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  1. Manfred Mann

    York Stadium delay

    What is the spectator capacity (seated and standing) of this stadium going to be?
  2. 1pm Saturday in the UK would be midnight in Sydney.
  3. Manfred Mann

    SBW to Toronto??

    Where did you read that? The Roosters probably could not afford SBW, especially if their highly paid star half back Cooper Cronk decides to play on in 2020 (Cronk has said on the BBC that he is thinking about it and will decide in two or three months). Plus the Roosters already have paid good money to lure Angus Crichton from South Sydney as back row partner for Boyd Cordner, with capable Mitchell Aubusson as bench substitute. In addition the Roosters already have an up and coming star Victor Radley at No 13, with a very good Isaac Liu as bench substitute. So I cannot see the Roosters fitting SBW into a place in the team, or under the salary cap, especially if their great asset Cooper Cronk decides to play for one more year.
  4. Manfred Mann

    SBW to Toronto??

    If Sonny Bill WIlliams signs for the Toronto Wolfpack for 2020, on the assumption that Toronto makes Super League in 2020, and the team also signs a quality half (e.g. Jackson Hastings), then, with the existing exceptional talent of Ricky Leutele in the centres, the Toronto Wolfpack will not be a one year wonder in Super League. They will retain their position for 2021 and might even make the playoffs in 2020.
  5. Now that English fans have had a taste of the Sydney Roosters, I wonder how many with Sky subscriptions will follow the Roosters campaign in the NRL? In less than four weeks from now Sky will show the opening round of the NRL, with Sydney Roosters up against South Sydney (including the three Burgess brothers, Greg Inglis, Damien Cook, Alex Johnston, under new coach Wayne Bennett) on a Friday morning. It looks like a belter of a game is in store. I for one will be watching.
  6. It would be nice for France if Robinson would be the national coach.
  7. Manfred Mann

    Fouad Yaha back at Catalan

    Steve McNamara has now a great choice of riches. His player roster now includes three very good wingers (Broughton, Tierney and Yaha) competing for two wing spots, as well as having two other outstanding attacking backs (Sam Tomkins and Tony Gigot) who can play in different back line positions. Yaha, who is only 23, will be a good long term boost for the French national side as well.
  8. Manfred Mann

    If money was no object...

    I forgot to add that I would use my money to influence the RFL and Super League to allow one person to be at least part owner of more than one team (as Ian Lenegan was for a short time with London and Wigan), so that I could be a part owner of London Broncos and Toulouse Olympique at least, and perhaps Avignon Bisons as well (so long as the latter were not in Super League). I would hope to relinquish eventually my ownership of all but one of these clubs to other highly motivated wealthy men, and eventually all clubs, in order to take up an appointment as Chairman of the RFL, of Super League, and of the RLIF.
  9. The Sydney Roosters have only one competent goal kicker, Siosiua Taukeiaho, given the absence of regular goal kicker Latrell Mitchell. The Roosters' problem is that he is a prop forward and will only be on the field for half the game. So the Roosters will be depending on scoring a lot more tries than Wigan in order to win.
  10. People need to go out and get their tickets while they still can. This could just surprise all the pundits, including myself, and turn out to be a great match.
  11. Obviously Wigan have no chance of winning. But I do hope that they put up a show which does not include gratuitous violence from dirty Ben Flower. I will be looking for Flower, Navarette, Bullock and Clubb to step up in the tussle in the middle, because that is the only way that WIgan can contain the Roosters. The two back lines are a total mismatch.
  12. If they could have built a car park at or near Stade des Minimes then maybe the local residents would not have been so opposed. But apparently a car park was not possible. A pity really, given the existing excellent metro train service to the ground.
  13. 22,000 in attendance will be good for the game, especially the 2,000 Saints fans who were given free tickets by the Roosters.😎
  14. The crowd atmosphere should be interesting. Does anyone expect the crowd to applaud when the Sydney Roosters score?
  15. Manfred Mann

    If money was no object...

    We need a team in Cardiff more than any other area of Wales.