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  1. the old nine ole

    1st September

    I wonder how many of this squad will still be with us next season????? I will go for ..... 8 maybe 10!!! Here is head coach Neil Kelly’s 19 man squad for Rochdale. Aaron Brown Brad Delaney Toby Everett James Glover Josh Guzdek Daniel Igbinedion Michael Knowles Gareth Moore Dale Morton Gareth Potts Tobias Richardson Adam Ryder Dom Speakman Paul Sykes Jack Teanby Kyle Trout Lucas Walshaw Robbie Ward Rob Worrincy
  2. the old nine ole

    1st September

    when will they ever learn!!! ... Boom and Bust!!! .... Why can't the league just be a sustainable entity .. instead of train sets for rich kids!! ...... it nearly always ends in tears!!
  3. the old nine ole

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    Everett looks the part and occasionally shows potential ... he had his best game for a long time at Fev this weekend!! If he learns to play his weight he will be a good signing ... but for the Rams he just didn't do it regularly enough!! Good luck to him though ... even at Batley!
  4. the old nine ole

    1st September

    Yes its amazing just what confidence forwards develop when running down a steep hill!!
  5. the old nine ole

    Ch Shield: Featherstone v Dewsbury

    How naff were the tannoy soundbites??? ..... Sykes misses a kick he gets the 'family fortunes' blurp!! .. and conversion missed by Paul Sykes!! ... Ridyard misses a few kicks ... did anyone hear anything?? ..... I though Fev had more class than that!! .... or am I suffering from selective deafness?? .... and then at the end of the game we get the 'Countdown' ... countdown ..... whoever thought that was a good idea??? .....
  6. the old nine ole

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    "thought the stewards would have refused entry??" Actually.... You make a very good point!! So now they probably will ... thanks!! Thats me having to sit in the North Stand from now on!! or drink Gnats P!! Cheers!!
  7. the old nine ole

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    The question was asked before and the answer was that it was thought that they wouldn't sell enough to warrant a keg being installed and that it would go off as the bar is only used on match days!! So I buy my San Miguel in the bailey bar and carry it round ( in a plastic ) to the South stand before the game !! .... I know, I know..... but its better than the gnats p that masquerades as Carlsberg!!
  8. the old nine ole


    I go every year!! ...and really enjoy the day!! but .. I still lament the 3 semis when we almost made it .. back in the day when it was possible! ....No longer..... the money in SL has ensured that the dreams and possibilities of unfashionable clubs are gone forever!! ... 1967 v Barrow!! ... we stuffed them at home just a few weeks before ... they beat us at Swinton in the semi!!! .... will we ever see those days again? But I will be there again enjoying the game and lamenting what might have been!!
  9. the old nine ole


    Steve Hankins could be 10 .... and Dick Lowe 12 .... or reverse they both played prop and second row!!
  10. the old nine ole

    Swinton H

    I think if Moore is up for it and fit .... he has to play! A motivated Gaz Moore can make our team so much better! .. I stress though he has to be up for it .... I am sure NK wouldn't play him if he didn't think so!
  11. the old nine ole


    I also remember Steve Hankins having a go when Dick Lowe or Nigel Stephenson weren't there ..... I remember they hardly got off the ground but a couple did creep over!! I also never saw Ledgard .... doubt if many of us did ...his last game was 1961 ...... I started in 64 and seem to think Bob Hirst was our full back ..... he used to take the long range penalties I remember him banging them over from the oppositions half!
  12. the old nine ole


    10 or 12 Trevor (Dick) Lowe 3, 4, 5 or 6 Malcolm Agar 9 Liam Finn Has Michael Knowles kicked any goals for us yet?
  13. the old nine ole

    squad 2019

    Technically I believe Moore is still under contract for next season!! .... if he plays great!! if he doesn't he will just be a drain on our budget!! .... I wonder if he has a release clause!! ... I doubt given his record this season anyone will pay a transfer fee for him! .... its a real shame he is a class act at this level. I think this season squad was good enough to finish 7th if we had had consistency and quality in the halves!
  14. the old nine ole

    Derek Beaumont

    Live an learn!!
  15. the old nine ole

    Derek Beaumont

    Whatever ambition is defined as surely a players ambition is to play for a team that can guarantee to pay their contracted wage ..... Dewsbury and Batley are two such clubs!! .... ambition could also be defined as sustainability .... Dewsbury and batley are two such clubs!! ... is ambition really mortgaging the future .... or is that gambling!! ...Dewsbury and Batley are not that type of club!!