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  1. Holmes must be a world beater to keep thacks out of halves obviously we know Ridyard is quality but 2/3 year Thackeray was unplayable at times
  2. Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    Thanks for reply really bad here would of no chance of being on hull kr leeds and wakey already off. Hope it's on
  3. Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    Thank you for reply Penno good we have full or nearly full coach as only couple places remained yesterday so should bring decent following. Looking forward to it. Thanks danny
  4. Bad weather here in Yorkshire don't know up at yours what's chances of game being on?
  5. Travel Club Update: Away Trip to Barrow Raiders

    already booked on coach with 6 of other lads utr can't wait
  6. SWINTON (H)

    40-16 fts worrincy m.o.m Sykes att 887
  7. Rochdale Hornets Away

    I don't have my own bank account and get my wage paid into grandmas bank and she does not like to do internet banking. It's sorted anyway thank you Tom.
  8. Rochdale Hornets Away

    Alright Tom as I don't have a bank account or PayPal say if I dropped a donation in to ady or Yvonne as they live quite close could you send me the link via email?
  9. Where's the hats ?

    my grandma has knitted some wool ones for them to sell in shop red amber and black she's already sold some and giving money to Amber ribbon I believe
  10. Boozer to drink in?

    Thanks for advice we should bring decent following seen as first Sunday away game
  11. Boozer to drink in?

    Coming up on coach with dewsbury rams in few week what's best pub to drink in close to ground?
  12. South Stand : Could we name it after..........

    Yes I agree. man with ball dews
  13. London (H)

    What game was you watching? Sykes was man of match for me tackled everything
  14. London (H)

    Dews 22 16 london first try Glover Man of the match sykes Attendance 743
  15. Man of the Match

    I thought worrincy man of match won us loads of penalties made good yards and scored good try