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  1. What happened to ben Kilburn? Did he get offered anything? Is he back playing for kells?
  2. Is he a centre second rower
  3. Rumours and hear say are what us proper fans are all about but when it's becoming negative and personnel then people should be not allowed to post. I was as disappointed as most people we went into the derby last week without a full 17 and wondered how this could be possible but it's been and gone now and we almost pulled off a great comeback but it wasn't to be so we move on. This year was always going to be a building year and after the pre season and beating of them, a few fans expectations were raised then after a few defeats, negativity sets in. Hopefully a few more locals can join up sooner then later or one or 2 forwards to make sure we go in with a full 17 that are able to take the field. Promotion isn't going to happen this season but a top 8 shouldn't be a problem. On the plus side we have no big time guys on big money or waiting for visas, we are working with what we have. Communications have improved. The interviews with dc posted are brilliant.
  4. Gary can we do this please? Id have no problem doing it if someone is the link tongue announcement isn't on the rfl website or something. Always sadly found the Friday 7pm announcement exciting last season. Waiting for fifitas return. Sadly im.still waiting
  5. Any squad announced? See burns is back in there 19
  6. Which 2 got injured? How did the young full back go?
  7. He has to be in the 17 for me. He was immense in the Whitehaven away fixture.
  8. Any word on howarth?
  9. Is the 19.man squad anywhere Gary can we get it posted on here when it goes into Twitter and Facebook too as some of us don't have those
  10. Who's gone? Dalton calvert Armstrong?
  11. This is the best opportunity to do a double take ticket with the reds and keep fans happy. The Gloucester guys are gonna being staying up here either way what's kick off time changing again or even considering a change? Gary mc could this possibly be explored?
  12. Delighted and shocked buffer being named captain but why not. He was the one who stood up and has went from being outcast from the 17 when some young fella from Wigan and dummy spitter Lupton were in the ranks but stuck with us and on derby days he looks through and through what it means to a local
  13. How many scrum half's (howarth) do you know that bulky an entire team and coach. Superb just one of the 17 outstanding today, singletons shot amazing too
  14. What's his backroundn then
  15. G reid?