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  1. Up the town thank you gary
  2. Does anyone know any of the "experienced" people we are hoping to sign who does not wish to name.on here please pm me. Gary's comments are ever brilliant
  3. Why not just go along with what they want and fast track the Canadians
  4. As if whitehaven would say no about stepping up at short notice. They deserve it as much as barrow for me. If it was footy they would just under relegate
  5. Couple of experienced forwards and will be OK barring injuries
  6. Nice signing and proven in league above
  7. Thanks superb
  8. Gary with regards to the 4 targets we discussed the other week we were in discussion with, what category did they fall into? Experienced campaigners or from the amateur game? I like the approach this season and as much as it is looking like we won't be able to compete with our Cumbria no neighbours I'm willing to give our boys a go and see what Clarks colossal is all about Up the town
  9. However an idea is we need to entice new people and get the old moans back, why not a buy 2 games get one free of at least half price or 3 games £30?
  10. ???
  11. Resigned mcavoy. Quinn works in Workington doesn't he, why not see if he wants to join up
  12. Well he has gone so that's that thankfully
  13. At least we got sammut because of his friendship with him. I know money became an issue but amongst the many bad times, end of the season before last it was superb.
  14. Sure fifita has gone home, people giving good byes on twitter and fbook.