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  1. nrl Arrest warrant issued for exiled NRL star Ben Barba An arrest warrant has been prepared for banned NRL star Ben Barba after he did not show up to a North Queensland court. AAP and staff writers news.com.au MAY 28, 20198:42AM Former NRL star Ben Barba is expected to appear in court on Tuesday on public nuisance offences following an incident at a Townsville Casino in January that cost him a lucrative deal with the North Queensland Cowboys. Barba will be required to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court after he failed to present himself to the court on Monday. The Courier-Mail reports the arrest warrant is on file, but will only be served if the former Broncos and Bulldogs star fails to attend the court at 11am (AEST) on Tuesday. Channel 9 reported on Monday night Barba failed to appear in court because his lawyer Campbell MacCallum was unable to catch the flight he needed to make it to Mackay for the scheduled appearance. 29-year-old Barba was sacked by the Cowboys in February without playing a game over allegations he was violent towards his partner Ainslie Currie in the Australia Day incident. Ms Currie did not press charges. The 2012 Dally M medallist had been offered a lifeline to return to the NRL with the Cowboys after stints with French rugby union and the English Super League. However, the NRL gave the father of four a lifetime ban after viewing CCTV footage of the incident outside the casino. Police allege Barba threw rocks at Currie, who is the mother of their four children. Former North Queensland Cowboy Ben Barba is now playing soccer.Source:Supplied The incident resulted in the Cowboys ripping up Barba’s contract, reportedly worth $300,000 for the 2019 season. The NRL then deregistered him in a move that prohibited any rival clubs from trying to sign the speedster. NRL boss Todd Greenberg said at the time the game would refuse to register any future contract of Barba’s if he was found guilty. “We have run out of patience and tolerance for misbehaviour off the field,” Greenberg said in February. “Violence against women is the very top of that list. If you’re violent against a woman you can expect to be removed from the game. It starts now. “The Cowboys have acted quickly and decisively to terminate Ben Barba’s contract. That’s a club showing the leadership that’s required. “I haven’t seen the footage as yet but if it shows violence towards a woman then really there’s no debate. Ben Barba will be out of the NRL immediately and I can’t see him ever returning.” The 29-year-old was already on his last chance after being forced out of the game in 2016 after recording his second illicit drugs strike following Cronulla’s premiership win. He is now playing football with the Mackay Rangers in the Mackay Premier League.
  2. I would choose either Newcastle or Camp Nou for 2020.
  3. Who should be dropped next week to make way for the return of Sam Tomkins in the Challenge Cup game against Hull FC? (a) Matty Smith, (b) Samisoni Langi (c) Lewis Tierney (if Langi is moved to centre and Mead to the wing)? I would say that form dictates (a), but that does not guarantee that Steve McNamara will do it.
  4. Struggled with injury, plus competing with Yaha, Tierney and sometimes also Mead for two wing spots
  5. You mean he likes to eat at McDonalds artery clogger store at Engadine?
  6. Scott Morrison (ScoMo) is a lifetime Cronulla Sharks fan. Regardless of the sport and the country, it is most unlikely that any Prime Minister in any country would attend a local club game the day after he/she had won an election. This action by ScoMo is part of the popular image of the man which enabled him to confound the experts and the polls, and win an election which the pundits almost universally predicted he would lose. Fortunately for the fate of rugby league in the southern hemisphere, ScoMo's offer to help fund development of rugby league in Fiji will now go ahead.
  7. It was the NSW State election which was decisive for stadium redevelopment in Sydney. The Liberals won and so the redevelopment will take place. This means that Sydney will probably have the biggest and best rugby league friendly stadium (ANZ) in the world.
  8. How will Catalans arrange their halves with Tomkins and Smith out? I would think that Gigot will partner Langi in the halves, with Mead going to full back and Whitley going to the centres with WIlliame. Yaha and Tierney on the wings. Any other move -- like the failed experiment of having Greg Bird at No 6, will lose Catalans the game for sure.
  9. Why don't just wait and see how Ryan Hall goes in an actual NRL game, before making baseless speculations?
  10. I agree, though the TV image will be disappointing if there are less than 40,000 sitting in the lower tiers.
  11. There is talk of the NRL expanding beyond 16 clubs in time for the next TV contract. It is not a certainty, but definitely possible for 2022. If that happens the likely new teams are, in order of likelihood, Perth, Brisbane 2 and Wellington. I doubt that the NRL will add more than two clubs in its next expansion. But those new NRL clubs will require a combined playing roster of around 60 players. Where will those players come from? The big problem with any expansion in the number of NRL clubs is the already existing shortage of quality players, especially in the spine positions. The only option would be for the NRL, with its superior salary cap and funding, to attract former NRL players back to Australia from the northern hemisphere. Players like Blake Austin, Lachlan Coote, Trent Merrin and Konrad Hurrell will be in high demand for the new NRL clubs, who will be able to outbid the English, French and north American clubs for talent. Moreover, many quality English players will be recruited to NRL clubs, in the manner that Canberra and South Sydney have done. The immediate result will be a decline in the quality of the Super League game. Without the NRL imports and English stars Super League will be less attractive to watch. What can Super League do to alleviate such a problem? The player pools are limited in the heartlands, and cannot sustain even the current 12 Super League clubs. That is why there are so many imports from the NRL. In my opinion the only solution to the strains to Super League caused by possible future NRL expansion is to find new player pools in other parts of Britain and overseas. That is an argument for reforming Super League, with new clubs in the expansion areas. A Super League club in London should become a necessity. Developing the game in other areas like Newcastle should be supported. France is another important development area, as is north America. Perhaps there are prospects in Eastern Europe (e.g. Serbia) and the Middle East if funding can be found. However expansion in the northern hemisphere is pointless without the proviso that these new clubs must have junior structures in place in order to join Super League. Toulouse does have such junior structures. Ottawa is apparently planning that. But Toronto appears not appear to care. Toronto must be compelled to rectify that situation. The north American candidate clubs need to work on recruiting rugby union and NFL reject players to rugby league. New players pools outside the existing heartlands have to be found or else the northern hemisphere game will wither into a second rate feeder competition for the NRL
  12. If we get 30,000 there it will probably be considered a success.
  13. As a side note, the good Bradford crowd demonstrates why we need Bradford back in Super League. On the other hand, the poor Salford crowd shows why we don't need Salford in Super League.
  14. Having Super League clubs playing the NRL clubs will in no way close the gap between SL and NRL. The only way to close the gap is to expand the game in the northern hemisphere, so that it is no longer primarily a boutique northern England game. We need to have playing in Super League at least two southern England teams, at least two French teams, and several teams from north America, all of whom should be required to have youth structures to recruit from in the future, and all of whom would have significant corporate sponsorship. Only then will the player talent pool start to expand, only then will northern hemisphere player quality start to rise, only then will TV contracts for rugby league become more lucrative, and only then will the British media stop treating rugby league as a minor boutique northern England game . The current system of promotion and relegation is biased against serious expansion. Look at the current situation. It is likely that the single existing London team will be dropped from Super League at the end of this season, to be replaced by either Toronto or Toulouse. Yet Super League needs to retain a team in London as well as add Toronto and Toulouse. And that development, which we all know is practical, would only be a start of expansion, because we need to aim for at least four professional clubs in each of the expansion target areas in order to attract fans and lucrative television contracts. Further expansion as I have described would take time, but it can be done. The only way any guaranteed expansion could happen is if we go back to licencing. That is the answer to the "gap."
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