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  1. Southerner80

    WCC v All Stars Game

    Loved the game, loved the concept. Its important for the Aborigines to be represented. What a backline they had too. Some amazing players. I can dream of a England tour to OZ, where they play the Indigenous 13, and PNG before they play a 3 test series v OZ. Won't happen but its a nice dream. I would like to see both the WCC and the ALL Stars Game respected.
  2. Southerner80

    If money was no object...

    Assuming no salary cap rules, Wigan and re create the 90s with a super team of locals and cherry pick the NRL and Union for talent.
  3. It's amazing how much Richardsons stock has fallen. When Fages was not the starter last year, the majority of the time he was on the bench. However he's a more physical player than Richardson and versitle. Richardson, is a good half back just lost a bit of form and confidence it seems. I'm sure he will be back in SL and starting soon. I remember him knocking over that penalty from 50m to win a game in June or July last year.
  4. Ive often thought someone like say Steven Gerrard would have made a very good HB. So would Rooney. Its probably no coincidence Sinfield was Rooneys favourite player.. As the HB role is similar in ways to a attacking midfielder in soccer. So I agree we probably loose talent to Soccer given the huge disparity in salary. Certainly we do need to have some good structure for bringing half backs through as they are the key to improving at international level and they play a big part in making SL a better product.
  5. A balance of both and a step in the right direction.
  6. The limits I put in are based on the financial reality of the game... 25 would be better. SL would be a better product for a 22-23 round season but the clubs would never agree to this. Why 30 or less? As players always say less games would help, yet the clubs need their stars to play so this figure is a balance. The World Cup is a exception as its every 4 years and very few players will go over 4 games in it anyway. Internationals.. These give the game a greater audience so its vital the best players are out there and as its a extra 3-4 games effecting a small amount of the elite players it will still work. Given finances of RL are club over nation it will be hard to get the clubs to agree to not play them for first few rounds of next season, so this is a imperfect solution.
  7. No it's not. Game is more brutal than ever. Ask any player if they feel their health would be better if they played less. I think they have a good idea of what will help them as they are out there risking their health every game. Also why do you think the Aussies win more than us... Welfare comes into it...
  8. Definitely too many games. Players should have a welfare limit of 30 club appearances max a season. Ideally it would be less ie 25 however 30 seems reasonable to cover cups and finals football. Money will probably mean this can't be done though sadly. Internationals games per player would be on top of this and limited to 4 max ideally 3, in a non WC year.
  9. Southerner80

    Sky losing interest in Rugby League

    I think you have to be realistic that without Licencing expansion particularly in France will be very hard to achieve. Sometimes you have to make some tough choices and I would see what I suggest as better than what is presently there. Of course it's just my view and I am predominantly a TV big team fan. However that means I'm the sort of person who sky sell to, so fans like me like it or not are key to the survival of RL as a full time game in the NH as the sky money created that and maintains it.
  10. Southerner80

    Sky losing interest in Rugby League

    That is a good question. I don't know the easy answer to that, all I can say is Licencing gets reviewed every few years and that as long as the championship is built up as a standalone competition people will value it in itself. Its a tough one I can see as UK sports built on promotion and relegation. However that model is not helping the game to grow as well as it could. As a caveat, I would say a relegation /promotion play off between lowest placed English Team in SL and winners of championship is not a unreasonable idea.......
  11. Southerner80

    Sky losing interest in Rugby League

    Agreed. Also les Dracs started off in SL from day one within the English system so that's a example of going straight in and it going well. TWP would probably have been better off going in at Championship and being put in SL a year later if desired by enough stakeholders.
  12. Southerner80

    Sky losing interest in Rugby League

    It is quite high, could be lower however I thought it would be a idea to allow teams to build for SL over time and bid. Also means the on field rosters could be fairly strong for the top 5-6 sides. 500k cap could work too but it's more limiting.
  13. Southerner80

    Sky losing interest in Rugby League

    A strong championship competion which stands alone as a worthy trophy. Salary capped at 900k to make it competitive . And the possibility for SL to grow, if TV revenues allow for it.
  14. Southerner80

    Sky losing interest in Rugby League

    Licensing is a MUST. That way well planned Expansion teams can develop alongside a core of English teams. We are not soccer. RL in OZ does not do Relegation. We shouldn't either. It was fine before Pro RL came about, however now it holds the sport back IMO. a 14 team SL with 2 from France, 11 or 12 from England ,and maybe TWP would work. Even if TWP fold due to money reasons, the League would still work. 2 Guaranteed teams in France will help to get a TV deal there, and give the clubs more incentive to play French lads. That helps the game. 26 rounds. Top 5-8 play offs. With the 11 from England I would favour those Clubs who bring decent attendances, and fit SL well. So Bradford are a Must. So are the Hull Teams. London is a strange one, as they don't Get the gates, however as a way to get the game media attention they do work well, and they develop young players so them too. Leeds, Wire, Wigan, Saints, too. Cas, Wakey, Widnes for the others. Difficult to leave out Hudds / Salford / York so tough to pick 11 English teams instead of 13, but TV money goes only so Far. I feel ultimately the game should look to expand, however the grassroots and getting more nations playing our version of rugby for the love of it, and the joy, is the key to grow the game. At Pro level, South of France, Newcastle, and South Wales, make sense for realistic expansion. With TWP, we will see. Theres some good here and you cant knock their enthusiasm , however I do wonder how 5 years on they can sustain the costs unless they land some big commercial deals, and I wonder If this is possible?
  15. Sadly as a Dragons Fan I worry you are right. It may take 0-3 for them to pick it up a bit. Hope Im wrong. Agree Hudds are better than last week. Also like others on here, while I admit I know little about RL compared to McNamara, I question playing Gigot at Centre or HB, instead of FB. It does not make sense when he is excellent at FB, and Tomkins is very very good at HB. I also worry Smith is another Pat Richards, ie excellent player who is past it at this level. Its a shame they did not keep Drinkwater, and cut some deal with Smith to cancel the contract. I see this one being close, Dragons by 2pts. Could go the other way though. Tough one to call.