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  1. Ukraine Super League Live Now!!

    Is West Knights based in the western part of Ukraine? Is it based in Lviv?
  2. Guasch "we have to walk away"

    The first half showed that Catalans have some attacking skill and could score tries against a top Super League team. The referee was certainly dreadful and his incompetence was helpful to Wigan. However Iain Thornley was personally responsible for letting in at least two Wigan tries. He must be dropped. But hasn't anybody noticed how the Catalans deteriorated after Greg Bird was taken off?
  3. Luke Walsh retires

    They should look for an Australian half.
  4. NRL expansion in Perth following huge crowd

    Perth has the physical infrastructure, with this tremendous new stadium, the playing infrastructure, and financial backers ready to go. It also has a very large population (2 million) making it the fourth largest city in Australia. Also very important is that rugby union, which had a Super Rugby franchise there for years, has pulled out and left the large population of English and South African migrants with no oval ball sport other than Australian Rules. It seems to me obvious that rugby league needs to set up an NRL club in Perth. The other strong candidates -- Brisbane 2 and Wellington could join it (both options have appeal for TV broadcasters), with either PNG or Adelaide making up the 20th club in the next round of TV contract negotiations.
  5. 11 Mar: Betfred Championship Match Thread

    My predictions for top 4: London, Toulouse, Toronto, Featherstone. It is hard to see another combination based on form so far. But then again Leigh could find an excellent coach who could turn things around and the team could begin to challenge from far behind. It all depends who the new coach will be and when he starts.
  6. Should we be worried about the future of Catalans?

    Kear is coaching Bradford, but perhaps he would jump ship. He speaks French which is a huge advantage. I forgot about Tony Smith. He would be another good option for Catalans.
  7. Should we be worried about the future of Catalans?

    Michael Maguire, Des Hasler and Geoff Toovey are all experienced NRL coaches without a current job.. Whether any of them would want to leave Australia and move to France is another matter.
  8. I know that it is very early in the season, but I am willing to predict the top 4: St Helens, Leeds, Wigan, Castleford. Hull FC 5th. Wakefield maybe 6th. Huddersfield and Warrington will fight for 7th vs 8th place. Bottom 4: Hull KR, Salford, Widnes, Catalans.
  9. Is the Wakefield bubble now burst? Wigan is not at the level of St. Helens, but it is totally dominating Wakefield. It suggests that Wakefield will be clearly outside the top 4 this season. It will be interesting to see if Wigan will be in the top 4. I think they will.
  10. Nobody would prefer that option. Why do you say that it is most likely next year?
  11. Goudemand with the Pros

    Which other young non-Super League French players should McNamara and other Super League club scouts/coaches be considering?
  12. Currently Sky shows 2 and 1/2 Super League games each week (the half being the Catalans home games) and no Championship games. Premier Sports shows Toronto's games. For the next Sky TV contract starting in 2022 we have a chance to renegotiate the number of games shown. I am assuming that Sky will still be interested in having rugby league. If Toulouse and Catalans are both in Super League in 2022 then Sky could be showing 3 Super League games each week (assuming that Catalans and Toulouse home games are scheduled not to coincide) without any change in contract value, because Sky gives its English video feed to BeIN in France and gets the French BeIN video feed in return. But let us leave aside the anomaly of the French clubs' home games, which is likely to continue. If the Championship continues to be an interesting and high quality competition in the top tier (Boston, Hamilton, and maybe even another French or north American club could be there in 2022), would you like to see one Championship game each week sold to TV in addition to the existing Super League setup, or would you prefer an extra non-French Super League game on TV? Remember that Super League in 2022 might contain Toronto and New York. each of which would likely play home games on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and whose home games therefore could be telecast on a British Saturday or Sunday night -- time slots which Sky currently does not use for rugby league. Presumably having the new north American teams as new rugby league content would make a difference to the value of the Sky contract for the RFL, and give it a higher price than the Championship would be worth.
  13. Catalans have to win to avoid the spectre of another MPG at year's end. If McIlorum and Aiton both do play then I think Catalans will win by 12+
  14. I wasn't asking about the biff. I was asking about Maxime Greseque, the Carcassonne number 6. Where is he?