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  1. Just what is going on ?????

    The current state of non communication is bordering on farce!! Interested and loyal fans are getting the 'mushroom' treatment!! ........ Take the current situation with Gaz Moore ... his current status being posted as anything from retired through injury to retirement through business commitments ...left the club to playing this weekend!! No injury updates, or anything from the club ... just the odd piece of information from 'those in the know' ...... or from a friend of a friend .... which is not always correct, helpful or appreciated!! Year after year we seem to find a way to shoot ourselves in the foot! ... damaging all the feel good factor and goodwill that optimism creates. I personally dislike Chinese whispers ... they never lead to a positive environment... We have a comms department capable and able to give us a weekly update .... but if they don't know or are not empowered to let us know .... then the negativity created through 'mushroom' communication will continue to grow.
  2. Featherstone Rovers V Dewsbury Rams

    Add to this his business appears to be flourishing and demanding much more of his time than before. It would be a shame if we have seen the last of him, he gave us some great moments last season .... and for me he was the main reason we did not get relegated.
  3. Dewsbury Rams v Halifax RLFC

    its on .... its off.... oh it might still be on!!! meanwhile everyone has made alternate arrangements!!! Shambles!!! ....... now hoping the original decision to postpone is upheld!!
  4. Codebreakers.......

    Gwynn Davies must have been Welsh!!! ...... was he? .... you know the one that hit the ref!
  5. Barrow v Dewsbury

    Yes details on Rams website. Coach departure times amended A pitch inspection will take place at Barrow at 9.00am tomorrow. With this in mind, the supporters coach will now depart Hanging Heaton Working Men’s Club at 10.00am. It will arrive at The Timepiece in Dewsbury at 10.15am and Tesco Express in Mirfield at 10.30am. News regarding the staging of the match will appear here as soon as it is known.
  6. Neil Kelly Praise

    Fortunately NKs not on the list .... lets hope it stays that way! ..... or have a tenner at better than 100/1 ....... or we could put a grand on and sort out the salary cap!!! Latest odds are; .... Full odds (Betfred) – updated 28 February Kieron Purtill EVS Paul Anderson (England Knights) 5/2 Keiron Cunningham 7/2 Iestyn Harris 8/1 Geoff Toovey 16/1 Tony Smith 20/1 Paul Anderson (Leigh) 25/1 Brian Noble 25/1 Micky Higham 25/1 Lee Briers 33/1 Paul Rowley 100/1
  7. Rochdale Hornets Away

    Exactly like ...... I just had to look!! Rochdale Hornets‏Verified account @RochdaleHornets 13h13 hours ago More 59' Magic from Sykes who throws the no look pass and Dewsbury race away for a score totally against the run of play. Sykes adds the two. 0-38. 0 replies0 retweets0 likes
  8. Rochdale Hornets Away

    Does anyone know why we appear to be the only team in the league that does not post its squad at least 24 hours before a game ..... Every team in the league , apart from us, have posted their 19 this week ..... even Batley. Or have I missed it?
  9. Whinos Thumping.

    I too started to watch the game this morning and got bored just after half time .... the cynicism in the game these days is getting really boring .... 3 men in every tackle ...slowing down the p.t.b .... tackling the ball and trying to knock it loose....all these things and more are contributing, in my opinion, to poor entertainment!! ..... some may call it professionalism .... I call it boring!!! So I loaded up good old youtube and watched the highlights from the Challenge cup final between Wakefield and Hull in 1960.... pace .. line breaks ... super tries ... clean plays ... Entertainment!!! Oh and what a sight Eric Clay trying to keep up with play!! Classic!
  10. Dewsbury Rams vs Sheffield Eagles - 2/2/18

    For me a win is a win !!!... and the team showed great resilience to come back after losing a 14 point lead ... last year we would have capitulated ...and probably lost 14 - 30 !! ... the spirit is clearly much stronger than last year!!! Some real positives clearly evident in the performance... but!!! lets not fool ourselves .... last year we needed a scrum half to complete the team ... this year the 'elephant in the room' is the lack of another big strong prop!!! Jack never takes a backward step and plays well above his weight ... Jode and Toby are also good lads ... but thats it!!! ... they need help..... Kyle trout will never ever ever ever be a prop!!! our forwards are hard working but we are missing at least 1 if not more big, strong hard running hard tackling forwards to balance the squad .... what will happen when Jack Jode or Toby get injured or suspended??
  11. Bradford Bulls

    What 17 is his best 17??? ... not seen anything of Crowther and Simpson in our colours yet!! .. are they with us now? Guzdek Morton Hallett Glover Worrincy Sykes Moore Sheriffe Ward Teanby Knowles Walshaw Brown Everett Spicer Trout Day Crowther Simpson
  12. Stadium naming rights

    Just a left field perspective!! ..... Our stadium is in an amazing location!! fantastic and easy access by road with the MI and M62 on the doorstep ... wonderful views over Emily Moor and beyond .... On a good sunny day a fantastic place to play the best ball game in the World!! ... good parking, excellent facilities and family friendly!! Couple this with the areas proud 'past' and there is something to build an identity that references both the past the present and the future ...... I know where I would prefer to watch RL on a warm Sunday afternoon ...... think about the emotions ... Belle View... Wheldon Road... Post Office Road ... or Owl Lane !!! Try to create a bright sunny convenient pleasant perspective!! I am not an expert in Marketing but I suspect a good Marketing mind could harness the advantages and emotions and create an image that would attract appropriate sponsorship!! ..... and grow both their brand and also that of the Rams!! Just a thought!!
  13. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Wishlist ..... I big hard running prop forward ..... and good cover for Gaz Moore!! then ..... top 6 is possible!
  14. Season Ticket still not arrived

    I am sure Universal studios would pay much much more than Tetleys!!! ...... and we might be able to sort a DR arrangement with them for a big rampaging bull type front rower!!
  15. Griffin

    Actually he is currently on nowt!!! ....... can he afford that??