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  1. Frank Paul to leave Wigan for Roosters?

    Whatever will we do without Frank-Paul the Tennis Ball taking us a chunk of cap space. Good riddance.
  2. Stadium's.

    I miss the older grounds, sure, but they were dumps. Whilst I've never experienced an atmosphere quite like a Good Friday derby at Central Park/Knowlsey Road I find anywhere with terracing does the job. I'm a big fan of both Halliwell Jones and Totally Wicked. Anywhere you get crammed into usually generates the best atmosphere. The DW is my least favourite and has lead to me mostly doing away games (although living darn sarth the last few years has restricted that too). I'll never forget going to The Willows and seeing a bloke walking down the street with a Samurai Sword.
  3. They would be if Wigan hadn't subbed half the team for kids at half time.
  4. Aussie commentator desperate to see that not given.
  5. Wigan looking pretty poor but how bad is the ruck? Twice the refs, half the speed.
  6. Yep. I really like Hull as a team and actively root for them (when not playing Wigan) but Connor is really not nice.
  7. I think he means Tom Briscoe? Not sure though.
  8. Wigan are reporting they've sold both sets of tickets from Salford and are advising fans to buy directly from Salford or on the door.
  9. Marc Sneyd will be man of steel

    Well both he and Escare are named in the squad and in the game v Leigh Leuleuai went off, Sam Powell went to 9, Tomkins went to 7 and Escare came on at 1. Tomkins has said in an interview he thinks Wigan should play Escare and if that means Tomkins going in the halves then he is happy with that. According to those that were there Wigan looked their best with Tomkins at 7 too. We shouldn't even be considering him for England right now. He has to play his way into contention - something Sneyd has done. I'd like to see him tried against NZ in Denver if it goes ahead. It's a "nothing" game and a good chance to blood him when there's no competion on the line.
  10. I'm down the middle. I think Alex Simmons' heart is in the right place but for me he doesn't come across well. JJB does come across well but I'd like to have someone from the south if just to help people not from the "heartlands" connect to it. Now that it's not just a small time thing they definitely need to work on their professionalism, in my opinion.
  11. NRL: That’s my, erm, team

    I've always kept an eye on Brisbane because of their connection to Wigan. I was very young when they beat Brisbane in 94 but I can remember my mum and dad going mental and as a result they were the first Austrlian team I knew about. In recent years Wigan played them twice in 2 years at Wigan too so whilst I'm hardly a "supporter" theyre one I always root for.
  12. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    Tomkins switched to 7 for a bit I believe when Escare came on. I wasn't there though, listened on the radio.
  13. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    Either the London derby or one of the Services/Police games.