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  1. My phone allows you to talk to other people while in different parts of the world , bloody brilliant , oh and something called ' texts ' as well , not Sussed that one out yet
  2. Stadium's.

    Indeed , thats why I'm unhappy at Leighs away game against Toulouse has been switched to Albi
  3. Quality of Rugby League

    Last nights was terrible , tonight's much better , maybe Cas,s performances last year have spoiled us
  4. Mortality

    Visited OZ about 14 years ago now , Surfers paradise , there was a bloke there giving demostrations of various creatures , ' Saul the Snake Guy ' if I remember correctly , after showing us these various ways to die he had a collection which he then deposited into the sack containing the brown snake he had just put away " I dont need to worry about it being nicked " he explained before telling us how wonderful his country was " We have [ not exact here but you get my drift ] 7 of the most venomous spiders in the world , 8 of the top ten most dangerous snakes in the world , we have swamps with gators that will eat you whole " and then pointing out to the beautiful waves crashing on the beach " we have the Great White pointer Shark that now sometimes resides in our man made canals , and finally the Box Jellyfish , the most poisonous creature in the World , WHAT A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE " Funny as
  5. Barrow hold Toronto to a draw 8-8

    The pitches were just as bad in the 60s / 70s , it never stopped Murph kicking shed loads of drop goals
  6. Barrow hold Toronto to a draw 8-8

    You're asking for trouble there
  7. Apologies for the abusive language used But just to repost the other point I made , massive pot holes and various items dropped off vehicles ( a large metal ratchet strap in this case ) make speeding over the set speed limit not the cleverest thing to do
  8. Pets corner

    Our hendrixs So here we have phsyco Santa , looks happy doesnt he ? Just given ' tiggger ' a good hiding [ forgetting how ' tigs ' kept him company when a pup ] And finally ' big ears ' when he first arrived at 6 months , he carried on growing , his ears didnt
  9. No matter how good a driver you believe yourself to be , speed reduces the time you have to make the right decisions when a problem occurs , be that a pallet lying in the middle lane , or a 2 wheeled truck , a spare wheel , all items I've seen on motorways , we currently have pot holes everywhere , you hit one at speed and you will lose control Idiots drive fast , idiots believe they are indestructible because of the vehicle they are sat in , they aren't , and neither are other law abiding road users who get in their way
  10. Krzz 's Game Review

    Takes one to know one as they say , obsessed
  11. Krzz 's Game Review

    Sorry but I dont really want to comment , basically yourself and K man just annoy me now , you were fine at the start but your posts have got stranger and more aggressive for no real reasons that I can see , in fact I'd suggest if you carry on in the same vein you wont find many other forum users conversing with you , maybe its just they way you guys go about it Anyway all the best
  12. Krzz 's Game Review

    My opinion of the game is that we probably started too well , complacency then setting in , too many XXXX or bust plays ( something that let us down last season ) rather than building pressure In the end the best team on the day won , Toronto's scrambling defence to keep us out for 70 minutes was exceptional I didn't expect to go unbeaten as some had suggested after our good pre season , and as the season goes on I hope and expect us to improve , winning our last match against Toronto will be much more important than our first , but we have Batley to beat first , that is never easy
  13. Krzz 's Game Review

    The Leigh mascot ' Parky Pig ' came about from the sponsorship of Parkside Skoda many years ago , also a reference to Hilton Park , it was before we had a second name , we were simply Leigh RLFC , it was originally only going to be temporary , however the character became very popular , particularly with the kids , the original ' insider ' Shaun Hodgekiss was also much different to Terry who now occupies the suit , he would quite happily cartwheel his way across the pitch , he entered on Quad bikes , limousines , even a hovercraft , obviously H and S now tones down what mascots can get away with , even Terry has had some memorable encounters with players , officials , even st johns ambulance staff We like the Character , so he will continue
  14. You drive an Audi dont you ?