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  1. Where there many buyers guys? I bought a home jersey for 50 euro.
  2. Hi All Jerseys are now available to buy. Get in quick only limited edition available.
  3. That's Fantastic JonM. Make sure you post some photos.
  4. Are any of you guys following the IPL?
  5. Graham that order of Storm's traditional rivals is spot on. Not sure how RR could say Sharks are Storm's biggest rivalry? Bit bizarre that call was.
  6. On 1,007 points with one player to go, suli been that player. 1,007 points with Laterall Mitchell in my team who got me 0 points.
  7. Great news for Vladimir very happy for him. The French brought League to Serbia decade's ago only fitting the French now help produce some Serbian talent.
  8. That's correct Walter the lowest ranked team in this case that is the Clevland Browns who only had one win last season get pick 1.
  9. Its 110 percent certain Myles Garrett will go to the Clevand Browns as pick 1. Some good quarter backs in the draft to keep your eyes on are : - Mitchell Trubisky - Likely destanation is New York Jets -Patrick Mahomes - - Deshaun Watson
  10. Adam Goodes was hounded out of the game by racists which i believe shows the true face of present day Australia the fact that a proud aborginal man can't even show he's pride in his culture and people without been tormented for it. AFL are very two faced abut this issue if this was soccer the media would have by now dragged the sport through the mud. Still a lot of racism in AFL i like the sport and watch it every week but this is very two faced. As for the people throwing these comments towards aborginal players they have the IQ of a rat because AFL or footy has its origins from the aboriginal culture to boo and ridicule the people who have contributed so much to this sport one must have the IQ of a rat to do so.
  11. That will be up in two weeks, the lads who run the club are not far away from finalizing the website and the official shop online.
  12. Copa Please see my post above.
  13. Hi All I have spoken to my friend over facebook the shop will officially open online in two weeks so you will then all be able to see size options and real life pics of the jersey etc. There will also be vests,jumpers,polos etc etc. If anyone is eager and wants to order before the shop opens ( as i will be doing ) i can pass on my friends details who is a very trustworthy guy and well known in Rugby League circles. I hope everyone can promote this and to all of you that do buy gear you are helping the development of RL in Serbia so much so thank you. Every cent that a club like this can make means so much for the development of RL in Serbia so to whoever buys you are not only helping the club but helping RL in general. If anyone is eager to buy before the shop officially opens please send me a PM and i will get back to you.
  14. Rabbit you where not even in Melbourne on Sunday meaning you don't even know how cold it was, it was one of the coldest days in years. The fact that a big AFL game was on next door at the MCG did not help our crowd. A crowd of 12,694 was not great but considering all this we most likely lost 4-5 thousand off our crowd figure that day. The second point i'd like to make is that the Storm are twenty years old do you really think the fans will leave once three big players leave? its a silly way of thinking Rabbit. The Storm have got past that " will they survive stage" it seems you folk in Sydney are still stuck in that mindset and that's your problem not the problem of Storm fans. There is no "real story" to answer the fact is the Melbourne Storm have more members then 7 Sydney based clubs and the club has grown Rugby League in Victoria. Rabbit you are just anti Storm, its a bit sad give it up. The Storm are here to stay!
  15. I have asked a friend who's a founder and still involved with the operations of the club about the issues mentioned above, will get back to you all soon with some answers.