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  1. Nice team ivans82 you seem to have been a 'Townie' for about as long as I have.. However I don't quite get why the Bruce Gibbs selection ?...He only played 14 times for the club...James Pickering appeared 5 times more than that, and was a class player....perhaps you saw something in Gibbs that I didn't ?
  2. 1st. prize goes to you 'Town blue and white'........
  3. 29/3/58.....venue - Odsal stadium, Bradford..RL Challenge Cup Semi-Final. Workington Town 8 v Featherstone Rovers 2.............Attendance ; 31,517. Town scorers; Tries - Wookey 2. Goal - Southward 1. Town team; McAvoy, Southward, O'Neill, Leatherbarrow, Wookey, Archer, Roper, Herbert, Eden, Key, Edgar, C.Thompson, Eve. ** Town made it to the two major finals in this season....v Wigan in CC...and met Hull in the Championship final. 29/3/1991..............Town 12 v Whitehaven 17..attendance 3,233. Town scorers; Try - C.Armstrong Goals - Wear 4. Town team ; G.Smith, Simpson, Kerr, Tuimavave, M.Armstrong, Wear, Ashton, C.Armstrong, Ainsworth, Riley, McGuirk, McMullen, Oglanby. subs used - Kitchin, Rooney.
  4. We did actually finish bottom Kevin, with just 4 wins.....Doncaster not in same league that year. It was a bad year, infamous for Bob Jamieson buying the club...NOT. Think it was season we almost got chucked out of RL world.....a local wealthy garage/car sales owner put in £££££ bond to save club. Correct me if my memory is ###### pls.
  5. Hiya Graeme....Adrian was a good player with Town Academy....ask him if he can remember this pls...... At home academy matches my wife used to announce teams scorers etc. over tannoy....and when Adrian scored she would say " try scored by... Adrian pet ray.....I could probably he heard in background saying, angrily, his name is pronounced as 'pea tree'....however she never took any notice and always said it her way lol.
  6. Apologies...I've said to Graeme it was possibly Kent Walker on bench....but 100% certain now it was indeed Scott Walker wearing No.17 Scott made 13 apps plus 8 as sub.
  7. Yes Graeme, Ross had gone...he was a lovely guy I had great craic with him when I was involved with Town Academy team. A Town artery that produced Adrian Petrie and Mark Wallace and more. Then next coach was another Aussie Rob Tew, signed from Warrington..least said best from me.(eh Budgie???).. I do think it was Kent Walker ... he'd been at Widnes first..could be wrong mind.(haven't put first names on my sheet for this one sadly). Baildon was a class player for sure.
  8. 28/3/97...Derwent Park, Workington.......Workington Town 22 v Whitehaven 18....Attendance 4243. Town scorers: Tries - Baildon 2, J.Allen 2. Goals - Bethwaite 3 . Town team ; J.Smith, Baildon, Allen, Campbell, Wallace, Brown, Stephens, Riley, Bethwaite, Phillips, Spark, Williams, Hepi....subs used - Kitchin, Penrice, Petrie, Walker. ** some unfamiliar names there ?????
  9. On this day 27th March 1972 - at Derwent Park, Workington - Workington Town 0 v Wigan 17 Town scorers - I wish. Town team ; Risman, Wilkins, Marland, Tait, Thornthwaite, Nicholson, Newall, Hogan, Allen, McCourt, Gorley, Bowman, Goodall. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now a win ok...........27/3/94.....Workington Town 24 v Hunslet 4...Attendance 2029. Town scorers; Tries - Chilton 2, Mulligan 1, Kay 1, Burns 1. Goals - Marwood 2. Town team : Mulligan, Chilton, Kay, Burns, Cocker, Byrne, Marwood, Pickering, McKenzie, Armstrong, Oglanby, Penrice, Shaw; subs - Moore, Riley.
  10. 26th March 1966...Derwent Park stadium Workington.....Workington Town 23 v Blackpool Borough 5 Town scorers: Tries - Colloby 2, Southward 1, Glastonbury 1, Charlton 1. Goals - Southward 4. Town team : Charlton, Glastonbury, Southward, Colloby, Davies, Archer, W.Smith, Edgar, Moss, W.Martin, Garratt, Kirkbride, J.McFarlane. ** Town finished 8th in the one table of 30 participants.....Whitehaven finished 30th..(sorry to add that fact my haven friends lol)..
  11. 25th March 1973. Venue - Station Rd stadium Swinton......Swinton 18 v Workington Town 22 Town scorers; Tries - MacCorquodale 1, Morton 1, Risman 1, I.Wright 1. Goals- MacCorquodale 5. Town team; Risman, Wright, Tait, Marland, MacCorquodale, Wilkins, Walker, McCourt, Bainbridge, Calvin, L.Gorley, Henney, Morton. Sub used - Curwen for Henney ** This season saw the drop goal value reduced from 2 points to 1 point. Also 6 tackles were introduced, from the previously used 4 tackles.
  12. Yes it was a Saturday...and as I hinted earlier Town were indeed fired up for this one while regarding the John Burke situation.....
  13. Thanks Brookie....I'll do my best......keeps me going thru obvious current problems.
  14. 24th March 1979..Venue - Headingley Stadium, Leeds.....Leeds 11 v Workington Town 31..(Leeds finished 4th in table). Town scorers : Tries - I.Wright 3, Walker 2, Banks 1, MacCorquodale 1. Goals - MacCorquodale 5. Town team : Charlton, Collister, Risman, I.Wright, Corky, Rudd, Walker, Beverley, A.Banks, P.Gorley, L.Gorley, Hartley, W.Pattinson. **If my memory serves me well I think Town were 'motivated' in this one by what had happened to John Burke in the early season reverse fixture on Sep 3rd 1978.
  15. Hiya Shaun great wedding present there then..lol. It was indeed the season of the long winter freeze....Town hosted Widnes on 15th Dec 1962...then the weather took over and Town's next fixture was on 2nd March 1963 - away to Barrow in the Challenge cup. This was a Town win by 16-7, I recall making the rail journey to Barrow that day along with loads of my Ehenside, Cleator Moor, schoolmates it was great. Town then lost at Wakefield on the 9th March, by 41-5, quite a hammering. Then on the 16th March sadly Town bowed out of the cup at home to Oldham, 0-13..........then came your parents wedding day Shaun and the hugely impressive win at Wigan....so it was Town's fourth game after that massive 'freeze'.
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