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  1. tandle

    Round 1 — Workington Town

    what I like about mbrooksy he tells it how it is and does not get carried away like some on here. if Oldham lose against Whitehaven the alarm bells should be ringing, because Oldham will not beat Newcastle and Doncaster and certainly will not finish top and then if they are lucky and make the play offs as brooksy states they cannot win the one off game. it seems to me its the same script just a different cast.
  2. tandle

    2019 Squad and signings

    type in adam brook rugby league scroll down there is a youtube video of him class player
  3. tandle


    listened to the last 15 minutes on cando fm seems they fully cover barrows games.why cant Oldham radio stations do that create interest. attendance of over 1100 is the gate shared. .
  4. tandle


    barrow 10---0ldham 24/28 won did not quite get the Oldham score
  5. tandle

    Paul Rowley

    rumours going around rowleys either going back to leigh , or Featherstone. if it is featnerstone their coach duffy will go to leigh , looks like Toronto have not seen the last of him ?
  6. tandle

    Paul Rowley

    1 hr ago the guardian its confirmed Rowley as left.
  7. tandle

    Paul Rowley

    as you Canadians are new to the sport ,I will educate you when you played London they where coached by a Yorkshire man and who was a ex player. they are past masters of the one off game which you found to your cost if you think it is going to be easy think again.
  8. tandle

    Tries of the season.

    your best tries of the season where the 6 you scored against sheffied. bl--dy well .done from a oldhamer
  9. tandle

    Crowds this season.

    cluedo there is a problem with deferred wages , lets say you declare a salary of £60.000 a year but you only draw £30.000, you still have to pay the full tax and insurance on the £60.000 to make the £30.000 a legal debt to you. if you do pay the full tax and insurance every year for 10 years the company owes you £300.000 pounds does this ring a bell ?.
  10. tandle

    oldham match at whitebank

    just to inform bulls fans the match against Oldham is to be played at the white bank stadium capacity 1100. Oldham say that the game is not all ticket but they started selling standing tickets at the whitebank at 10am this morning. Oldham supporters could number 500 or more dosent leave much room for your travelling army. if I where you I would go online and read to nights Oldham chronicle.
  11. tandle

    Newcastle Away

    Oldham forever I said at the start of this season Oldham where a disaster waiting to happen of the pitch and on it. and to young yed when you play a totally useless scrum halve for two seasons this is where you end up in a very sad state of affairs.
  12. tandle

    Newcastle Away

    the facts play offs 4 games left. Workington can lose 3 games Doncaster can lose 2 games hunslet have to win 3 games their only hard game is Whitehaven away. if Oldham lose to York and Bradford and the above scenario happens no play off place for Oldham?
  13. tandle

    Lack of signings

    stevos barber you stated you did not have access to the accounts, problem solved go to Oldham rlfc { 1997 } limited all the accounts from 2006 till 2016 are all there.
  14. tandle

    Lack of signings

    while you lot are trying to save this business owned by mr. chris Hamilton, he is in Majorca sunning his self drongos.
  15. tandle

    Lack of signings

    quite a lot don't go because they don't want to cheer chris Hamilton on. just a question stevos barber what size of gate do you think Oldham need to survive.