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  1. Think the same pal hopefully u go up in playoffs
  2. Well he's talking ###### then pal
  3. He was outstanding for us before he went to barrow what went wrong ? Is travelling an issue ?
  4. Why would he not want to test himself at a higher level ? Certainly enjoying his rugby this year been unreal for us
  5. Yea but the bar money is up massively so this may compensate if we are letting people In for 10 quid rather than 15 then they will spend more than 5 quid in a bar in a couple hours so surley the club is making more money from this
  6. Attendances are up quite a bit from last year marra we played on Saturday in the wind and rain on a bank holiday with people away and still got a gate of over 800 and was loads of regulars missing if London brought some support rather than about 3 fans then we would have been well over the 1k mark and if we go up attendance will be bigger with more traveling support weather winning or loosing a Cumbrian side is what haven wanted and are starting to realise its potential and backing it and it's the way forward
  7. We have a very good side pal played in very wet conditions last night haven for the 1st 40 couldn't hold the ball missed kicks to touch about 4 times very very poor but the second half scored 26 points and totally dominated the team In 2nd position I'd love to see what we could do with a full 80 mins playing well
  8. Havenfan13


    Forster was always haven bound from the horse's mouth town wer never in with a chance to get him marra
  9. Havenfan13


    They did pal apparently here till the end of the season then possibly hot the new attawa job in America that's coming in league 1 otherwise he will stay at haven he loves it here always has and didn't wanna leave
  10. Havenfan13


    Haven vice presidents funded it as well as the 300 club the fans fund
  11. Havenfan13


    He will thrive no pressure on on him coaching just focus doing what he does best a top top player indeed welcome home to Carl
  12. Havenfan13


    If this is anything to go by when we got tonked as you say at Oldham a lot of people said we threw the game to be out the cups to focus purely on promotion make of that what u will
  13. Havenfan13


    Defo not gloating you won't be the only side to loose there this year we have to go there on the last day of the season.
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