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  1. ...or superb game management. 2 points on the board, ball back and use up last couple of minutes of sin bin
  2. ...or superb game management. 2 points on the board, ball back and use up last couple of minutes of sin bin
  3. Wholly Trinity

    Marwan's fixture proposal

    I know I keep going on about this and it's most likely moot since the 8s seem destined to the history books, but one more time... Saints get the league leaders shield after 23 round The next 7 rounds decide the premiership The top four play-off to reach the GF & a chance of the championship To give a fresh start to the 8s, everything but the points advantage from the weekly rounds is zeroed (includng points difference), so Saints start with 21 points, Wakefield and Catalans on 0. 3 points for a win in each of the 7 rounds makes it possible to move up the table if you can perform against the top teams at the business end of the season, which I see as just reward. I include the current table and the table with the proposed format.With 3 points for a win, top 4 and even Saints lead is not unassailable with a possible 18 points still up for grabs..
  4. Following an assertion that the only reason Derek's team missed out on top four was because they played Toronto at the Bash, are there other factors that would make first past the post champions unsatisfactory in RL? The sport is salary-capped and squad-size is limited. The likelihood of a debilitating injury list is reasonably likely in such a fast and physically challenging sport. The form of individual clubs can be seriously affected by such occurrences on top of the natural ebb and flow of form. Is is more down to luck of the draw when you meet opposition, rather than who you meet? Is it even possible in such circumstances to have a completely fair and balanced fixture list to decide RL champions. Looking at this years SL fixtures, if you played Huddersfield or Catalans twice in the first half of the season or Widnes after the first few rounds, then you certainly had an advantage, especially on points difference.
  5. Wholly Trinity

    Odsal - Carter and Hudgell interest

    I've no idea whether there is any substance to the Hudgell/Carter rumour, but imagine a possible scenario. Wakefield need a suitable/temporary home to retain their SL status whilst the 'Sir Rodney Walker Megadome" is built. The lease of Odsal is seen as undervalued and there is a potential to make money on just holding on to the lease for a short while, or at least not lose money. The lease is not much use to anyone while ever it has sitting tenants. MC buys the lease and Bradford RL continues with their current arrangements to rent and play there. Wakefield take up temporary residence rent free for effectively little or no cost. A year or two down the line, Wakefield move to their new stadium and the lease is back up for sale. (The Flying Unicorn Stadium) Obviously, persuading Trinity fans to follow the team to Bradford would be a huge challenge, but the alternative may be even less appealing.
  6. Wholly Trinity


    When the big screen awards a try in France it says "ESSAI" not "TROIS"
  7. Wholly Trinity

    Our new position in the EU

    Brexit is often likened to a divorce, and it is through personal experience I can empathise with the "true brexiteers". I just needed a clean & quick break for the benefit of my own personal well-being. The main focus was on getting away from a relationship which I found toxic. The main asset was the house, but I was prepared to make any deal which would allow a clean and speedy separation. I took a car, the endowment policy and a small amount of cash, released by my partner re-mortgaging to the hilt, and then I was gone. 20 years on, I occasionally look at the house prices and consider how much I lost out financially, but I have no regrets and absolutely no doubt that I made the correct decision. However, what I find hard to believe is that this priority of leaving the EU as a fundamental principle of freedom and self-determination with acceptable costs is even close to a majority view. If it was, why would the leavers be so afraid of a vote on the actual deal to be made and its consequences.
  8. Wholly Trinity

    Our new position in the EU

    The lady is not for turning. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/223729
  9. Wholly Trinity

    The RFL sinks to its absolute lowest

    Perhaps they received a letter from "World Rugby's" solicitors for using their intellectual property without permission?
  10. Wholly Trinity

    The RFL sinks to its absolute lowest

    I would just rename the sport RL Football (or just RL for short). We need to be clearly distinguishable in all media from 'rugby'. If it's good enough for LG* and BP*, it's good enough for RL. *Formerly called Lucky-Goldstar & British Petroleum Edit: I would also do something about pitch markings. Make them clearly identifiable as an RL pitch (c.f. American Football). Watching on TV recently, with all the dry grass, the markings were barely distinguishable. It looked quite bland and amateurish. Summer sport lends itself to painted grass. A uniform design with in-goal team logos would further promote the brand. Those sharing with soccer clubs would have to suck up the costs.
  11. Wholly Trinity

    Our new position in the EU

    As a dreamainer, I'm still clinging on to the last vestiges of hope that the opposition is not actually incompetent but has a cunning plan. The problem is that even vaguely expressing a view that the 'will of the people' will be ignored is politically toxic. The possibility of a people's vote is still only at the level of hushed rumour. This is one of the big achievements of the Brexiteers. An advisory referendum, won on a narrow majority, based on lies, cheating and deception, is universally accepted as the undeniable 'will of the people'. The deception, of course, is in allowing the leave voters to continue to believe that Brexit can be whatever you want it to be (see Saintslass). So, here's my dream sequence: The cunning plan is to encourage the government to continue to tear itself apart, keeping a low profile without offering any dissenting opinion or solutions, just biding their time, hoping for a vote of no confidence/leadership change/general election. At the GE, Labour win a narrow majority and inherit the current clusterflump, the more competent MPs suddenly forget their resistance to the 'leadership' with the offer of ministerial cars (see example set by liberal democrats). Their cunning plan is then made clear. Appeal to the EU that they have no time to make a deal for leaving the EU and withdraw A50, citing Tory incompetence for messing it up. They promise that once they have made a better plan, they will hold a referendum to measure its acceptance with the 'people'. In the meantime, they seek allies in the EU, who are not happy with the current, unlimited freedom of movement, and work together to find more suitable and workable controls according to the individual country's needs and put the brakes on 'ever closer union'. The EU agrees as it sees an opportunity to keep the EU together. Come the referendum, the remain option with extra controls over immigration wins by a landslide and the country is reunited in support of the new improved EU and we all live happily ever after (apart from the ERG) with our new blue passports. Anyway, I'm going for a shower; I'll be back in 6 months to see how it all panned out.
  12. Wholly Trinity

    Caption Competition

    "Are you sure that's Ryan Hall?"
  13. Wholly Trinity

    Our new position in the EU

    I wasn't sure what happens in such circumstances. In theory, could that mean that the second round doesn't produce a 50%+ majority ?
  14. Wholly Trinity

    Our new position in the EU

    Wouldn't it pretty much guarantee fudge? Remainers= EU + fudge Hard quitters = WTO + fudge Soft quitters = Fudge + WTO i.e. 2nd round landslide to fudge (assuming it gets through round 1, which I think it would) maybe three would be a few ERG protests of WTO + EU, but I can't see that being significant.
  15. Wholly Trinity

    Footy Sweepstake - are you in?

    ... and I thought it was the French who were the surrender monkeys. The final piece of the jigsaw will slip into place on Sunday. A second world title for la republique. Big game experience will prevail; France have appeared in half of the world cup finals in the last 23 years. New kids on the block Croatia won't know what's hit them. France 3 Croatia 1 Allez les bleus