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  1. Bradford Bulls

    What 17 is his best 17??? ... not seen anything of Crowther and Simpson in our colours yet!! .. are they with us now? Guzdek Morton Hallett Glover Worrincy Sykes Moore Sheriffe Ward Teanby Knowles Walshaw Brown Everett Spicer Trout Day Crowther Simpson
  2. Stadium naming rights

    Just a left field perspective!! ..... Our stadium is in an amazing location!! fantastic and easy access by road with the MI and M62 on the doorstep ... wonderful views over Emily Moor and beyond .... On a good sunny day a fantastic place to play the best ball game in the World!! ... good parking, excellent facilities and family friendly!! Couple this with the areas proud 'past' and there is something to build an identity that references both the past the present and the future ...... I know where I would prefer to watch RL on a warm Sunday afternoon ...... think about the emotions ... Belle View... Wheldon Road... Post Office Road ... or Owl Lane !!! Try to create a bright sunny convenient pleasant perspective!! I am not an expert in Marketing but I suspect a good Marketing mind could harness the advantages and emotions and create an image that would attract appropriate sponsorship!! ..... and grow both their brand and also that of the Rams!! Just a thought!!
  3. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Wishlist ..... I big hard running prop forward ..... and good cover for Gaz Moore!! then ..... top 6 is possible!
  4. Season Ticket still not arrived

    I am sure Universal studios would pay much much more than Tetleys!!! ...... and we might be able to sort a DR arrangement with them for a big rampaging bull type front rower!!
  5. Griffin

    Actually he is currently on nowt!!! ....... can he afford that??
  6. Griffin

    Breaches of contact are initially a disciplinary offence!!! ....Integrity with many contracts in sport!!!... Please ....... What Griffin reportedly did, in my opinion, warranted a final warning at worst, had he already had a final warning ?.... has he a history of breaching his contract? ...then of course its another matter!! is there a precedent?? ... At 35 his best years are behind him but he still is a very good player and could we afford a 30 year old Griffin?? ..... I doubt it ... but he would fill our glaring gap ... and at 35 we could probably afford him and get at least one good season out of him ... all opinions are my own and I make this comment without any inside knowledge or prejudice !!
  7. Griffin

    Its a first warning offence for me ....... seems like Fev wanted him gone .... I'd have him in a heartbeat!! ..... could be the final piece in our jigsaw!! I say sign him on!
  8. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    Well if they really do need to cut costs ...... rather than ask the squad to take a pay cut they could send Toby A back to us ... win win!!! they operate within their means we get our most improved forward back!! Simple!!!
  9. Season Ticket still not arrived

    Speak as you find!!! Personally I haven't had any problems with that 'certain person' I have always found her to be pleasant and courteous ........ I think the big problem there is role definition and organisation .... just really who should do what.... and are there efficient processes in place for effective business management ???
  10. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Despite attempts to derail this thread it has identified some really positive opportunities that, if followed up, can provide inspiration for any club in the championship to maximise the revenue and experience potential of a home game against TWP ..... perhaps if more thought was given to the constructive aspect of this thread then all clubs in the championship could develop this historic event into a memorable occasion. I see this as a real opportunity that the wider RL community should embrace and join in ensuring that home games against TWP are real events rather than damp squibs!! It can be what we want it to be ... it will be what we make it!!! ......... are we to be the possible makers or apathetic watchers??? Its up to each one of us to choose ......... which one are you??
  11. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Then perhaps the person responsible for promoting/marketing and advertising our club should contact Gav Wilson!! .... seems like a no brainer to me!! ...... although I am not sure just who, if anyone, is employed by our club in this role ..... I think we rely on volunteers. P.S. I just checked Gavin Wilson is the sports journalist and media manager at York City Knights, he also has a twitter account so he should be easy to contact I said its a no brainer, a bit of networking is all it takes...... and maybe we could have over 2000 for the Toronto game.... otherwise it will be less than 600 and a missed opportunity!!!
  12. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    To say this thread had drifted from its initial intent would be a gross understatement !!! Does anyone have a valid comment?? If not I think its probably run its course.
  13. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Have I missed something!!! I see Jordan Crowther played for Wakey today ....... has he been recalled already?
  14. Toronto Wolfpack

    OK .... I think I have cleaned up the uneccessary comments, now lets get back to the subject with comments that are within the spirit and guidelines of the forum!!
  15. 2018 Squad confirmed

    No ..... I think he's a utility back!!!! .... and recovering from a knee injury (on Rams website) Still waiting for that final piece in the jigsaw!! We need a big hard running prop!!! Its a bit like last year when we were all saying we need a No7 .... we had to wait a long time for Gas Moore, lets hope we find a big prop sooner!