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  1. alex godfrey I reckon ha
  2. Think guzdek alot better defensively but i am impressed with hooley
  3. Toby everett mate
  4. Smallest bench ever that with 3 hookers
  5. Cant believe walshaw only got 1 game ban for attempted murder.... According to bulls fans 😂
  6. Squires is in america on holiday
  7. Whats that you was saying?
  8. think fairhurst played well can shift too couple of times he chased down caton brown when he was in clear. Morton douglas and iggy also stood out for me
  9. Excellent idea coolie or for the next few week maybe the raffle in bar could go into a fund for him excellent servant who put his body on the line time after time
  10. Ludicrous when you look at wakefields facilities the steps on side terracing were crumbling it needs condemning
  11. Potts was shrugged off few times yesterday very poor
  12. Damien Gibson for me if interested
  13. Robbie ward or sykes man of match for me
  14. Yes very entertaining been to about 10 games this season as well as watching 3 or 4 games on TV play best football in league
  15. Have you been to many games this year coolie? We get near line often just cant get over it haha