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  1. It doesn't say anything about him coming to Super League. London Broncos could use him. However the owner is a cheap skate who won't even pay money for a quality half, let alone a back rower.
  2. Catalans have more than enough good forwards. Their top back rowers are Greg Bird, Jason Baitieri, Benjamin Garcia, Benjamin Jullien, Kenny Edwards, and Matt Whitley. They don't need SBW. Israel Folau would be a better investment. Izzie could play full back, Tony Gigot goes to centre with Brayden Williame, and David Mead moves to the wing. Three other players - Lewis Tierney, Fouad Yaha, and Jodie Broughton fight for one other wing spot, or better still, one of those three transfers to Toulouse.
  3. Sorry, but outside the UK Liverpool is first recognised as the birthplace of The Beatles.
  4. PNG (now has) and Fiji (2020 or 2021 will have) club teams in the second division of Australian rugby league. Sunshine Coast Stadium was the venue for last weekend's South Sydney Rabbitohs vs New Zealand Warriors clash and attracted a very good crowd of 11.912 (over 3,000 more than the Gold Coast Titans attracted to their home game at the Gold Coast's Cbus Stadium)..
  5. Having one story in the New York Times is a great coup, but will not have any impact on the success of the New York venture. We need to have more articles in the future. But the Murdoch owned New York Post tabloid, if directed by the company's heir apparent Lachlan Murdoch (a huge rugby league fan) to regularly cover the new New York rugby league team, will be more effective than the New York Times in getting bums on seats. New York will not be a big rugby league success if its only north American competitors are Canadian cities. We need at least one if not more US cities (specifically Boston, or Philadelphia, or Chicago) to participate in competition with New York for there to be serious north American TV coverage and thus for the New York public to become quite interested.
  6. NRL clubs will not want to relocate. Cronulla has a lot of property assets and will not collapse, unlike the prospects for Salford. Manly will not want to relocate, and in any case the NRL needs to retain a Sydney club north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The NRL needs to go to 20 teams by 2023: just add Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane 2, and Wellington to the current 16. In the future, say in 10 years, PNG, Fiji, Christchurch and the Sunshine Coast (Queensland) can be added to make 24 NRL clubs The only problem is that Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane 2 will thin out the senior NRL player pool in Australia. Wellington will probably recruit a lot of young Kiwi players from local rugby league and rugby union clubs and thus not be as big a drain on the senior player pool. But NRL expansion will mean some weaker NRL teams in the short term, until the new clubs' junior systems start to produce more young recruits for the NRL. The problem of the exisitng senior player pool vindicates Perez's decision to try to base Ottawa's development future on a degree of local player recruitment.
  7. We will have three north American professional rugby league clubs in 2020. That is great news. But more should be on the horizon, especially if they commit to establishing junior structures and local player recruitment. Which should the next one or two clubs be? Montreal? Boston? Philadelphia? Chicago? Jacksonville?
  8. North Queensland Cowboys are desperate for a quality full back. They have A$1 million to spare. Israel could go there if he would only stop his public outbursts.
  9. Imagine mighty New York playing little Workington Town? The whole concept is ludicrous. New York and Ottawa should be fast tracked into the Championship. The only demand that should be made of these big city clubs is that they have a professional marketing department and that they create a junior structure to spread the game at the grass roots.
  10. I wish the lovely young man and excellent rugby league player Scott Dureau the best of luck with his liver cancer operation, and pray that he can survive.
  11. Is he still able to play for Sheffield?
  12. There is no famous rugby league player in the history of the game named Thirston.
  13. The shortage of quality halves in rugby league is crippling the quality of the game, especially in the northern hemisphere. Halves are crucial to the creativity and attractiveness of the game. For too long Super League clubs have been happy to import halves from Down Under, rather than growing them locally. Salford is only competing with the top Super League clubs, rather than sitting at the bottom of Super League, because of its two imported Australian halves. And the situation in Super League is about to get worse. The Canberra Raiders have had such difficulty securing quality halves, especially after losing Blake Austin, that they are considering signing Wigan's George Williams and, perhaps, Theo Fages. If Fages doesn't go to Canberra he may still go to another NRL club. If that happens it will definitely make the situation in Super League worse. If the NRL expands in the coming few years (by at least two clubs), in preparation for the next TV contract negotiations, then the shortage of halves will become a crisis. No Super League club will be able to afford an NRL quality half. Super League is also expanding into north America, which is not yet producing any rugby league players. Toronto Wolfpack does not have a quality half, so how will it compete at the upper levels of Super League? The lack of quality halves will impinge on the success of expansion of the game. How can rugby league cultivate home grown half talent? Do we need to put money into a junior system in Canada? Do we need to buy halves from rugby union in the UK, France, or north America? Something drastic needs to be done soon
  14. Trying to predict the outcome of most Super League games is a fool's errand -- unless St. Helens are playing.
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