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  1. Hopefully no issue with going down as well
  2. If we already had enough not ' making up the numbers ' I'd accept the insulting term , but we dont and until we do it is wrong to criticise those that work hard at keeping the sport going for over a hundred years , unfortunatly our location which wasnt seen as an issue back in 1895 might now be one , when it is we might well suffer because of it , but criticising somebody for their ' birth ' reaks of racism and bigotry in a way I hope you enjoy the brave new world you will enhabit if it comes to pass , just watch out it doesnt bite you on the ass
  3. Homes Under The Hammer

    Let's just hope they preview the game on the Breakfast news , that is probably more important than which channel its on
  4. So it seems a catch 22 situation Not enough players because we don't have the geographical spread So don't spread geographically because we don't have the players Ultimatly somebody will need a leap of faith at some point
  5. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    As you state ' Logical ' , although still unlikely and unwanted even by Leigh fans , so why you want to make it an issue god only knows
  6. Exactly , but we still have people suggesting that I , born in leigh , with a great uncle that won the Challenge Cup in 1921 for his local team should potentially accept that I should change my allegence to a team from a different town for ' the good of the game ' ? Nope , no chance , we have what we have for reasons set over a hundred years ago , I'm not going to go against that
  7. I'm sure that 122 years ago the clubs that set up our game didnt realise theyd cause this much upset on the internet , maybe somebody should have explained it to them
  8. Quite simply sometimes a monopoly on something can reduce the overall value of a product
  9. He said A N other broadcaster , as has been explained to you , SKY buy the rights not to show the lower tiers ( apart from the summer bash , which is 6 games with one set up cost ) until the middle 8 s He is suggesting somebody else might be interested in it , not neccessarily SKY
  10. Same for me Robin , I carried on but eventually didnt feel like I ' needed ' to go , then it all changed
  11. The rules at the start , I agree with the sentiment , but
  12. Scubby SL 17 s posts remind me of some of my opinions back in 2009/10 , I suggested similar that the 20 excluded clubs should look at detaching themselves from the elite clubs and indeed the control of the RFL , having no sporting contact with the SL clubs and refusing to take any player that had previously been registered with a top tier club That they work together to develop their own competitions Highly likely that it would fail as getting all the lower level clubs to agree to anything is nigh on impossible But that's what licencing does , it divides
  13. Not often I agree with you , but yes what youve put here is the reality of the situation , not forgetting that Toulouse and or another NA team could come into the equation , but there will only be 12
  14. How do you judge an academy ? , no of players who've played one 1 st team game , or do they need to play 100 ? , what if a player doesnt play for that club , but then moves on to the Championship and eventually SL ? It really is impossible