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  1. Agree. I feel the current 14 team structure should have been stuck with. Or even go to 12 and put limits on participation if there is not a decent domestic structure or a squad solely based on heritage. It will take a while to be in a position where there are 16 teams that are solid enough and reflect the world more as opposed to primarily Australasia and GB and Ireland.
  2. Southerner80

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Sadly this is true. That being said, Oz v England over 3 games could sell 45k plus in London, 30k plus in Leeds and 20k plus in Wigan.. ... Could do 100k over the 3 games if the series goes 1-1 or 2-0 to England as the 3rd test would then sell out.
  3. Southerner80

    Yet more good news.

    I would have him as a presenter above all. I also don't see arrogance rather a bit of southern boy done good swagger. He would help reach a wider audience.
  4. Southerner80

    Yet more good news.

    Get Offiah to come in and be the face. Hes still very well known. Is polished and is Ethnic and Southern so challenges the idea that we are a northern white sport. Keep Carney and Wells as both are pretty good at what they do. Get a decent Aussie commentator to do play by play, teamed with Carney and change the style of commentary to more play by play than anecdotes. . Get a good Strong female anchor like they have in OZ. The presenter for boxing on sky. She's excellent. Someone like her. Get Tony Smith to provide analysis where he can to as a guest.
  5. Looking at the whole situation pragmatically, it seems TWP would be much better in a Franchise based SL where to gain entry to it, they had to pay a hefty fee in the first place... This way they are exempt from relegation like all teams in SL would be And as such can gradually build a decent side, ala how it works in the NFL or NRL... Ie you can be weak one year and go 2-14 in the NFL and the next year 5-11 then the year after 9-7 as you gradually build safe from the devastating effects of relegation. Prehaps even the team who finishes bottom gets a slight cap increase so to make things competitive? This is effectively what the NFL do with the best draft picks going to the worst teams. I will put my hand up and say Ive not always been a supporter of TWP however I feel they show that given a good business plan it is viable to have a franchise like them around SL. Just we have to be realistic about player development And see that without exemption from relegation there won't be any Canadians as there is no margin for error. Relegation worked fine for RL before fully pro RL where the impact of relegation was not like it is today. When there was no TV money getting relegated did not automatically drop your income massively. Now it does and it makes it so hard to budget. A 12-14 team SL of 9-10 English, 2 French and TWP and possibly another French or NAM franchise playing 26 rounds with a top 6-8 play off would work very well. Maybe in time this could be 16 teams however that would need more TV money. 26 rounds, plus 5 rounds for the cup/ internationals and 3-4 weeks for the play offs makes it a 34/35 week season. Add in 5 weeks for internationals and that's 39/40 weeks. A long season but still allows at least 4 weeks off before pre season for international players. Season could start in mid February . Club wraps mid October. Cup final end of May. Internationals till mid November. As for the Cup make maybe make it an all English Affair and use the weeks off for the French teams to set up some internationals for France. Even if its against the likes of Serbia its better then nothing, and surely a English team can be put together, say 2 max from each SL club so not to effect the cup too much. Further not being in the cup will help the TWP as it reduces the games, so the players are that bit fresher.
  6. Okay then, like in the UK, union does have clubs which are very open and accepting and are not snobby. However its also a University sport and one played by future presidents and has a certain social cache that RL does not. And there will be the silliness and fraternity like issue of initiation ceremonies and all the things that go with that..... Unlike RL.... So yes it is still a relatively posh sport.... Look at the demographic of the USA rugby union team And compare to a NFL team.... The background and class lines will make my point clearer... RL needs to focus on where it is already around and work hard on getting into schools and building a local scene. Fans wont be that bothered about a Alien sport plonked down in their there's no great reason to watch it. The NFL is thrilling enough as is college football.. The lack of NFL dominance in Jamacia is probably one reason why there was room for a game like RL to take off.....
  7. We aren't that much safer as a sport though really... I mean as a parent I love RL, like RU and NFL alot but would I let my kids play any of them at youth level... I'm not sure.... RL isn't actually much safer than the NFL.... That's my view. Soccer is the safe alternative. As tackle is very different. RL is still a violent sport. Further, I feel the decline of NFL is not really going to happen. Its still a huge sport out in the States And will remain so as it has compelling narratives both on and off the field.
  8. USA likes it Big. We are in the age of Amazon. So... Working class invasion territory based oval ball game... Gridiron... Room for another at a pro level.. Highly unlikely.... Union will do OK as it has a strong 7s programme and is the posh snobby game out there it is in many other places..... Yes I don't like that, however it is what it is... RL should by all means applaud efforts made in the States but let's not get silly... Unless you get kids playing And some decent amateur local leagues going forget about Pro RL. As for Austin Texas not having pro sports this is hardcore Gridiron land... RL there would be like NFL in Wigan...... Good luck..... High school teams can get thousands there. Further as for the NFL playing more games.. People should realise NFL Europe was 6 teams home and away so they play alot less now! The market is only so big... All I'm saying is I remember a year ago people saying that I'm negative as I see 4-8 US SL teams as a Pipe Dream..... And look at reality....
  9. Southerner80

    Is Wembley the only venue for the CC Final?

    There's a statue dedicated to RL at Wembley. That speaks volumes. Wembley is the CCF. It must stay! Wembley is special. I live next to White Hart Lane, I go past Highbury regularly (it's a very very nice ground this) And I've seen a couple of RL games at the Olympic stadium. Wembley better than all particually the soulless Olympic stadium. We just need to sell it better as an event. Advertise tickets earlier. Put it at a better time of year. Its too near the GF and in August peak holiday season... It actually does well if you take into account how many people are probably on holiday at the time of the final... Add more on the day. Ie a Band and entertainment and a women's final before the Mens. Move it back to May and scrap Magic or move it to August and hold it at a 30-40k ground so it sells out. The Cup in May makes sense. Its a nod to History.
  10. The Warriors can't get relegated. That changes everything. Further their amateur game is far stronger than Frances. If the Dragons And TO were exempt from relegation, I would support capping the Dragons at 6 fit foreign players at any time and offer exemption from this for any player who is in France for over 3-5 years and plays for the national team.... (ie if a long term injury ends a season they can bring in more to make number to 6 again.) Ie 2 SL sides guaranteed for France in a 12-14 team SL. No relegation for French or ideally all teams. How does that sound?
  11. Probably the best post on here about all this by a country mile. So true! Lets face it while there will be some players who take the game up late and make it at Pro level the majority will be playing by 10 if they want to be Pros. Particularly in the skill above all positions of HB, Hooker and FB. If the RFL spent more on top amateur teams and youth development it would help.
  12. Southerner80

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    France has Pro teams and a market for RL.... We should do more to grow it. Even getting a little more market share will make a difference as its a rich nation.
  13. And that is why RL will never be big in The USA. Kids don't play it. Until kids play it and it means something culturally you can forget about a pro league out there. Where a sport means something players will play for alot less than they could get elsewhere. Ie look at the Dragons in Perpignan... Bosc, Casty, Gigot could all have or can make more in Union or look at how some SL players play for low wadges less than they could make in a trade job... They do it as they love it. While I support TWP and would not be against 1 more team of a similar set up if the maths added up, I do not think a American league will ever happen. The NFL could not make NFL Europe work! With all their money. Let's focus on building up RL in Schools in South France, try to get it played more in South England, Serbia, Spain etc etc. Leave America at Pro level as there is no cultural space there for RL...... That may not be a popular view on here however it Dosent mean its not true. Gridiron has the cultural space RL might have in the USA and that's not going to change. If we really want to do something for RL in the the USA focus on Youth And maybe try to aim it at inner cities as you may find a audience. It has to be bottom up grassroots not top down... As for the Cup, IMO there isn't a issue with this being a England only affair. I say this as a Dragons fan too. Ultimately the Cup is not that important these days however the need for the RFL to make money of it is understandable so I get why they may restrict access to it unless money adds up. Its a bit embarrassing to tell teams you need to pay to be part of it so perhaps better to not invite non English teams... I would see if it gives the non English teams a few bye weeks which is not a bad thing... France could maybe play a international or two on up weekends against a English team who are limited to say 3 from each SL English club... Ie still strong and a good contest.
  14. Southerner80

    Pangai Jnr chooses NSW over Tonga

    Nobody really cares if they switch just RL fans themselves.... Well given we are the market and a good portion of us do care its a issue! Give all nations tests mid year and post season.... The Polynesian teams are part of the OZ and Kiwi market. They are not in and of themselves a separate market. Without separate markets there won't be enough demand for this tbh. France need to be supported more by the RLIF. If as a sport we don't do more to actually try to grow TV revenue And international prestige from internationals, nothing much will change. How exactly are Tonga as a brand going to make alot of money? Yes they will sell out a few games, but long term will this transilate to much? Ie if they don't have all the top heritage players in 4 years will the fans be so interested? Do they really love RL or just Tonga being strong at a sport? France have to be prioritised over Tonga And Samoa. Who both right now have very good RL teams despite doing little development work. Frankly Tonga offer zero TV money for the sport and can never host a home game without it being a financial disaster. Fiji and PNG do alot more to develop young players. So do Wales. We should do more for those who try. As for the sport being competitive. Without heritage doping And the merry go round on nation hoping , yes you have 3 teams out front... However behind them it would be pretty close between France, PNG, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Lebanon, Wales, Jamacia if there were limits on heritage and nation swapping... So it would be competitive in the way Italy, Georgia, Samoa, Tonga, are in Union ie they won't be likely to trouble NZ but they are all solid teams and can play tough competitive matches. Internationals need to be about more than how many of your team were born in Auckland or Sydney or Yorkshire or Lancashire. Let's be real what has the last 23 years of all the expansion teams based on heritage done for international RL?.... In terms of credibility, prestige and revenue? A smaller yet more international WC would be better... It's madness to have a WC where 75% of the players are born in 3 Nations!
  15. Southerner80

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    Not so sure about this. I do agree Union has huge pull in France however the same could be said of the relative wadges in England yet not all top RL players go over to Union... RL doesn't have to compete in France with Union for dominance, more so it needs to strengthen its base And hold its own with support from OZ, NZ and England in terms of giving France home games and a better profile. I think if France can get 3 SL sides guaranteed exempt from Relegation, a better TV deal and a good development strategy at youth school level and a few players on residence qualification they can definately get stronger.