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  1. This game must come as a God send to Chisholm to make his point of what they have discarded.Reckon he’ll score three and make three and hope the Bulls fans fill the new stand again to give us some needed revenue.
  2. What about Rocky Marciano. Unbeaten stands at 5’ 10 1/2 inches
  3. Good point.I hear the Magic weekend have taken a hit with ticket sales by moving it to Anfield. Last year they sold 60 000. This year up to press so I’ve been told only 19000 at the moment .I like Liverpool by the way, I go there once a year to visit my hub caps and walk up that mountain Killamanforagiro
  4. Yes for me you don’t know if any players are carrying knocks.If fully fit would play him instead of Ormondroyd.Ormy gives his best don’t get me wrong but apart from that 80 metre try he scored he seems steady away to me.Were bound to pick up the odd injury and with the cup competition looming it’s a no brainier to get him on board.
  5. Nobody’s mentioned this but the record SL attendance league match was broke at 30 odd thousand for Catalans defeating the pie eaters . I wonder if Barcelona May think about putting a Team together bearing in mind that they have 13 million followers on Twitter.
  6. Leeds have always had a good youth policy that has produced good English players but they resort to buying ###### Aussies. The only player who I would sign for Fev is Dwyer but we all know his thoughts of playing for Fev which is a disappointment.While ever Agar is in charge of them they will be on a downward spiral and will leave them in contention of dropping out of Super League.
  7. It’s mid season and personally I think we have a better well balanced Team than last year.The capture of Chisholm is a lucky break and at the beginning of the season I would have been happy with a mid table finish but I strongly believe we will now finish in the top five.I am happy with the Coach but wish as normal we had an extra 500 through the turnstiles but that is an old chestnut for us Fev fans.I am interested to know what others on here think about our Team at the moment and where we will finish.
  8. There’s 20 minutes to go and we are 32-0 up so I can say our Super Bash hoodoo is over
  9. Best afternoon I had was in the Buccaneers bar upstairs in Coral Island , a bit of a disco filled with fans. Usually start off in the Auctioneer ( ex Wetherspoons pub ) in the south then move on to the Yates ( South ) then after the Buccaneers the Castle. That is the best run imo plus there are Chip shops all around these pubs to fill you up . Don’t know if I’m going or watching it at home on Sky but have a great time.
  10. 06.00 4 mile walk with dog 10.00 Cut lawn ( hopefully won’t rain ) 1.30. Horse racing ( main feature Swinton Hurdle At Haydock) 4.00 An hour up town in Pub 5.15 Home to watch Leeds Utd match 1st leg Playoff semifinal Derby away whilst consuming cans of Lager LOADS TO DO
  11. Don’t think he’s interested in Leeds as they messed him about.Think he has taken C#s as far as they can go and may consider the Wigan job. By the way has him upstairs removed our Topic “few spoil it for the many “.
  12. 1. Chisholm 2 King 3 Day Bussey s injury looked bad , after being hit high on the neck he ends up holding his arm.
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