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  1. could be an excellent signing. heard he's had serious injury problems though. LG and him were teammates for a couple of years up at t'mount during Harrison's tenure as coach.
  2. youre not signing Jason Walton are you?
  3. i agree. but i just have a feeling.
  4. i cant see any further than craig lingard to be honest. with danny maun as assistant.
  5. glad they busted a gut today. would hate to see them going through the motions.
  6. against my better judgement I've just been to the game this afternoon. what an absolute joke..... toothless in attack.players giving away moronic penalties and defence a shambles on and off. halfbacks a complete waste of space.... Dom and Jouffret looking like they haven't a clue what gameplan we have. Sheffield didn't really look troubled one bit and we wouldn't have scored a try if we played until Christmas. good grief how depressing and I just can't wait for season to finish and see the back of Diskin. it can't arrive soon enough.
  7. we all know how this will end. Sheffield by 18.
  8. The squad is well capable of beating a few teams that we have lost to over the season. that's the most frustrating thing about this season. a damned waste in my humble opinion.
  9. that probably was the entire crowd in that shot. all huddled together on the open long stand for warmth........ halcyon days indeed.... I loved every minute of it!
  10. another decent looking squad. but another 12-18 point loss im afraid. times are bleak.
  11. that's exactly right. he came over with a certain mick Cameron. he was a hard as nails loose forward in the Bob Lindner mould, who was an absolute tackling machine. to be honest Mick was just as influential that 1st season.
  12. Realistically we only look like picking up another 2 points until end of season. not enough i dont think. changes are irrelevant now. too late.
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