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  1. ramsfandan

    Boxing day

    Deluded i'd like to see seperate gates like around 10 year ago when they did it and you was outnumbered on your own patch
  2. ramsfandan

    Players For 2019

    who then?
  3. ramsfandan

    Players For 2019

    WHO? spicer and moore?
  4. ramsfandan

    Dewsbury sunday

    haha bring more than you to us
  5. ramsfandan

    Batley A

    bulldogs 16 - 18 rams m.o.m manning for batley sykes for us attendance 1087
  6. ramsfandan

    2019 Squad

    We will take him back..... Swap for Moore maybe?
  7. ramsfandan

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    think the sheffield freebie bumps your gate up
  8. ramsfandan

    squad 2019

    couldnt care is it not wqhat forum is about no having an opinion and chickenleys spot on too 😀 my area wouldnt prefer to live anywhere else in dewsbury maybe earlsheaton and hanging heaton
  9. ramsfandan

    squad 2019

    guzdek - keep morton - already signed potts - keep for backup worrincy - 50/50 as hes been injured and cant play every game due to work commitments hallett - 50/50 ryder - already signed glover - think he will leave would keep if we could walshaw - keep sykes - upto him whether he fancies another year would defo keep if so moore - release heckford - send back to wigan havent seen much but kelly must not rate him ansell - release spicer - think he will retire been a great servant for us trout - 50/50 seems to have improved lately before it would of been release teanby - keep everett - probably release knowles - keep brown - keep speakman -keep most improved player this season and can cover hooker and halfback day -keep ward - keep igbenedion - keep needs to improve discipline though reilly - keep ive liked what ive seen in few games ive seen him play hayes - havent seen much so cant comment really crowther - will probably have season with newcastle next year sheriffe - already signed possible targets depending on money and availability. a good half back thacks maybe brough..... he wanted to finish with us...... we can dream. couple big props alex rowe and james brown will do from our nearest and dearest
  10. ramsfandan

    squad 2019

    who would you like to keep and not keep?
  11. ramsfandan

    Batley v Swinton

    looking good mate 24-2 hope theres more than 445 there our clubs need as much money as possible to be able to put a competitive team together for next year
  12. ramsfandan

    Batley v Swinton

    batley 32 swinton 16 attendance 445 fts jonny campbell
  13. ramsfandan


    i agree i would give all of them a new contract speakman most improved player this season in top 3 players for me this season with morton and sykes.with morton already given a contract for next season i,d sign sykes up again his tackling is great and the passion he shows is brilliant
  14. ramsfandan

    Dewsbury v Batley part 3

    as said before 1501 happy with that to say where we are i thought it would be around 1100 before game
  15. ramsfandan

    Diskin out!

    cheers fella