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  1. You really are deluded if you think that batley take alot more fans to dewsbury than we do to yours. As bsj said above last time they did the counts on gates dewsbury had more and that was at yours. Its because 95% of your fans congregate together at ours where as dewsburys are spread out everywhere at batley. Attendance will be around 2k i agree with you bob
  2. What about Zach Johnson?
  3. no spicer jimmy? You mad?
  4. Swap hemingway for speakman
  5. im on a bit of a losibg streak with bets coolie mate
  6. so you was serious about oldham 4th
  7. Hull Kr London Batley Fev Tolouse Bradford Fax Dews Oldham Sheffield Swinton Rochdale Putting Bradford lower due to probable points deduction
  8. what you been smoking? Cut down on it
  9. its next Thursday Graham mate
  10. Hi I'm just posting for Amanda and Daniel and Wondering if anybody has got an unwanted old shirt for Keith's funeral xxl preferably. Thanks dan
  11. yes coolie its the one up dewsbury moor
  12. Yes i work for danny who is keiths nephew and can confirm thursday 24th
  13. Dane manning for sure
  14. we still got our best players sykes teanby and guzdek