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  1. RIP Frank......he was my first ever Town hero during my schoolboy days, feared by all visiting teams at Derwent Park. I still recall being devastated on hearing Frank had signed for Hull KR.
  2. 1...Cheer when our hooker wins a scrum 'against the head' 2..Write a 3 in the match programme against the try scorers name. 3...Keep a keen lookout at the start of the second half for the youngster selling the 'half time score' edition of the local paper. 4..Go to the farthest pick up point from home to ensure a seat on the 'match day special' bus service.
  3. Oh right....so have Town not won at Haven since then ? Perhaps I'll just go and check my very comprehensive files and get back to you.............................or not.
  4. 21/10/1950.....Whitehaven 10 v Town 17....Attendance at the Recre - 14, 564.....(.wow! ...probably a big 'Town Army').. Town team ; J.Cavanagh, Lawrenson, Paskins, Gibson, Graham, Thomas, A.Pepperell, Wareing, McKeating, D.Cavanagh, Thurlow, B.Wilson, Ivison. Town scorers: Tries- Graham 2, Thomas..... Goals - Lawrenson 4.
  5. What !!!!! ?.... I'm certain I've read on previous posts on this forum that when the Comets folded they still owed their Workington Town RL hosts a tidy sum ?...and therefore probably still do given that they no longer exist ???
  6. The much renowned 'Godfather' of our club (yes our club David) was very much against players personally dealing in contracts...he reckoned it would eventually damage the game financially.......is he being proved correct considering the wages dished out now ?
  7. There's only one Craig Barker........hey, could be a good fans song that....altogether now.....'there's only one Craig Barker'....(a top Townie)..
  8. And think he brought in the memorable Leatherbarrow ???
  9. Do you stand alone on the 'popular end' Sandy....or are there a bunch of you ????? Oh, and yes, young Marwood is much too slight for a winger at present.
  10. You only became a Townie then?....ya laal puppy.....
  11. Yes almost shouting it from the rooftops...there were a couple of Town directors at his shoulder too.
  12. That's just so true...but Paul put his heart and soul into it and made things improve....great guy, really a 100% Townie...
  13. Think Mr. Jamieson had a friend (???) within the club who was encouraging the changes......thankfully it all faded away.
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