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  1. I mean debating it on here
  2. That's just because you're a Wiganer , nothing to do with politics
  3. It really isn't worth it , best stick to the Rugby
  4. That isn't really fair , we can only see what they do

    Hemel and New York

    Whatever you post on here will have no impact on anything , if you are in a position to alter things directly , then that still isn't relative to posts on social media platforms like this

    Hemel and New York

    I don't need or take any medication , RL is just a sport , it pales into insignificance when compared to real life issues , I am happy for geographical expansion , as long as it doesn't negatively affect the existing sport , it will potentially result in a change in the sport that might affect my interest in it , if that happens , it happens , my opinions or deliberations on here won't make 1 iota's difference to what does happen , neither will yours

    Hemel and New York

    No it isn't , as much as most disagree with Parky's contribution ( some I do , some I don't , but I accept his opinion ) , they generally are open to debate , pointless waffle and insult achieves nothing
  8. As I put earlier , to me Wakey could' be very clever here if they want to be , look at what's happening at the football grounds that are still looking at being developed , plenty of them have a single fairly modern cantilever stand that could provide the base for a main stand and a corporate function room on the back of it along with offices and retail , that would open up the block of flats for demolition to be replaced by a cheapish away end , leaving the current end and side as the ' home ' terraces ( with the potential to develop in the future The main point of this type of approach is it would be cheap and still under Wakeys control , therefore being income generating
  9. Yes a big part of Licencing ( and framing the future previously ) was stadium infrastructure , the much of it was ignored , so either do it or don't , but don't just wait till you get who you want

    Hemel and New York

    Quality contribution

    Hemel and New York

    So what does that make GUBRATS ?

    Hemel and New York

    Reread my post K man , as I said , it may well result in a return to a closed top tier , last time that happened I got bored with it and the garden improved
  13. Stupid tablet , I did spot the error but it won't let me edit it to Fev
  14. Best bet is to do a ' Feb ' , find some old football ground being fully replaced and pick up 1 decent stand
  15. Because no sports club ever did anything to look after their interests before did they ?