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  1. Southerner80

    Kenny Edwards

    As a fan I hope this works out well. Does have some issues it seems but is the type of powerful destructive runner we need in the forwards to generate more power and go forward.... Cats not going down for sure the way things are looking.
  2. Southerner80


    Yes very much. London is not a small place. Much better to call teams the Tottenham Skolars and the Ealing Broncos for example. Local people may relate a bit more....
  3. That saints have Fages off the bench and Matty Smith in the reserves says Lots about their depth. This team is well drilled and fast and strong. The only team I can see stopping them in the quest for The title is Wigan who on their day have alot about them.
  4. Southerner80


    Agree. He's a young man trying to earn a living, and ultimately as long as he puts in effort on the field you can't begrudge him a contract. Time will tell what happens. I would like to see him back in SL.
  5. Saints are looking like running up a big score here.....
  6. Southerner80


    Surely he's worth a shot for a club if he's willing to take a reasonable salary?. He was on 300k at wasps... Would he be worth 100k for a RL team? Would he take a short term deal till end of the season with a view to a long-term deal? Leeds for one could do with half back options.
  7. Southerner80


    This is sad but true.... Even in their hey day at Charlton correct me if I'm wrong the season average was not over 4,000 a game. RL in London has it tough. Being near the antipodean areas does sound a good idea though, wonder if the crowds will turn out?
  8. Southerner80

    A great gesture by The Doc

    I will say I'm suprised and impressed. Didn't see this coming. He clearly cares. It's a shame Salford can't get higher crowds and support the team. They sold a fair few tickets for their semi final in the CC last year but can't get those fans for their league games. I think a move to a smaller more appropriate stadium would help them as 2500 in a small 4000 stadium looks alot better than 2500 ratling about a big 12000 ground.
  9. Catalans to win this just... Leeds lack of forwards will give a edge to Catalans. I see this as a 6 point game, 22-16 to catalans.
  10. Southerner80

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Very fair comment as Soccer never really talks about it.
  11. Southerner80

    Magic Venue Poll

    Same situation for me. I could see my Wife being OK with a standard weekend but a bank holiday seems too special for family time and would not be able to get time for this. Magic is good at the slot it has and Newcastle is a good choice. Not convinced going off Mainland UK is wise.
  12. You can't please everyone.... I'm saying a championship as a standalone has merit in making the sport sustainable.. It needs a fair salary cap to do that.... The current middle 8s system is silly as it means the championship is bascially a few big wallets and Canon fodder.... There's are reason SL has a cap or else Leeds and saints and Catalans, Wigan, Hull, Wigan would easily outspend the rest and you would see bigger margins. I'm a fan of Catalans and I like Wigan. I feel P and R while it has some good points has negatives particularly for planning and for bringing in French sides. 2 guaranteed French teams with 12 UK ones is a good SL.... If you must have it 1 up 1 down works.
  13. Wigan on this sort of form will make for a big grand final with saints....
  14. Southerner80

    England Knights in PNG

    PNG can't be compared to NZ as economies are so so different. Also RL Is alot newer to PNG than RU is to NZ. I think PNG can get better however the key to that is more NRL /SL players as the coaching in PNG is not going to be what is needed for elite players.
  15. Disagree. The championship was no promotion for a few years and still attracted okay attendances. I would be against too many loan signings say 6 max for a team at any one time. and I would scrap DR altogether. I feel it could be both strong and competitive in the right circumstances.