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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_assault "A person commits an assault if he performs an act (which does not for this purpose include a mere omission to act) by which he intentionally or recklessly causes another person to apprehend immediate unlawful violence." It seems to me to be pushing the boundaries of what constitutes an assault. The main thing is that he is 'tarred with the same brush' as Yaxley-Lennon and Benjamin. Pictures and video recorded, no need to repeat the action. Maybe he's building his case for assault charges, Nigel refused to get off his bus in sunny Wakefield. Who's afraid of a milkshake shower?
  2. Ooh I do like all this flexible arithmetic. Can I have a go? So, 44% reject a second referendum, take that from 100% means 56% support a people's vote.
  3. They seem to be a damp squib. Initially, I had high hopes of them being a new home for the disenfranchised, but the blue touch paper seems to have gone out. I think the problem is they lack any leadership or a clear purpose. They tried to be all things to all people (at least on the remain side) and have failed to inspire anyone. Even their anti-brexit stance seems half-hearted. Greens it is then.
  4. The candidates for each party are listed in order of preference (up to the total number of seats available in that region). So, initially you are voting for the number 1 candidate. As the party receives more seats, they take the next candidates from the list. You are unlikely to get more than 2 or 3 candidates down the list.
  5. Nice segue! Yes, it brings it back around to the subject of why I ended seemingly making such a sacrifice/compromise. Long story shortish... Came to a city on the coast near hear as a VSO volunteer in Feb 2000. It's relentlessly humid down there, so I used to come up the mountains for a break at weekends to visit other volunteers, where I met my wife. End of contract 2002 we went back to the UK where I got a job & a mortgage etc. My wife was trying hard to settle but struggled to get a decent job as her qualifications were not recognised. Also she had kids from her first marriage still over here. I was also back in the rat race, stressed & tired, life was not much fun. So, in 2005 I packed in my job and we came back here. At first I couldn't work, so I used to go to the UK & work for a month or so, to earn enough money for 2 flights and money to live off for 12 months. The 2008 credit crunch meant that since then the economy here has caught up to the west significantly over the years. A change in working conditions in the UK brought about by the change in government in 2010 meant that I was having to work 3 or 4 months to raise the cash, it was getting unsustainable. End of 2013 was time for another decision. Visa laws had changed, so I was now allowed to work here. The economy had caught up so much that it was now possible to earn enough in a year to pay for 2 return flights to the UK. So, since 2013 we've been here for all but a short 2/3 weeks annual holiday in the UK to visit friends and family. Got a fairly permanent job in January 2015, supplemented by keeping pigs, selling coffee and some English/maths tuition. My wife also has a better job than me, so now we are where we are. Bottom line: sacrifices/compromises/decisions always have to be made. You just have to decide which is the best/least worse way forward and then make the best of those choices. "Always look for gold" (c) Georgie Shepherd 1984.
  6. Tbf I don't know why the NRL don't promote the sport here. I'm sure they'd like it, at least as a spectator sport. 4th biggest population in the world, next door to Australia and adjoining the only country where it's the national sport.
  7. Mmmm. .. maybe so with 17k islands to choose from. I currently reside in the mountains of South Sulawesi. Brexiters would like it. Not many forrins. In fact, I think there's only me left in this district of 220k people.
  8. I'll give you a clue. Your prize awaits Google will help with flight bookings and exchange rates
  9. OK, I won't spoil your fun. In fact, to make it more interesting I'll offer a grand in cash to the first person to guess correctly. (Winner collects)
  10. I live 8000 miles from friends and family. I have no social life. I think I've had one glass of beer since new year. I use pretty much the whole of my annual salary to visit the uk for 2/3 weeks once a year. I haven't seen a game of RL live for 2 years+. I even go to church every week. Sacrifice/compromise? As a wise old woman from Oban once told me, "always look for the gold". I live in a land with a perfect climate. I have a very simple, stress-free life. My work is interesting, varied and worthwhile. I can have a decent standard of living on £250 pcm. I appreciate small luxuries (marmite, Yorkshire tea and English mustard). Other than the flights, my carbon footprint is tiny. When I do visit friends and family they are pleased to see me (mostly) - less is more.
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