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  1. RobertAM

    TWP and ISC

    Nah, wait until Wolfpack shirts with Superleague patch come out and get him a personalized one..i'm in for a fiver!
  2. RobertAM

    TWP cut from Premier

    Let's all play nicely and agree: Less RL on TV = Bad. More RL on any medium = Good.
  3. RobertAM

    TWP and ISC

    I've got a closet full of WP gear but always space for 1 more!!!! but wait...2020s shirts will have Superleague on the shoulder!!!
  4. RobertAM

    TWP cut from Premier

    so looking forward to the inevitable parquecider diatribe in the very near future...
  5. RobertAM

    Liam Kay

    Seems he is still recovering from that ankle smash..let's hope we have him fighting fit for the season opener...who knows how the season would have ended if we'd had him available for the MPG?
  6. RobertAM

    Brierley, Higson, Emmitt - out?

    saw Brierley in the training video from Platt lane so hopefully all those reports were rubbish..fake news!
  7. RobertAM

    Mid table finish

    Looking forward to it mate!
  8. RobertAM

    Mid table finish

    York will surprise..still say 5th or 6th
  9. RobertAM

    Mid table finish

    I see the Knights finishing 5th...fighting with Bradford...1. Toronto 2. Toulouse 3. Fev 4. Widnes..if they go higher so much the better
  10. RobertAM

    TV deal

    I don't think it is ominous..they'll only pay attention to us when we draw bigger crowds than the argos which won't be long in coming
  11. RobertAM

    2019 squad

    .I know he got injured early on and didn't feature much but darn good player.
  12. RobertAM

    2019 squad

    are you chaps hanging on to Jake Butler-Fleming?..see he is listed on the team sheet...
  13. RobertAM

    TV deal

    wish Wolfpack could get the food concessions under their control...imagine Pie Commission and craft beer...salivating just thinking about it...
  14. RobertAM

    TV deal

    thought MLSE was using the dome for practice etc and all they are doing is making sure it is gone...??
  15. RobertAM

    Swinton vs Wolfpack

    I will be fine as long as they have the Bacardi guy back..rum toddys will keep the chill away and if it is warm enough the full mojito experience..bring it on!