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  1. Should have picked Hall on the Wing.
  2. Are the figures quoted from the on field shirt devices? I would have thought they were from training, time versus measured distance. The NRL Clubs use two measures, 40 metre acceleration speed and 100 metre speed as a measure of players pace.
  3. Not selected in the team this week. We will see... He is full of himself it seems. Veteran England and Leeds winger Ryan Hall says if he can one day be mentioned by the Bondi faithful in the same breath as the club's last great English import, Adrian Morley, he will have done his job. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/05/17/hall-wants-to-make-morley-style-impact-with-roosters/
  4. Ryan Papenhuyzen he is of Dutch descent. His pace looks looks like its off the charts.
  5. He was very fast and a very strong runner. Best I watched regularly on game day.
  6. Clint Gutherson apologized for his comments to the referee and said he was out of line with his behavior on national TV this week.
  7. Too big at his age to be a top flight Winger, pace has gone and his injury will have exacerbated that. He will struggle, you cant survive on crash over tries from 20 meters out in the NRL for long.
  8. I have an opinion, the fact it does not line up with yours does not allow you to insult my view of an Event.
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