean he was born in 1943 - making him only 7 yrs old in 1950....
  10. Geoff Fletcher

    Always remember the warmest of welcomes at Prescot when I was involved in work for the Town Academy team. And yes the Stand was roped off - this was during Glen Burgess's reign as coach. I think our post match meal did include pork lol. RIP Geoff a true sporting gentleman. Just for interest here are the details of that Academy match. 8th June 1997......Prescot 24 v Town 20......we were 0-16 up at half time then fell apart. Town scorers....Tries;- L.Morgan, J.Kerr, S.Rickerby, C.Tunstall. Goals; J.Heaney 2. Town team; P.West, D.Louden, S.Chilton, J.Heaney, L.Morgan, J.Hewer, S.Ackerley, J.Kerr, D.Sowerby, S.Rickerby, C.Holdsworth, M.Tubman, C.Tunstall. Subs:- S.Humphreys, D.Fletcher, J.Addison, M.Melville. Despite that setback 'Budgies Babes' did go on to win that League title.
  11. Jackie Davidson

    Yes very sad news about Jackie being taken by that awful illness that affects many of us in various ways. I do vividly remember Jackie as a Town coach in the mid 1980's. The club was going through yet another lean spell. But Jackie certainly put 100% into his role at Derwent Park. And I can still recall him out on the Speedway track, pitch side, shouting his orders and trying to extract more from his charges. This passion for Town was perhaps surprising given that his previous background was so much connected to the Haven club, but nevertheless typical of the genuine Rugby League professional that Jackie most certainly was. A top bloke in RL circles. RIP Jackie Davidson, sincere condolences to your family.
  12. 2018 Squad

    Excellent ........UTT
  13. 2018 Squad

    Although you will have probably got my drift Gary....but in case not, what I was broadly hinting at was.... although you're not a Director now just a "fan".... you still know the i.d. of the newcomers well before we proper monkeys do.... ...but of course "loose lips sink ships".....however, despite the lips quote, have you focused yet on the big forwards all Townies crave for....????
  14. 2018 Squad

    Nowt wrong with monkeys, unless they go ape sh*^........and I think you'll still be the 'happy snapper' on the pix we see ?
  15. Or anywhere to put your 'cups' ?????