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  1. Is he a hooker then or good to go anywhere?
  2. Player coach next season......
  3. havenhater


    If he was band or hadn't trained he wouldn't be in the 19. Also isn't he innocent until proven guilty? Up the town
  4. Who said thorman won't be here next season? One game and a win against the odds. He might well be able to juggle both jobs in the future. Let's not have any more could of should of, we have an experienced coach with all the contacts and knowledge to get us up through the playoffs imo.
  5. Where were the other 3 subs? Hopkins, Lancaster, walsh, Dawson died anyone know? I also take olstrum is finished? Well done to the 14 today imagine what we can do with 17. 14 men of the matches also.
  6. On the penky situation his comments say the Leigh lad has been brought in to spell penky so there's that rumour to bed
  7. Larder is number 2 at Rochdale
  8. Very happy with this now the new signings please. Play offs push now
  9. Sione and Limmer to have came back during this blip we have just had?? What a dream that would be?
  10. If jenko doesn't get voted in will he stop off here?
  11. Local, recently unenemployed and ex player currently playing
  12. See our chairman said we have new faces coming in this week and the coach search is moving also? Heard a few names on both fronts but anyone else have an idea of announcements?
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