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  1. Potts was shrugged off few times yesterday very poor
  2. Damien Gibson for me if interested
  3. Robbie ward or sykes man of match for me
  4. Yes very entertaining been to about 10 games this season as well as watching 3 or 4 games on TV play best football in league
  5. Have you been to many games this year coolie? We get near line often just cant get over it haha
  6. 100 percent agree o.n.o good post
  7. I'd say Crookes and Sykes are good centres myself
  8. Batley taking michael out of our attendances 😂🙈
  9. So they can afford him but we cant its laughable
  10. Like i said he would make that money back in positions gained/more people coming back to watch. How can you compare us signing 1 player to bradfords demise. So yes lacking ambition i think and im reaching end of my patience tbh
  11. Just shows a lack of ambition in my opinion and it's starting to grind on me I go home and away and never usually moan but like I said he could be difference between 10th and 6th I reckon
  12. We need a halfback its simple take a calculated risk could get money back by more fans coming and finishing higher up the table no ambition in my books im sad to say
  13. We nearly filled 2 coaches so i have heard so not a bad turnout him and kain could be brilliant together i reckon
  14. Could we possibly sign him need a halfback we got few quid from these friendlies and hes quality
  15. You really are deluded if you think that batley take alot more fans to dewsbury than we do to yours. As bsj said above last time they did the counts on gates dewsbury had more and that was at yours. Its because 95% of your fans congregate together at ours where as dewsburys are spread out everywhere at batley. Attendance will be around 2k i agree with you bob