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  1. I think people sometimes forget, just how poorly both sets of York City Knights AND York City fans have been treated over the years by certain owners. I’m certainly not meaning Jon Flatman etc, who has done an AMAZING job, along with everybody else now involved with the club. I can see why people could be a bit reluctant to come (I used to follow a City home and away, in the Douglas Craig era) Having said that, the position this club is now in, the City of York needs to get behind this team. James Ford is doing an amazing job (tie him to a new contract immediately) The leadership at the top of the club is second to none, the social media team are groundbreakingly brilliant and the players, well, they just don’t know the meaning of giving in! Maybe it’s time to break out a City wide blitz of the “Fordy Fiver”, get into every pub and shop in town and into all sponsors. Could we set up a deal to advertise on First York buses? Maybe set up a deal on the Park and Ride buses, might help get more people to the ground who don’t drive? If we continue as we are, I’m sure the crowds will come, just some might need a little nudge ?.
  2. mn79


    I must congratulate the Wolfpack on their outstanding defence too, snuffed us out all day long RobertAM. Rub of the green just slightly in your favour today, with a couple of decisions. Still you make your own luck. It was a cracker of a game. We’ll get you at the Lamport, plus the Mrs has given me a pass to go ??
  3. mn79


    Ok, I’ll take the ref out of it, because there’ll be enough said about his performance (albeit with little help from the flag wavers). Outstanding defence against a well organised Wolfpack, who looked dangerous when they quickened the play only to be snuffed out by our defence. We seemed to be missing a little bit of spark from the halves today? I suppose you have to credit the Wolfpack defence for that though too. Plenty to build on for the next game, so there’s certainly no doom and gloom. We’ll go ok this year if we put in performances like that every week.
  4. There’s loads of players I could name as my favourite, it’s a tough decision. I’m gonna go for a fairly recent player though, I’m going to say Simon Friend. Not only was he a beast on the field, giving 110% all game every game, but he was also a cracking bloke off the field too. Spent many a Sunday night sharing a beer or three in town with him, which generally involved a frightening bear hug off him at some point!
  5. When you get to York, ask someone to show you the back way out of the station and tell them where you going. You can literally follow the railway track all the way to the ground. Obviously crossing various roads etc, but you should have no problems at all. The track literally goes past the ground.
  6. Last night was great, it was nice to have the opportunity to mix with the players and talk to Jon Flatman and James Ford. My nephew even had a game of rugby with Harry Carter and Joe Porter! Little things like this stick in people’s minds and go a long way. As for City doing something similar, I don’t see why the 2 clubs can’t get together and put on a similar (and bigger) event conjunction with each other. It would be a massive event. Maybe put some bands on, plenty more stalls etc. Maybe it could be called FanFest or something like that?! Just a thought. Eiither way, it’s great to see the Knights doing so well, long may it continue.
  7. Brad Davis could play a bit.......
  8. Signing of the season righ there. Cracking news, congratulations to Fordy, thoroughly deserved. How about a full time squad........ ?
  9. mn79

    Dual reg

    It would be interesting to hear the views of the club on this. It does seem a bit odd, particularly since we are supposed to have a fantastic relationship with Hull KR.
  10. I thought today’s game would be closer than it was. We scored a couple of trys at crucial times which knocked a bit of the stuffing out of you guys. I can fully see why you guys are getting decent results at home, I thought you were decent in patches today. I’d genuinely like to hear how you town fans feel about having Moimoi? He didn’t have the best of games today and he can’t be that cheap to employ? As for the old DR argument, yes we had 2 KR players playing today, both had decent games but give credit to the other 15 players in the York squad (yes I know Colton Roache is on loan too). Anyway, best of luck for the rest of the season and look forward to the return fixture and our sparkling Cumbrian form! ??
  11. Blooming ‘eck that’s some trek for the game! Let’s hope you DO make it in time to see the Knights slay the Dragons!
  12. It’s a fair point. Maybe the club have a spare one in your size for you to collect tomorrow before the game. You could wear that one and return the undelivered one? Unless your size is sold out of course.
  13. Let’s hope Harry’s injury isn’t a season ending one. Would love to see him back on the park asap.
  14. mn79


    Both would be good! Or am I just being greedy?!
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