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  1. If the RFL was run by people with vision, then all three of the expansion clubs -- Toronto, Toulouse and London -- would be promoted to a 14 team Super League. But their presence would have to be protected by a return to licensing. Such a strategic plan would make the Super League a more valuable product to TV networks in the UK, France and north America.
  2. Manfred Mann

    Vive la France

    The main way for French rugby league to develop further is to have Toulouse playing in Super League alongside the Catalans. That situation would spur greater interest in the game of rugby league not only in the greater Toulouse metropolitan area, but all over southwestern France, and to a lesser extent even beyond the southwest. Unfortunately with the current promotion and relegation system in place in the RFL there is no guarantee of Toulouse's promotion in the near future, even though Toulouse is already at least competitive with other Championship teams contending for promotion. So unless the RFL decides to expand Super League to 14 with two more clubs that include Toulouse, or else returns to licencing -- as the NRL operates with so successfully -- Toulouse's promotion and hence the growth of rugby league in France is a prospect that may not eventuate.
  3. Manfred Mann

    Lachlan Lam

    Has it been confirmed that Lachlan Lam will play for Wigan in 2019? And if so what is the length of his contract? I would have thought that the Sydney Roosters, who have nurtured Lachlan Lam for several years, would want him back when Cooper Cronk retires, for the year 2020.
  4. It is too soon to know. I would hope that Leeds is not in the MPG. Super League needs Leeds. The best thing for the future of the game would be for Salford to join Widnes in relegation, with both Toronto and Toulouse getting promoted. But that doesn't look like it is going to happen given the performance of Salford after signing Jackson Hastings .... unless of course Hastings suddenly starts to get into fights with his team mates, as he did at Manly.
  5. There were solid rumours earlier in the year that Fouad Yaha was considering a move to rugby union. However in the "YahaCam" video of the post-victory Wembley celebrations I think I hear him saying "this is a great game." It is very important for the French national rugby league team, more than for Catalans, that he stays with rugby league. But will he stay or go? Is there anyone with inside knowledge on this forum?
  6. Catalans will be physically and mentally unable to play anywhere near their best. Plus Catalans have absolutely no chance of making the SL finals, so why should they care? If Catalans were somehow to win in their post-Wembley condition then Castleford should just throw in the towel and forget about trying to reach Old Trafford.
  7. Toronto, with its big experienced pack, should win at home. But who really knows?
  8. It is all up to the Toulouse forwards. If they can hold their own in defence, and lay a platform in attack, then the talented Toulouse back line, especially led by Stan Robin and Jonathan Ford, will create the winning number of tries.
  9. Manfred Mann

    New Aussie PM big Rugby League fan

    Malcolm, Turnbull is a Sydney Roosters fan. Scott Morrison looks like he favours Cronulla.
  10. Manfred Mann

    Catalans Salary Cap

    Interesting situation. What is the solution?
  11. Manfred Mann

    George Williams to NRL

    Bennett's future at Brisbane is unclear. No decision has been made on his contract, which goes till the end of 2019.
  12. Manfred Mann

    Barba going back to NRL

    Cronulla already have said that they don't have the money or the slot for Barba.
  13. Manfred Mann

    Barba going back to NRL

  14. Manfred Mann

    Player Drain

    The only solution for the player drain in Super League is having north American money coming into Super League, with the advent of Super League clubs not only in Toronto, but also in New York and Boston, and either Montreal, Chicago or Philadephia. However if those clubs were actually to eventuate, and find their way into Super League, most of the top English and especially Antipodean NRL players initially would be eager to play for the north American clubs, not the English clubs. On the other hand, over time the increase in TV revenue and corporate sponsorship resulting from the north American factor could increase the spending capacity (and the salary cap) of English clubs, so that they might be able to retain their locally produced talent and even attract foreign talent. However all of these rosiest of scenarios will take time, if they ever happen.