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    Drinking lager ,Pike fishing ,Horse racing,Love camping and Holidaying abroad especialy the Caribbean, Looking forward to semi retirement at 55.Being a fan of Fev has been a generation thing from my Grandad watching them since the very early days to my Dad ,me and my two sons ,hopefully my Grand kids too .Loved watching Fev in the seventies and eighties but believe this great game is run by Monkeys with their ethos of Greed for the few which is slowly destroying it. .Love Fev , they are the only Club for me .My first match I went to was in 1970 when I was 5 years old .I follow Leeds Utd in the Football and Oh I almost forgot I HATE CAS.

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  1. M.O.M. Fev V London Broncos (A)

    Just to add salt into the wound Dewsbury are above us in the table 😂
  2. rovers tv

    Agree,great service for a pittance.Just an idea get your other half to log in for you while you make a cuppa then walk in after shes pressed play.
  3. Yes apparently JD said we practiced all week on how to deal with him but the players attitude wasn’t right in dealing with him and that is something for him to sort out.
  4. Good luck to Barrow .They only wanted to stay in this League as their priority but serms they are up to better things.Dewsbury lost to London by twelve points,hoped to have bettered thst.
  5. We had Sammut on loan but no one bottered to retain him .It could be worse,just watching Leeds.Two of their players are paid more than the whole of our Team and they are dreadful.
  6. We got well and truly thrashed today. If you asked a youngster in the street on a scooter who the danger man was for London they would reply Sammut , so why do we ignore this valuable advice or do we know this but fail to deal with This player.Lets hope we learn from this and move forward.
  7. I read the Dewsbury posts and got the impression that with a bit more intelligent play Dewsbury could have nicked it and two of Londons trys we’re lucky ricochets.That said for me its up a notch to last week and have the disadvantage of playing away on a synthetic pitch.we have the confidence which is a big thing and good players to win this one by 10 points and keep it going with the reward imo of an easy home match the following week which I always enjoy seeing Tubby looking angry and miserable after the match.
  8. The incident put on report ,been told Farrell had bite marks on his thumb.
  9. Wow .Didnt think we’d beat them by so many.I was behind the sticks in the sevond half and witnessed a professional performance.I dont think we dropped the ball in an attacking position.I think even though its early days We are looking good.
  10. M.O.M. Fev V Toulouse (H)

    1 Davies 2 Ridyard 3 moore
  11. Thank you Cappers bar

    Someone has reacted to my post last week and removed a table and chairs to create access to the middle of the bar .Thanks
  12. Looks like we will be playing in boggy conditons .Hopefully it May favour us.Ive watched last weeks game in full and its astonishing how many chances we bombed in attacking positions.We will not be able to afford doing this against our opponents today who are a great deal better than Fax.It will be a tight game and believe we can come out the other end winners by 4 points.
  13. Not sure but for me Davies ,Cooper ,Farrell and Clarke are looking good so can understand the call
  14. When Duffy arrived and inherited the squad it is obvious that he has only enough funds to bring a certain amount of players in and will be left with players that hes not particularly fond of but cant replace them due to them still having contracts in place .I might be wrong but maybe Mariano is one of them and imo him and Lockwood without letting themselves down are steady away and haven’t broke any pots and we could possibly get better in the future.
  15. family stand

    Fax fans can’t say owt .Their song oh ally ally is probably the most predictable pathetic song ever.Havent they got a few intelligent fans that can sit together around a table with their Club name written on a piece of paper and brain storm a Club song.