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  1. Allora

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    The Pepsi deal with Manly was a sponsorship, the same as it was with Cronulla around the same time. The deals did involve large cash payments as well as very competitive product pricing. It is worth noting that sometimes when a Club like Manly get a special purchase price on products it is not unknown for that price to be available to other smaller Clubs affiliated with the Club. Many Clubs now chase numerous sponsors to be on their kit rather than have all of their eggs in one basket. Using Manly as an example they are nowhere near the Club they were back then and the sponsorship they can attract is reflected in this and Clubs are less reliant on this type of revenue than they used to be.
  2. Allora

    Toronto Sends Bussey Packing

    James Graham tried to take Slaters Ear off a couple of years ago. Didn't an English player get accused of biting Robbie Farrah at last year World Cup?
  3. Allora

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    Many NRL clubs have significant sponsors both local and national/international including Coke and McDonalds. In companies like Coke, the deal will be tied to exclusive pouring rights in the Clubs Leagues Club and perhaps the Clubs Junior and feeder clubs. Way back in the day 1996 Pepsi were paying Manly $1,000,000 a year to be shirt sponsor with additional performance bonuses. Three at random.
  4. Allora

    South Sydney in strife

    Was there more than one toilet incident?
  5. Allora

    South Sydney in strife

    Is that from your personal experience
  6. Allora

    Eric Perez

    You tell em Cobber
  7. Problems at Souths, Sam Burgess may have some issues. You wonder what players are thinking getting involved in this alleged rubbish
  8. Allora

    Steve Renoufs Test Team

    Aaron Woods Reagan Campbell Gillard (hang on he is Fijian) Jordan McLean (hang on Jordan is part Maori so could be a Kiwi) Dylan Napa (hang on he is a Cook Islander) David Klemmer Bromwich is nowhere near what he was 3 years ago or since his cocaine issues. Fifita is an Australian, born in Blacktown NSW and plays hot and cold, for his size and aggression he should be a stand out player every game he plays, often he is conspicuous by his absence.
  9. Allora

    Steve Renoufs Test Team

    Plenty of players that are not in play offs get selected, they always have. I would not have Bromwich, Fifita, Hargraves or the Burgess twins anywhere near the Kangaroo squad. Grahams best games are behind him. Just my opinion.
  10. Allora

    Steve Renoufs Test Team

    Roberts, Papalli and McGuire are barely SOO level never mind Test quality. Papalli is not even close IMO.
  11. Allora

    Denver test is dead

    You have no idea it seems. What has the NRL copied about training methods, psychology, nutrition and injury recovery that does not improve their game? where is the negative in those things? Top sports learn from each other, do you think that there have not been USA representatives that have not visited NRL Clubs for ideas?
  12. Allora

    Denver test is dead

    Jack Gibson was doing the same thing in the Seventies and Eighties. Its called looking for ideas to improve your team, what teams or sports would not look at what systems other Sports have to improve their own game. Are you really that naive? I have you pegged as a 12 year old fan.
  13. Allora

    Denver test is dead

    Aussies do not think that at all, what a bizarre statement. You have no idea what you are talking about. You do not see Aussies walking around trying to act and talk like American gangster hoods like English kids do with thick local English accents 😃
  14. Not sure if he played the Villain down under, only if by villain he means disappointing his teams fans. He certainly played the dumb mistake and was a penalty machine, he was guaranteed to try and offload the ball in impossible situations or just plain knock on a couple of times a game.