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  1. fairfolly

    So, what have we learned???

    No, but you have got quite a few who have no chance.
  2. Official, he has gone. Just made a statement thanking Toronto for the chance to coach them .Big thanks from Brian Noble also.
  3. Is he the same fruitcake who is a compulsory poster in the Bradford T&A. Uses dozens of user names and keeps on appearing.At the moment anything concerning the Bulls he is plain John Smith, on other subjects he changes his name every week.
  4. fairfolly

    Why oh Why

    I would not want any club to go down the same road as Sheffield.Last year full of D/R,where did they finish in the league. This year throwing money away willy nilly,where will they finish this season,my guess,a lot nearer the bottom than the top,that is of course if they actually finish the season.
  5. fairfolly

    Championship odds

    Ox, Toronto won the league at a canter last season,were red hot favourites to win the Million Pound game at home to London but Lost.If the Final next season is between Toronto and Widnes I would fancy Widnes.
  6. Koncrete, Are you sure the Bulls have signed Johnson, also you have forgotten new signing Matty Wildie who will be a big hit at Odsal this coming season.
  7. fairfolly

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Only joking Koncrete, just thought I would get in first before all the Bulls knockers got in.
  8. fairfolly

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Good job it was not at Bradford then,it would have been sold off with everything else at the Bulls.Knives,forks,spoons the lot went,I doubt anybody else would have had a clue what it was,a bit of silver,melt it down and sell it the order of the day.
  9. fairfolly

    George Burgess summoned

    I am only quoting what the player has said,however I fully agree,if he is found guilty he should receive a severe ban.
  10. fairfolly

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Seeing as there is now no competition called the "Yorkshire Cup" the competing teams have now called it the "Yorkshire Cup" so now there is going to be a "Yorkshire Cup" for any Yorkshire teams that want to take part in the "Yorkshire Cup"
  11. fairfolly

    George Burgess summoned

    So he has been hung,drawn and quartered on this forum yet the player on the receiving end says it was accidental and knows he would not do this purposely.Interesting.
  12. fairfolly

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Who "officially organises" it then if it is nothing to do with the R.F.L. The previous poster stated this comment not me.The games proposed are between Yorkshire championship and League 1 teams although 2 clubs decided not to take part.I doubt very much that the Yorkshire S.L. clubs would be interested unless of course they played reserves or academy players.I think the point these chairmen are making is that before to long they are going to have to stand on their own,why not start now.?
  13. fairfolly

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    That is the problem,nobody at R.F.L. can be bothered to organise anything so some well meaning chairmen have got together and decided to form this competition,common sense in my eyes.Unless of course you would prefer to let the "Yorkshire Cup" stay in some old cupboard gathering dust,that is of course if anybody at the R.F.L. knows where it is.
  14. fairfolly

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Rob, It may not be Sheffield and Doncaster,only my guess,but it does say not all teams were interested and as Johnny said it was not just Bradfords idea but it looks like the Chairmen were all in it together.At least they are trying something and not waiting for Rimmer to suggest any improvement to the game.
  15. fairfolly

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    I would guess Sheffield and Doncaster even though it does say some clubs were reluctant to join in the concept.