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  1. RobertAM

    Blackpool...last regular season away game.

    they played well Toulouse had no answer for our speed. closer but a WP WIN
  2. RobertAM

    Magic weekend

    don't know how I forgot to add this important little nugget but the venue served beer in 2 pint pots for 9 quid you could take into the stands..very practical! Lamport beer garden are you listening? plus battered sausages and giant kebabs on sale outside...yum!
  3. RobertAM

    Magic weekend

    Going to expand on the trip as it relates to the Wolfpack and their future in RL while I have some time being up early due to the time change. Firstly - do NOT listen to the gloom and doom anti WP merchants. The Pack is heading to Superleague whether people like it or not. and they will persevere and prosper not only in Toronto but across the wider RL spectrum - you only had to be up on Alex Simmons RugbyAM stage in the Magic weekend fanzone as we were when David Argyle took over the microphone to know that. What we can do as fans is travel in greater numbers to events like Magic Weekend and other "away" events and help promote not only the Pack but RL in general. Sure it is a big ask but it is worth it and actually the cost isn't onerous. Gotta tell you I had tears in my eyes when McCrone led the boys out on the St James Park field on Saturday aft, thankfully our head cheerleader SandyS had brought 3 Maple Leaf flags and we waved them like dervishes. The experience outside the stadium was almost as good, wearing our full WP regalia we were constantly accosted by fans asking if we really had traveled 3000 miles (shades of the Proclaimers!) to be there and they were extremely inquisitive and genuine asking if RL was taking off in Canada - of course we told them about the great crowds at Lamport and the interest in general across Canada. and I have to say the team really laid it on for us by inviting us to watch training and then the boys had us join not only in the team photo session but lunch afterwards. it was surreal chowing down while watching them tuck into a full English after a team run - the only exception seemed to be Ashton Sims who seemed to choose only fruit and granola - if I hadn't seen that I wouldn't have believed it! a big thanks to Tom and Reni for the tour of the Manchester University training facilities and to the coach and staff for their hospitality. So to close off - do whatever you have to do, borrow from your kids education fund, stick up a bank or whatever and join your fellow season ticket holders, go across and support this team when they move up next year. Run with the Pack!
  4. RobertAM

    Magic weekend

    just got back last night and I second everything John said. crowds were great and friendly and gave us a right good welcome when Alex and RugbyAM had us up on stage in the fanzone/ the experience was wonderful and I am already working on my wife to come with me next year
  5. RobertAM

    Magic weekend

    thanks vm K. photos etc to follow
  6. RobertAM

    Magic weekend

    1 more sleep and then it's AT to Magic weekend...look forward to meeting up with all WP fans!
  7. RobertAM

    TO Derby 2.0!

    They're still going down to the Pack...
  8. RobertAM

    Challenge Cup Run

    yea gawds...what a pointless thread this has become...outa here...
  9. RobertAM

    Alpha Wars! Wolfpack vs. Wolves

    I think Paul Rowley has been around long enough and coached at a high enough level to know that you will never win games if your players are spending most of the 80 minutes in the sin bin as opposed to plying their trade out on the field so to state that he condones, promotes or otherwise encourages fighting or mouthing off at refs is a puerile commentary and likely the byproduct of an innate jealousy either of Rowley personally or the Wolfpack as a team. This is inevitable coming from naysayers who think the game should stay small and "local" but I rather think those who see RL as the best game in the world encourage the Wolfpack experiment as a way to grow the game and will accept the bumps along the way and this was a major and very public bump. RL isn't the ballet, it's a tough game played by tough men and women so rough play that sometimes goes over the top (in the case of Dixon) is bound to happen and players who lose their cool (as McCrone and Lussick inexplicably did) will also happen and the refs are right to assess penalties and yellow or red cards and this ref did exactly what he was supposed to do. It cost the Pack the game but I'm betting they all learn from it and move on. We fans should stop calling for summary dismissals and do the same.
  10. RobertAM

    Alpha Wars! Wolfpack vs. Wolves

    They were outplaying the Wire and then Dixon's punch effectively doomed them with McCrone's rather foolish behavior cementing as a team, lose as a team and they deserved to lose today. but lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater - if this embarrassment means they play smarter for the rest of the season that is what really matters.
  11. RobertAM

    Alpha Wars! Wolfpack vs. Wolves

    one swallow doesn't make a summer, one battle lost doesn't mean the war is over..TWP will learn, regroup and come back stronger.....but we won't gloat like some seem disposed to do... yuck it up for now...
  12. RobertAM

    Alpha Wars! Wolfpack vs. Wolves

    they are going to rock the RL world tomorrow..I feel it.
  13. RobertAM

    Challenge Cup Run

    globe and mail article saying Matty Russell not likely to suit up for the sunday game against his former club...wonder if it was a condition of release in case we faced them at some point in the CC?.. bet he wants to get stuck in..
  14. RobertAM

    Alpha Wars! Wolfpack vs. Wolves

    i think we revert to something like the 2017 schedule we had in L1 which worked great IE some breaks for other activities . I mean i love the upcoming 8-9 weeks solid but I will miss Dewsbury due to my nephews wedding and his bride to be got a bit shirty when i nicely asked if she could consider doing on the sunday june 17. apparently that is just not done.
  15. RobertAM

    Lamport pitch renewal

    Went by just about lunchtime (by car so no pics) and its looking pretty much complete..gotta think that with a bit more hustle by the city/contractors it could have been completed for May 5 and a rocking 9000+ fans at Fortress Lamport would have blown the Swinton fans minds!!! but who's complaining?? now we get to do it to all the London Bronco's fans on June 9.....