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  1. Sam Burgess found guilty and will miss 2 weeks, This game has become an absolute joke its no wonder so many old fans have walked away from the sport, I see worse things than that every week that go by without punishment.
  2. Not sure what salty is but if it means I hate the Roosters then call me salty.
  3. Fantastic news , with a bit of luck a few more might catch it.
  4. Sorry I missed that as I no longer look at duckys posts due to him being a thin skinned individual . Cartwright & Moylan are two of Penrith's best three juniors in years, Something wrong there.
  5. Bryce Cartwright to the Gold Coast effective immediately! Some things a miss at the Panthers
  6. Oh and reports are Cody Walker has re-signed with the Rabbitohs for another 2 seasons.
  7. Anyone else hearing the rumour of the Robbie Farrah Joe Burgess swap? I'd be doing back flips of joy if its true but surely Wigan are to smart to agree to that?
  8. I personally hope Bateman stays at Wigan & captains the club into another era of dominance, This whole thing of SL being some type of feeder comp to the NRL needs to stop it's no good at all for the game in England to be constantly loosing it's best players.
  9. I'd love to be able to argue with you on this one LRL but sadly I cannot. The recruitment and retention since 2014 has be some of the worst I've ever seen in professional sport , The talent Souths have let walk compared to the poor quality they have signed is mind boggling .
  10. Oh what a shock, Souths are interested in yet another Storm player! seriously.
  11. I really don't understand all the problems with the heat these days? Australia has always been very hot at this time of the year -it's nothing new, I've worked in shearing sheds in the far west of NSW along with many other hard manual labour intensive jobs through out my life in much hotter parts of Australia than Sydney and have never suffered heat stroke nor have I seen anyone else have any issues.
  12. He'll be FB in 2018 that is until his knees go again (I give it 6 rounds tops).
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