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  1. RobertAM

    Team for next season

    wonder if ButlerFleming and Pownall are coming back..we can always use speedsters
  2. RobertAM

    Team for next season

    Oh boy! If we don't win it all next year there'll be no excuses...and i bet they are not finished yet.
  3. RobertAM

    Paul Rowley

    You don't think Rowley has a shopping list that Noble goes to the market with? come on.
  4. RobertAM

    Paul Rowley

    well I think he deserves 2019 to see what he can do with present company and whoever Nobby can convince to sign and what David Argyle can afford...if they waltz to the top and do well (win or finals?) in the Challenge cup then he may well be a SL coach in 2020..if it all falls apart which I very much doubt then it will be tata...some will then have to eat their words or get another opportunity to bet we will be in SL with a bang!
  5. RobertAM

    Team for next season

    Appears Quinn is leaving to pursue an aviation career. I guess he can always come back if he continues developing his skill set but in the short term this should cue some more ribbing from the doubters back in the UK. Guess we should push for some more pacific island players at least then they can't complain about us poaching Brits. But maybe some Canadian RU players could come over to the dark side?
  6. RobertAM

    Team for next season

    seems we have Leutele,Wilkin and Mellor but if all the definite and rumored departures come to pass we will need another 4-5 bodies to make up a sizeable squad.
  7. RobertAM

    Team for next season

    he had some sort of groin injury but why he was out for so long is a mystery
  8. RobertAM

    Workington on Sunday

    Swinton brought a great bunch of fans to Toronto this pleased to see them back. well done!
  9. RobertAM

    Team for next season

    yeh you couldn't move in there last game without unintentionally groping somebody....
  10. RobertAM

    Broncos Return to Super League

    had to post one last daughter (and season ticket holder) partying with some of your fine lads in the beergarden best of luck in SL boys..we hope to join the fray in 2020!
  11. RobertAM

    Team for next season

    Go around with a power washer for a start! and then a few licks of paint inside and out.. I also think some billboards with player pics on would be a good addition and maybe a banner.."this is Wolfpack Country"...make it a bit intimidating for visiting clubs!! ..if the plan is to make it home for the foreseeable future then treat it that way. I love the place..and with all the bars and restaurants around why would you go anywhere else..
  12. RobertAM

    Championship 2019

    with another year in championship I'm betting we see more gametime for Quinn Ngawati...he should get the chance to hone his skills especially against some of weaker teams. Also they need to get back to some wide open firewagon play..that was sorely missed in the qualies in favor of playing it safe clobbering up the middle. it didn't pay off and I think it cost us.
  13. RobertAM

    Championship 2019

    Well it would have been quite and achievement to move up 2 years in a row but it is what it is and we can look forward to some splendid RL in 2019 with the likes of the superb York City Knights,battling Bradford Bulls (first time at Lamport) and the feisty Batley Bulldogs returning to Toronto along with their ardent fans..bring it on I say!! Now lets see what Mr Argyll and the team plan for 2019 with maybe some exotic "home" game locations on tap...saving my pennies for that!!
  14. RobertAM

    Million pound game

    we will be back better than ever in 2019. I like the competition in championship, it was excellent his year.
  15. RobertAM

    Cory Paterson

    Ricky Leutele is the NRL recruit