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  1. Manfred Mann

    Jackson Hastings opens up on incident with Cherry Evans

    I don't. I wish to see the demise of Salford in 2019 (rather than the demise of London) and its replacement by Toronto. Hastings presence at Salford is just delaying what is best for Super League.
  2. If we had 4 teams in North America it would best be Toronto, Montreal, New York and either Boston or Philadelphia from a logistical point of view. However that would not be enough to create a North American League based in the major TV markets. You would also need Boston or Philadelphia (whichever was not in the initial 4) plus Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston for starters, then add probably San Francisco and Denver to make 10 geographically dispersed teams. Finally Vancouver and Seattle to make it 12 teams in strong TV markets. But where would the players come from? There is no point in these pie in the sky fantasies of a North American league until there is a grass roots development of north American players, and that would take years with the initial implanting of 4 North American teams (Toronto Montreal, New York and either Boston or Philadelphia), each of which clubs would have to create a junior structure based on local youth. 5 years later those juniors could be promoted to the professional teams that were the initial trans-Atlantic teams, and 10 years later there might be enough players to provide the basis for some further expansion into a national league as I have described. So any growth in North America would take at least 10 years before a stand alone domestic league was feasible.
  3. I don't know about the RFL because they are not well advertised. However the NRL produce a lot, which you can find on websites like
  4. How did you find that out? Also will any games be televised in 4K? I would be surprised inf they have invested in enough equipment for the upgrade from ordinary HD. State of Origin and the Grand Final would be the obvious first choices for new technology video.
  5. Manfred Mann

    Toulouse sign Vaivai

    Is he any good? What position does he play?
  6. The RFL and NRL have all their matches filmed in HD. They could produce two versions of a video -- HD and SD -- at minimal cost. But the majority who have adopted HD already deserve better than an inferior product.
  7. Yes, but it is an easy issue to overcome. Just common sense really.
  8. We are now entering the period when TV and video technology has gone beyond the standards of mere High Definition. The sale standard for TVs and video players in most electronic stores is now 4K Ultra High Definition. Mere High Definition is obsolescent. And Standard Definition is totally obsolete, a relic of the past, like non-flat screen TVs, and VHS tape players and recorders. Yet rugby league videos are still being released in totally obsolete Standard Definition. The fact is that you cannot buy a Standard Definition TV or DVD player any more. The options are either a HD TV or Blu-Ray player, or increasingly a 4K UHD TV and a 4K UHD Blu Ray player. Most TVs in homes in the advanced western countries are now at least High Definition. All rugby league games in the UK and Australia are broadcast in HD. Eventually it will be broadcast in UHD. So rugby league organisations in both the UK and Australia are serving us up their commercial videos in an obsolete and low grade technology format. What is the matter with the RFL and NRL?
  9. Manfred Mann

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    France is the answer.
  10. Manfred Mann

    Toulouse Stadium

    What has happened to Carlos Zalduendo and his relationship with Toulouse Olympique? He is a former police bureaucrat who allegedly had good relations with all the power brokers in Toulouse. Was that alleged influence true or false? And is he still connected to the club?
  11. Manfred Mann

    SL predictions

    Sounds pretty close to me.
  12. Manfred Mann

    Shaun Johnson is now a free agent

    According to the Australian press he is looking for a one year contract before he moves to the Sydney Roosters. Surely there are several SL clubs that could afford him as a marquee player for one year.
  13. Manfred Mann

    Shaun Johnson is now a free agent

    Wigan could use Shaun Johnson for one year while they seek another quality scrum half to replace him. If Johnson goes to the Sydney Roosters in 2020, then expect the man that the Roosters are currently grooming to replace Cooper Cronk, Lachlan Lam, to be on the market for 2020, and a possible choice for Wigan. On the other hand Wigan could possibly sign Gareth Widdop immediately.
  14. Manfred Mann

    Shaun Johnson is now a free agent

    He has a very good defence for a man of his stature. He is also a reasonable goal kicker and a good field kicker. But his greatest attributes are his speed and footwork in attack, and his ability to see an opening. At his best he is simply superb and absolutely unplayable.
  15. Manfred Mann

    Shaun Johnson is now a free agent

    He could be scrum half or stand off for a team. These days there is not necessarily a huge difference between the two positions.