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  1. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    No more consistent than you, post rubbish and back it up with more rubbish until people give up and leave you to it.
  2. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    I thought his Mother was Australian, he was born in Mt Isa. Why should he not choose Australia as his Country?
  3. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    Look at you mugs What was that Kiwi that played for England Rangi Chase? the average Aussie Heighington, not even good players. You have to question a Halfback that moved to Australia when he was a kid and is an Englishman. At one stage the English Coach wanted the Morris Twins and others to be English due to their Great Great Grandparents.
  4. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    He was born in Australia, I do not care who he chooses. Its a shame England does not produce vast amounts of English born players to represent a dozen foreign countries at Test level rather than barely provide enough players for the English Team.
  5. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    Great Britain picked a player that was not eligible to represent Great Britain. He was Irish.
  6. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    Why would he not pick Australia. I used to think you had a good grip of the game Internationally, not so much recently. You have lost the plot, if you ever really had it.
  7. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    Why would you say that? I played this game at a reasonably high level which is more than most can honestly say here.
  8. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    Ireland is not part of Great Britain is it?
  9. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    Walter, you no what, I do not care. Everyone is so politically correct and scared of offending people it ####### me. The people they are worried about offending are more Racist and hate more about our Religion or way of life than I will ever worry about them. I wanted to visit Europe some time ago, not so much now.
  10. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    Thats a couple
  11. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    Australia is a melting pot that accepts people from all over the World. They are not the wealthy people or the ones that may add to the Countries welfare. Often they are the poor people and often ones that will not assimilate or blend into the community. At times they are ones that take advantage of Australians welfare system and become a criminal element in Australia. If saying that makes me Racist, I am ok with that. My wife is part Aboriginal, many of my friends are immigrants, I do not feel Racist.
  12. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    Name names, which ones would have been selected for England, a can only think of a couple at best. England picked an Irish player if I remember correctly.
  13. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    If they feel that is their Home why do you feel uneasy?
  14. Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    It means nothing he is TONGAN.