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    Pike Fishing and, Horse Racing. Heroes ; Paul Newlove , Billy Bremner ,Tyson Fury , Sex Pistols, Morrissey ,Nigel Farage and Donald Trump. Dislikes ;The last twenty five years of the RFL Rule , Tony Blair , Margaret Thatcher , Theresa May ( Weak Traitor )

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  1. Blue Pike

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    Good job he didn’t look around the eyesore of your namesake that would have really put him off.
  2. Blue Pike

    The New Coach, what are our hopes and expectations?

    I would like our Team to play with pride in their shirts , good defence is my main wish as points will come.I will back the Coach for this season no matter what as this side is not his in respect that he has inherited it I will be happy for mid table this season .
  3. Blue Pike

    Reserve grade for next season

    At my sons do two weeks ago I told him to go but he said he’s not interested.Shame that I could have seen him in time be our Fullback.
  4. Blue Pike

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    Colin concerning our new Coach don’t you think its a bit odd how it’s not been confirmed yet by our Club.Has Total RL ever been wrong before ? Just seems a bit too long thats all .
  5. Blue Pike

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    The last time Dewsbury won the Challenge Cup was in 1943 when Vera Lynn was in the charts , the last time they won anything which was the Championship whilst finishing 8th in a play off was 1973 when our Colin was doing a paper round so you can have your extra match Blackpool victory if it makes you feel fulfilled cos its a significant one up on Fev .If that’s all you’ve got what a sad lifetime of modern day failure .See you next season for your two Cup finals against us.Dont forget your whippet.
  6. Blue Pike

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    Welcome on board Ryan. Hope you are successful in this role. Good luck and welcome to Fev Rovers who have won practically everything in RL and dream to do it all again.
  7. Blue Pike

    Ryan Bailey

    I would say that is a type of tarpoulin or covering for a shed I may be wrong.Going back to the 80s on the subject of Council pop if anyone had told me that in later days we would be buying bottles of water for 60p I would have laughed..Apologies for the Fev non topics but nowt happening at the moment and just filling in till our Coach is named.
  8. Blue Pike

    Ryan Bailey

    What about Council pop Colin do you know what that is ?
  9. Sounds a cracking night out mate. I was a Punk rocker back in the day.Concerning the Fury fight I got up early than usual before I went Pike fishing to watch it as he is my favourite Heavyweight is Tyson and not just my opinion but as of Lennox Lewis s view too he got absolutely robbed from the win. One of the best fights I have seen by a Brit.
  10. I can understand his laziness . I surpose if I was playing for an underwhelming side without hope and watched by one man and his dog It must have got to him. I know he should be professional I understand that but he has a stage to shine with his mates here now so its up to him at the end of the day to perform or he’s out .You never know he might improve 100 % and score against you lot dragging two of your tacklers over the line with him during scoring and signal to your fans “going down “ whilst laughing Only time will tell.
  11. Blue Pike

    Ryan Bailey

    Skinheads on a raft ( only us old uns will know what this is ) 😂😂
  12. Yes agree didn’t set my pulse on fire. Still got young Coops .Think the importance now is getting the Boas brothers to our ground to fill those key positions then I will be happy.
  13. Heard on the grapevine two names being interviewed.Drew The brother of Jamie Peacock and someone associated with the coaching staff at Warrington Mike Oxlong.
  14. I know his brother Richard Head
  15. Blue Pike

    Ryan Bailey

    Fair enough but I have always been of the opinion that he’s one of the most dirtiest players I have seen especially niggling the opposition into fighting plus my Rhinos mate says he’s a penalty machine.Hope lm wrong and he’s a success.