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  1. Lucky for big Dave his good mate Karmichal Hunt also has plenty of time on his hands these days so they'll both be able to spend there days perusing other pastimes they have in common .
  2. Happy Birthday Souths

    Just finished renewing my membership's ! Happy birthday to the 2nd oldest & most successful club in Australian RL, It's never been easy following South Sydney to say the least. I'll never forget when Mario Fenech said to me years ago that supporting Souths is kind of like "being in deeply in love with a woman who constantly cheats on you", He wasn't wrong.
  3. He'll be FB in 2018 that is until his knees go again (I give it 6 rounds tops).
  4. Hock

    Has Hock ever played for a Yorkshire club before?
  5. how things have changed for fans since the 70s

    Mental issues I'd say.
  6. Sharks to blood young play maker

    I'll always remember when Flanagan was serving is 12 MONTH suspension from RL for being a very naughty boy & was banned from attending games, But he ignored that and was caught watching his sons games & the clowns at the NRL gave him there stock standard smack with a feather duster - Classic Flanno!
  7. Super League predictions 2018

    They'd want to win it , God knows they've paid out enough.
  8. how things have changed for fans since the 70s

    I can honestly say RL as a spectacle is now a shadow of what it was in the 70's-80's in almost every aspect. But the world has changed (unfortunately) . I guess people born in the 90's onwards won't know any different and will enjoy things as they are today . To me though RL in 2018 is a sad reflection on how soft and over sanitised society as a whole has become.
  9. How will Wigan go this season?

    Given I'm a great admirer of the Wigan club I hope they go well but I've got a feeling that won't be the case.
  10. Super League predictions 2018

    Warrington, St Helens & Hull are the three contenders in 2018 with Wakefield the dark horses. Not feeling to good about Wigan or Leeds.
  11. Kato Ottio

    Absolutely terrible , Such a young man gone far to early.
  12. Hayne comes clean over Titans exit

    All the "dreams" this bloke has along with the consistent god talk doesn't sit well with me personally. I've been around all types in my life & am far from an angel but there's something about Hayne that doesn't sit right with me, Hopefully he's a good bloke & I'm just reading him wrong.
  13. I'd love to see London a successful SL club but really I can't see anything wrong with Schofield's tip, It's one mans opinion that's all.
  14. Anthony Gelling's new Blog

    He'd walk straight into this Souths side with Greg Inglis, Alex Johnson, Dane Gagai the only decent backs in the squad other than very young guys who in reality are a couple of years away.
  15. Quade Cooper to SL?

    God how hopeless have you got to be when the Australian RU don't wanna know about you! Hope it's not Wigan or Leeds he'd be an absolute failure IMO.