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  1. andyscoot

    Magic Venue Poll

    The atmosphere was dead because it was an England game. Every England game I've been to (which has been every game in the UK since the 2013 WC barring the semi final) and the atmosphere has been dead. It wasn't dead at a West Ham game I went to. I think once the fans of clubs who have their own songs get in there the atmosphere will improve.
  2. andyscoot

    Magic Venue Poll

    Not just because it's really convenient for me but Stratford would be a good shout. It builds the idea of having a London "base" and you're only a short walk away from Westfield/tube ride away from cetral london or other places in E London if you want nightlife etc
  3. andyscoot

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    Beat me to it. At a time when the cars would do about 180mph with barely any grip and where basically bath tubs with a spitfire engine strapped to it. Still, he's very much the exception. Valentino Rossi tested an F1 car about 10 years ago and put in some good times (but rarely do the F1 drivers put in times anywhere near their race pace). It takes such a devotion to the craft that you just cant find the time anymore to get good at both. It's more common to find drivers who compete in mutliple classes within their sport (bike or car). Anyway...back to rugby.
  4. andyscoot

    Magic Weekend in New York

    Is that how it works? I've only used Ryanair three times and they were all to go to Berlin. All dirt cheap tickets and the planes were rammed full. They do 3 or 4 a day to and from Berlin so I'd say there was high demand there.
  5. andyscoot

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    Can't see it happening - doubt he has much if any knowledge of how union teams work and I just can't see why any Union team would take him on (because he would surely be on a half decent packet?) I think most likely is Catalans - potentially Toronto or NRL but to me I think Toronto aren't as close to SL as they might seem and Wane isn't a good enough coach to do well in the NRL.
  6. andyscoot

    Post Magic table

    Happy with Wigans season so far. 2pts away from the leaders with a game in hand too.
  7. Not sure if this is aimed at me as I mentioned the rumour that I'd heard. Emphasis on rumour too.
  8. andyscoot

    Hardaker to Wigan

    Sorry, an explanation might be needed for this?
  9. andyscoot

    Hardaker to Wigan

    I've already been told on facebook that Wigan are a club that lack morals and that is "different" that they signed Barba, who was caught doing coke, had fights with team mates in car parks and so-called hit his mrs (allegations i must stress). Different how? He was younger. Find me a club that hasn't had a player with a dubious record and I'll find you a flying pig. People are acting so sanctimonius it's unreal.
  10. Tin foil is selling well is the rumour going around.
  11. Rumour is Williams has broken his wrist and so won't be available. Warrington to win, Charnley to show what Wigan are missing.
  12. andyscoot

    Tomkins off

    Word is he's close to coming back - the lads been out for nearly 2 years though so I expect he will get a run in the reserves for a while at least. With Marshall/Davies looking fairly settled and Burgess (currently injured) you have to wonder where he will fit in though.
  13. andyscoot

    Tomkins off

    So Wigan paid a substantial amount in wages and resources to turn a badly injured player into a pretty good one for Catalans. Great.
  14. andyscoot

    Out of contract players/new contracts 2018

    S Tomkins, Bateman, Sutton and GIldart all off contract at the end of the year I believe. All kinds of rumours that range from all leaving at the end of the season to all staying.