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  1. BD20Cougar


    Obviously I'm biased towards Keighley but may I remind Monkey Lover any club of any size is liable to be ruined by bad owners (see Bradford) and clubs in bad situations can turn themselves around (see York). Away from Keighley as a specific example I don't see why you want to cut off the likes of Workington, Hunslet and Oldham while protecting Rochdale, Swinton and Barrow. The latter could easily replace the former in the championship without looking out of place and vice versa.
  2. BD20Cougar


    Let's see what, if anything, happens on Saturday then.
  3. BD20Cougar


    Does anyone here know when clubs receive their central funding allocation for the year? Is it paid in a lump sum or spread out over the season?
  4. BD20Cougar


    Facebook page no longer exists, twitter still up and running. Your guess as good as mine as to why.
  5. BD20Cougar


    Seems like no one really knows what's going on least of all us Keighley fans. The following posted on Facebook by former director Simon Harrison is the closest you'll currently find to an explanation. As you may already know Neil Cullen and myself resigned as directors of Keighley Cougars because we didn’t have the backing of the new owners and were not in a position to carry out our duties as directors. Since then we have stepped back and given the new owners the benefit, space and respect to rebuild Cougars. However, we have been forced to listen to and read online all the false promises and lies. Not only that, we have endured the wrath of some uneducated fans who’s comments have been close to liable. Today (Saturday) after once again another promise to pay the players has past, after all their cheques bounced earlier this week, I understand that both Craig Lingard (coach) & Steve Gill (General manager) are now both offering their resignations due to non payment, and would expect all players who signed again for next season would be reconsidering there positions. Garry Schofield is already taking legal action to receive his wage. The constant blame on the old regime leaving the club in unmanageable debt and more debt emerging is absolutely not true. We had an executive committee of 8/10 people who all witnessed the extent of the debt on a spreadsheet prepared by Gary Fawcett, highlighting all debts current & future. Enough is enough I urge all true fans and sponsors to attend the meeting on Thursday to ask questions and get the answers we deserve. (the meeting referenced in the last paragraph is a Q&A with Steve Gill on the 22nd but I've got to say I'll be surprised if it goes ahead)
  6. Toronto will finish top of the table but anything can happen in a one off grand final.
  7. BD20Cougar

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    How many scousers in the ground?
  8. BD20Cougar

    Players For 2019

    Is Jode Sheriffe still with you? No props better than him on our books anymore unfortunately. You can have a 37 year old Darrell Griffin if you want but he can only play 30 minutes a month or his Achilles will go.
  9. BD20Cougar

    Players For 2019

    Definitely better at second row then at centre in my opinion. Anyone here know if you're taking any more of our lot?
  10. BD20Cougar

    League 1,issues?

    Season tickets are being sold at Keighley for 10 home games so I would assume they've been assured that is how many they'll play.
  11. BD20Cougar

    Reserve grade for next season

    Our reserves at Keighley played games against the English and Scottish university RL sides last year. With a bit of imagination fixtures can always be found.
  12. BD20Cougar

    Fev to run a reserve team in 2019

    The league this year consisted of Wigan, Bradford, fax, Wakefield and Keighley. St Helens, Hull FC and Warrington ran teams in 2017 but dropped out before this season.
  13. BD20Cougar

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    Sad situation all round. 10 home games for league 1 teams next season is a disaster.
  14. BD20Cougar

    What now for Toronto?

    Surely still favourites to top the league next year with or without Rowley.
  15. Well played Coventry, interesting to see if they can kick on and get these results more consistently next year. (just hopefully not at the expense of Keighley again)