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  1. Toronto

    Agreed. Moi Moi was past it at Parramatta years ago. Bailey was an average bully years ago. Taylor is the sort of player you do not sign, he has had more chances than most, the fact top NRL Clubs could not keep him in physical shape says plenty, let alone his extra curricular activities. One of many top potential players losing their way for much of their careers.
  2. Dan Sarginson

    I thought I was on ignore? Many here know who you are, its unlikely there would be two posters that comment like you do, have the opinions you do and are as narcissistic as you are in your mannerism. Put me back on ignore Bullshixxer
  3. Toronto

    How brittle are you? get a life Hannibal.
  4. Dan Sarginson

    We can all make mistakes Hannibal, even you...
  5. Dan Sarginson

  6. Dan Sarginson

    “I still had a year left on my contract at Gold Coast so I did really want to stay out there and prove myself because there’s quite a perception that outside backs don’t really make it out there,” said Sarginson. “I wanted to prove them wrong in that regard but I thought the move back to Wigan was right for me. He has just added to that "perception" maybe a bit more commitment and conviction and things may have come good. The last outside back that has been a success was Brian Carney 12 years ago.
  7. WCC Scheduling

    I do not believe those figures Dave. Is 8am or 9am on a Saturday in England really going to pull in massive figures for a Club game in a Country that is very Tribal about the teams they follow? I do not think so. What were the figures again for the National team V Tonga or Samoa that was streamed by subscription again? 10-12K?
  8. WCC Scheduling

    This series is nearly dead because the way it has been run since its inception. Maybe having it at a time that may get one of the partners and its fans interested is more important than you and 30K English fans being upset because they have to watch it on a Friday morning. Its been in Englands backyard and at the English time frame and advantage for decades.. FFS let it be what it is in Australia for a year.
  9. WCC Scheduling

    It is the way it has always been, get on with it. Record it or find a way to watch in on your chosen technology.
  10. WCC Scheduling

    Because they know what works and rates because its their profession is my guess?
  11. WCC Scheduling

    I doubt the organisers care, they do what fits for them, same as the UK teams do when its played there. Do you know that any thought was given to the Australian time zone when played in the UK?
  12. WCC Scheduling

    When the game is played in England I do not believe any consideration was ever given at all to the time it was shown in Australia. It did not bother me at all, I either chose to get up at ungodly hour, recorded it or did not bother with it. This time its in Melbourne and they are playing it when it suits them and their media partners and there is outrage from a few fans on a small Rugby League forum.... Plenty of people accept poor or average things, you could argue that case for Super League.
  13. WCC Scheduling

    Is there any event or game we do not criticise or find fault with in our game? Maybe we get the Sport we deserve.
  14. WCC Scheduling

    The WWC has been an English promotional vehicle since it started. Its been the chance to knock off an Australian Clubs scalp and profess that Club to be the best in the World. The Fans and Clubs in Australia have not bought into this idea at all. It means far more to the SL Clubs and fans than it does to Aussies, all of the timing, locations and conditions are in the SL Clubs favour. I wonder why it has never really been embraced in Australia? Anyway, I hope its a great game and the best team wins on the day.