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  1. GAME MANAGEMENT!!!! Why did we not take the drop goal opportunity when we were 12 points up .... right in front of the posts!! No we threw it wide and Knowles got sin binned!! ... we know the rest!! ...... if we had taken that opportunity Knowles would not have been sin binned .. we probably would have stayed calm and seen the game out ... Kibula would not have been sent off!! ... This is not hindsight I was screaming it at the time!! Naivety.... doesn't come close .. complete lack of vision and clear thinking under pressure!! This is not the first time this has happened this season.... poor game management has cost us points this season !! again I repeat this is not hindsight ... its the beeping obvious!! RANT OVER!!
  2. Yes he had a half decent game at the bash defensively, under the high ball ..... and threatened to break on occasions! His pace and power are a real asset and need to be exploited more often.
  3. If we could get this team on the pitch we would win more than we would lose! Hooley Morton Ryder Walshaw Worrincy Sykes Finn Annakin Ward Garrett Trout Kibula Knowles ........ Day Igbinedion Andrade and Sherife ( unlucky for Gabriel who imo is pushing hard for a regular starting spot and Toby Richardson .... not seen enough of Kilner to assess)
  4. Yes Sykes is a big miss but it seems to have gone unnoticed that we have also missed the passion, drive and leadership Chris Annakin gave the team... our fall off in performance has coincided with both Sykes and Annakin not being in the team ..... I notice that he has not been involved in the recent trinity squad ... so here's hoping we can have him back this week to give that aggression and determination that we have been sadly missing! If he plays we might just get a positive result!
  5. Why has your coach released Tyler Whitaker .... he just about beat us ( Dewsbury ) on his own last year!
  6. I see Rochdales new coach has released Tyler Whitaker ... I seem to recollect he just about single handedly beat us at home last season .... would be a decent addition and great cover at stand off for Paul Sykes and is also a decent full back!... I have no idea why he has been released.
  7. Just watched his highlights on Youtube ... playing at prop!! Says he's a prop 6ft 5 and 112kg (17.5 stone in old money)
  8. No Luke Hooley .... so is it Morton or Gabriel at full back?? Kilner another prop on loan from Wigan ... guessing Iggy will continue at centre
  9. Thats the problem ... we never know how we are going to play!! Still our performance against Fev and Widnes were poorly attended by our fans and it appears not many will be there on Friday .... the team seem to save their best when no one is watching ... so you never know!! ..... so frustrating!!
  10. I would be very interested to learn the logic behind this crazy decision!! I can't think of a reason why playing after the main event is a good idea!! ... for me maybe rescheduling for the final to kick off at 4 might have been best ....but this crazy plan is open to so many problems .... As PM says it will be played in an almost empty stadium ... the losers fans go home usually on the whistle and don't wait for the presentation, the winners fans celebrate loudly encouraging a lap of honour ... many then go to the nearest watering hole..... the lap of honour is spontaneous and could last for over 30 minutes, so how can they schedule a kick off time without curtailing the spontenuity ....not withstanding the logistics issues of trains busses etc ... I bet they are also planning to close the bars and eateries inside the stadium at the usual time too!! I suppose they are worried that the pitch won't stand up to the two games and the TV showpiece might not be played on a pristine pitch.... such a shame this could have been the blueprint for the future and could have put extra bums on seats throughout the day ....I go every year and its obvious to me that the attendances are diminishing ... I also guess the 1895 cup wont be televised as the sponsors would not want an empty Wembley on the TV ... Hmm as a player what would I feel like playing at Wembley infront of a couple of thousand fans and not being televised! Then again we may have got it wrong and it might be the curtain raiser to a magnificent day of Rugby League in front of a packed Wembley crowd!! Hmmm .... I wonder if it turns out to be the Bulls v Widnes ... then they might have some ticketing issues also! .... it appears to be the usual RFL back of a fag packet strategy!
  11. Just looked at the Toulouse twitter page ... their 19 for Saturday is published but also there is a short clip of the team watching a video of the Rams ..... it appears albeit, only a 9 second clip, that they will be targeting the high ball to our back line!! ... it has been a weakness in recent games and I guess LG will also be doing some work to correct it .... but I suspect Luke Hooley is going to get a right peppering on Saturday.
  12. Disaster!!! Has any reason been given.... is it fact or a rumour??
  13. It would appear that most of the banter has deferred to the barmy army site! ... for me I like the exposure and cross club exchanges afforded by this site ... not so safe as the facebook site! ... We are playing badly at the moment and its easy to share with like minds ..not so easy to share with opposing teams fans!
  14. The problem is ... the problem!! decent half backs are as rare as rocking horse poo .... some clubs are even thinking of taking Rangi Chase!! .... We have a good 6 and 7 in Sykes and Finn..... but they are getting on and we have no cover!! .. its really been exposed in recent games with Sykes and Finn destroying Fev ... but then Sykes got injured its been abysmal since!! ..... Can Lee find a Danny Richardson type on loan?? ... Can Simon Brown step up?? .. ... or would we take a chance on Rangi Chase??
  15. There is much criticism of the number of loan players we have been playing in our team this season and that they aren't giving their all for the shirt! ... In general terms I understand and agree but last night Hooley was amazing under the high ball and always gives his all for the shirt ... and how anyone can think Annakin doesn't give everything can't be watching!! his drive, competitive edge and passion were seriously missed last night .... for me those two have been two of our best and most consistent and passionate performers this season and stand apart from any general criticism of loan players!
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