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  1. Completely agree I never knew why he didn't play perhaps out of favour. I need 2 or more tonight to stand a chance and a barba injury!!!
  2. I had £25 each way on Johnstone at 25/1 top regular try scorer given he's 5 behind barba what are my chances? Saints got 3 hard games and barba not scoring as much as he was. Clutching at straws?
  3. I am sure a lot of people on here enjoy a bet not much is said about it. I would like to start a thread on what a think are great bets for this week and why. Widnes to beat Salford 17/10 seems a big price in a 50 50 game Salford very poor form Widnes played well against Catalan for 60 minutes. Both teams shot with injuries Widnes just got a few back. Saints -8 to beat Leeds I think they can win by 20+ it will be tough for 30 minutes then the speed and form will show no injuries for saints to worry about a top bet. I am only tipping these 2 as they really stand out. People's thoughts?.......
  4. Col81


    Not read Stanley genes. Seems it was a popular thing to do last one I bought was hocks now it seems to have died
  5. Does anybody know of any very recent or new biographies coming out? Read the usual ones, long, newton, radlinski etc etc. Suprised people like wellens, Ellis etc haven't done one?
  6. As a saints fan I would be gutted to see this happen, when do people think he will stay until? Could he leave mid season? Best player I've seen in a long time
  7. Col81

    Top tryscorer

    I fancied Mano at hudd did him at 25/1 and I did tom Johnstone at 16/1 I ish I hadn't of done mamo now. Being a saints fan grace will get try's but perhaps not 25 which should win it. Percival looks like he will get a lot of service off barba
  8. After round 1 who do people fancy for top tryscorer or a Good each way chance some good odds on betfred app/site
  9. Col81

    how much would this accum win you?

    Gates1 all of your bets look great similar thoughts to myself. If the bookies don't like the bets they will find a way to not pay out.
  10. I just think Eden will get marked out of games this year everyone knows what he is about. He isn't a suprise now. Same with mcgilvery. Grace looks a good punt
  11. Some very good thinks you have said. I bet heavily on nearly all games but this year I am doing some heavy anti post bets. My only concern with roby is limited game time. If Barba fires nobody in the league can touch him
  12. Saints fan! So am I but I think: 1. One of a few 2. Barba 3. Saints
  13. Who do people see for the following season winning the following? 1. Top try scorer 2. Man of steel 3. Regular season winner
  14. Anyone know how to get this on? I used to have it I'm desperate to get it back on or something similar on kodi for all sky sports