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  1. Second Canadian Team

    still think Hamilton is a red herring and it'll be Montreal. The prospect of French players being recruited to fill out a team there is exciting...
  2. Reni Maitua signs for Toronto

    Welcome to the Pack Reni....
  3. London Broncos Feb 26th

    Cheers NickW. Hopefully new man Maitua will be ready to play next week??
  4. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    As long as he can play!!!!! anyone know much about him?
  5. London Broncos Feb 26th

    saw the squad..thought we had a couple of suspensions to cope with? McCrone and Sidlow?
  6. Broncos look to continue winning run

    You're going down!!!!! Go Wolfpack!
  7. Crowd for home opener

    I have overhead protection sorted..called my bleedin' 'at! fortified by a nice rum toddy taking care of things from the inside...what's the problem?? Run with the Pack!!
  8. Crowd for home opener

    I will be there floods, snow. gale force winds - whatever!!
  9. Crowd for home opener

    raycee - I think the prolonged absence caused by the delay getting Lamport fixed up and the resulting first half season being UK based will only cause the ranks to swell..and if the enthusiasm of the crowd at 3Brewers watching these games is anything to go by I don't think we need to worry..
  10. Crowd for home opener

    Average crowd about 7000 peaked at 8546 last game. I expect the average to be abt 8000 this year with the outcome in some games not being pre-determined as was the case in 2017. don't know how many season tickets have being sold but in my case many of the "one of's" I brought to games last year now have season tickets. look forward to seeing you here will be amazed by the atmosphere on game day..
  11. Halifax Feb 18th

    indeed it is..hopefully David Argyle will keep putting money in, can't see why he wouldn't if punters keeping buying tickets and gear and if a major TV deal materializes then we are off to the races. With a NY team on the horizon maybe even the Yanks will get it. And we can always hope more well heeled Brits appreciate what they've got and put money into their clubs, but, and it must be said, the fans have to get off their bums (like they did at York today - bloody well done to the Knights!) and buy tickets on a consistent basis - Its a two way street folks!
  12. Halifax Feb 18th

    every time I've met him he seems happy enough...cheer up, it's only sport.
  13. Toulouse run up 50 points against Sheffield Eagles

    we will crush them!
  14. Halifax Feb 18th

    I said WP by 12 and it was 14..but it was tighter than that..Halifax were very good but our defense is so stingy. greatly impressed with Rawsthorne..guy really gets stuck in. Sims was good but he missed a couple of tackles...of course he's been hors de combat for a while so he will be a wall in the coming games no doubt. good crowd again at 3 Brewers..if you can make it down it's a party in the AM led by the denizens of the Den..great fun.
  15. Toulouse run up 50 points against Sheffield Eagles

    day of reckoning for Toulouse April 2nd....