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  1. RobertAM

    Toronto and Toulouse

    ah is it still called happy valley ?
  2. RobertAM

    Bradford Sunday

    yep, despite the exorbitant pricing fans should get out and support the Kneets...sneak in a sausage roll and a flask if you have to but be there for your team.
  3. RobertAM

    Toronto and Toulouse

    Attaboy! - will be watching for that fashion exercise...Tip - sit near Sandy Shipley with her Maple Leaf flag - the Sky cameramen love her!
  4. RobertAM

    Toronto and Toulouse

    That's a great double header watch HKR take on Catalans and then Toronto-Batley juicy!
  5. RobertAM

    Toronto and Toulouse

    As the WP/BDogs match is on Sky and at a neutral ground the big question is ; Which shirt will RogerT be wearing??
  6. RobertAM

    Stadium delay

    Same thing happens here...does the contractor lose their completion date performance bond? assuming there is one...
  7. RobertAM

    SBW to Toronto??

    catty bunch on this sub forum...someone should put Midol in their cuppa...
  8. RobertAM

    Sonny Bill Williams

    At the outset of WW2 the consensus was that Winston Churchill was past his prime and they were wrong....never underestimate will and determination..allied of course with a latent skill set...the guy wants to make a statement before he packs it in..good for us i say!
  9. RobertAM

    Sonny Bill Williams

    if this guy is our next big signing I think there;s going to be some nervous props on the opposition rosters..yikes!
  10. RobertAM

    Barrow home.

    bootham crescent should be full every home game with the team you chaps are fielding..the Bulls should be very nervous come next sunday
  11. RobertAM

    Barrow home.

    yee gawds! I see the Knights as OUR biggest challenge if they continue to play like this. Seriously well done the Kneets!
  12. RobertAM

    Vegan Warrior Joins TWP

    Great to see you CH...3B was rocking..the new manager has to be rethinking the corporate plan to only host the odd "away" game here n there.
  13. RobertAM

    Wolfpack repel Vikings challenge

    No one
  14. agree. I pity anyone who comes up against us. just wish we were in the challenge cup..we would take some superleague scalp for sure
  15. see u all at 3B...Wolfpack by 12