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  1. North East RL

    This is good news as Newcastle is a big City so room to grow the game. More Scots would be great too..
  2. Frank Paul to leave Wigan for Roosters?

    Maybe on 50k gbp as a squad man? Ie a low NRL wage. Like Dave Taylor last year.
  3. I think it's likely the structure won't change next year and we stay with the 12 in SL. None of the teams outside of SL who are non UK based have made any hard offers of cash to the UK clubs for the right to be in SL so unless that happens it's unlikely they will be given SL status unless they win it on the pitch... SKY are the masters of RL in Europe an they seem to like the million pound game so it's probably Staying. Catalans at home to London it may well be....
  4. If he leaves does this give Wigan salary space to bring in another player or two.....any link here to Zak for example?
  5. Size of your wingers

    For the modern game, height, pace and size are ideal. So is some evasive skills. Deny Solomona for example. All things being equal size is better however a top quality smaller winger is going to be better than a big man with alot less skill. Ie Nightingale at St George who can find the line. Compared to Gary Lo. What's for sure is the days of wing being seen as a place for small fast men is gone. There's more to it now with the Need to make metres and the aerial side of the game.
  6. Bennett back - Darryl not yet.

    There is a chance Powell or someone else may pick a different 25 to Bennett. Of course 10 or so players may be the same however for example at this year's WC the likes of Sam Tomkins, Jamie Ward, JJB, Jake Connor, Greg Eden will all feel they had a case for inclusion. Further then style of play will be different and there's always the chance that there are 1 or 2 outstanding non England players available. Ps agree the brand is the big thing. The British Lions shirt is iconic in Rugby of both codes. The RL one with British Coal on it is my first memory of RL. And it was a good one.
  7. Zak clearly has a lot of talent and Wigan will feel he can do a good job for them at FB. I would not be surprised to see him end up there. Escare and Tomkins can play in the Halves and having these 2, Zak and Williams means alot of depth. A 5 year deal seems a bit long though.
  8. Toronto don't look too great here. I mean Fax are a good top championship side but even Catalans beat them last year...
  9. Quality of Rugby League

    I feel there is competition for players. With a bit more money league wouldn't loose so many to Union. Also with the Cats while they are yet to produce a NRL star there's alot of good professional talent that has come through there that would otherwise not be playing League. They are a success. For what it's worth, I have mixed feelings about the American expansion as it has so little local players in it....I feel if we had a local quota it would be a worthwhile activity.
  10. Quality of Rugby League

    I love the fast pace of modern RL. It's one of the best things about the game. I understand not everyone does, however I do. Watching the Storm get a roll on and then release the backs... That's amazing sport. For what it's worth I like SH union which again tends to be fast. And the rare rare occasions in the NFL when they move quickly from play to play.
  11. A hypothetical questiom

    Agree. If no NRL or SL the Oz feeder competitions are strong enough to see off the championship English talent. The wildcard would be the domestic NZ RL talent which while not massive will have some good quality players. PNG and France minus SL players won't have much quality so they wouldn't see off the above. Let's be real Frances best talent Escare, Gigot, Bouquet, Casty, Fages would any of them make the England squad? The second string is comparatively weaker too.
  12. The World Series is a waste of time.

    The games were enjoyable and entertaining. So there is a point to all this and the international club friendlies. Wigan seem like they have some depth with these kids. Definitely top 4 this year and potential to sneak to the final..
  13. Quality of Rugby League

    Salary cap needs to go up if it's this bad and maybe a 10 team SL at a 2.5m cap. And a 10 team championship at a 1.25m cap. 1 up, 1 down. Also, agree with the comment on this thread about utility squad men mean a lack of specialists. Face it certain positions can be filled in, however a true centre has good hands not just run hard, fast and straight like a second row. Thoughts?
  14. Quality of Rugby League

    the fully pro game has changed rugby. Much faster, harder hitting. Not convinced we need extra games as the current commercial strategy isn't working well at all. 10m rule on balance I feel is good as makes a fast game. Going back to 5m at amateur level is one thing but not the pros.
  15. Quality of Rugby League

    Yes it's madness. There's this matches mean money mindset with the chairmen who can't see that a few less games will mean a better product and this can bring in money through TV, merchandise, higher gates etc. RL is not quite as brutal as NFL. However that we play double the amount of games a season is madness. Ideally is 23 game season, plus a cup, plus a pre season. Plus 3-4 international games. No player over 30 games including international - that's NRL... No wonder they are better conditioned as actually have recovery built into this scheme.