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  1. Yes , it's easy on here to just say " do this , do that , market the life out of it " , but finding clubs that will even allow a RL game on their pitch isn't easy depending what time of year it is , then the cost , and the risk associated Looking at the Summer Bash you generally get about double your normal away following , so then pulling in the locals is what is needed , and we all know how easy that is
  2. All this is irrelivant , does anybody play any games at the stadium in OttAwa in Feb/march ?
  3. Have you ever been to a race meeting as an adult and not had a bet ?
  4. Any TV series that has dragons , zombies , witches and isn't a comedy is ' odd ' I do get the feeling it will return at some point
  5. Did they open a Kebab shop or a barbers ?
  6. Other sports ( essentially ALL of then on the survey ) existed initially as spectator sports , ie , the admiration of the skill of the participants , animal racing in essentially all its formatts is to facilitate gambling ,take away that gambling and it wouldn't exist Now if you are too stupid to understand that simple fact , that is your problem Goodnight
  7. No , because if you take away the gambling , nobody would go to watch it , its primary function is to facilitate gambling
  8. I really don't like Blackpool , but I do completely agree with you Matt , wherever else you take it , you will start to exclude some demographic , the only real change to me that is needed is if it is to be THE championships DAY in the spotlight is for there to be no SL matches that weekend
  9. Horse and greyhound racing are primarily only in existence to gamble , take away the gambling and nobody goes , they are not spectator sports like the rest , they should not be included in this survey
  10. You have no idea how many times I've tried to influence club marketing from within a club , however it seems to me that all the marketing experts are on these boards , it all sounds so easy on here , but believe me it isn't , yes on the whole the clubs are useless , probably more than the RFL , so yes it is very necessary that the game evolves , or yes it could dissapear
  11. 7 matches just at the start of the football season ? , No chance
  12. Balmain was suggesting a 50% increase in attendances to make up the difference , how hard can that be ?
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