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  1. Hahahaha so no criticism allowed, I do love the dubble standard as we all know if forster was still in charge no one would be defending him, a poor half is a poor half and it can be called as such. As far as training 2/3 times a week it don't matter how many times you train its what you do in the traing session that matter, and for far to long it seem they weren't doing much. Smallest budget don't mean dropping balls, poor defences and no clue in attack resulting in throwing away a game we should have won. However I will be the first to say we have improved over the last 2 or 3 weeks. As far as referencing Whitehaven, I can't comment I wasn't there, but on saturday we were out for the last 15 mins and that was the biggest factor. I think if we play like the second half against York and the first half against swinton we will have a good chance but we need to do it for 80 mins. The tern getting behind the lads is a great way of making this a them vs us argument, those who don't say a bad word or who blindly look at the good only because they like who's in charge are the only true fans, and the ones who are critical as trying to bring down the club.
  2. A game of two halfs, i thought that first half was the best we have played all year, we were fast, aggressive and really took it to swinton who didn't want any of it. They were lucky to get 10 points in that half. But again we let good chances go and could of be in the 30s going into the second half. But the second half was a mess, we gave away silly penalties and didn't look like the side that put 24 points past them earlier. We let them run onto us, we played one man rugby and lacked a killer instinct in the final third. I think fitness was a big problem we put so much into the first 40 that we didn't have anythung to give in the last 15 mins and that is what cost us. I thought the ref had a poor game and the quality of refing this season has been low, but this is not the reason why we lost. I think we may have to wake up to the fact that Carl forster's fitness "training" my not be fixable with the time we have left, it was fitness that got us over the line at Dewsbury and was a big factor to us winning the last two games last year. But we are the least fit team in the competition and while the gap in skill and player quality is massive between the top and bottom half of the league, when we played the bottom half last year (teams that theoretically have the same skill as us) it was our fitness that got us the points but now we don't have that. On love rugby league six things we learned from summer bash, one of the points was a lot of work to do for rochdale. We have barrow next week, Dewsbury after that and York after that. If we don't get at least a win and a draw out of them then it maybe to much work to do.
  3. Last time I said we would win, and this time I will say the same. Our performance against York was a big positive and if we can do the same again we will be in with a good chance. Not to mention the fact that we need to win more than swinton need to and when our back is against the wall we do our best, just look at the last two games of last year. hornets 24-20 swinton.
  4. Not our fault it was postponed.
  5. Best 40 minutes of rugby I have seen all season in that second half, good tackling and our kicking is improving. Ben Moores had a really good game and Brandon Wood deserved to be man of the match but we did squander some good chances when we where on there line. If we play like we did today at the summer bash I think we will come away with the win.
  6. I'm a realist we have a limited window in which we turn things around, we have big games coming up after the summer bash and it is important that we win those games. He's been in the job two weeks and people think he's going to have turned it around already, I'm sorry but rugby don't work like that. I get the feeling that people think he's superman swooping in and saving us, it's going to take a lot of work to sort out hornets. Again i hope he can do it but having some questions about his choices means I am negative?. In relation to today I thought we played the best 40 minutes we have all season in that second half really fronted up and took it to them and our in field kicking has greatly improved. But we were out musled in the first half, there was a lot of one man rugby and had 5 good chances over the course of the game were we where camped on their line and got nothing. Overall we played well but we need to convert the chances we make as we could and probably should have won. To over critical?.
  7. Didn't you read the part where I said I hope I'm wrong, it just seems to me that getting players that have been here before and didn't exactly wow isn't the best idea. And as far has having faith in Matt, how much faith the same as forster. When we start getting wins on the board that's when he's proven to 'know what he's doing'. I just don't see how everyone is suddenly so confident.
  8. Well done bradford on a big win, good luck in the cup.
  9. Will the wolfpack fans be watching the rest of the days rugby?.
  10. For a minute there I thought you were taking credit for the summer bash.
  11. I worry that these players will not be good enough for this league (i hope I'm wrong) it's a big jump from conference to championship, I hope that they are undiscovered talents but it will take a long time to bed them in the squad and we don't have time with Swinton, Barrow and Dewsbury coming up. It is nice to see rochdale players but i hope Matt Calland is picking good players who happen to be from rochdale rarther than players who come from rochdale who happen to be good. But maybe that is all we can afford.
  12. I was worried for a second, then I found out it was union lol.
  13. The game today was a hard watch at time but it was made even worse by the small groupe of Featherstone Rovers fans that where drunk shouting obscenities at players calling them w****r, c***s, f*****g disgrace. And after the game supposedly threatened people walking out. All while the stewards did nothing but look up at them and talk amongst themselves, what is the point in them being there if they do nothing?.
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