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  1. Tomkins has the rugby brain which makes up for a lack of skills in certain other aspects of his game. Had he played more regularly at 7 for Wigan this season he'd have cause to work on his long kicking game but expecting a full back to have a good kicking game is a bit unfair. Williams was at his best when he had a controlling 7 next to him and that was Matty Smith. Like him or loathe him, Smith was able to organise and control that part of the game leaving Williams to play off the cuff. He hasn't played alongside a good 7 for a number of years and so his ability to influence the game is lessened. Lets not forget though that inbetween Williams performances this year and the last time he played we've gone with Widdop, Gale and Brown in the halves in varying combos so it seems to me he is not at the top of the list for Bennett.
  2. andyscoot

    Film 2018

    In my opinion it was a little long. I definitely felt certain scenes which were given 10 minutes could have been cut and used in exposition. These scenes had little impact seeing them first hand - I won't discuss them for the people who may have the intention of watching it. I think there's an exceptional 1hr 50-2hr film in there but Mike Leigh clearly has final cut and its rare a director is as talented at editing and pacing as an editor (and you only need to watch Mr Turner to know Mike Leigh shouldn't get final cut). Certainly not a bad film, but fell short of being exceptional because of it's indulgence at times. An aside but i find it really frustrating in a way that they released it 199 years after it happened. Just 1 year off the big milestone!
  3. andyscoot

    Golden Boot 2018 (Merged Threads)

    My favourite thing about all of this is the great big dummy spit from Oz/NZ. Love it.
  4. andyscoot

    Is Elland Road Sold Out Yet?

    I picked up mine from Anfield on Sunday in about 10 minutes. I was expecting the worst after the London Stadium debacle in 2016.
  5. andyscoot

    Not a major sport according to Talksport

    It's been obviously presented in a different format but Motorsport at the higher levels generates big crowds. F1 and Moto GP being the obvious ones.
  6. andyscoot

    Fixtures 2019

    St Helens is a better stadium, Wigan probably has more going on (but thats not saying much). I'd investigate another fixture if you can.
  7. I'm firmly on the side of "this is not a crime". It's a horrible, scummy thing to do but it's their right to make a joke about whatever they want. It bothers me that the Met is already stretched to within an inch of it's life and can't investigate genuine, serious, life threatening crimes properly and have had to waste resources on this. I made a comment to that effect on social media and was hounded by those on the left that i care more about "paperwork" than being compassionate. I find the whole thing so hypocritical that the same group who hound the right/Tories for drying up public spending are more than happy to waste it as long as it suits them.
  8. Cheers. I've just opened up Facebook and the top thing is about his injury. Typical.
  9. Haven't heard anything about Tomkins being injured. Didn't seem to be playing injured and did the full 80 on Sunday. Where've you seen/heard that?
  10. andyscoot

    George Burgess summoned

    I heard comments along the lines of "don't be so mard" where I was. Same as when Rapana was quite clearly in a lot of pain. Even if accidental, I reckon I'd know the difference between face and eyeball if I pressed down.
  11. andyscoot

    Neutral Referees for Internationals

    Seems to me like they're complaining about an English VR who gave a "clear knock on" despite it being sent up as a try and no conclusive proof he lost it. This despite getting best 4 tries to 2. Face it, neither Australia or New Zealand will ever be gracious in defeat as long as they continue to have smoke blown up their backside.
  12. There is probably follow up required. You have to be smart though, taking a game to Charlton for example is pointless because nobody without an RL interest is going to travel from there to Ealing.
  13. It's a well known fact that house prices in Ealing are 10% higher than in Wigan so it makes sense.
  14. The same Aussies who seem like they prefer "pom bashing" to the actual sport itself? Yeah ok.
  15. What specifically is it about Ealing that is bad? Ignore the ground as a structure but the actual location? Personally, if there was an RL stadium as close to C London as Ealing that's a great thing. It's closer than where it was in Twickenham. You're not going to find a good bit of land closer to C London and if you can, no team in RL will be able to afford it. For reference, West Ham and Tottenham play over 8 miles from Charing Cross and the Broncos play 11 miles.