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  1. Interesting one for you guys, would you take him?
  2. Definitely mate, but that was always going to happen with someone like Mark Aston as his coach. Whether or not he'll be used from the bench as an impact player when Marginet comes remains to be seen, or if he'll replace one of the starting back-rowers in the XIII.
  3. He's been brilliant mate. Doesn't do much kicking from inside our own half but wins quite a few GLDO's with his grubber kicks. In the circumstances, being short in the halves, we've had Minchella and Matty Fozard both playing alongside Brown but Elliot has made the position his own. Moving him back to the back-row increases our strength in attack. Fingers crossed Marginet has a similar impact to Stan Robin last year.
  4. Despite his last minute penalty miss, I'm still looking forward to seeing Marginet play for the Eagles for the rest of this season. Simon Brown and Elliot Minchella have done well in the halves since Dane Chisholm's departure but having two specialist half-backs together will help us. I did watch the Limoux-Lezignan game and was impressed with some of the players on show.
  5. @TommyyFroddyy Laughed way too much at that 😂

  6. I didn't know if there was anyone who I needed to message for permission? What's his name on here and I will get in touch with him?
  7. Not all of them OF, but I do contribute a bit to SARL.
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