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  1. the old nine ole

    Players For 2019

    Welcome Jack! ... you are in good company and in real competition as we seem to have a plethora of second row / centres!! ...... does this mean Walshaw has not accepted his offer? We need a prop!! ... or two!! .... and what about Brad Delaney ??? .... his back up play makes a real difference!
  2. the old nine ole

    Players For 2019

    Apparently a new signing to be announced later today!! ....... I hope its a big hard running prop!!
  3. the old nine ole

    Players For 2019

    Indeed!!! .... here we go again!! The silence is deafening!!! We rely on the newsfeed in the close season to maintain our interest and build anticipation for the new season...... Also with many of the new funding targets based on social medial aspects I thought it would have been in the clubs best interests to drip feed us a few sprats !!! .... Come on Steven Downs .... give us something to talk about ... or we will probably do our usual and make something up!!
  4. the old nine ole

    Players For 2019

    Are there any more worth taking??? ... 😉 We need a couple of big wrecking ball props!!
  5. the old nine ole

    Players For 2019

    Cameron Leeming .... just watched his 2018 highlights on Youtube... looks very strong, scoring some good short distance try's .. and tackles very well ... maybe more of a second row than a centre ... but can't really tell on a few clips on youtube
  6. the old nine ole

    Players For 2019

    Of course I defer to your superior knowledge!! .... give us a clue!
  7. the old nine ole

    Players For 2019

    Copied from twitter page!! dare we hope??? ... A big prop ... a classy half back ..... Or Sykes and Walshaw!! .... or...????? Rams fans keep an eye out for an announcement that will happen at 8pm tonight. #JoinedTheRampage
  8. the old nine ole

    Steve Lingard - Passed Away

    I always thought the Mick Stevie money paid for the floodlights!!! ... although I remember Brunyee
  9. the old nine ole

    2019 Signings

    Please be specific as to what constitutes grief! ..... you have done nothing but throw unsubstantiated accusations around on the Rams forum and now the Rams forum is bored of your rhetoric you are now starting on the Eagles forum!! ..... you seem to have an agenda! .....
  10. the old nine ole

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    Ossett breweries Yorkshire Blonde et al!! ... now that would make sense ... local 'good' beer .. local club!! Its such a no brainer .... but I guess the discounts would make it difficult to realise.... still worth a shout though1
  11. the old nine ole

    Interesting development at Sheffield

    Not really sure where you see anyone really criticising Brownie .... In the main we would all have preferred him to stay!! ..... But it also appears you have a real problem with Sykesie and have criticised him in a way that you rightly point out is unacceptable to a player that give 100%... is that your own opinion or maybe that of an ex player or two .. which might explain some of the morale issues last season! For me Sykes is our most creative player ... our best tackler .... and our most reliable kicker!! ... .. and I for one hopes he signs on again this season!
  12. the old nine ole

    Interesting development at Sheffield

    I was disappointed to read that Brown, Guzdek and Glover had signed for Sheffield .... I would have liked all three to stay but I wish them the best with their new club ... but reflecting on the impact of their departure ..... Browny was a good player ... but not big enough for a forward and not fast enough or tricky enough for a half! ... had some great games, never forget the tries away at Fev and the long distance one at Swinton, but also had some very easily forgettable ones too.... shouldn't be too difficult to replace! Guzdek burst onto the scene with an amazing first season ... then drifted a bit the next season and not really building on his first season ... this year has been very inconsistent with an absolute stinker away at Rochdale ... but equally an amazing performance away at Fev and all things in-between .... would have liked him to stay though ... but maybe needs another challenge ... not guaranteed first choice at Sheffield though. Glover.... an enigma!! Seemed average .. then seemed to develop some real pace and swerve .... then average ... was excellent at the back end of 2017 fully deserving his Amber Ribbon POY award ... but has been very poor this season .. probably demotivated by the way Kelly managed him ... defence never being his strength .... it was his missed tackle that caused Reillys injury away at Swinton ...again shouldn't be too difficult to replace! I hope my words don't return to haunt me but I dint think we should get too upset about these 3 departures .. They were not world beaters and especially with Glover who seemed to also have a negative effect on team morale... lets find 3 players who want to play for the team ..... and I know its only words so far but Greenwoood has charisma and appears well grounded .. if he can engender some real team spirit and we recruit a few half decent players ... then who knows what the season will bring ... hopefully at least a win against Sheffield!! Just a few thoughts whilst waiting for the test match ...... Right the test has just kicked off ...
  13. the old nine ole

    Interesting development at Sheffield

    And I bet they already have 10000 members on Our League ... Just how do they do it??
  14. the old nine ole

    Support our league now

    In order to raise the profile of this important issue ... I have pinned it in the hope it will attract more attention and of course Rams sign ups. ...... Just been checking what other clubs are doing to promote our league ...... it seems some clubs have a link pinned to the top of their twitter page ... seems like a good idea to me ... Perhaps someone could mention it to Stephen Downs .. and he could action it. Maybe also the mods on the Banter page could promote it with a pinned link.
  15. the old nine ole

    Players For 2019

    Good to hear Sykes has been offered a deal ... lets hope he accepts!! ...his game reading and tackling are the best we have! Might he play full back next year?? ...