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  1. ramsfandan

    Sheffield Stewards

    gobby little clowns i missed more than snowflake
  2. ramsfandan

    What will it take?

    thats what im saying hes a good kicker morton my player of year btw closely followed by speakman
  3. ramsfandan

    Sheffield Stewards

    sheffield fans little mummys boys and jeremy corbyn wannabes
  4. ramsfandan

    What will it take?

    sykes has kicked well this season the wind was worse than you think when he was taking that kick get off his back man
  5. ramsfandan

    Sheffield Eagles Game

    guzdek morton walshaw ryder potts sykes speakman sheriffe ward teanby crowther knowles brown subs day igbenideon trout glover attendance 450 eagles 26 v 28 rams m.o.m sykes fts brown
  6. ramsfandan

    Match Thread: Halifax v Featherstone Rovers Sunday 8th July 2018

    somebody give this guy a sense of humour bypass for gods sake
  7. ramsfandan


    morton was class i also thought teanby and brown were stand outs
  8. ramsfandan


    hope not mate but its very worrying
  9. ramsfandan


    we are going down im afraid
  10. ramsfandan

    Nothing but respect....................

    sadly ive heard that glover wont be here next year hope its just a rumour
  11. ramsfandan

    A D M

    what you mean might of been in bother? like fined or beaten up? yes it does get silly sometimes i agree
  12. ramsfandan

    A D M

  13. ramsfandan

    A D M

    theyre school yard bullies who only say stuff to people who dont say anything back no need for as many as there are when was the last time there was big trouble at one of our games widnes around 2000 time?
  14. ramsfandan

    A D M

    miniature steven seagal is an animal he doesnt just strut he means business
  15. ramsfandan

    Dewsbury v Featherstone

    trout and ansell to miss out i reckon