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  1. andyscoot

    The upgrade that is not an upgrade

    I had a ticket there for the Wire v Hull game 2 years ago. I didn't pick my seat as it was unallocated but I moved 20, maybe more, rows infront when it became apparent nobody was going to fill that space infront of me. Very bizarre way of allocating tickets.
  2. That's a can of worms. It's got a Harrow postcode so many in London consider it to be Middlesex but I would wager most outside of London would consider it to be London.
  3. I haven't seen the game; the implication from your post is that Wigan were somehow responsible for an incorrect decision? The further implication being the ref did it on purpose to favour Wigan? Just so I know what it is you're accusing the club of.
  4. If you're going to go down and play act, aren't you supposed to make a meal of it and flail your arms asking for a penalty, thereby drawing attention and increasing the chance of you getting a penalty? If you just drop and don't make anything of it, you're less likely to get anything. I think refs assume that if you go down and don't kick off it was fair play because of how bad it's got with players flapping etc for a penalty. Same reason football players dive and roll over the floor clutching their ankles.
  5. Wouldn't that be the point of play acting though?
  6. Story of every Wigans loss this season - Bateman is the only one still fighting tooth and nail
  7. Why is it that whenever Wigan kick they put a high bomb that makes almost no yardage? You won't force a repeat set by kicking to the defender stood on the 10m line.
  8. Knock on by Bateman. Looked to be an attempt at an elbow from St's #21?
  9. Going to be a long night for Wigan. To much quality and pace missing.
  10. All about Wigan, using the term "violent foul play" for high shots and a bit of handbags. This is the only time you refer to it being both teams, but it's clearly not your overall point. Clearly what you were saying is that Wigan were violent (for doing something which happens everygame) and that Huddersfield were on the receiving end of a referee that had no regard for player welfare - which Wigan's on field behavious was a risk to. No many how you dress it up, that's clearly both about the standard of refereeing (against your team) and the standard of the other team. Your team won and you wrote several paragraphs about how badly your team was treated. When someone else voiced their thoughts you then told them they were having a strop. It's a little pot calling the kettle back is all. Aside from the overly emotive language, I don't have an issue with people criticising the referee and discussing the performance. I only got involved when the hypocrisy showed itself. That's the last I'll say on it.
  11. No but he's part of the discussion, just the opposing voice so you're both stropping or neither of you are. Take your pick. The thing that's likely riling people up is this overly emotional language. High tackles become "violent behaviour" for example and a player welfare problem when it's done against the players of support. We hear how the games gone soft and to bring back the biff but there's always that caveat mentioned above.
  12. But, you're the one having a strop?
  13. Nice one Woods. Wire after that second half must feel hard done to.