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  1. Allora

    Greg Inglis announces retirement date

    Great player, in the first half of his career he was nearly unstoppable. When he broke into the open, few if any could run him down, he had size, power and pace. He tackled like a forward because he was the size of a forward. As he has got older he has filled out in size and had some injuries and slowed down. On his day still great to watch.
  2. I don't see what the motivation is for the possible Australian government to pay money for a foreign team to play in the NRL. I doubt the taxpayers or the other teams in waiting to be invited to join an expanded NRL would be very happy. The Hunters are not NRL standard and if they are using mainly local players will not be for the foreseeable future. Its just Labour bull they spin on all sorts of subjects to try gather some minority votes.
  3. I do not think the Labour Party has much say in what the NRL decide to do.
  4. Allora

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    He is still taking a spot regardless of the name of the squad. The Great Britain tour concept was flawed from the start and is not a brand that captures any imagination from most outside of GB
  5. Allora

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    He should pull down the curtain. He only plays now and again and takes the spot of a Test player that could offer more to the future of a Test squad and is not injured for half of the Test series in most cases. Selfish comes to mind.
  6. Allora

    The NFL Route

    I can not see it happening in my lifetime.
  7. The World Club challenge is only a month away. The Roosters seem like a very strong team if they send their best squad. New faces Angus Crichton (Rabbitohs), Ryan Hall (Leeds), Brett Morris (Bulldogs), Brock Lamb (Knights), Bernard Lewis, Egan Butcher, Josh Curran, Shaquai Mitchell. Unsigned/Losses Blake Ferguson (Eels), Frank-Paul Nuuausala (retired), Paul Momirovski (Wests Tigers), Sean O'Sullivan (Broncos), Ryan Matterson (Wests Tigers), Kurt Baptiste (Cowboys), Billy Smith, Eloni Vunakece, Matt Ikuvalu, Mitch Cornish, Reece Robinson. Exclude Dylan Napa from that squad he is at the Dogs now. What sort of team can we expect from Wigan under their new Coach.
  8. Allora

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    I don't know if the Island Nations would want to play as a "Pacifika" side. They do not always get on well with each other, It not be like a West Indies Cricket team.
  9. I met Wombat a few times when he worked for Lion Nathan the Beer Company.
  10. How do you compare different Leagues and defensive structures? Eden scored a bagfull in half a season in Super League.... He could barely get a start at the Brisbane Broncos because of his error rate, he was targeted mercilessly whenever he played.
  11. Allora

    This Forums Members age

    In my Head I am 21, in my body I feel 55.
  12. Allora

    This Forums Members age

    I am 55 years old, have been following the game sine 1975.
  13. We have heard alot about the average age of the average Rugby League Fan and how new Fans are not being brought into our Sport. You would think that in this internet age young Fans would be engaging on Forums like this. Not sure if this has been asked before but what age are you? If you prefer not to contribute that is fine
  14. Sorry Manx, I was editing as you replied.