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  1. Surprising to see Newcastle at 16/1. Full time environment and with the signings they’ve made, I’d full expect them to be pushing the top 3. That’s the least I’d expect from them.
  2. mn79

    Fans Forum

    Good to hear that the fans forum is making a return. It will be interesting to hear more about the results from the fans survey.
  3. Great to see Fordy sign for another 3 years and the Q & A on the website was a very interesting read, gives a real insight into how he wants certain players to play next year. Any ideas on who is assisting Big Chief Fordy next season? Would really love it to be Tim Spears but wasn’t sure if he was spending more time with his family since retiring.
  4. mn79

    Fans Forum

    Yes, they generally announce the squad numbers at the same “Launch Knight” don’t they. Like I said previously, it’s completely understandable with Covid situation over the past couple of years. Just wondered if we had any plans for this season, the club are normally so good at things like this but there’s been no mention of it so far. I hope I’m wrong, it’d be great to have the fans forums back again.
  5. I wonder if there are any plans to organise a fans forum this year by the club? I appreciate the difficulties posed by the Covid situation, but it would be good if something could be organised. I know that Chris Clarkson mentioned about building a better bond between players and supporters and what better way than a good old chinwag at a fans forum?! I always thought that previous forums were well received and brilliantly organised by the club. Always nice to hear from Jon Flatman about the various goings on at the club and even more so now with the ladies team gathering huge momentum. The insight Fordy gives into the squad is always interesting and obviously it’s a chance for the club to introduce the players for this coming season. Also it gives the club chance to sell that all important merchandise which we’re all craving!!
  6. Shame to see him go without playing for us, really rate him as a player and so unfortunate to get such a bad injury last year. He was always going to sign for his hometown if the option came up. Best of luck to him.
  7. I have to admit, he's not one that i know much about. Look forward to seeing the lad in Knights colours.
  8. Me three. I bet they get some interesting feedback.
  9. Disappointing on both counts IF true.
  10. I assume you mean the ticketing website run by the Stadium Management Company? I would have to agree, it's been garbage from day one. The lad in the ticket office at the stadium deserves a medal though, always very helpful, even though he's been let down badly by the shower that are running the show.
  11. Maybe a partnership between York Boat and The Knights could solve that?!
  12. Love that!!! The promotional side of the Knights just gets better and better. Well done to everyone involved, particularly First York. In time, it could turn out to be similar to the Ikon & Diva bus!!
  13. Potentially a cracking signing for us. If we keep him for a decent length of time and let him off the leash to work his magic. Hopefully he's not restricted too much into a rigid way of playing.
  14. What a cracking effort from the lads last night. With the amount of injuries we had to contend with it just goes to show what a squad of players Fordy has put together. Particularly pleasing to see Myles Harrison and AJ Towse, not only make their debuts but also sign new long term contracts at the club, showing that there IS a pathway through to the Knights 1st team for the young talent in and around the York area. What a shame we couldn't have been there to cheer on the lads, i'm sure we'd have made a difference when the going got tough last night.
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