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  1. dont think so..city controls food concession ie no outside food
  2. maybe off topic or maybe not but I'm having Pie Commission butter chicken pie for dinner...wish we could get their stuff at games!
  3. any locals know if this will be on the radio..BBC Cumbria maybe??
  4. both very good articles. recommended
  5. Got to feel for Doncaster...if there was ever going to be an upset in any of these matches..well, imagine them winning against the Dragons!!!
  6. As someone who played RU (man..many..many years ago!) and who still enjoys both codes I consider the faster RL game more to the viewing taste of North Americans used to hockey and BB. As for the game day experience I don't think the Arrows will be able to replicate the WP show for some time yet certainly until they get to Lamport. Whether they have a similar effort planned remains to be seen.
  7. you get two with your package - email ticketing and they will give you a code
  8. good move..in addition to the 7 season ticket holders in our group we have 24 others (and 5 kids) coming with us and I pushed them all to get their tickets by this weekend. Used up my 2019 allocation of "bring a friend for free" tickets so after this their all on their own!...
  9. watching fm Toronto..wow Thatto Heath playing out of their skin awesome
  10. I have set out exactly how I would halt the demise of the game, which would be to stop it being ruined by this ridiculous nonsense about North American "expansion". Every empty NA club with no TV deal and no player development replacing English clubs who do underpin a big TV deal and do develop players is a nail in the coffin of the game here. Absurd statement. The game was declining long before TWP came on the scene due to indifference by a shrinking base of fans. Game attendance and TV viewership has been increased by the presence of the Wolfpack so in fact they are helping to halt the decline and turn it around - adding 2 more NA teams will likely exponentially increase both again. Player development will come but of course it will take a long long time. And YOU make the message about YOU because you continually shoot other opinions down.
  11. no it will be "work related" this has worked very well in the past!
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