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  1. Football is about dreams according to Burnley manager Sean Dyche , so what is RL about ?
  2. Super League restructure coming

    Pozy , I concur with all your posts where you try to explain it is how you ' feel ' , not necessarily logic that dictates your issues with licencing/franchises You cannot tell somebody how to feel When the closed shop was introduced I continued to go watching Leigh , but eventually I started losing interest , no blinding light revelation , just a slow malaise that crept up on me , I enjoyed the away games more , probably just for the day out , Challenge Cup games interested me And then they announced that once again , we had a genuine target , the opportunity to test ourselves against our former opponents
  3. Licensing

    Not just the tail end , unless you have the ridiculous situation of playing 20 odd games to eliminate a third of SL from the play offs
  4. Super League restructure coming

    But they were under pressure to avoid finishing in the bottom 4 for half a season , and definatly in the 1 st 3 games of the 8 s
  5. Super League restructure coming

    Will everybody please stop suggesting Bradford , unless and until the Odsal fiasco is sorted they aren't going to be in SL
  6. Licensing

    As I put on the other thread , no licencing until Cas's stadium is actually under construction
  7. Mortality

    I tried to Quote Robins original post but stupid I pads playing up Being of the age we are , this is when things start to bite Only lost my grandmother 7 years ago at the age of 95 , since then the last 4 of her children have all passed away including my mother in May , lost my father in law in march In summer a former employee had a freak accident on holiday slipping on some steps and banging his head ( he had his hands in his pockets , and that cost him his life ) Ian was one of life's nice guys Eight weeks ago I undertook a job on somebody's conservatory roof from a recommend , during the job Graham informed us he had cancer aged 54 ( 2 years younger than myself ) and asked about other works needed on the property ( looking to get the house done for his wife ) , we did the job , this week Lynn his wife sent me text telling me he passed away peacefully sat in his new favourite room last Saturday My response for the last couple of years to the usual comment about the weather being poor has been quite simple , " it's a beautiful day , any day that I am part of is a beautiful day "
  8. Licensing

    Harry , you wouldn't let it lie would you ? Can of worms
  9. Next season 2018

    Licencing will be announced when Cas's new stadium is actually at a stage where it will be completed in time for them to play in it Otherwise you have the ridiculous situation where the best team and potential winners of the comp could/would be excluded
  10. What do we expect though ? , I put 10K because that is the oft quoted figure that allows a club to be self sufficient financially , how the union boys do it on their gates with their salary caps is irrelivant to this particular subject
  11. The structure had nothing to do with the decline of both clubs , they both have financial issues tied in with where they play , Odsal is a money pit and london live basically in a caravan looking for an area of London with 10,000 hardcore RL fans within a 30 minute commute Until those issues are sorted neither will see SL again
  12. London killed off London , not enough people were interested Odsal killed off Bradford , and will continue to do so until they find somewhere better
  13. Under Licencing some clubs had ' dead rubbers ' after a third of the season , you really are clueless about the English game arent you ?
  14. Indeed it is , including Bournemouth , Huddersfield and Burnley