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  1. Quality of Rugby League

    The game and players have adapted to summer conditions. Starting the season in early February in the cold, mud & rain is not conducive to that style of rugby. Breathing cold air and running in a bog will cause greater fatigue and more errors. Give it a month.
  2. Cosa Nostra

    Tiga belas adalah hal kami. If only there was any RL in Indonesia. A few attempts have been made by random Aussies in Bali and there's a few in Papua, but they're linked to the independence movement, which is a political hot potato. It's a shame really, the 4th biggest population in the world and a neighbour to Australia, New Zealand and PNG. If only the NRL were keen on international expansion.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_NRL_Auckland_Nines 89 000 nobodies watched it in 2014 maybe it's just you?
  4. The more I think about this, the better idea it gets, to the point where it's almost a no-brainer. The Hearns (and other sports promoters) want events and they want full control (with the opportunity to make lots of money and be famous). We want to increase the profile of our sport and its players, and increase awareness of RL and also have somewhere for fringe and returning players to get game time. Give them 'Super League 9s'. As it is a separate competition, they can negotiate their own TV deal and sponsorship and organise it however they see fit. I would give them 2 years (2019 & 2020) to start with, and give them it at a neutral cost to SL, i.e. they pay for staging/promoting it and we provide the players, they take the profits. Would they go for it if the top-line players were not available? not so sure, but as those players are unknown to the wider public anyway, who knows? There are some very skilful RL players on the fringes of first-team squads and the emerging stars. It makes for exciting viewing. Speed & athleticism is king at 9s. Do we have anyone capable of selling it? As a carrot, I would set them attendance and viewing-figure targets and, should they meet them over the 2 years, offer them the magic weekend, with all players and teams available, as a stand-alone tournament. At that point renegotiate the deal. e.g. a payment equal to the current profits from the magic weekend. I would suggest holding it on Saturday evenings as 4-way round-robin fixtures, giving 6 matches and 2 1/2 hours playing time, at 3 venues. This would give 15 rounds, 12 rounds of 4-way fixtures plus 3 rounds of 3-way fixtures (4 venues), with the current 12 SL teams.With SL games on Thursday, Friday and Sunday and 4 teams involved in each fixture, it should be able to attract fans, if it is well staged. However, the format would be completely up to the promoters. They would have access to all players who are not required for the weekend SL fixture. Most clubs have a first team squad of 30, so would only need to use academy players in the event of an injury crisis. 9s is entertaining to watch and not that far removed from the skill set of 13s, there is still some defensive structure, unlike 7s. A Hearn 'circus' should attract a new audience to the sport. As we don't have an effective reserves competition, it's not replacing anything but is meeting a need. If it fails, despite all their best efforts, we've not really lost anything. The Auckland 9s was cancelled this year because of the compulsory break after the world cup (official reason), but it really wasn't done properly, even by the NRL. Clubs were allowed to put out weakened teams, it was seen as a pre-season warm-up, and it was in NZ, reducing potential crowd (but I guess it was funded by Auckland tourism or whatever).
  5. Give the Hearns Magic Weekend and make it a 9s

    The rules for team strength would need to be the same as for SL. The clubs need to buy into it as well otherwise there is no point. Serious prize money and a trophy should ensure that.
  6. Give the Hearns Magic Weekend and make it a 9s

    It's hard to know whether it's failing or succeeding. What is its purpose? Is it meeting/exceeding its targets or is it just surviving? Does anyone know?
  7. Give the Hearns Magic Weekend and make it a 9s

    I'm not saying the pricing or attendance counting would be different. I'm just saying that it has more potential to increase beyond the 30k per day and attract more new fans. The target should be to sell out, and then you can increase the prices. I don't believe the current format can ever achieve that.
  8. Give the Hearns Magic Weekend and make it a 9s

    Horses for courses, I suppose. Some like test cricket, some like T20. Expanding the market to new customers and sponsors is the key. I think 9s is an easier introduction to the sport for the non-aficionado. Less forward drive and defence oriented, without losing the physicality or RL skills. The day would be split into bite-sized pieces, allowing fans to dip in and out as they wish, but maintaining interest over a longer period. More teams (and hence more teams' fans) would be involved and each team would play 5 or 6 times spread over the 2 days. A chance to invite exciting guest teams e.g. Tonga or Bath RU.
  9. Give the Hearns Magic Weekend and make it a 9s

    It's good spin. Do 60,000 individuals go to magic weekend? How much ticket revenue do they get from these people? What's the average ticket price paid? (receipts/60k) It's ok if it's building growth and attracting repeat customers, but I'm not convinced it does that. Is the sport being sold too cheaply, again?
  10. Give the Hearns Magic Weekend and make it a 9s

    Considering the severity of the punishment, I will not be suggesting that the magic weekend becomes a 9s tournament, despite the fact that I started a thread previously on that very topic. Thanks for the warning. However, I feel I need to support the OP's idea. The magic weekend is a 'success', according to the RFL and the tourism departments of various cities, but what is its intended purpose and does it meet its targets? For me, the event is now saturated, with little chance of getting any bigger or more successful than it already is. It mainly attracts the existing fanbase who mainly go to watch their team at a big stadium event. I suspect there are a significant number of locals attracted to a cheap weekend's entertainment, but do we get any more than a tenner a year from these types? Fudging the attendance to suggest 60K+ attend the event does nothing for its credibility. Is the income any more than the 50K+ that attend regular SL rounds? Many of the individual matches are very poorly attended. A properly organised 9s event would attract more non-core supporters, IMO. It would need to be an officially sanctioned competition with prize money similar to the challenge cup, requiring teams to field full-strength sides. The whole event would need to have a festival atmosphere, with activities around the stadium. I believe more people would watch more often throughout the 2 days. Food and drink would need to be at reasonable prices. I get that the RL purists don't like the idea of a short/watered-down version, so it would need to be sold to them too. It's a different game, but the core skills are still there. They'd still get their jolly-boys' outing to support their team at a big event. The broadcasters would get 2 full days of sport to fill their channels at a low cost and generating lots of highlights. A chance to expand the support base and hence the sponsor portfolio. Would more companies like Dacia be attracted to such a high profile sporting event? The 9s format would develop as it was played more often with new tactics and skills. There could be a knock-on effect (excuse the pun) to the full game by emphasising more open attacking rugby. Do it, but do it properly... perhaps the Hearns are a good match for that.
  11. The SL launch video

    I'd like to know who they thought was the target audience for that video.
  12. mergers

    I have, scarred for life. The long and winding A595, you can get there and back in the day if you can avoid hitting any sheep. I Wouldn't recommend it in the dark or in bad weather. It might be ok in the summer on a motorbike. And as has been said, we've not got much of a record for successful mergers, they are more likely takeovers. 1+1=1.
  13. VAR

    I think this is where it all goes wrong. It undermines the authority of the referee as chief arbiter. If we're going to use video technology, it should be as an aid to the referee, like touch judges. With modern technology, it should be possible for the ref to view the replay himself if he is unsure and then make a decision. Either go to the edge of the pitch or have someone bring him a monitor. He could then direct the operator to show him what he missed/couldn't see. This may also reduce the number of times he goes to the screen, as he wouldn't be simply passing the buck.
  14. VAR

    He was the touch judge in the 1998 division one grand final And the rest, as they say, is history. ..
  15. VAR

    If you're looking in the rugby league rule book, you're looking in the wrong place. https://www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/airplane/newton.html