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  1. They will be in superleague next year and I would say good enough now to be battling at the middle, add a couple of SL/NRL calibre players and then a top 4 finish isn't impossible.
  2. It was 6,735. Forecasters predicted rain which no doubt affected crowd but still healthy turnout. next week for Toulouse should be back in the 8ks I would think
  3. Kman is right we felt the same 2 drops. I think it they announced 6300 and change
  4. come on..WP dont make the rules they play the game as did the Rams. all you can ask so no joke just effort. where's the shame in that?
  5. not a drop of rain. let this be a lesson to those fainthearted who stay away becoz of weather forecasters.
  6. well done Swinton!!!!!
  7. Nah, that'll be Toulouse next weekend...bigger test and hopefully better weather
  8. I haven't known the weather forecast to be correct on the day of the match at any game so far this year...in any case us diehards will be there rain or shine ...if they can play, i can sit in the stands fortified by offerings from the beergarden cheering them on..
  9. Getting a City dept motivated to do anything with alacrity is an exercise in frustration
  10. no response. gone to buy new crayons obviously
  11. For what reason exactly?
  12. Given the tumult of the past couple of weeks I hope all the fans rock up at Lamport next Saturday and cheer for the boys.
  13. ok so we get him dual citizenship, in fact we get the entire roster dual that would solve problems on many fronts! but why does it have to be a Canadian? what we need now is a credible frontman supported by the board of directors and you cannot get more credible than Brian Noble.
  14. well that didn't take long did it? another Parksider drivel fest. Nothing new of course, simply the same recycled rubbish.
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