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  1. maybe,maybe not. But its funny you should mention this because when i was very young my Father used to take me up to watch Dewsbury on the odd occasion (if Batley were playing away) and he always called it Crown Flatt.....never 'Flatts'...funny what you remember as a young un. i believe 'The Flatts' is an area up near Eightlands but i may be wrong...
  2. 1.Dane Manning 2.Jonny Campbell 3.Danny Yates/Anthony Bowman mentioned in dispatches Browny and Everitt.
  3. thank goodness for that 2nd half
  4. yes they are meaningless games. i accept that,but the money i pay to watch a bit of effort isn't meaningless. Fev will score 50 against this paperthin defence. like i said,same players same result.
  5. absolute garbage. cant see us doing anything this year. players not good enough last year and same ones not good enough this year. we needed a clear out of dead wood and new blood. i really fear for us..not one single new signing has impressed me at all.
  6. Can he play centre?..... we seem to have 9 props but only 1 centre...
  7. i was going to say John Carroll initially but i cant remember him playing that day....but he may have done.... i know that was the season we signed him.
  8. i can't remember if it was Speighty or Brendan Cummins. I'll go Speighty.
  9. Mick Wilson? as for captain I've no idea...
  10. Henry Oulton and Neil? illingworth?
  11. ah yes. Steve Presley.of course. my memory is fading.... i do remember the great Brett Kenny playing.such a classy player...
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