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    I have two Passions in my life ; Fev who I concentrate on in the Spring/summer and Pike Fishing which I do in the winter..Enjoy life , have a laugh , you never know what’s around the corner.

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  1. We are all made of different stuff/personalities etc and disagree to being the same as him as I for one am totally different to him by the fact of me not going on your Forum time and time again insulting you lot , which in hindsight would be very easy to do having ar## holed you both home and away.
  2. I understand what you mean DD but when you are passionate about a Team and you lose and somebody gloats the emotion kicks in and you can’t resist having a go back it’s only natural.Its very similar to this example; I am 52 years old and if I was in a Pub and someone insulted my wife, no matter how young and hard they are I would get stuck into them even if I came off second best.Perhaps maturity or letting it go over your head is for other individuals with a calm persona but definitely not me.
  3. Blue Pike

    M.O.M. Summer Bash- Fev V Fax

    Graham just letting you know I like your posts which are intelligent and well thought out .You seem a decent bloke.Hope you beat Batley this afternoon,I am watching it and will be shouting you on.
  4. We don’t play Toulouse mate .We need to beat Fax away and London at home cos we have Toronto away last game.
  5. There is always someone worse off than your self .Having to head back home after another summer get bashed is bad enough but spare a thought for the Scouser returning back from Kiev .
  6. Blue Pike

    M.O.M. Summer Bash- Fev V Fax

    Agree with all of this.We are going through a bad patch and some of the players are accountable and need sorting out by Duffy.
  7. You are a dictionary of quotes aren’t you 😁 . I think this one is apt “; It isn’t over until the fat lady sings”. But I honestly think she is warming her voice up at the moment. Unless we suddenly bring in players from somewhere which in itself is a gamble I can’t see us finishing in the four .
  8. A couple of things .Hardman always takes the Ball from the kick off safely but always puts his head down and gets tackled by the first tackler .Is that acceptable by Fevs standards.Also Hardcastle had a howler but that is unusual by his standards but I honestly believe that his performance contributed towards our defeat.
  9. A famous quote from Bill Shankley on a Football game which is similar “ It is not a matter of life or death its more important “ I suggest Ill cat you may be better advised to take up origami if Rugby League doesn’t float your boat.
  10. Listen mate ,even though our season has petered out and we are just above average,please don’t forget we have done the double over you so that makes you sewage with rat sh## flowing through.
  11. Listen I know you feel s##t like me but I strongly believe next season will be better.
  12. I will not blame Duffy because some of our players are on contracts before Duffy took over so he has inherited some of the players.
  13. Listen here you have upset a few on here some that wouldn’t hesitate in how you say press a finger on your head .I feel a bit ###### off at the moment but to be honest I am glad that I am not in your boots being a Batley fan with no future.Is that all you’ve got coming on a forum of supporters who try to improve them as a club to go forward when as a commercial entity to make ends meet you can’t galvanise 1000 supporters.It must be jealousy as in my worst feelings of defeat thank God I am not a Batley fan.
  14. I tell you what Mitch Clarke got legitimately pushed back 9 metres and got upset to this due to a lack of stability and started swinging punches due to his lack of intelligence of how to deal with an uncomfortable situation.Well #### you .Halifax were just the better side and we were bettered by an old fat kicker that was laughing at us .My prediction is 6th and we deserve it .Im sick to death of feeling sick in games that we need to win .Lets accept that we are not good enough and write this season off.
  15. Blue Pike

    M.O.M. Summer Bash- Fev V Fax

    Hock. But maybe banned again Wildie Lockwood