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  1. The Lad

    Hornets v TWP on SKY

    Couldn't agree more we need to make sure we put out a good display maybe more so off the field. York really got stuck into the wolfpack last week some of that defense was fantastic, putting bodies in the way if everything if we want to be in with a shout then its the defense that we are going to have to be spot on with.
  2. The Lad

    Sheffield Away

    When did i say they couldn't be arsed?. Also i am well aware of how the NHS is run thank you, but you can't tell me the SJA service should have gone home that night and thought yeah we are happy with that one, it is there fault for not making him a priority and that was one of the major reasons why he didn't get a ambulance. If a mans foot is facing the wrong way for hours its a priority and it was the services fault for not seeing that.
  3. I think leaving a man in pain for hours is not what an ambulance service is supposed to do no mater the resources i understand that they could do no more but i think they did to little. Also i said RFL should do more to bring it to the SJA attention by highlighting the fact you failed him, i understand they are limited, but calling for an ambulance repeatedly and getting nowhere is not good enough. Also isn't it the government for not putting enough into the NHS i love how we are saying he is wrong for demanding to be treated. If you leave a man with a brake, torn ligaments and a foot facing the wrong way for hours i think it becomes a priority.
  4. Its terrible that anyone had to wait that long for treatment, the pain that man must have been in isn't something i don't want to experience, i understand where he is coming from when he says if this was a super league game as i don't think Leeds or Warrington player will have to wait 3 hours. But this is about the ambulance service and how they have let him down, i think the RFL should do more to make this something that is brought to the St Johns services attention.
  5. A Swinton Lions player Will Hope has suffered a terrible injury needing ankle reconstructive surgery, a plate and screws in his leg after suffering a broken ankle, leg and torn ligaments. He had to wait "3 hours for an ambulance that never came" he ended up having to be driven from Sheffield to Stafford for treatment. He says and quite rightly so in my opinion that "if it was a super league game it would be quite different". These men go to work on Monday after playing a game on the Sunday and train 2 or 3 days a week after work and deserve the same health care that super league players get. Just like to wish Will a quick recovery and all the best.
  6. The Lad

    Sheffield Away

    Very sorry to hear about Will Hope, just read the message on twitter disgusting the ambulance service should be ashamed i think swinton should ask for an apology. Hopefully he is back to 100% quickly, best wishes.
  7. Its no coincidence that that the number of attendees are bigger for the clubs that where doing well (with the exception of London), now you could say that there is more before game and after game activities at some of theses clubs and that helps and that there may not be other competing sports in the area, but what it boils down to is people most of the time want to see a winning team.
  8. The Lad

    Challenge Cup

    I think its great that the woman get to have the final as an opener to the men's semifinal it will create a lot of exosphere for them but i think it should have been put on before the men's final, if we are going to claim that they are two equal games then they should have been put on the same day. Thank god the RFL have come to an agreement with Catalan its criminal that the champions can't try to defend it, i hope an agreement is made with Toulouse and Toronto as well.
  9. The Lad

    Bradford win Yorkshire Cup

    Everyone gets the games required for preseason and there is a cup for the winner, i would of liked a Lancashire cup for us i don't know why they didn't maybe there isn't enough teams.
  10. The Lad

    Bradford win Yorkshire Cup

    What a great idea for freindlies. How did that competition work it seems like a knockout competition but teams still play after they have lost? So is it a round robin?.
  11. The Lad

    Today's game

    With the cup not being played in 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2015 you had a few opportunities to host the game. Then again for some seasons you where the Whitefield Roughyeds and the Stalybridge Roughyeds.
  12. The Lad

    2019 Away Kit

    I didn't know Hull FC played in the championship.
  13. The Lad

    2019 Schedule

    Then play indoors I'm sure you've got the money for an indoor pitch to play some of your games and I'm sure the league will accommodate you.
  14. The Lad

    Happy New year

    Happy new year to all Hornets fans hoping this year is better for you and the club both on and off the field