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  1. Its actually the three most populous States, a Territory and another Nation.
  2. Allora

    NRL to clubs: relocate or fold

    That is why I said it was done decades ago. The whole Super League Wars changed the game in Australia forever.
  3. Allora

    NRL to clubs: relocate or fold

    It was done decades ago.
  4. Allora

    Akuila Uate

    He has never been a big build, he looks muscular but just your average outside back. 6 ft 0 in, 15 st 6 lb Certainly no Greg Inglis.
  5. How many recently and do they play Rugby League.
  6. About 20 years after Australia starts to take large numbers of French immigrants.
  7. Allora

    Akuila Uate

    Maybe the challenge is not all on the field but settling into the Country and lifestyle? Uate is in his 30's and has not been that good for some time. If you want a player to carve the game up sign Josh Addo Carr or Munster, players in their prime not past it.
  8. Allora

    So, New Zealand. October. Who's off?

    You can not have everything.
  9. Allora

    So, New Zealand. October. Who's off?

    I have been to New Zealand several times and I found it more expensive than Oz for things like Fuel and Food. Australia can be expensive for a Tourist like most places.
  10. Allora

    So, New Zealand. October. Who's off?

    Water will not cost much.
  11. Personally I do not like the terms Tier 1 and Tier 2, but out of interest when did Tonga become a tier 1 Nation?
  12. Lots of players have played both codes, what is the big deal about that?
  13. Mind you, Australia is a Country made up of a lot of immigrants, Ben Te’o arrived in Oz when he was a 17 year old schoolboy. He was not fresh of the Boat like Hastings and Austin who are NRL castoffs plying their trade in England with Heritage links to their Grandmothers. If players like Hastings and Austin should get selected now or in the future it will not help motivate local youngsters to aspire to our game and possibly represent their Country.
  14. This was posted in this thread 17 hours ago.