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  1. NRL Membership tracker 2018

    Thanks Graham Maybe Storm should target 30,000 members ? Its looking possible. 17,336 as of today.
  2. Huge numbers been posted once again , I'm on my mobile so can't post the link , if someone can post off League Unlimited that would be great. Storm so far on 17,260 members not far off last years entire total and we are not even in 2018. Aim for storm should be 27,000 members before round 1.
  3. Melbourne Storm welcomed back by 5,000 +

    Rabbits are you related to Gus in anyway so sour and bitter it makes me laugh.
  4. Melbourne Storm welcomed back by 5,000 +

    This quote is just for you Rabbit , comes from AFL legend Brendan Fevola: "nothing better then hearing Gus Gould make excuses about every team the storm plays.Suck it up Gus the Storm are the greatest" Thanks Rabbits nice to hear a non biased view from you. Thanks mate.
  5. Storm players welcomed back by 5,000 fans at Federation Square on a working Monday. Pics and videos all over Twitter. Storm CEO Dave Donaghy says club will target 25,000-30,000 members + higher crowds, says this is easily achievable in a city of 4.5 million people. Gus Gould absolutely savaged by famous Melbourne celebrities from all walks of life for sounding so bitter and bias. All round good feeling in Melbourne today. I couldn't make the fed square celebration as I was busy at work not far away from there. Billy Slater says shows how much Rugby League has grown in Melbourne. Good times, I am on a mission to sign up as many members as I can. 30,000 members here we come.
  6. 2017 NRL GF day - Match Thread

    That Melbourne folk you speak of have 2nd highest average attendance in the NRL. Haha @ the Sydney folk.
  7. 2017 NRL GF day - Match Thread

    Would it not be in Melbourne? Or is it in England each year Graham?
  8. 2017 NRL GF day - Match Thread

    God knows who found that boring. My old man is not even a fan of anything other then soccer he was hooked, loved it. Loved Addo Carrs pace, Slater, Smiths precision kicking he was so impressed by that, The strength of Nelson A.Solomona, Kaufusi, etc.I think I have him hooked. I thought it was a entertaining game.
  9. 2017 NRL GF day - Match Thread

    So now the Melbourne Storm will play Castleford Tigers or Leeds Rhinos to decide the world champion, I assume this game will be in Melbourne? Before start of 2018 season.
  10. 2017 NRL GF day - Match Thread

    Graham how about the support from Storm people who went up to Sydney? That Rabbits supporter on this forum hold you're head in shame. Storm have supporters, 2nd highest attendance on average, 4th highest membership tally, loyal fans who travel. Feeling proud.
  11. 2017 NRL GF day - Match Thread

    My old man said the same thing Billy's a legend. Feel sadness Cooper is gone, he's interview with Fred said it all " wouldn't know who I'd be without Melbourne Storm "
  12. 2017 NRL GF day - Match Thread

    Congrats Melbourne Storm. Farewell Cooper. Let's get 25,000 members this club deserves. World class club. Love this club. Storm has done so many good things for League in Victoria. Now onto 2018, Billy needs to play on.
  13. 2017 NRL GF day - Match Thread

    We have Gus Gould sounding like his at a funeral. Loving it!!!
  14. 2017 NRL GF day - Match Thread

    In celebration mode! This club deserves 25,000 members minimum for 2018. Farewell Cronk! What a pass from Harris and my man Adoo Carr scores, this is world class and deserves world class support this great club.
  15. 2017 NRL GF day - Match Thread

    Need a solid first 10-15 mins in 2nd half and its over. My old man loves Kaufusi, so do I. Big Nelson A.Solomona isn't he something what a player, everyone has been great. Not over but a great first 40 minutes.