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    I have two Passions in my life ; Fev who I concentrate on in the Spring/summer and Pike Fishing which I do in the winter..Enjoy life , have a laugh , you never know what’s around the corner.

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  1. Blue Pike

    Why do you support Fev?

    Passed on from Grandad to father to me then my kids ( trying to get Grandkids interested but its hard going) My local Team,love the sport and the Club become part of your family.It makes your week when we win and upsets me when we lose.Got a season ticket for Leeds Utd for a year but it wasn’t the same if you know what I mean and went back to POR .In a nutshell the Club is in my heart , body and soul.
  2. Blue Pike

    team v Batley.

    If that is the true attendance then I think it is very good as I thought there would be 800 there at most.For the dire performance I can fully understand as the players are on a downer not knowing what their future holds.For me I wish the season would end now,Take stock sort our house out and move forward for next season.
  3. Blue Pike

    Hock bought out of this contract?

    Wow. Thought we wouldn’t hear owt till after the plate final.Looks like the Club have started early.Liked Hock but the Clubs future is more important.
  4. Blue Pike

    Club statement

    Ive had many many times of watching a failing side lose over the years and even drop into the next tier down but always turned up at the next home game but we always bounced back after a few seasons but your Team and others never seem to win owt and even though I did post tongue in cheek I genuinely admire you turning up week in week out for normally an ar## holeing every week when most supporters would pack in.
  5. Blue Pike

    Club statement

    I think in a nutshell and picking the bones out of the statement Longo more or less is saying that next year we are still going to be competitive with half the money to build on last year ,but don’t worry we won’t be as bad as Dewsbury /Batley etc which is fair enough after all I do admire them fans turning up week in week out watching a Team that under performs at best.Good luck to their fans but personally if I was a boxer representing their Teams I would be punch drunk and on the up and coming season its like a Turkey looking forward to Christmas
  6. Blue Pike

    2019 Squad

    I was hoping there would be a good clear out but after the Toronto game win it rather makes it a bit difficult to part with players that you know are good enough but in retrospect they didn’t produce that performance when we needed it in the past so let it go through its motions.
  7. Blue Pike

    Reserve grade

    Add to that the Rugby cup final between Catalan and Warrington.The attendance is going to be woeful and nobody goes there every year as a yearly jolly like they used to even though they support other teams.Fev are giving away a final ticket for fev fans who go to a certain amount of plate games.Look in your cereal boxes this week there may be one given away in there. Popular game this Rugby League
  8. Blue Pike

    Reserve grade

    Agree totally with this.Also just read that the Guardian is dropping its coverage of Rugby League as they believe it is a minority sport.In Manchester for example they are only covering mainly Man City and Man U news due to the smallness of Salford and Sale Sharks.Like people have said in the past its on its ar#e
  9. Blue Pike

    Player Issue Summer Bash Kits For Sale

    Already got one as this shirt is a classic shirt which can be worn time and time again as it evokes memories of good times when we had THE best player Paul Newlove in our Team and beat Teams easily.Agree with your pessimism of the bash as it is an embarrassing fact .Perhaps before the kickoff of next years Bash we can get a decent Hypnotist in as I believe some of it is a mental thing.I can supply MC with a brilliant one from Pontefract who after one hour session made me stop smoking when I had tried countless times to do so in the past without success and that was thirteen years ago ( best thing I ever did).
  10. Blue Pike

    2019 Squad

    15 players awaiting contract negotiations ?
  11. Blue Pike

    Sporting Fix

    Yes I watched a few games in the North Eastern Premier Division 1 years ago and always said that if they reach the National League I would watch them on a regular basis as being a Ponty lad .They are paying their players a decent amount of money now and have a tidy ground with 1200 capacity which includes 300 seats.They have their own website which shows all their fixtures.As it doesn’t collide with Fev fixtures as for me their season is over I will go to a couple.The one thing they have in common with Fev is their rivalry with Glasshoughton F.C which really is Cas isn’t it😂
  12. Blue Pike

    Sporting Fix

    During the Barren months ahead when Fev haven’t got a game it might be worth considering watching Pontefract Colleries.They have been promoted and are now playing in the Northern Premier League Division 1 which if all goes well not far off the National League.They would be very pleased with any extra support.
  13. Blue Pike

    Fallout begins

    Are you sure the real Gareth Hocks name isn’t copyrighted
  14. Blue Pike

    Fallout begins

    Really.what defence do you have against untruths especially when you are a lie on your post name
  15. Blue Pike

    Fallout begins

    Not really I think he’s a bit pisse# off as it is but Im pi###d off with posts that massively wipe this out with no foundations.I may talk boll###s from time to time but I do not lie to you lot.