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  1. Didn't notice how big gelling was until he bounced 2 defenders off at once
  2. He has never looked back since either has he
  3. Mulligan Drummond Fawcett Gelling (cop out) but he was class in his 1 match Baildon Sammut Marwood Pickering Mattinson R. Phillips Stack Williams Holgate
  4. Thanks for the update Gary. Whatever happens in the super 8s for once the guys can go out and enjoy it now and I believe they will surprise a few teams. Toronto watch out
  5. Contracts signed etc? After this our building year, we are hopefully going to go from strength to strength. Get the foundation in place for a big push after the 8s.
  6. Gary as for next season do we have plans in place for our players as of yet?
  7. Is everyone on one year deals with us or anyone on a 2 year?
  8. Forster has been the best prop in the league apart from the Canadians this season Imo
  9. Cash it is sure we could as fans raise something if we could?
  10. In the paper today we are chasing him. Delighted about this but Gary can you name the players that they are wanting in return and if we are considering this? Up the town.
  11. I think it all depends on how much game time callum gets in the 8s to be honest. He clearly can be happy and little stints he has been getting before suspension but if it doesn't chance you couldn't blame him for going elsewhere With tee I think he will stay with us. Any word on how prior went today
  12. Do regular season points count in this format? After today looks like haven looking good to go up.worse case for them final at home to barrow or is it at a neutral ground? Missed achieved for us though top 8. Building year. Hopefully money wise stable. Mainly Local talent. Any of our guys on 2 year deals or are they all 12 months? Singleton and doran must be kept
  13. We train Friday don't we so our 19 could change after Friday. Up the town
  14. What happened to him? Italian international too
  15. Looking like a Toronto away tie and one derby home one away