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  1. Look who has gone to the Bulls

    not on last seasons performances believe me i saw enough of him last season no good anymore
  2. Team for next year

    Yes Iggy will do for me
  3. Team for next year

    Bit out of price range I reckon
  4. Team for next year

    was at workington last year according to wikipedia
  5. Team for next year

    Agree mate has tonka retired?
  6. Team for next year

    Guzdek Morton Glover Hallett Worrincy Sykes Moore Sheriffe Ward Teanby Walshaw Hayes Brown Subs Everett Day Reilly spicer I think we need an half back and couple props for next year still looking promising though
  7. Team for next year

    Starting line up for next year
  8. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Jode sheriffe needs adding to list andyram
  9. 2018 and possible new signings

    Cant see ya going down we signed our top players back on Aaron brown Guzdek Moore teanby and Morton and we got best coach in league in Neil Kelly (dewsbury fan) please don't time waste next season swinton
  10. Player for next season

    Danny brough?
  11. Toby Adamson

    Heard he was very well off with money toby so probably travelling is the reason for leaving. Bit sad hes left as he was quality 2nd half of season
  12. 2018 Squad.

    So its not true then?
  13. 2018 Squad.

    Heard lillycrop could be heading back to rams 👀
  14. Dewsbury Faithful Sponsorship Latest

    I would throw a few quid in for each win too maybe get a few of lads to also
  15. Dewsbury Faithful Sponsorship Latest

    Alright coolie danny moffatt here mate i am struggling at minute but will see you at amber ribbon night next month i will have it then. Thanks