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  1. 5 of the 17 from last night have been regularly playing with the reserves, and one other is on loan from Halifax having spent all season playing for their reserves.
  2. What a win from a makeshift Cougars side, in a game where not many (including myself) gave us a chance! The adversity and the players leaving really looks to have brought the remaining team closer together. Couldn't be prouder.
  3. BD20Cougar

    Welcome To The Ram's Adam Ryder

    Always a stand out player for us but then we are a mid-table league one team. Interesting to see how he gets on in the championship.
  4. BD20Cougar

    Keighley in trouble once again.

    You presume wrong, most of them do it for free. See my earlier post. As far as I'm aware finances at Keighley were looking OK (not great but not disastrous) up until a couple of months ago. The issue in this case isn't a club overspending, the issue is a chairman leaving a club in the lurch halfway through a season.
  5. BD20Cougar

    Super League Takeover

    I've put the key words in bold- it would seem nothing has been decided as yet.
  6. BD20Cougar

    Keighley in trouble once again.

    A lot of people missing the point it seems. Nothing to do with overspending, nothing to do with expansion clubs, everything to do with a chairman going rogue and disappearing halfway through the season.
  7. BD20Cougar

    R14 The Cougar Cauldron

    The rivalry definitely started with the war of words that followed the first game last season. I think we all know Lingard didn't take kindly to citation of half his squad to the disciplinary panel. As for the cougarmania Facebook page, not going to argue that it's a strange place with some strange people, but us keighley fans will always be more against dual reg than anyone else after being relgated in 2014 as a direct result of Batley not being punished for fielding inelligible players on DR. That last part has no relevance to yesterday's game of course, just thought I'd offer an explanation for the DR hatred.
  8. BD20Cougar

    R14 The Cougar Cauldron

    Purely in the interest of balance, i believe I'm right in saying today was the first time we've had a player sin binned since round 2. And speaking of perplexing comments, I personally thought Ford came over a bit unprofessional in his post match interview, and I'm sure some of what he said will serve as motivation for us should we meet again in the play-offs. Anyway, best of look for the rest of your season, here's hoping you take first place ahead of Bradford.
  9. BD20Cougar

    R14 The Cougar Cauldron

    Were you at the game? Before I start, best team won so no sour grapes, but your sides discipline, especially in the first half was just as bad as ours. The brawl that saw two Nicholson and Spears sent off came after four consecutive York high tackles. Last year yes our discipline was appalling against you but that's not what I saw this time around (Appart from Nicholson who lost his head big time). All that said, you outplayed us convincingly and I don't think the sin-binnings had any bearing on the end result.
  10. Normally it's a bad start so to finish badly is a refreshing change.
  11. BD20Cougar


    Next up for West Wales... Bradford away. Has a team ever conceded 100 in back to back games before?
  12. BD20Cougar

    29 Apr: Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Interesting game at Cougar Park, two teams with dodgy starts to the season, but both starting to look better and both should be well up for it after good wins last time out. Cougars by 8 hopefully.
  13. BD20Cougar

    Leigh to sign ryan bailey

    Or maybe Leigh are desperate.
  14. BD20Cougar

    Leigh to sign ryan bailey

    Looked ordinary against us for Workington, no where near top end championship standard.