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  1. Wholly Trinity

    Highway Code revisions

    These days, the level of vehicle tax is also based on emissions. Some cars have very low or zero? rating. What rate should cycles pay?
  2. Wholly Trinity

    Our new position in the EU

    Literally LOL Totally nicked that and now on the office wall, cheers
  3. Wholly Trinity

    Hearns (again)

    OK, so imagine we just increase the salary cap next season to £3m. What would happen? How many clubs could spend this (without going bust)? A 3 or 4 team super league wouldn't attract much in the way of sponsorship or TV deal. Could they attract top level NRL/Rugby Union stars or would they just be paying the current players (probably deservedly) more money? Would UK stars choose not to go to the NRL/Union? We've been left behind by our competitors for players. There is already the marquee signing exemption (+ others for home grown/internationals etc.) If a club wants to spend more than the cap they can do so to quite a significant level. It's a bit like driving an F1 car: go too slowly = no heat in the tyres and you crash, go a bit faster and still no heat in the tyres and you crash faster. The only choice is to go a lot faster. The problem is one of income. Growing the businesses in a sustainable way (or having a guaranteed sugar daddy?) How do all the clubs become like Leeds? + increasing participation. Hopefully, this is the plan behind the current SL coup. P.S. Maybe other clubs should be run better, rather than just throwing money they don't have at the problem. Wakefield currently spend significantly less than the current salary cap (4-600K?) and still have 3 players in the dream team and 2 in the England squad + reserves, academy, scholarship, women, PDRL teams, all on most likely the smallest income stream in SL (central funding reduced because of the stadium, low crowds and limited corporate).
  4. Wholly Trinity

    Hearns (again)

    Surely the point is that Wakefield should be nowhere near super league with a Victorian stadium and 4000 fans. The problem is that atm they are the 5th best team in the northern hemisphere. So, rather than blame one club, where are the 8 other more successful clubs to displace them? Leigh, Salford, Widnes all have decent stadia and have had their chance to take SL by storm. What happened? Point of order: it is a myth that salary cap is covered by TV money (ask Michael Carter) Most of your other points have been covered in previous posts about the special set of circumstances, particularly the ground issues, which have colluded to bring about their current position. Wakefield, under current ownership, are being built in a sustainable way, despite the significant disadvantages of not having suitable facilities. If finishing 8th, 5th & 5th in the top competition and having 3 players in the dream team is "wasting money on players just to stay in super league", what are the other clubs doing? Again, where are the 8 SL standard clubs coming from to displace Wakefield? What is the mechanism to develop these clubs? Are Castleford equally under threat with their similarly Victorian stadium? or do runners-up medals exempt them? Their planned stadium may seem closer at the moment, but as we well know, nothing is built until it is built.
  5. Wholly Trinity

    Our new position in the EU

    It seems to me that, for some time now, all parties are more focused on avoiding long-term political blame for the consequences of Brexit than negotiating the best deal (or any deal). Mrs. May is correct in stating that the people voted to leave and put their trust in the government to negotiate the terms of that deal. She and her ministers have clearly betrayed that trust. The thing that could stir up the cauldron is that if the ECJ rule (before Christmas?) that we can unilaterally withdraw A50, then that gives the opposition an easy out. They can avoid saying that they support remain before any subsequent general election and blame the government's failure to reach any suitable agreement, insist on the withdrawal of A50 and promise to start from scratch. This would then be done in an organised way, where the deal is planned beforehand and then article 50 is re-lodged (or not?). Real can-kicking, but a way to clarify what the electorate really want without the ridiculous time pressure we are now under. Or, we could just carry on... Enjoy the ride!
  6. Wholly Trinity

    Our new position in the EU

    As, potentially, the forum expert on porcine excrement, (direct experience of 10 pigsties, twice a day for 10 years) I can confirm that it is extremely thick. If you would like samples, I can send through the post (£50/tonne +p&p). I believe it is tariff free from Indonesia (outside EU - so Brexit proof)
  7. So even the cas players are winding you up now? Lol Do you want someone to read Michael Carter's tweet to you? Tbf. You got plenty of bites on this one. Well done you.
  8. Wholly Trinity

    New league structure revealed

    Fair point. Is it unworkable for them? Are they not allowed fixtures on the same weekend? Is this another reason they don't want reserves, because they have nowhere to play? They'd have to work around it, but I just think we need to make more of the content we have. These games happen, but they're not promoted as events. How much more would it cost? Someone would need to do the sums.
  9. Wholly Trinity

    New league structure revealed

    We need to learn from TWP about how the modern sports entertainment industry works. The competition for people's leisure time and $$$ is tougher than it's ever been. We need to entertain & engage a broader spectrum of fans (and get them to give some money for the privilege). The diversity of RL at the moment is a big plus which we're at risk of not making the most of. Women/youth/PDRL/LDRL/Wheelchair/masters. These all bring broader audiences and with it, publicity and sponsors. I still think we have too many fixtures in a season. Less is more. The nature of the modern game does not lend itself to bulk fixtures like soccer. The quality is just watered down and the product becomes weaker. What I'd like to see is all SL clubs having at least 2 games of RL at their home ground promoted & publicised every week. 1st team one week & reserves the other. Both supported by curtain raisers from the other teams. Then add in beer tents, barbecues and music, making it a regular/habit-forming social event. Free entry for season ticket holders to all events would also give better value for money. As far as the 'structure' goes, I still think the ultimate goal should be conferences + play-offs. Increasing the number of teams, but limiting fixtures. This should be announced as a target and then worked towards in stages, ideally achieving 2 equal conferences of 10 and cross-conference play-offs between top 4 of each. We could start (at the next TV deal) with two (tiered) full-time conferences of 9 (16 + 9 cross fixtures = 25) 13 home fixtures for SL1 & 12 for SL2, +Magic? +9s? +international weekends. Automatic P&R between with play-offs in each for GF & promotion spot(s). This would give a breeding ground for develop pro clubs. The semi-pro game below would be separate, but have potential entry into the full-time league. But mainly I just hope there is actually a plan to develop the game at the top level... any plan!
  10. Wholly Trinity

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    The importance of controlling crowd numbers has really only been taken seriously since Bradford and Hillsborough. How many non-all-ticket big games at Belle Vue in the 80s had attendances which exactly matched the number on the safety certificate? It became a running joke. We used to say it along with the announcer "Today's official match attendance is 8114" greeted by cheers.
  11. Wholly Trinity

    New league structure revealed

    Yes. Wakefield have the lowest budget in SL but have academy, reserves, youth, women, PDRL & LDRL teams. They also have the additional burden of a rented, not fit for purpose stadium with all its maintenance costs, lack of attractiveness to fans, sponsors & corporates plus the added bonus of reduced central funding... but of course that's just a cunning plan that 'saves' money to spend on players... lol
  12. Wholly Trinity

    New league structure revealed

    Each 'system' has one positive and 3 negatives. There is no silver bullet. Can I be first to predict a complaint that the league leaders in the top 5 play-offs is disadvantaged come the final because their momentum has been broken by having 2 weeks off? Then we'll get the 'yo-yo' effect and the difficulty in developing a competitive squad in a part-time division with limited budget and salary cap. Then we'll go to next 'system' off the rank. It's not the loop fixtures I'm so bothered about, it's the loop 'systems'. An ever decreasing circle of managed decline. Do the hard work on a coordinated approach to increasing participation and marketing the game. The rest will follow.
  13. Wholly Trinity

    New league structure revealed

    You can't have magic with an odd number of teams. You'd also have bye rounds. Who gets the byes at easter?
  14. Wholly Trinity

    Proper Sport Rugby League

    Same here. I'll stick with the podcast. #FaceForRadio