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    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    Will Shaun be happy in the Championship ?

    Magic Weekend in New York

    Come on , it has to be the Bash in Vegas , you know it makes sense

    Magic Weekend in New York

    I'd suggest we take the ' Bash ' to Vegas 1 st as a tester

    Rowley and Toronto

    Lovin this thread , cloud cuckoo land
  5. ' OK ' meaning what ? Do you watch any particular team ? Do they have ambition to play at a higher level ? Leighs attendances dropped from 2500 ish to almost half that by 2013 , return of automatic promotion and the investement that brought with it saw it triple to mid 3000s
  6. Hopefully Toronto having next weeks ' bounce ' this week

    Video Replay

    As the post above outlines , gobby players and coaches have driven refs from the sport Now who's the ' gobbyest ' player around right now ?
  8. Interesting that since the warning the penalties have dried up Now then in real time I thought Kay had put it down on the line , but he just dropped it So Toronto lose 2 , then gain 6 Surely if no VR , then goal line judges
  9. A strong competition ? , or a competitive competition ? Remove Promotion and youll end up with a DR reserve comp being watched by 3 men and a dog

    Rowley and Toronto

    So you are suggesting a situation where in the UK the 2nd tier getting 90% of the supporterts watching them , and half an International competition with crowds in the 100,s ? Do you think that would attract sponsors and broadcast deals ? I have to conclude you are just ' trolling ' us , well those that have responded to you in detail

    Rowley and Toronto

    It isnt a big one either , is it ?

    Rowley and Toronto

    When Paul was Leighs coach he did encourage , even force players to employ ' niggly ' tactics designed to wind up the opposition , few Leigh fans were happy with that side of our play on the terraces , not sure we were as outright dirty as was made out As I put earlier , it'll be interesting to see his and the teams reaction to this match in the next 2 SKY televised matches

    Rowley and Toronto

    They were punished , the scoreline shows that , also if they dont address their behaviour , due to the high profile of the match being televised it could cost them earlier next time , as I doubt future refs will be as patient with them , and if it did continue in a similar vein the RFL would eventually " have a word "
  14. Again a massive match for Leigh , a win and a Toronto against Toulouse win gives us 3 potential targets before we face the Wolfpack at Blackpool A loss probably leaves just London as catchable

    Rowley and Toronto

    Kay's yellow was I unintentional but correct Mcrone is either stupid or incredibly arrogant if he thinks he can behave like that Dixon hit Livett with a cheap shot on the floor then another punch to the face , so not surprised at the red Lussick displayed why he isn't wanted in the NRL Impressed with how Thaler dealt with some plain stupid actions , especially when he ' nominated ' Simms as their new Captain Will Paul's arrogance allow him to change or will he close ranks even more ? After such a public show it will be interesting to see how they go on in the next 2 games , both televised and against decent opposition