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  1. the old nine ole

    Bulls 20 Rams 18

    This has been a very worthwhile exercise........ but it could and should have been more organised and communicated!! Hopefully it will have proved worthwhile to all the clubs involved and the competition will continue again next season with the learnings embraced from this year! Specifically I would suggest that the format should be communicated at the start of the competition and the proposed dates and times template should also be communicated prior to the competition. What I perceive as random dates and kick off times have inevitably impacted attendances .... from my own perspective the short notice and kick off time for the York game means I won't be able to attend!
  2. the old nine ole

    Bulls 20 Rams 18

    We lacked the power close to the Bulls line with no one able to drive through! ... If Andrade had played today we would have won by a distance!! Shame he is going to miss the start of the season .... we heard today he is out for 5 weeks with a hand injury! Still plenty to work on .... but also plenty to be cautiously optimistic about as well! Ryder ... what a player he is going to be!!
  3. the old nine ole

    Semi final

    I think you are probably right .... but I think he will have to balance the two teams so as not to 'insult' the Giants and especially Michael Lawrence ... So while prioritising the cup, I still think he will have to have a few 'names' in Sundays team also.
  4. the old nine ole

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    I see the Bulls have 2 games in 2 days .. us on Saturday and the Giants on Sunday .... I also read that Lee is going to rest some of the players that have already played 2 games ...and Bradford are going to have to find 2 competitive teams over 2 days .... given such dilution of the squads .... what sort of game would be expected?? for us Morton, A Brown, Leeming, Sykes, Andrade, Walshaw , Ward , Garrett and Knowles have played in both games .... I can't see us winning if all 9 are rested ..... equally what will the Bulls do ... they have a 30 plus squad so will be able to find 2 teams ..... but will they prioritise?? I think I would want both teams to declare their squads 24 hours before the game .... but I doubt if they will
  5. the old nine ole

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    Got to say I am not sure Toby Richardson will ever be a prop ... second row yes .. but propping is asking too much of him .. in my opinion! ....We have Sheriffe Andrade Nicholson Hallas .... ... Garrett and Trout at a push! and that guy from Cas .. can't remember his name is it Rae? ...
  6. the old nine ole

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    So now we have had a couple of games to look at our squad ..... how do you think we should line up against the Bulls? for me I would like to see us move towards what might be our line up for the start of the season ..... and to speculate on what I have seen so far...this is what I would like to see .... a mixture of nailed on starters and those who have shown promise! Morton Gabriel Ryder Leeming Brown/Worrincy Sykes Brown Sheriffe Ward Andrade Walshaw Garrett Knowles Thomas Trout Day Hallas ( I don't think we have seen him yet)
  7. the old nine ole

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    Chinese whispers and all that ... I was told the games were going to be spread around the grounds so all fans had the opportunity to attend ... and gate monies were to be shared .... I was expecting say a double header at Fev with us playing a semi against York/Bulls/Dogs and Fev say playing Parkside ..... still its not been well publicised so I guess it is what it is!! .... organised on the back of a fag packet and made up on the hop! and of course from a financial perspective playing at Odsal probably guarantees more revenue to share!!
  8. the old nine ole

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    So how come they get 2 home ties!!!! .... I thought the idea was to spread it round the grounds!!
  9. the old nine ole

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    If correct .... very interesting draw! I've always wondered how 2 teams not used to the hill would cope with it!! ... Although Kear probably has a few ideas .... then again so might Greenwood!!
  10. the old nine ole

    Nice win rams

    Tony Halmshaw ... April 46 .... touch and go!!! ☺️
  11. the old nine ole

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    haha ... I usually have a policy not to bite ...... but!! ..Is it really a moan?? I see it more of passing on information with an opinion that could be perceived as either pointing out a missed opportunity or speculating as to the reasons for the closure! The only moan might have been about the Carlsberg ( surely thats just fair game ) and at least I also pitched a positive in that I wont break my January pledge!! For me a moan is usually a negative opinion without offering an alternative!! ..... or an upside! I am neither unhappy or in pain!!! ..... Still happy to win the prize!! ... first one of the year!! ..thank you!! ....
  12. the old nine ole

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    It says on the Rams website that the Bailey bar is closed tomorrow for logistical reasons!!! ... Am I missing something??? .... the only logistical reason I can think of is that it might get busy!! Its just a pub outside the ground!! ... unless there are staffing issues and that there aren't enough people to cover the Royal and the Amber ribbon bars .... as well as the BB ..... if so that's a shame as the revenue from all 3 bars would have been excellent .. and all us south standers will have to make do with Carlsberg!!! 😒 Ah ... afterthought .. is it being designated as players lounge after the York Hunslet game? .... they could have used a section of the Royal!!! ...... Still hey ho ... being Carlsberg at least I won't break my dry for Jan pledge!!
  13. the old nine ole

    The Dewsbury Faithful sponsorship

    Good idea ..... gets my vote!
  14. the old nine ole

    Meet The Players Evening

    Couldn't make it last night ... sounds as though I missed a very entertaining evening!! Could someone who was there let us know if the squad numbers were announced and if they were, does anyone remember what they are ...... and maybe post them on here to inform those of us who couldn't make it last night!! Thanks
  15. the old nine ole

    New shirt

    Nope .... Gerry and the Pacemakers!! ...... so are we dreamers or pacemakers??