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  1. Keighley Vs North Wales is quickly becoming the fixture for late drama. Crusaders looked the better side for most of the game but were let down by their try line defence allowing us to sneak a win with a poor performance. On to Bradford!
  2. BD20Cougar

    Blackpool Professional Blackpool team back on the agenda A meeting will take place in Blackpool on Tuesday which will determine the next moves to try and reinstate professional rugby league in the seaside town, report League Weekly. The former supporters club of Blackpool Borough and Blackpool Gladiators has remained in place and with fundraisers, they have continued to sponsor National Conference League clubs and professional clubs over the past decade. League Weekly claim they have already informed RFL chief executive Ralph Rimmer of their plans to rejuvenate rugby league in Blackpool. Not quite as glamorous or headline grabbing as New York but an interesting development nonetheless. Could a semi professional team succeed in Blackpool at the third attempt?
  3. The man himself 😁
  4. BD20Cougar

    Can Keighley replicate York?

    Keighley in the championship/a league one promotion season would get four figure crowds every week. Whether we could go a step further and regularly get 2000+ into Cougar Park I'm not so sure.
  5. BD20Cougar


    I think it's 21 players we have on our books right now with rumours of Leeds and Bradford loanees to come.
  6. BD20Cougar

    League 1 predictions

    Mick O'Neill said in his interview with James Deighton that he thinks we can finish in the play-offs. Now that could be a bit too optimistic but I reckon we should have just enough quality to finish with positive points and avoid bottom spot.
  7. Can't say I've followed what other clubs have been doing particularly closely but I'll go for 1) Workington 2) Oldham 3) Hunslet 4) Doncaster 5) Newcastle 6) Crusaders 7) Haven 8 ) Coventry 9) London 10) Cougars 11) West Wales I reckon Hunslet will surprise a few of you.
  8. BD20Cougar


    Announced? Or just updated on companies House with no explanation?
  9. BD20Cougar


    I count 14 in this video. Only recognised a few though.
  10. BD20Cougar

    Does anybody in Keighley care?

    For whatever reason there's never been many Keighley fans on here, check and you'll see plenty who care. As for an update on the situation, the players have now been paid, the club is being taken out of special measures, Steve Gill and Craig Lingard are returning to the club and pre season training starts tomorrow. No idea what sort of team we'll be able to field but anything is better than nothing
  11. BD20Cougar


    Not sure how reliable this guy is but good news if true.
  12. BD20Cougar


    For everyone asking if there is hope, the simple answer is that as long as Shane Spencer owns the club, no. The man has no interest in running a rugby league club and only bought one in the first place because he thought he was getting the stadium. If Mr Spencer can be removed, either by being bought out or by the current club being liquidated and a new one formed, then yes there is hope. There's a lot of people working hard behind the scenes to put together a group of people who can take the club forward alongside a supporters trust. Whether this happens in time for Keighley Cougars to take part in the 2019 season is a different matter. The way I see this heading if I'm being honest is Keighley going down the Hemel route of taking a year out with a view to re-entering in 2020, dependent on the RFL allowing us to do so.
  13. BD20Cougar


    Start again or cease to exist, which one is it? One of the options discussed at the meeting on Thursday night was getting Keighley Cougars 2010 wound up and starting a new club from scratch.
  14. BD20Cougar


    I still don't understand how you can jump from "the club has been poorly managed by a handful of individuals" to "the club isn't worthy of continuing and should be consigned to the history books". What evidence do you have that under the right management Keighley couldn't be a successful semi professional club on a par with the likes of Dewsbury, Batley etc.?
  15. BD20Cougar


    In an ideal world, yes Keighley would have more fans. But there's plenty of teams surviving on similar or smaller attendances than Keighley had last year.