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  1. Discounted tickets - £5 Adults and £1 Juniors - for Swinton's first league match of the season are available via this link: Deal ends on 30th January when prices go up to the standard - £18 for Adults, £15 for Concessions, £5 for Juniors
  2. RedAndGoldArmy

    Sheffield away.

    Stop sitting on the fence, tell us what you really think! 🤣
  3. RedAndGoldArmy

    Fans' Forum 23rd August

    I'll be knocking around somewhere I'm sure! Tubby says he's quite happy with where we're at, be good to actually have a settled pre-season for the first time in a few years! Need to be prepared because it's going to be another tough comp.
  4. RedAndGoldArmy

    Wembley Pink Walk

    Superb work! 👍
  5. RedAndGoldArmy

    Fans' Forum 23rd August

    You have more sources than Heinz, Graham!
  6. RedAndGoldArmy

    2019 Squad

    You've done well there MLP! 😁
  7. RT @PrimeAubameyang: How English teachers be acting when it comes to essay-writing


  9. RT @badxground: at the very top of my list of people who deserved better:

  10. @Triston_Curtis1 @AmyGrundell

  11. @stylestruIy @AmyGrundell

  12. @DeanoB24 @AmyGrundell

  13. RT @MattyJackGannon: Can any of the Alder Hey Facebook Ma’s watch that replay and give us a quick diagnosis on Ben Barba’s injury please?

  14. @swfccoundie @QPRFC “Pollock must feel like a right annoying person!” Iconic

  15. @BeatzByNapz @AmyGrundell