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    Pike Fishing , Horse Racing. Football and beer 🍺 Heroes ; Paul Newlove , Billy Bremner ,Tyson Fury , Sex Pistols, Morrissey ,Nigel Farage and Donald Trump. Dislikes ;Cas , Man U , The last twenty five years of the RFL Rule , Tony Blair , Margaret Thatcher , Yvette Cooper , Theresa May .

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  1. Blue Pike

    ref fo sunday

    Is that Match Communications the one and only Morris that allegedly did us big time when reffing our matches.
  2. Blue Pike

    M.O.M Leigh v Featherstone

    1 Watson Boas 2 Luke Briscoe Tetteh poor goal line defence in second half
  3. Blue Pike

    Well that did'nt take long

    Damn. Just learnt the Cameron King song too.
  4. Blue Pike

    Who’s the Daddy

    You don’t get anything for 6th not in this game ( sounds a bit like the legendary Jim Bowen )😂
  5. Blue Pike

    Who’s the Daddy

    Toronto running away with it now.They are the Daddy but maybe when we play them we will bring our Tool 😂.
  6. Blue Pike

    Who’s the Daddy

    8 .0 to Toronto so far. Mistake from Widnes from a dropped kick but nothing in it so far
  7. Blue Pike

    Who’s the Daddy

    Looking forward to watching Toronto v Widnes at 5pm on Sky Sports to see at this early stage of the season who the Daddy is . Cracking game on the cards.
  8. Blue Pike

    Supporters club

    I travelled once on the Knottingley bus to an away game with my Dad when I was in my twenties ( forgot who we were playing think it was Whitehaven ) and we got hammered. I was sulking on the way home and just before I got dropped off in Ponte Norman having noticed this put his hand on my shoulder and said “ don’t get upset young un we’ll be better than that next week and win “ GENTLEMAN !
  9. Blue Pike

    Noise Levels

    Just an idea to generate a bit of money for the Club. What about supporters paying £1 and handing in their personal play list of say three songs and an official pulls one out of the hat and whoever wins gets them played????👍
  10. Blue Pike

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    That’s refreshing talking about your own Team for a change 😂😂👍
  11. Blue Pike

    2019 Squad

    Great stuff. Big strong lad. Our Team seems to get better every week. One good thing nobody’s touched on. No injuries from Sunday. Long may it continue as for me we will need as many bodies as possible to get through this hard challenging season.
  12. Blue Pike

    Noise Levels

    Those were the days.I remember as a toddler that music as they passed it around near the sticks before the start of the game.
  13. Blue Pike

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    Whoever puts on a Fev shirt and risks serious injury for the cause is a Fev player. If ET played for us under the correct laws of the game I couldn’t care less I just love seeing the famous blue and White shirts slicing through the opposition and putting the ball down over the try line it just makes me really happy no matter who’s inside the shirt simple as that.
  14. Blue Pike

    2019 Squad

    Oxy how did Leigh play like. Have you got any advice on their weaknesses and how we can beat them.
  15. Blue Pike

    2019 Squad

    Think Brierley was class when he was playing for Leigh but when he left for Huddersfield he was pretty poor and doesn’t look half the player he used to be.