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  1. the old nine ole

    Swinton sell Hankinson to Wigan

    We have a half back .... we just can't get him to play .... for whatever reason!! We have very little time to find another .... So either we get Moore back on the field ... or we find a good loan deal for a month ... or we might get relegated!!
  2. the old nine ole

    What will it take?

    And yet he still probably is collecting his contractual wages!! ... with an injured toe!!!! Many players play with injuries .. Is he really injured?? .... or Is he sulking (for whatever reason ) ... is he collecting his contractual wages?? .... If he is... its .... well I can't say what I really think on here as I would have to censor myself!! I hope he is truly injured and might recover in time to give us the impetus and quality that we will need from all our contracted players to survive relegation! ...... just my thoughts and opinion!
  3. the old nine ole

    What will it take?

    Yes such a shame ..... still we should not be surprised...... he has been like this at just about every club he has been at !! He was fantastic last season and the difference between staying up and relegation ... so much talent to offer this league but what is the flaw in his make up that induces him to press the self destruct button ..... solve that and you have an excellent player!! I also agree Ryders try was really good... just like watching ' Cowboy Jack" back in the day ... swotting off would be tacklers at will. .. and I also agree Glover looked interested for the first time in many games ...... I wonder if his proposed move is in jeopardy! ... Also just how frustrating was that second try .... it was amazing ... the break ... the offloads ... the backing up!! Why don't we play like that more often???
  4. the old nine ole


    It was good to get that winning feeling yesterday ... but we did not play well! Again we lacked creativity in the halves and still lack that tackle breaking forward ...... like Barrows Bullock ... very impressive! I don't think Heckford is the answer at 7, In the continued absence of Moore I would probably go with Speakman although Sam Day seems to have an eye for a gap and might have the guile to play at 7 ..... Whatever !! we really need to get the half backs sorted if we still have any aspirations of finishing 8th!
  5. the old nine ole


    Last year was all about motivation from NK and Gaz Moores signing and it worked!! In my opinion we don't appear to have many planned moves and of course we don't have a scrum half to execute them! ..... So!!!!
  6. the old nine ole


    I agree its a good venue ... good bars and welcoming staff .... but!!! the price of the beer!! San Miguel was £3.95!! .. and we all paid it happily!! ... its £3.15 at our place!! .. I suspect we are the cheapest beer in the division!! If we were to increase to £3.95 or even £3.50 ( still reasonable) .. what impact might that have on the salary cap?? ... So for me.. I would happily pay it and it would be more forecastable than the squad goals or all together initiatives .....
  7. the old nine ole


    Did I miss something ..... can anyone enlighten me why we didn't go for the drop goal on that 5th tackle on their line when we we under the posts?? ...... I feel so disappointed today ... ... and even with Iggys brain fade we really should have won this game ....
  8. the old nine ole


    If we are to win on Sunday, in my opinion, we really need Speakman and Knowles to be in the team! I have given up on Moore ... but Speakman, our most improved player this season and Knowles have been 2 of our most creative players this term.
  9. the old nine ole

    V Leigh

    Yes .. lots of effort .... but very little guile!! Why don't we try and get Liam Finn on DR .... he is nowhere near the team at Wakey at the moment ( or is he injured ) ... if available he would make such a difference ... it can't be any fun for the team when getting hammered every week and knowing when we have the ball we don't have the skill to open defences!! .. we could be punch drunk by the time the payoffs come around ... we need an injection of optimism at the club and Finn or someone of his ilk would provide!
  10. the old nine ole

    Dewsbury v Featherstone

    Yes you are right Browny got close to him .... Glover couldn't keep up !!
  11. the old nine ole

    Dewsbury v Featherstone

    Whats going on with Glover!! ... last year he seemed to have pace to burn and could break a tackle ... today he was outrun by a prop forward!! ... didn't take either the touch penalty or the conversion when Sykes was off the pitch and dropped the ball with the line at his mercy!! ... If he is playing with an injury he must be less than 50% fit ... a real worry!! I was expecting him to build on last year and hoped he would kick on this season to be a real class player for us .... its just not happened..... and for me today his performance was very disappointing!
  12. the old nine ole

    Relegation Seasons

    How can you remember such detail??? .... you write it with such conviction ... so it must be right!! Or have you got a scrap book?? ... either way you have really brought back some amazing memories! I was stood right in line with that McCorquindale kick .... I remember it in slow motion!!!
  13. the old nine ole

    Fan's forum announced

    And just what has that do do with the rams forum??? ..... back on topic please!!
  14. the old nine ole

    halifax away

    Sykes is one of the best tacklers in the game ..... he is like a limpet ... when he gets hold of the opposition they stay tackled!! his defensive skills make a real positive difference! ... I also thought Wakeman had a good game ... driving hard ... giving us that power presence that we have been missing ..... he did the minutes as well for a guy supposed not to be fit!!... It felt like a win today!!
  15. the old nine ole

    Barrow Game

    Don't write Moore off ... he plays better when the Sun shines and the ground is firm .... there were a few flashes against Rochdale that he might be running into some form.