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  1. Leeds and Salford clearly SL bound. Hull KR look fine too Fax and Widnes look out of it. TWP, TO probably mpg
  2. Escare would have scored more if Sarginson had made better decisions In attack. Yes he's not one for the hit ups, however the conventional modern winger would not have got the second try. He's more than worth his place. Overall, as a Cats fan I wasn't too impressed today. Shows the lack of depth in the squad. Surprised Duport could not get a game ahead of Thornley who is trying but isn't SL level. Wigan look strong. GF winners?
  3. Given the injury list of Hull KR, TWP must win this If they see themselves top 3. I see a tight game, and TWP to edge it by 4 puts.
  4. As a Fan I feel its not good to give the players two weeks off.. It may mean they are under cooked. Hopefully Im wrong. If its a similar team to that at Wire, Wigan will put 40 on em.
  5. Southerner80

    Barba going back to NRL

    Something with Barba isnt right. He might not be fit. He may be not wanting to be there. Maybe Saints feel they have got the best out of him and he moving on will allow them to spend big to bring in more talent with Kevin Naiquima He will find a gig in the NRL it just might be at a less glamorous team, like Gold Coast at this rate or Wests. I do not know the NRL like some experts on here so am interested to hear people's views on where he may end up.
  6. Ideally yes. Even 3 weeks later would make a good difference. I agree with you. Issue RL has is the clubs need home games for income. Its no good saying Alot of teams are tiny and dont have many fans, as these teams do bring through talent, and are the heartland of the sport. Without them the game will suffer, where will the next Gale learn his trade? New tv money is key really. The GF we need it as its vital exposure and revenue. Football can do straight leagues we cant. Furthermore as injuries effect league alot more than soccer, a GF allows for teams to hit form late in the year if half the team was out before.
  7. Southerner80

    Mal Meninga behind John Bateman move to Canberra

    True. Its good value for someone who is a damn good player and wouldn't be out of place at all in the NRL. Bateman can get better too, going to Oz will push him on. I see him staying for 6 years if he does well.
  8. Southerner80

    Player Drain

    In fairness theres alot more than 10 English and even French lads who could make a NRL 25 and compete to be run on talent. Not all want to move for many reasons. I would say all of the England set up, and at least double that. Theres 50-60 NRL level English players. 4-5 French. SL tbh is not doing as well as it could, however that it exists and is massively entertaining for fans like me, is still a good thing. Catalans are doing well given where they started. Yes they aren't able to have 20 French players who are of the level of Fages, Gigot, Casty, Batieri etc however its much better than 20 years ago. The stars of the CC SF were French and from Wire. So thats something. Its tough for sport particularly a brutal sport that is not a big paying one.... To attract talent in huge numbers. The NRL does well as big pay day for Polynesians... If union offered double and there were lots of super rugby clubs it would be very different. I love RL and want to make it better. However I accept its a working class sport and lacks money.
  9. Southerner80

    Dom Manfredi

    Centre these days is the fill in position... It seems. Players there as cant get in at full back, second rows filling in. Passing isnt as universal as it is. The likes of Shenton at Cas or Gildart at Wigan are rare. Manfredi will probably play as Wigan will see the away game at Cats as not a must win game. Further if hes truly fit, hes a very good player and offers alot bringing the ball away early in a set as well as scoring.
  10. Southerner80

    Dom Manfredi The Young Adult is back? Very good player too and if fully fit for the next year got to be around the England set up.
  11. Hmmm 1600 at that game... Are they sure. I was there. Did not look like 1600 paying customers Either way its great London are selling tickets and I will have to see if I can find a way to get there on the day.
  12. Southerner80

    The upgrade that is not an upgrade

    The RFL are shockingly badly run.... I hate to say it but administration wise RL in this country needs to be overhauled completely.
  13. Southerner80

    Under 19's European Championships

    With all respect to BARLA, France full team would be clear winners if they played. I don't see it being a close score at FT.