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  1. NRL 2018 Round 6 Match Thread

    Up the mighty RABBITOHS!!!!!!!!
  2. NRL 2018 Round 6 Match Thread

    Hahahaha what a pack of powder puffs easts are, there's no way those soft c#%ks are contender & words cant explain how happy that makes me ! Great to see the boys put in such a great effort for Jason Clarks 150th game he's a great clubman and top fella. George Burgess , John Sutton & Cook where my best for tonight. Ps. can you imagine the carnage there would have been against such soft opposition had Sam & Cam played tonight.
  3. NRL 2018 Round 6 Match Thread

    Who's the idiot who scheduled this game for a Thursday night? Due to work commitments i'm missing only my 4th Souths v Easts game since the early 80's thanks to the NRL's horrible scheduling.
  4. "NRL smash AFL in TV ratings"

    Don't start threating SP I'll be around, But Souths will just miss the top 8 along with Cronulla.
  5. "NRL smash AFL in TV ratings"

    That's correct if you exclude English RL , On top of that I also bought GF tickets in the weeks leading up to the 1989,2012/13 GF's that I ended up not even watching or selling the tickets, I did get some satisfaction from knowing there'd be empty seats on GF day though.
  6. "NRL smash AFL in TV ratings"

    Really? I wouldn't watch a NRL game not involving my team if you paid me! I watch SL when I just want to enjoy a game as a neutral.
  7. Sam Burgess found guilty and will miss 2 weeks, This game has become an absolute joke its no wonder so many old fans have walked away from the sport, I see worse things than that every week that go by without punishment.
  8. I'm with any club who tells them to get stuffed, State of Origin & mid season internationals should be abolished with rep footy only being played at the end of the season. Clubs & there members bare all the risk in letting there best players take part in these games . I for one have no interest in SOO since paul gallens limp wrist killed of what was great about it & England v NZ in Denver in front of a few confused spectators doesn't exactly get me excited either.
  9. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    Why not ? you lot where on another thread a while back trying to claim him as a Melbourne Storm junior .
  10. Looks like a record Roosters home attendance to me. Cock a doodle doooooo!!!!
  11. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    I despise racism and call it out where ever I see it but honestly there is nothing racist in the slightest about what Allora said.
  12. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Yeh you'll fit in perfectly.
  13. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    My thoughts exactly the Dogs where better overall but choked.
  14. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Mate we've won 2 games, I haven't changed my opinion in the slightest re the coach but I do hope he proves me wrong. Ps. the "like" you got for that post doesn't count either due to it being from dopey dave who is absolutely obsessed with me and reacts to anything involving me.