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  1. Success in North America

    I don't believe that "Manc Yank" is who he says he is. He reads like a parody. If so he has suckered a lot of forum contributors.
  2. Do people think that having Avignon in the RFL Championship could be a good thing for French rugby league? It would probably pillage the French Elite of some of its best players. On the other hand you would have many more French players learning to play against strong competition. Who knows, Avignon could eventually be promoted to Super League to follow in the footsteps of Toulouse.
  3. Bienek could turn out to be better, much better, than the Burgess twins. That would imply that he would be playing for England. But unless London Broncos rejoins Super League, he won't be carving out his rugby league career in London.
  4. Catalans announce squad

    This is a team which has a strong forward pack (including reserves) and a very strong back 3 (with Tierney as reserve), but which is uncertain as to the performance of the halves, and weak in the centres. Now if only Tony Gigot could win his appeal against his ban, then the club could slot him right into the centres in place of Thornleigh, and the team would suddenly look threatening to the big boys. Mind you, if the halves do work out well, then the team might still threaten the big boys, especially at Gilbert Brutus.
  5. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    I must say that I am sorry, even sad, that Hamilton looks like being the second Canadian SL club, rather than Montreal. The latter has such a magical brand name recognition which Hamilton surely does not. Montreal alongside Toronto would do wonders for the game in Canada. I wonder why Montreal has fallen through, when Perez was so confidently predicting its imminent appearance at the beginning of Toronto's rise.
  6. Catalans announce squad

    As an aside, Olivier Janzac is the brother in law of Freddy Zitter. Does anyone know what has happened to Freddy? The former France winger once had a stint as captain-coach of Lyon-Villeurbane.
  7. Catalans signing?

    I thought that Louis Anderson had left Catalans. Am I wrong?
  8. Catalans signing?

    There are already five quality props. They would do better there than Baitieri. Rotating McIlorum and Aiton at hooker, with Bird and Baitieri rotated at 13, makes more sense.
  9. Catalans signing?

    The Catalans already have Greg Bird and Jason Baitieri marked for the No 13 slot.
  10. Catalans signing?

    People have not noticed that Paul Aiton is retained along with the signing of McIlorum. That gives the Catalans a very powerful hooker rotation option. I suspect that it will greatly improve the team's performances in 2018.
  11. Catalans signing?

    We will know in about 24 - 36 hours whether the Catalans have signed Mickey Mack.
  12. Catalans signing?

    Is Paul Aiton leaving Catalans?
  13. 2018 predictions aren’t so easy.

    I suggested that Yaha losing weight could be the catalyst for Yaha's success, not by itself for Catalans success.
  14. Ukrainian Rugby League

    Two of the teams are based on small cities. Pity that there are not teams in the big regional cities of Odessa and Dniepropetrovsk. Those two cities plus Kiev, Kharkiv and Lviv, would make up a truly representative sample of Ukraine. Still we should be grateful for anything in Ukraine if the teams are all playing regularly.
  15. 2018 predictions aren’t so easy.

    He should be. But the slackness of the conditioning regime at Catalans in recent years has stopped the club from performing to its potential.