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  1. Southerner80

    Sean O’Loughlin to Leeds

    All true. The best measure of a RL man is what do the Ozzies think.... They rate him very highly as one who got away from the NRL. Lockers is top draw. Who would not want him in SL?
  2. The wider public took a interest in the Wigan super team of the for thought. Prehaps being Europe not the States or Oz, we like super teams and dominance.... I would like to have seen Billy Slater play a extra year, etc etc in the SL.
  3. Southerner80

    Sean O’Loughlin to Leeds

    Wow. That would be huge for Leeds and I'm sure a big payday for Shaun if true. A great player.
  4. Seems like a glorified opposed training session.
  5. Just a thought, why isnt this the curtain raiser for the Mens GF?
  6. Southerner80

    Wilkin to snub Toronto and go to London

    He gets to stay living up North and be able to spend time working on his Coffee Shop business around TWP. He's a very very good signing for them, as will offer ALOT at Championship level.
  7. Its shameful how this was not on Saturday and on BBC at 3pm for the 12 year old Me to watch and decide they want to play and watch it despite being in the South. Makes no sense . Lousy RFL.
  8. Southerner80

    England Squad to Face New Zealand

    Given Myler gets in, I do wonder why Hampshire at Wakey did not get a look? Myler is a very good flat track bully. As much as I love les Bluez I cant see this being that close, if its 20 points margin thats a result for France . I wonder who they will play, and how Gigot and Escare will line up for the Euros. Gigot is the MAN for France. Escare has had a very good season, so who goes at FB, and who at HB is the question?
  9. Southerner80

    NZ v Australia

    Agree The NRL is much higher standard. The worst team in it would still give a top SL team a good game.... This is why we need salary cap to go up at least 50%....Zak played centre at penrith so thru clearly didn't rate him that highly if he couldn't get in at FB....
  10. Apprichiate the in depth summary. Wigans home form suggests the players can turn it on when they care to. I hope Wire win but I fancy Wigan as their backs and pack have so much about them. I would expect Manfredi to have a big night and maybe Sarginson to be a unlikely match winner. Hope the flying Pig changes all of the above! Likely score Wigan 18 Wire 10
  11. Given its just round the Corner and that the Irish have changed coach and selection policy does anyone know who will be playing for the Celtic nations? Its not a world Cup year or a 4N so I imagine Scotland may find it harder to get stars to turn out....
  12. Southerner80

    NZ v Australia

    Given our options, it's probably Hodgson isn't it? To play with Williams and Roby at Hooker. Tomkins off the bench and to cover Half back or to start at FB and move onto the halves. Ratchford maybe at FB. Personally I don't see Lomax as effective at international level. Hastings would be worth a look at. I know it's rushed however any player who has started at half back for a top NRL side and isn't physically too old has to be seen as a a legit option to be looked at. I still don't like grandparent qualification though!
  13. Southerner80

    Lions tour 2019

    Surely after a loss, the GB tour may be of more interest to the Oz public.... Oz losing is good for international RL as makes the view that Origin is far better false.... If only England or GB can win like NZ can.... NZ win one in every 3 to 4 against Oz which makes it a very real rivalry. We need a win!
  14. Southerner80

    NZ v Australia

    Wow. What a game. Despite the Ref not giving a two tries for NZ that at least one was clear they Won! Beating Oz is rare, so any win over them is huge. Oz made it close at the end, a 2pt difference doesn't reflect the Game. To anyone who questions the significance of half backs see how DCE makes a strange choice to kick long on the 78th minute, Cronk may have done something else. All in all a very good game and a good result. The RFL should sell some more tickets now. Next week I feel Tonga without the halves of NZ will be a close win for Oz... The series in England probably 2-1 to NZ. We have no great options at half back and it will tell.....
  15. Southerner80

    SL could increase to 14 teams in 2021

    I think the post by Luckycreed was probably the best post I've read on here in my two years. It's so accurate and Bradford are a example of a big loss. RL isn't football we should remember this and structure accordingly. Further it doesn't help teams in the championship to have teams in their with 5-6 times the payroll.... I would hope one day to see a 16 team SL, 2 French, 1 Canadian, 1 from London and 12 from the North. With licencing.