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  1. Bulliac, You have just "hit the nail on the head" The games against Fev and Fax. were always going to be tight games so common sense to me says take any free points on offer.As for comparison with the game of yesteryear,it is impossible to compare,the only comparison is that the ball and the posts are still the same shape.That is probably why the players of those days do not recognise the game that is played now.
  2. Problem with your argument Wolford is that the game is played over 80 minutes not 60 minutes. How many spectators a club has is irrelevant, ask Manchester United that,far more spectators than all the other clubs but what have they won this season? nothing is the answer.The games are won on the field not on the terraces.As the famous coach Jack Gibson said, once I start taking notice of what the spectators say I will be sat with them before long.You are perfectly entitled to your opinion as long as you do not expect the coach to listen to you.All spectators want to see scintillating Rugby but sometimes you have to grind out wins, also do not forget Featherstone and Halifax are two of the better teams in the Championship and are no pushovers.Bradford do not have a divine right to win games they have to battle for the points same as all the other clubs do.
  3. Lowdesert In the Halifax game the Bulls penalties were all sitters,impossible to refuse the points,they were guaranteed ,running the ball was not.
  4. Bulliac, Did you watch the Cas. v Wakey game on Thursday? Cas. took an easy 2 points when the commentary team were saying they should have run the ball. What was the outcome? Cas. won by two points,try telling Daryl Powell he was wrong to take the two on offer.I would think whatever you and I think should happen Kear and Powell know a little bit more than you and I realise that the game is going to be tight,so if any team is willing to give you six points you take them.Common sense really.
  5. Bulliac, So taking the "two" three times is not the way to win games. I thought they did win.If they had refused those 6 points they probably would never have gone for the drop goal and only drew. Would that have pleased you.?As for being conservative, you do understand hopefully that making the opposition tackle and tackle takes its toll on them towards the end of the game.Two consecutive weeks now the Bulls have been way behind until 15 minutes from time when the opposition have run out of steam that they have won the game.Game awareness,of which John Kear is the master.Would you have said the same if they had not gone for those kicks and lost.You and Wolford would have been screaming they should have taken the two when on offer.
  6. On his day he is a very good championship player, he will be fine at Fev. as long as the coach does not try to tell him what to do and what not to do. Otherwise, who knows what he will do.
  7. I always had good times on site with lads from your area, 2 from Pontefract,2 from Knottingley, rough as they come but good lads all the same.I worked with them for about 5 years on various sites around Yorkshire. Two of them Rugby men,the other two did not know what a Rugby ball was.The pub was their life,darts and doms their exercise.As for my Fairfolly,the name of my house.Just seen a photo of Bussey,got to say he does not look like a half back. Interesting draw for Bradford next,Leeds at home,unfortunately will not be there as in Spain at the moment,also missed Sundays game but listened on Radio Leeds, seems Fev. threw the game away,the last two subs from Fev seemed to tip the scales in Bradfords favour.
  8. jamescolin, No not taking the p*** at all, a genuine mistake.I genuinely thought he was not a Fev supporter.As for me being a teacher,you have to be joking,worked on building sites all my working life.By the way you are older than me ,I am only 77.L.O.L.I do not even know what condescending means.Wish I had been a teacher by the way,I would now be on a good pension without the aches and pains brought on by hard graft.Who was it said ,"hard work never hurt anybody" believe me it does when you have retired.
  9. Michael, my apologies for misreading you. By your wording I quite wrongly thought you was not a Featherstone supporter. That is the Yorkshire dialect for you, where I live I would have said "Bussey had a much better game than Boas" obviously in Featherstone you have a different way of saying it,"Bussey outplayed the man we have flown half way around the world"I quite wrongly assumed you was a Bradford supporter by your post.Once again, apologies to you and Robin and P.O R.
  10. Ah Robin and P.O.R. I see your point now,still can not understand how you can outplay somebody on the same side as you.Normally you outplay your opposite number,see I told you I was an O.A.P. ,times have obviously changed,now you can outplay somebody on your own side.
  11. Sorry Robin, do not understand your reply,I am after all an old age pensioner,I was only replying to an earlier poster who said he was at the match.I just queried who was the half back who Bradford flew half the way round the world and was outclassed by a prop forward apparently Bussey from Featherstone.Maybe you can enlighten me who that half back was.
  12. Michael Bates, who was the man Bradford flew half way round the world to play #### half.As far as I am aware Bradford only have three overseas players, a winger or centre Hitchcox,a centre Webster both all the way from Castleford,Chisholm a half back. Neither Hitchcox or Chisholm have played for weeks,neither played Sunday.The two half backs were Milnes from Bradford and of course Lilley all the way from Stanningley and the last time I looked that was in the Leeds area.Maybe you class that as the other side of the world.
  13. No, but you have got quite a few who have no chance.
  14. Official, he has gone. Just made a statement thanking Toronto for the chance to coach them .Big thanks from Brian Noble also.
  15. Is he the same fruitcake who is a compulsory poster in the Bradford T&A. Uses dozens of user names and keeps on appearing.At the moment anything concerning the Bulls he is plain John Smith, on other subjects he changes his name every week.
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