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  1. the old nine ole

    V Sheffield

    Good to see Andrade back .... not so good no Hooley and no Walshaw!! ... I am a little concerned about our backs defence against Sheffields wingers! ... especially if Gabriel is at centre .... I'm probably leaving Alex Brown out ... and putting one of the second rowers ( maybe Knowles ) at centre!
  2. the old nine ole

    South Stand closing for Toronto Game

    Could always close the North stand!! .... surely the cost of opening the South stand would be less than the North stand ... the players could get changed in the gym!! ... I'm sure the Hull lads have got changed in worse places!! .... For the avoidance doubt ... I know it's not feasible!! .... and as practical as it might be to close the South stand ... some of us prefer to stand!! ... and not behind the sticks!! It reminds me of the old main stand at Crown Flatt .... the first tier was all standing with the seats being on the second tier.... .... now that would be completely acceptable .. to all!!
  3. the old nine ole

    Challenge Cup 4th Round

    Ah but!! ... will be be allowed to play our loan players?? .... We played like a team of strangers last week!! ... So no complacency please!
  4. the old nine ole

    halifax away

    I thought Andrade was still struggling with his hand injury ... this the only reason I can think of why he wasn't included! ... also I heard today that the team didn't fancy the conditions and it was only the ref that said the game should go ahead!! .. perhaps the mentality of not wanting the game to go ahead .. got into their heads ... cos we didn't turn up today!! Worst performance of the season by a distance!!! ... I am struggling to think of any player who did a job today ... I suppose Ryder, Walshaw and Kyle Trout put some sort of a shift in .. lets not linger on this ... lets hope its better next week! .
  5. the old nine ole

    halifax away

    What if they softened us a bit also?? ....
  6. the old nine ole

    halifax away

    Anyone want to take a punt on our squad ..... is there a limit on loan players? .. is it 5? assuming it is this is my shot1 Hooley Morton Walshaw Ryder Worrincy Sykes Finn Garrett Day Kibula Trout K Annakin Knowles Ward Trout O Andrade Mustapha / Field ........ has Harrison gone back to HKR? .... tough on Iggy! I wouldn't want to have to pick this team .. glad its Lee's job not mine!!
  7. the old nine ole

    Annakin not guilty

    The real frustration is we were in a very attacking position .... this incident curtailed what was a realistic chance of winning the game!
  8. the old nine ole

    Annakin not guilty

    CHRIS ANNAKIN - DEWSBURY DEWSBURY V TORONTO - CHAMPIONSHIP DETAILS OF CHARGE / REASON FOR NF : Player squares up to opponent, footage does not demonstrate player spitting at opponent. Information from opponent confirms player did not spit at him. Opponent doesn’t react. No case to answer DECISION: No charge INCIDENT: Spitting in the 76th minute (Beswick)
  9. the old nine ole

    Memorable games

    Was that the game when Steve Hankins got absolutely flattened .... I remember him staggering around completely out of it!!... I think it was Beetson who hit him!
  10. the old nine ole

    Liam Finn

    Just checked my calendar .. its not April 1st!! ...dare I believe this!! What a fantastic signing!! .. The options that this amazing signing creates really whets my RL appetite!! .. the lines he runs his kicking game allied to Sykes .... I can't wait to see them play together opening the door for Garrett Ryder and Worrincy!! ... does he play at 9 or 7?? ... do we leave Sykes at 6 .. or put him in that problem right centre position!! could be worth a few extra on the gate as well!! ...... not short of kickers now either!!
  11. the old nine ole

    South Stand closing for Toronto Game

    Then perhaps it might be an interesting experement to close the north stand and polarise all support in the South stand!! ... of course I don't think its feasible but it would be interesting!!..
  12. the old nine ole

    Toronto predictions

    so who misses out??? .... From my perspective assuming all the loan players will be in the 17 .. it would be Richardson and Iggy ( don't know anything about Kibula )...I would play Walshaw at centre as we will need to be at our defensive best! I hope Annakin isn't withdrawn as it looks like Ashurst at Wakey might be out for a few weeks!
  13. the old nine ole

    South Stand closing for Toronto Game

    Yes you will!!! .... but to keep your seat you might have to get there very early!! .... in the South stand we all have our preferred standing spaces as I am sure you have your preferred seats in the North stand!! We don't know who sits where and as they are not reserved we will sit where there is a space!! .. So if you are precious about your seat I suggest you get there early and take a couple of San Miguels with you!! 1000 in the North stand will look quite impressive on TV .... unlike what happened at Rochdale!
  14. the old nine ole

    South Stand closing for Toronto Game

    Ok here comes the cynicism!! ..... we managed fine last year.. plenty room even given the protection zone around the TV gantry!! ....... but!!!! .... closing the south stand saves on stewarding costs and will polarise the attendance in smaller areas, creating more of a TV atmosphere!! .... and why not?? ... unless of course you are a fan that prefers the south stand!!!
  15. the old nine ole

    Widnes in financial trouble already

    I thought they hadn't paid their players ....which is a breach of contract!!